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  1. Planning to do another trip down salt creek on the 29th of March. Anyone know if people have been catching much down there lately? Last time we got hammered by sand crabs and caught a sweet FA!! Cheers lads
  2. coorong trip was a cracker gents.great weather down there and plenty of beach to drive on too.we caught a few undersize mullies but only one legal one. roughly 80cm.the salmon started to come through late on sunday but mainly on monday morning. no schools just a few stragglers. ended up landing 7 in the end. plenty of gummies knokcing about. we were catching and releasing in the end. total of 9 and two leopard/tiger sharks. little bastards have little teeth, had a couple of near misses. more then enough xxxx gold cans consumed over the weekend and great service from tangles. still a bit of rubbish left behind by other campers. saw one dead seal there saturday afternoon. cannot wait to hook into some fresh fish this week.over and out fellow s & H'rs and cheers for everyone that gave some tips along the way.
  3. cheers fellas,i reckon i might have a look into arafura blue or reef n wrecks.hopefully they both do charters around christmas time.
  4. Cheers gents. Can you recall what the pricing was like and what type of fish you caught?
  5. Has anyone done a fishing charter up in Darwin?Heading up there for new years and wouldnt mind trying to land a few giant trevallys. Any recommendations?
  6. beauty, good work. cannot wait until friday night to get some lines wet.
  7. hopefully the fishing gods are with me that weekend and we land a couple of mullies.has anyone here done a fishing charter up in Darwin before?looking to head up there around christmas. any recommendations?
  8. yeah im gonna rig up with some 9/0s. ahah hopefully i can enjoy a huge adrenaline rush when i hook my first. bloody excited! 10 mins just after low tide? thats good to hear.
  9. cheers mate. yeah ive been told that if the hooks arent big enough they'll spit them. how long did it take you to land? what tide did you catch it on?
  10. Great work dylba, nice size mully whatd you catch it on? giving me a bit of hope to land my first one. as for tangles its 2 all mate. this trip will seperate the men from the women. bring it on. im just hoping hagenr001 catches something. he bought his new rod before easter and still hasnt landed a thing. any tips from you experienced coorong fisherman fire at him ahaha
  11. yeah will be fishing salt creek. crossing over onto the beach at 42 mile. we are venturing all the way up to the mouth this trip which should be interesting as none of the people im going with have done it before. theres enough beach for a couple of 4x4's to get all the way up there isnt there? or do we have to work the tides and belt up there at low tide?
  12. oh beauty. sounds good. i went down about a month ago and caught 4 salmon. hadnt seen any schools so they must of just been stragglers. had a run just on high tide that peeled off a quarter of my spool pretty quickly. ive never caught a mulloway but they wouldnt do that would they? i'm starting to think it was a ray or something.
  13. Yeah sorry for the confusion lads, ill be fishing off the beach not far from 42 mile crossing. Pillies the way to go for bait?
  14. Fishing through the night or did you catch the Mullies during the day? No salmon around? Wouldn't mind catching a gummy shark or two as well?
  15. Gday Team,Im heading down the coorong on the 30th August for the weekend.Does anyone know what is being caught down there at the moment and with what bait?Looking to land a few salmon and mulleys. Cheers.