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  1. Great video again although the audio levels are a bit out at times. Keep it up, always worth a watch, thank you
  2. What species apart from bream, snapper and flathead could be successfully targeted with one of these?What other species eat crabs?
  3. And you have done it again, well done on another excellent outing. Fly fishing as well!!!!
  4. Very nice.My favorite is the second to bottom one in the first post, absolutely love it.
  5. I do not know a great deal, just started fishing again after giving it a large break since when I fished as a kid and teenager. From what I know though you can go for bream in areas like west lakes, port river, garden island which are not too far from you, although eating fish from west lakes is probably not a great idea. You could also get mulloway in west lakes.You could get garfish and tommies and perhaps whiting from semaphore jetty. Also crabs from semaphore jetty. Probably squid as well although they are not my thing, never fished for them.Outer Harbor breakwater is a good place to fish, recently people on here have been getting some garfish from there. There is a map in the land based fishing thread which shows where you can fish for gar off there.There is also a thread about getting yellow fin whiting from Tennyson beach which some do quite successfully but I think it is mostly a summer thing.Others will be able to expand more on this and searching the forum will as well but it gives some idea.
  6. What fish would you be trying to target?I am guessing you will not have a boat so it will be land based, is that correct?Using the search feature on this site or using google on a topic and reading results from here is quite useful, there is a lot of good information on here, a lot of people who know what they are doing, I am not really one of them though. Also ask questions here, you will usually get someone to answer.What fish do you catch at home in the states?
  7. I have been using small hooks, number 10 hooks below a float when going for gar/tommies. I also used number 10 last time I went to Fountain Valley after carp and seemed to have a better result than when I have used larger hooks. I have used a variety of sizes for bream but mostly number 1 hooks.I have been using number 6 hooks on the bottom off the jetties. I think these are reasonable sized hooks but I would welcome any advice.
  8. I have been using burley, some I bought and it does seemed to have worked to a certain extent. It seemed to bring in a school of small tommies plus other fish at O'Sullivan Beach on Monday. I could see them chasing the burley when I threw some out and when I stopped they disappeared although the tide also changed as well which might have played a part as well. Last night I did get a couple of hook ups after I used burley but I was fishing around low tide so that probably did not help.So yes I will keep using burley.
  9. Tried Brighton Jetty from 10pm to 1am and got nothing.Almost got a couple of fish but the dropped off as I wound them up to the jetty. It was too dark to tell what they were, one small, the other a bit bigger. Someone pulled in a cuttlefish, apart from that there did not seem to be much biting.
  10. I can catch carp 2 minutes from my house, no way am I going all the way to Mawson Lakes to catch carp.I might go if there is a chance to catch my first redfin.
  11. Friday night, Brighton jetty, perhaps from about 10 pm is forming as an idea in my mind.Two rods, one for gar under a floatOne on the bottom to see if anything is there.Burley up and see what happens.
  12. I think I would going after tommies and gar.I have no squid equipment and would not have a clue what to do with a squid of I caught one, LOL.I also only have access to a couple of light rods so shark fishing is certainly out.I have a very limited knowledge of how to fish for a few species, really need to learn a lot. Thank you again, really appreciate the advice, it all helps.
  13. I guess that is not too far, perhaps I will have a drive down there and have a look sometime and see what it is like although I might look at closer options like O'Sullivan's beach breakwater and Brighton Jetty first. Maybe other jetties as well. Wonder what I can catch at midnight from a jetty after working afternoon shift, guess I will have to try and see.