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  1. That is fascinating!! When I go for YFW, I use a paternoster rig, with the soft plastic as the weight (not just a sinker). I get a few flathead this was but it's more of slowly moving the bait (which YFW love), rather than a jerky motion - but have never had the same results are you get. Definitely will give it a whirl! David
  2. Everyone does it differently. I prefer to go in a dropping tide near low tide but some people dig for them high on the beach. Depends on how deep the cockles are this season
  3. Reckon it will be busy this weekend. We normally go the first few days but this year, it has snuck up on us!!
  4. I've got an Iki gun as well but paid well less than half that price! They work extremely well but would never pay what they are asking now.
  5. Not sure you can use them. I used to buy mussels from SFS and ray and annes - all which came from port lincoln - but PIRSA decided that they were too much of a risk in our waters and have banned the sale and use of them!! I still have about 4.5 kilos in the freezer, which I'm using sparingly but will likely try harvesting them in the port when I run out - as they are gun whiting bait. Razorfish are also very, very good but harder to come across in metro adelaide (although there are some pockets if you know where to look). David
  6. I'm looking forward to doing a lot more fishing and having my shed back! Can't believe how big the business got - it was just getting too hard to manage while working full time. Actually used 7 tons of lead last year - crazy!!
  7. Hi all Just letting you know that 23 Aug to 18 Sept, Savage Tackle will be closing for a well deserved break When we open back up, you'll notice some minor changes. Simon Green, also from Northern Districts SportFishing Club, is our new business partner and will be the face of the company moving forward. The business will undergo a transition process over the coming months and I will be providing Simon with support to ensure the high standards and timeliness of deliveries continue to be a tradema
  8. Yes, I've got a couple. I mainly use the Mick's Jiggers, which are from a local guy who gets them through Rui). The pink, yellow and KGW ones are amazing. I still have a couple of yellow yamashita's but have moved away from the more expensive yozuri's - which I used to use exclusively. Rui is a great guy and stands by his products. They do work and they last as well David
  9. If you see a good sized GW, I'm sure you'll be paddling quick enough to be above the water
  10. I reckon all of the tentacles work on whiting - particularly when fresh. We keep a couple of heads for bait and the rest are for food!
  11. Put them in the scaling bag - and they'll be perfect
  12. That is why they closed it before but decided that whiting are in great numbers. Our catch rates agree with this - but most people complain they can't find them but many don't put in the time to understand where they are and why - and then understand the pattern. We haven't been out from the last public holiday but are heading out tomorrow. I'm hoping the whiting haven't moved in that time but will find out. Ideally, getting out every 2 to 3 weeks is best, as they do move as the seasons do David
  13. They had a ban on fishing for whiting on the bottom of yorkes - can't remember if it was for the month of April or May. BUT this was lifted. Can't see it going back, especially when they opened it due to such large amounts of whiting available. David
  14. Do tell Haven't heard any recent reports, which is a bit surprising.
  15. Just be mindful - I think there is a ban on collecting mud cockles around the port area. Sportsfishing scene are around $14 a kilo but if you can get your own, will save a fortune. I think I have about 5 kilos left in the freezer but will do a couple of trips down to goolwa after the april school holidays, when there is less people collecting them (the water gets pretty cold). In saying the above, most of the whiting I've been catching have been on fresh squid - wouldn't touch the frozen stuff
  16. Heard the the entrance is deeply rutted. Will be interesting to see how the rav goes!
  17. Most people are going around 7 to 9 kms down the beach to find them in good numbers. Closer they seem to be a lot smaller. We are going on Monday
  18. One great caravan parks that we are staying in Feb is corny point caravan park. Has great facilities and lots of land based options everywhere! You can do beach, rock, surf or jetty fishing all within easy reach. And the best thing is that as it's hard to launch there, it doesn't seem to be as busy as other places on yorkes. The caravan park owner does launch/retrieve via tractor David
  19. It also happens at Christmas and Easter - when everything is closed for one day. People are crazy!!
  20. True but last time we waited and couldn't get the basics (milk, bread, eggs and meat) - so wasn't going to risk it this time
  21. As they were doing the press release and mentioned the lockdown, I quickly ducked to aldi to top up, as we couldn't do our normal shop on the weekend. By the time I hit the checkouts, they have them all opened and had queue's out the door!! Even where I park, which is miles away from the shops was full and people waiting for my park. Absolutely crazy!!
  22. I remember using some about 20 years ago on a trip to venus bay. Lost trevally after trevally, so threw it out and went back to my maxima line. No lost fish after that (same 6 pound line class). Not sure if I had to use different knots or not but since that experience, haven't gone back. Fish with a lot of people who use all different lines, including fluro but my catch rates are compatible. I also change over my line annually Except braid - had that for 5 years and it's still going strong!
  23. If you look on the ANSA site, there are a couple of dozen fishing clubs here in SA - I couldn't tell you which ones are more land based than others though. Good luck David
  24. Some of the fishing clubs are landbsed and would be a great resource. Our club (NDSFC) is more boat based - we do the occasional land based event but find it is normally poorly attended. Although in saying that, we are going to try a coorong trip. Will be boat based but will be camping in the dunes :)
  25. It's definitely interesting but these are only based on recapture rates - so the survival rates may be higher. We just don't know. For me, the way the fish is released makes all the difference. Unfortunately there are some fishoes who don't give a damn and sadly, many of these fish are unlikely to survive. How the fish is netted, how it is held, how long it's out of the water - makes a significant difference. I've seen some people gaff fish they are going to release - what the heck!
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