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  1. Tracker

    wirinna breakwater anything being caught?

    I would like to know if people get mulloway off that rock wall. I can remember many years ago walking between the boats in the marina (when it was allowed) and seeing BIG mulloway chasing bait fish. Seems like the perfect spot for them ?
  2. Tracker

    Where to fish at Yalata ?

    What did you end up with and did you take quads over or just 4wds.
  3. Tracker

    Where to fish at Yalata ?

    We have been heading over the far west coast fishing for mully for a number of years now, but have only fished the beaches near Fowlers Bay and the Dog Fence beaches (east and west). I must say that the results have not been the best, so we have decided to give the famous Yalata beach a try and wondering if people have an opinion on what is the best camp site to book and why ?
  4. Yes it was pretty sad to see the fish in such a poor condition after he had finished with it. If Lee Rayner is on this new show, does that mean that Adventure Bound is finsihed or will Scotty and Andrew be the hosts ?
  5. Tracker

    Stradic Reels help

    I love my stradics. My sons have Stellas and Saltigas but I think they are over kill.....I just sold about 8 x FH stradics on ebay, from 2500 to 8000. Have replaced them with FI and FH stradics and biggest now is a 5000. Have put that on a Lucanus light jig / spin. Awesome combo with 30 lb Fins braid. ebay might be worth a look ?
  6. Tracker

    Lox fishing rods??

    What sort of price was it ? I think the Nitros sell for about $270.
  7. Tracker

    Fishing Dodge Tide

    When I fish a certain jetty on Yorkes for mulloway I have got my best results on the bottom of the dodge.