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  1. I'm with Jimbo - buy yourself a cheap vice online and get stuck into it. Heaps of info on youtube. Things like nymphs, adams parachutes and clousers are so simple you'll be able to do them straight away and go catch fish. Worthwhile investment
  2. Onk or West Lakes with size 12s and maggots. Catch the little mullet and bream you can easily find with burley
  3. I did this a few years ago. Used my farmed tiger worms as bait and food for my pet goldens/silvers. I used a black crate. "The great Aussie crate... mate!" - one of them. A flat piece of timber became the lid, which I weighed down with a brick. Drilled a few holes in bottom for drainage, line the bottom with a hessian sack to stop your friends escaping. Stapled hessian sack flat. Fill crate/tub/trough with potting soil. Buy a large pack of tiger worms from bait shop - Got One St Marys managed to get me a thousand relatively cheaply when they were open. Feed them food scraps, but never citrus. Keep them moist - a drop of water every so often will help this. Keep in the shade to stop them overheating and can't go wrong. They breed like.... worms. Can't go wrong.
  4. Great post mate. Big salmon and the brief bit of video I watched was totally good - great footage your mate took of you in the kayak.
  5. I reckon your bad experience comes more down to the landowner than a reflection of SAFFA. The club actually allow members to take guests on to properties, provided they fish with fly only and follow the rules. SAFFA is a group of guys who live and breathe their fly-fishing... Good for them IMHO, one person having a bad experience with a grouchy landowner isn't reason to bag an entire club who have done a huge amount for trout + flyfishing in this state. The reality is that catch + release trout require careful handling - this unfortunately isn't the case with many fishos. You're also right that lures can damage trout, regardless of the anglers best intentions. Seems fair enough that people are protective of their fisheries when these things are considered Even from the landowners perspective - people who have to deal with poachers have a short fuse when it comes to such things. Sounds like "a moral obligation to SAFFA" was his way of saying no. Forget about him and move onto the next property - happy fishing
  6. My buddy from Tennessee is king of the smoker. Give baked beans a crack, totally awesome!
  7. Great photos, nice work. Awesome looking spots to soak a big bait through summer
  8. The talk of opening 4 ressies has been around a while - but shake my head as to what good wil they do in port Lincoln, victor harbor, etc?
  9. I would in a heartbeat But with it, access to the torrens, onkaparinga below mt bold and regular stocking at both. Trout in various public dams during school holidays. At least a north and south METRO reservoir. Even if they aren't stocked it would be a great thing. Basically, would want license fees to go to the greater good of freshwater fishing, above and beyond the Murray
  10. at one point of Hardwicke there is a flat rock section, that makes a good platform to fish off at low tide. Chuck some squid jags around and get some tommies with some burley. I did find that side of the peninsula to be pretty average landbased TBH, tho had a kingie take a hooked tommie at the Turton jetty.
  11. Recommend Berry Bay, beautiful beach. Caught some of the biggest tommies I've ever seen there on 40g metals along with STs
  12. they'll deal with you direct at their factory. Get hornes - no point getting anything else IMHO. I had the seal bay ones - the boot is hornes, the rest isn't. Didn't last long.Hornes will measure you up and tailor them to you... Will be super comfortable.Well worth the money.
  13. I look forward to taking a few STs from around the mouth through winter :woohoo: I'd steer clear of eating anything from the upper reaches tho
  14. if wind is good, swell is low and tides are right, never let a bit of rain stop you! What % of the human body is water again??