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  1. The top right picture is side scan, the line in the middle is my boat. It then shows the water column to the sea floor and 100m either side of my boat, cant see the school on that one though.. But the bottom right is down scan which is showing fish ( white dots ) 18 to 20m deep behind the boat..
  2. Cheers lads, The was a few boats around SF. But it all worked well with the tide running nicely, getting the plastics and jigs down to the fish behind us was easy.. Was a top arvo..
  3. With great weather forecast i made the tow to Yorkes with a couple of mates, one who is a wizz with a camera.. What a day we had... Watch in HD
  4. If i'm traveling with rods, they will always go in my rod tube... My fishing gear is like family
  5. I dont post on here anymore... But theres plenty of winter fish to be caught, get out the you bunch of soft &@$%s
  6. always pays to carry a shark setup aswell… we lost a nice hammerhead the other day cause we didn't have a wire trace handy...
  7. I knew somebody would bring this one up. I say, Just like rabbits (mexxi and calicivirus) Just like prickly pear (cactoblastus) I think a lot of lessons have been learned by the scientific community and CSIRO since 1920 Can you imagine instead of catching 40 carp and one callop you could get a dozen callop and a few murray cod. It might not be all the carps fault but it is a start. I'm not so sure… They still allow netting and long lining of our gulfs….
  8. Just like the cane toad….
  9. Get in quick before the netters rape the place.. we watched last year at the same place them take a whole school of YFW.. blocked off the channel on an outgoing tide and the banged on the hull of their net boat and hearded them in to the net.. caught bugger all fish the next few visits after that...
  10. I have done very well on BIG winter salmon over the head land on the second beach there using 65g and 80g Raider metals… big schools sit in casting distance and its a fish a cast.. worth the walk ..
  11. i have it on my iPad just as a guide to where my marks are…. i can have a look at where new marks are that i am given …. its not bad but i wouldn't navigate with it…..
  12. Save up for a yak mate and get into the plastic side of bream fishing….. you'll get plenty of 40's then http://youtu.be/PbrJfqWWuM8http://youtu.be/lSWnMHhjEGghttp://youtu.be/C-czuNNvtUgAnd some you just can't stop lolhttp://youtu.be/fhVd2WPdKS0