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  1. I actually use Italian Dressing and equal amount of vinegar, add flavors to taste, IE chillies, sweet chilli sauce etcstraight squid no boiling done in 10 daysi did try the boiling method but i found it took longer to become tender
  2. i didnt put embedded link tho.. i put direct link.. yet i see now it has the same screen as pillies didwonder if this makes a diff... add http:// or www. b4 this in address bar :)youtube.com/watch?v=G7SRxj5U9W8
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G7SRxj5U9W8 for those who are having issues
  4. Goldie short for Gold fish.. used the name when i 1st came on fishing forums because i was small population (girl) in a massive mans domain.. and also cos im a readhead :)in the end people always called me goldie.. so i changed it
  5. Goldie

    Potato Skins

    nup pillie.. you only cut off bout 1cm with the skin.. not the whole potato!yep ranger we top them with all sorts
  6. Sounds gross i know but i dont know any other name for them.. they used to make them at hogs breath cafe and i have always found them great to make with fish & SeafoodUse a knife to cut the skin leaving about half a cm of potato. Season with salt garlic powder pepper a pinch of sugar and some mixed herbs or whatever you like. Heat oven to 200. Coat skins in oil and cook until skins are crispy. Top with melted cheese sour cream bacon or whatever tickles your fancy
  7. Ahh the Ying Yang! knew i had that tattoo for a reason! to go with my bananas ..
  8. It's so much more than just a piece of paper! It's your sworn oath and your written promise! tell that to my EX husband..LOLim happy living in sin MrG and i have no plans to get married and were both happy with that
  9. My mum eloped with my step dad... only person who knew was nanna.. they organised it when she come over from the UK... us kids got invited out to dinner we all thought because it was nannas birthday.. only to be told at the table why we were brought there... i said congrats and my sister spat her drink everywhere!when i got married (shouldnt have) i had my mum & step dad my 2 sisters.. who were sworn not to tell dad or my brother.. i had my best mate with his g/f and my husband had his best mate and wife and we had a small thing at mums house my step dad gave me awaywe got married on good friday.. so we did an Easter Bash with a 'catch' we invited all our family and friends and all the kids hid eggs around so it was fun made.. then when everyone was finally there we revealed the catch.. many OMGS and gobsmacked people..lol but it was a fun dayBut all and all its YOUR day.. you do what suits YOU.. if others dont like it... TUFF they will get over it eventually
  10. we have a nice set here... basically get as much flesh/meat off as you can.. set them at the position you want (with a stick or what ever) and let the ants do their job :)never boil or heat.. as others said it will weaken and teeth will be lost
  11. Goldie


    refridgerate them.. i think expectant life is about 7ish days.. but aarron would know more then anyone else
  12. one eyed ? least that would have made the trip special lol
  13. were you up the end next to a guy in waders ?you would have seen me.. why didnt u wave
  14. 2 gar rigs 1 squid rig 1 rig MrG uses for sharks.. 1 whiting rig.. other rod wasnt used..the funny thing about colours.. we did seem to notice the rod with orange beads above the hooks didnt catch much gar at all.. one with no beads caught mostthe rock/sand crab hitched a ride most the way.. he was stuck to a bluey (with no choice of his own).. he was returned to the water at a later time