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  1. Hey mate awesome report.. im heading over next weekend, where was the beach you caught the salmon? Cheers!
  2. only problem i see for bottom bashers, is there all high speed?
  3. I have 3 mag-sealed daiwas and I personally love them! have never had an issue with any of them..
  4. awesome stuff mate, have a good trip!! I might be going marlin fishing out of Bermagui in 2weeks aswell (if I got enough time).. so hopefully we all do alright ahah.
  5. My suggestion be; what ever rod you get, make sure its got long rear butt (sits in the rod holders nice) and that it has a slow, parabolic action.. Brand, quality, style etc is all up to you, cheers.
  6. crab cakes look shit hot mate, well done.
  7. Hey mate just saw this thread now, I bought the saltist extreme when they first came out, went for the pe2-4 stick, and its really nice... has a great medium action, silky smooth guides and find it balances well with my saltiga 4000 reel. All personal I guess. cheers.
  8. I just buy bulk packets of pillies and cockles, then separate them into little zip lock bags (enough for a days fishing) and leave the rest in my chest freezer... now I only throw away a handful each time im on the water.. bait is getting expensive these days!
  9. there is a lot more artificial grounds than people think, i can assure you those that catch consistent big reds don't come from the Glenelg tyre reef LOL.
  10. ASD14

    Buggered Carp

    yeah nice boys, il wait until it warms up and there sitting on the surface.. cheers
  11. ASD14

    Brag Board

    very nice indeed mate!!
  12. ASD14

    Buggered Carp

    nice work mate... do you think a bread fly, tied to some light fluro would work on spin gear?? wouldn't mind getting my trout outfit out and chasing some mudmarlin.
  13. Hi Guys, For who ever is interested... The new 2015 Daiwa Luvias has now been released (see link below).. seems few new features the major being; Air-rotor, ATD "automatic tournament drag" and bearing in its main shaft. Looks the goods I recon. http://daiwafishing.com.au/products/luvias/ Cheers.
  14. Yes, the Daiwa TD Commander comes with AGS system, but they retail for $450, not $50?? unless that way a typo mate... it will take a few years before the AGS gets trickled down to the cheaper stuff.. its cutting edge technology and not cheap to produce, so I think it will be exclusive for while.. could be wrong but.. The new caldia B reel look good too! And they are also releasing a new 2015 Luvias soon too interesting times..