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  1. Brankim


    How often do you have to tie an FG knot whilst wading? How light do you fish? I wouldn't have thought that you break too many knots at all. I fish 4pound most of the time sometimes 8 pound leader at the most. I don't have to retie many leaders mate but when I do need to change one I end up doing a double Uni and find they tend to catch the guides more and break more often If I can tie the fg easily while out there then I wouldn't have to worry about as many I also tie my lures rather than using clips so sometimes a leader change is needed due to needing more rather than breaking them off I found a good way for tying it in the water... You tie you're hook on first, hook it to you're guide at the tip of you're rod, and then you can have something to pull against. I do the loop around my little finger with the braid, left hand, coming streight off my reel, rod under my left arm.. I don't use loop knots anymore, I find the line wares through too quickly from being loose around the tie point.. (I do fish extremely light though) In emergencies, I tie a slim beauty for my leeders. It's basically a Uni knot with the braid end and a blood knot for the mono. (Same as how the guy in the first video finishes his FG. But instead of 3 wraps, you do 5-7. Makes the mono tail come out in the middle of the knot, so it goes through the guides easier. It's not very good for thin braid to very thick leeder though.. Can't beat an FG knot for every application! It does take longer to tie, but that's it's only down point.
  2. Brankim


    I bought a $70 silstar baitcaster from kmart in darwin. Cheapest outfit ive bought, but its caught some of my biggest saltwater fish in aus biggest queeny i got was 9.2kg... Smallest was 6.5kg.
  3. Daiwa demon blood spin stick i would choose. Just going by a show i watch on tv... Id probrably have half my reel spooled with 25lb braid purely for capacity.. because its 2-3 times thinner than monno. Youd want 800meters to play with atleast imo.. Mono will also fatigue after afew good fish, and loose alot of strength, so worth taking extra to respool if the action is hot, or you need 2 put the breaks on a big fish. I learned that the hard way in a yellowfin tuna comp...
  4. Brankim


    Berri springs is worth a look. Normally safe (ish) from crocks in the dry season. Most people swim in there. I saw some good barra there when i went, but didnt have a rod.
  5. Brankim


    Just out the front of the main street in the city, down that steep bank they get massive milkfish on bread. It was on a fishing show. I went there for work, but was lucky enough to be taken onto the navy base by a mate in the army. We fished their breakwater and i managed a small spaniard on metal slug, and 6 queenfish on live fuzaliers i got with a baitjig. Awesome fishing there!! But the humidity realy takes it out of you!!
  6. Yeah, moonfish...got afew real big ones when i was longlining for bigeye and broardbill in the bight out from lincoln.
  7. Nice! Might have to go visit my port pinkie spot in the yak again soon 👌🏼
  8. Thanks man! Dunno? Ive been using dropbox. And just changed from an iphone to samsung.. Everything seems to be a huge trail and error mission atm... Too complicated for me😞 Tried for ages to send it every other way with no success.
  9. Maybe Tom 😊 Cheers Tinker! Yeah, wasnt too bad, but it got alot worse the next day!! very snaggy everywhere there atm... Timber isnt very forgiving either once that point sinks into it.. no amount of shaking and jigging gets it any less stuck.. Been trying to be very gentle when getting it moving after the pauses! Any resistance, and i shake my rod with my line slackish, so i dont endup sinking the hook in any further. Hard to resist the urge to load up when you feel weight but..
  10. Wish i got those 2 big ones on film!! Those put up an awesome scrap!!
  11. Cheers Bjorn 😊 yeah, took me by surprise too! Wasnt realy paying attention. Lucky i had my finger on the line and felt him
  12. Just a little one from afew weeks ago. https://www.dropbox.com/s/kv2ibltt0nkq4k8/FSCN3770.MOV?dl=0
  13. Mother/inlaw paid luckily fatherinlaws birthday present. Nearly $2000 for 4 people... 10 courses, set menu. No choices, just sit there and enjoy it... each course matched with a different wine too.. pitty, i dont drink the stuff.. Easily the best cullinary experience of my life! And that fish would be one of the hilights for me.
  14. Best piece of fish ive ever eaten!! Confit... low temp, the protein sets instead of cooks. Looks raw, but tastes unbelievable! Beautiful texture too! VERY expensive testaraunt we went to last time i was in sydney. Japanese/french fusion fine dining
  15. If you want something spectacular to impress... https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=http://m.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DeVl-qxSYgHQ&ved=0ahUKEwj21NSqnonOAhVIE5QKHZe8DXgQuAIIKTAD&usg=AFQjCNE73BDXzQLwEtAXU-LExTvmrNZFsg