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  1. probably old news to Coorong fisho's, but interesting nonetheless http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/mulloway-travel-450km-from-victoria-to-breed-in-south-australia/story-e6frea83-1226644825742
  2. nice one mate! legal size?wow if that ate a "whole squid" what a gluttonous mofo lol
  3. what great timing, heading to wool bay next weekend what about a topic "who has the most squid jigs?", would that count? think I'd win that for sure lol interesting looking jigs there bjorn, look similar to the Gan Craft "Oija" (sp?). Anyone tried these?
  4. pretty sure Wally's is open all the way when there are no ships now. Cant say for Giles, last I heard if the gates are open it was always half way only
  5. never seen squid caught at semi..not saying you cant but never seen or heard. You'd be better of going to brighton imo. my favourite jigs are Shimano Sephi's in pink or green, and yo-zuri auri q glows in pink/purple and orange. Both will work in all conditions.
  6. make sure you get Sheldon Bait long life gents, I've had them alive in the fridge for months!
  7. so whos been out dynamite fishing? :blink:seriously though, this is concerning , considering it first happened on the west coast and now here.. Anyone see the huge mass of seaweed at glenelg also? never seen anything like it, could be related to the fish kills possibly
  8. Sorry cant help but you may want to be a bit more cautious about posting your phone numbers all over the internet
  9. mate that fb page looks dodgy as (nice pics tho!), but the guy posted a photo fishing right next to the pylons from a boat! obviously doesn't give a crap about rules, or anyone else using the jetty there is a 4-5m quintrex who frequently does the same, and constantly gets abused by people on the jetty.. why invest in a boat if you want to fish near jetties?
  10. will do, pretty sure there are steps from memory so won't be able to get in but I'll come hit you up about those snapper spots
  11. permanent from what I was told (by a local), some idiots think its a great idea to light fires at the end
  12. cheers guys, basically confirmed what I was thinking. was more worried about holding a rod if theres lightning around lol..I have found willy weather to be wrong before so I think we'll just go for it. Stay tuned for the report!
  13. Hey guys, myself and a mate are booked in to stay at wallaroo thursday and friday night but I just checked the forecast on willys and it looks like it'll be raining and possible storms.. but winds look almost calm (not very accurate i know) :-( would you still go? snapper should be on the chew after the storm, but we'll be mainly going for crabs/squid, and possibly gar off the jetty
  14. prawn shells/heads, crab shells, old cockles/pillies crushed up, bread, and berley pellets soaked in tuna oil work well for me.
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