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  1. I appreciate the evidence, but lived experience alone could have told this story. I think we are all to blame to some extent. You only need to see how much rubbish I pick up from the beach at the shack on a regular basis to know this. Drastic reform to our approach gets my support.
  2. Hamo1234

    Storm gomoku

    I dont own one - but do like how they feel. All of the other Gomoku stuff I have is excellent quality - great jigs!
  3. Amazing - brings back memories - wish drones were around back in the old AAA days. I remember months out before the freshwater state championships, we would head down to Tip Top Bakery at Maylands and get all of the breadcrumbs that were destined for scrap. Im talking tubs full of the stuff. Then weekend after weekend, we'd head to our chosen spot, spend the night making burley bombs, and literally bombard the backwater. Did this up until a week or so before the comp - and then on comp morning - arriving to the location it would look like a bubbling spa bath of monster carp. Youd not only be catching them all day, youd have them swimming between your legs. The only down side was carrying the bags of fish out of the swamp to the car - sometimes it was a very long walk!
  4. Hamo1234

    New rod

    Yeah, Im using a 3500 certate on this rod from memory - the combo weighs next to knix. I didnt get the boat out Im afraid. Was actually pretty blowy when I got up Saturday. In fact, I probably only saw a couple of boats out all day. Good luck tomorrow at Foul if you go!
  5. Hamo1234

    New rod

    This is the Samaki Hunter - I note its rated for jigs to 120 grams, but Ive been using much larger jigs without a problem. In fact, I used a much lighter rod on the 40 kg samson in my profile picture!
  6. Hamo1234

    New rod

    IMG_4624.jpg IMG_4629.jpg
  7. Hamo1234

    New rod

    Hmmm - Im not sure Hunter - will check on the weekend!
  8. Hamo1234

    New rod

    Hey - Ive got a Samaki that Ive been using with little jigs - its pretty awesome. Ill have to get the model number when Im at the shack on the weekend. Im very partial to very skinny, light weight and deceptively powerful rods....................... this sums up the Samaki! Loomis use to be excellent - life time warranty, however, I think that has changed now. I was fishing out at Channel Point for barra with a guy that had too much money..................... Im not sure if its because he lost his lure or that I caught the biggest barra - but he snapped the Loomis over his knee. Couldn't believe it - and they replaced it no questions. Again - this was back in the composite days............
  9. Ha! Are these things worth anything these days? I still have a near mint Butterworth OH 4120 (spent most of its life sitting on the wharfs of Port Adelaide waiting for mullies) - from memory, it was one of the last made in Australia. Might have been mid to late 80's. And I think its a composite (black blank). It is lying next to one of my all time favorite rods from my early fishing career - a snyder glass Mag Bream - which looks antiquated and pre-historic compared to the rods in the rack these days. Sorry - none of this answers the question however.