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  1. Heard there were crabs about up goannas way so took a run up there last Friday. Only 3 legal with 4 throw backs and a couple of undersized pinkies. Not to mention thousands of baby leather jackets devouring any bait put down . Sure was a nice day out on the water though.
  2. I make my own ice with old ice cream containerers and milk cartons and that works fine for most metro stuff- saves 8 to 10 bucks a trip. also chase my own bait where possible which is fun and saves a dollar.
  3. Well now I know what I'm havin for tea tomorrow night- might try the minced version suggested by underpants- unlike Keeno I need all the help I can get in the kitchen but I never give up trying .
  4. I use a mix of Apple and hickory for rainbow trout and they come up very nice
  5. Snivelling ticks ! Lower than a snakes guts !