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  1. I was down there in the yak today just flicking soft plastics. Those baby ST's are absolutely prolific. They were taking trolling lures longer than what they were themselves. I did manage to catch plenty of decent size bream though and we saw some good sized flathead a lot closer to the mouth. First time on the onk and enjoyed it very much.
  2. Yeah it is a really quiet, sleepy spot. Does get busier over the weekend with crabbers heading out. The beach is very tidal orientated. The water will recede probably 200-250m at low tide and then flood back in through well defined gutters, makes it a very nice place to fish on a calm day.
  3. I was down at the shack around rogues point on the Yorke Peninsula over the weekend chasing fish on the sand flats on the turn of the tide. We spotted a big fish scoot by as we were crabbing in a foot of water through the weeds and everyone thought it was a KGW (which would be highly unlikely in that particular area/depth). Half an hour later after pumping some clickers I threw out a line and was just reeling it in to check the bait when bang - this same horse of a fish absolutely smashed the clicker bait. It was great fun on the 2-4kg graphite with 1000 sienna reel and 4lb braid and it put up a good fight and was a great way to start the weekend. We only realised it was a yellow-fin once I had it safely on the sand and it measured 42cm and was seriously fat - even the old timers down that way couldn't believe it. The only downside is that the fillets definitely were not as sweet and tender as a 30cm specimen. I don't think I will beat that size for a long time.
  4. Went yesterday and had exactly the same problem. Hilarious to watch, some of them accidentally hooked themselves under their gobs all on their own merit
  5. Boordy


    Yeah, similar beach to carrcikalinga just around the corner and I've caught some nice 50cm+ flathead in about a foot of water on a lure there. Would say it'd be the usual bunch, with a chance for something toothy out further.
  6. I have heard some shocking reviews on these otherwise I would have bought one! Great idea but I reckon they are a pretty flimsy toy.
  7. Was up in the hills today, great weather for it and managed a decent chunky Redfin on my new setup, quantum response graphite and the sienna 1000FD with 2lb braid. For those that know the location, the top dam has fish and is well sheltered from any wind.
  8. I have a feeling this spot is the same spot in which you filmed a video of you after your catch of the mullet? I've tried here before in summer but found nothing!