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  1. within a few weeks of buying it had issues with the drag and bail arm. Shimano gave me the worst service ive ever experienced so not buying from them again... And yes that flex is very noticeable. Ive switched to Daiwa, bought myself a certate and have ZERO regrets!!!
  2. i have a stradic ci4+ and hate it. As for the ballisytic great reels as are the new 2015 freams!
  3. my 58cm kgw was the same, didnt taste like whiting at all
  4. Just get a certate like me and you wont be dissapointed I have the emeraldas infeet and that isnt bad for the money but too big for my breaming so just use it for squid but the anti reverse is on its way out. Luvias are amazing too AND LIGHT! New luvias out next month
  5. Just another marketing ploy really but one rod is made for plastics, one for cranks, one for surface etc etc
  6. Whoops yup that was meant to be $450 not $50 ahahah i wish!
  7. Yeah the more expensive sensors are the new ones with better components such as fuji K-Guides
  8. AGS at the moment is only available on the high end daiwas, but as all daiwa products go the high end componentry will eventually trickle down to cheaper gear. At the moment i think the chapest rod with AGS is the commander? Looking at around $50 for that one, $500 for a battler and not sure about the silver creek or gekkabijin. One to keep an eye out for when it is released will be the new silver wolf rods and reels. Bream specific actions and the said AGS
  9. I so want a sensor surf! But for throwing lures id probably go the seajigger, they feel amazing! God i spend too much money on this sport lol
  10. yup, AGS and all the other rod technologies put into the blank. Ill be getting a team daiwa commander in the near future
  11. I just got the new daiwa black label V2 rod and OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZZING ROD!!! This was an upgrade from my previous daiwa generation black which served me well for a few years
  12. Yeah im the same. Im 16 and brought a new combo home the other day (daiwa certate 2004 and daiwa black label v2) somehow mum noticed and flipped when i told her what it was worth ahahahhaha can only imagine what its like with a mrs...
  13. Make sure you get yourself a couple of daiwa double clutches both in 60mm and 75mm BIG BREAM CANDY ALRIGHT!!! One of my double clutches would have caught at least double if not triple every lure in my tackle box hands down!!! Before i got a double clutch my go to was the SX40 in 351 or 307. Will be getting myself a few nories, OSP and megabass to trial but im tipping they wont be as productive as the double clutch.... And yes that elusive 50cm bream is definitely on the cards for me also
  14. Ive only used them twice and pulled 3 or 4 bream, how do i post a pic here without creating a new thread?