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  1. nah it,s not bad if you bag out there it is a long jetty at port germein that is why i take a trolley jack to carry my gear on the way in and out makes it a bit quicker and easier,
  2. my old man made a cook cooker himself in metal class when he was in nailsworth tech years ago and left it to me but someone nicked it off me so looks like i,ll be buying one of those myself cheers netman
  3. sorry i was talking bout the green snap fluro sticks that you can put inside your floathave,nt even tried using one those jigs yet have to give em a go next time im at ardrossan
  4. the lights are good for attracting squid like carl said but it is better to put them inside the float with a whole tommy ruff out on a squid shaft jig you can get the lights pretty cheap they are at bcf
  5. yeah it,s not so much a problem even if the seals are about it,s about watching where the seal is when you do decide to pull your net in
  6. alex was that recording you took at the very end of semaphore jetty netman
  7. i reckon we should keep on sharking while the seals are around better chances of hooking one up with them around as for swimmers that,s at there own risk but i do believe the councils should pull their finger out and shut down the beaches where they are hanging around for human safety
  8. yeah alex i really dont recommend catching crabs from outer harbour platform cause most of the crabs there are diesel affected due to tankers rolling in and out the harbour it,s alright to eat the crabs you catch there but if you made it a regular thing catching them there you could wind up with bowel cancer after eating them
  9. cheers alex cause of that pic you posted i will check out semaphore on the friday for about 3 hours if the crabs are there i,ll stick around but if i see any seals i will jump in the car and go up to the carpark at outer harbour and try there cheers netman
  10. sorry about the mispelling of rare just a bit parro at the moment
  11. but only in groups they would attack a fully grown seal quite rear you would find a hammerhead on it,s own and attack one unless it was 14ft or bigger which is rear
  12. cheers for that lash i will try at semaphore on the friday seeing theirs no overcast that day and crab until i have got my limit which is still 40 if you combine 20 blueys and 20 sandys but if i see any seals i will be shifting to the outer harbour platform you dont find seals in there because of traffic through tankers also the harbour has alot of hammerhead sharks and they do attack seals netman
  13. is this recently you have been to semaphore and the seals have been around or a while ago cause i was planing on crabbing there this friday if the weathers good but if there around and doing that to the nets i,ll just go to the outer harbour platform instead and try there cheers netman
  14. Sources for these items are pretty thin in SA Plankton, but for impact grapnels, here's a link to BCF for them:WA Impact SinkerHaven't personally used the impact grapnels, but a mate of mine swears by them and they do cast real nice!These "Breakaway Imps" are what I use and it's either ask at Got One Stepney, or order them off ebay; Don't know of any sources at this time unfortunately. They hit the wallet kinda hard at around $1.80 each but you can use any any wire terminated sinker you want with them, which is great for me since i almost exclusively use swivel bomb sinkers to reduce that alve
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