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  1. Did some searching then and i can't find anywhere that has tide data for down the Onk river. Tried willyweather and the like and nothing! Closest thing i could come to actual info was actually from a thread on this forum:http://www.strikehook.com/forum/5-general-fishing/187589-onkaparinga-tidesSomeone mentioned that they use southport beach as a reference and add 1-2 hours depending on how far up the Onk you go. I'll add in southport beach, but its tide times and heights are the same as Port Noarlunga South (which is already in there).I would've figured somewhere would have some data for it but apparently not :s
  2. Cheers fellas!I've got Flinders chase, Port flinders and Kangaroo Island but can't find Flinders Island (other than Flinders Island, TAS)? could it be named something else?I will add in Sheringa Beach and Locks Well Beach tonight and update!
  3. Updated & published. Goolwa beach is now added (only for free version so far), should be approved and up in the next couple of hours or morning at the latest. Let me know if anything isn't working in the update, i've left things out before :S If you're after that location then update, otherwise just wait and within a week I'll push through one big update that will have every beach in South Aus!
  4. Added it now mate, just gonna do some testing then ill publish it. update should be ready for download in the morning! Am going to work on adding in every SA beach after that, then I'll just push it all through one update in the next week! (rather than updating one location at a time).
  5. I looked into adding in barometric pressure, swell, wind and weather but getting any of that information would require internet as its variable, unlike tides/sunrise/sunset and lunar phases which can be predicted. The only way i found to be able to get this information is to sign upto an "API" service, basically its a service that you pay a fair bit of $$$ (alot more then ill ever make from the app) each year, to be able to request upto date conditions for locations.Predictive fishing times is something I'll definetley look into and would like to include, I'm not 100% sold on the anglers almanacs though (predictive books/apps on whens the best day for fishing), I'm a big believer in going when you can, and the more time you spend on the water with a bait/lure the better chance you have, though obviously fishing around tide changes, rising barometer and the such increase your chances. Great suggestion, i'll have a look into it now, check out some predictive fishing apps and research up!
  6. Thanks mate! there are ads that are displayed down the bottom of the screen (though they don't popup and get in the way, they stay out of areas of use) which do require data connection to show, but all the tidal information/lunar/sunrise/sunset etc can be viewed without the need for data. so if you're out of credit or no reception, it still works (just no ads will be shown , so win win lol).There is a paid version ($1.45) which has no ads, 11 more fishing tips and inbuilt converter (convert between Ounces and grams, feet and metres, inches and centimetres, lbs and kgs and vice versa).
  7. Thanks alot fellas! really great to see people actually like it lol! The black point listed is black point in Yorke Peninsula! I'll try and put in black point for eyre pennisula, is it referred to by any other names? I've done a quick Google search and can't seem to find anything.Thanks again guys!
  8. Thanks a lot mate, hearing that is greatly appreciated!Again if theres any locations that you fish which aren't listed, let me know and ill do my best to add them in!
  9. Hey all so basically I've made a small free Tide app for South Australia for android phone users, its available on Google play store. Started off making one for NSW as I'm a keen fisherman, made it for myself initially to use and to see if i could accomplish it and learn something, ended up now doing it for SA aswell.Has 190 locations, fishing tips(kings, jews, bream, flathead, bait collecting etc), tide times/heights/lunar info/sunrise and sunset times. Requires no data connection to view the information, which is good for remote fishing locations with no service. View any date upto December 25th 2014 etc.Basically after some feedback and to find out if any locations are missing that you fish, any feedback, comments or suggestions is greatly appreciated.Anyway if you wish to try it, visit the app market (play store) on your phone, search for Tides SA (its listed under Tides SA - Free) and let me know what you think (good or bad!). If this is against site rules please delete or if in wrong section please move.Cheers and tight lines
  10. macca02

    Surf Reels

    I recently got a wilson supergraph heavy surf 12' rod for cheap, i believe its an MT8144 Graphite blank. Used it off the beach a couple of times to lob some big dead baits. Handled the heavy weight much better than my 12 Live Fibre.
  11. I've had the same 40lb power pro on my reel for about 2+ years now, still is a pain in the ass to break when snagged.I tie an FG for the leader knot, with 60lb leader.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1N0mCf0AIAAThis video is a yank showing how to tie a "sebile knot", its basically an FG knot and is the way i learnt to tie it. Use it for casting big metals for kings off the rocks and hasn't let me down!Also i'd grab a set of spring scales and test your line/knots on it, see what it breaks at.
  12. I know this is a month old, but i was in Kmart the other day and they had the water snake PFD's, around the $60 mark (can't remember exact price).
  13. Squidgy Fish black & gold 65mm for flattys are my favorite.Bream the little 2" Gulp Shrimp go good for bream and flattysSquidgy Lobby's (the larger size, cut in half leaving the head and 1 "lump", with a hidden weight/weedless jighead) are great for fishing in shallow weed beds/oyster racks.
  14. Alot of people do like the old Baitrunners, i think you'd be able to get $100 for it if it is in good condition. Depending how old it is, the old ones were made in Japan, then they started making them in malaysia AFAIK. (it will say on the back of the reel, the part that goes in the reel seat of the rod).Supposedly the Japanese baitrunners were the best quality, so if it is Japanese it will be more likely to get $100 or even more. That being said i own a Malaysian made 6500 baitrunner and it is great. The newer baitrunner models are designed to handle braid, the older ones aren't. I haven't used braid on mine so i can't say whether you'll have problems with using braid on it.
  15. I'd up the Schneider (schneider has very good abrasive resistance, alot of people use it for Pig fishing in NSW) or go with some Fluorocarbon. Supposedly has better abrasion resistance than monofilament