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  1. I knew you will post here.Have a look at some other things I have whipped up last few days:Curry squid:Stuffed squid tubes:
  2. Two squid tubes, cut in squares,piece of ginger, chopped,piece of lemongrass, chopped,2 cloves of garlic, chopped,handfull of coriander, chopped,2-3 lime leaves.Fish sauce, soy sauce, chili oil.Heat up some oil in the wok, throw in garlic, ginger and lemongrass, fry for 1 minute.Add lime leaves, a spoon of fish sauce and a spoon of chili oil, fry for 1 minute.Add a spoon of soy sauce, mix, add squid, keep stirring and frying for 2 minutes,Serve sprinkled with coriander.
  3. szopen

    BRAID lines

    One of the tricks I have picked up from a US fishing site is doing away with fluoro leader, running braid all the way but using black permanent marker to make last metre or so black.Seems to work well, no extra knots.
  4. Well, all this rumors were good enough to motivate me as well.Went for a test yesterday and now I have a boat licence too. One thing regarding the quiz on NSW site is that there you need a separate licence for PWC so very few rules on them are covered in online test, the SA test has quite a few questions on this.
  5. I traded it for the elephant.Good deal it was too: small elephant for a big catty...
  6. Chickens do not swim very well.
  7. Last fish is an alligator garHere is more:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alligator_garPretty sure the first one is an american catty.
  8. The fish in the first picture is a North American catfish, not the Eaurasian "wells".Wells looks like this (arounf 12kg mark from memory):
  9. Have a look here:http://tinyurl.com/5tjvv3Starting at the lower price range of Prime Surf o the rather expensive Land Surf or Cast'izm you can find something suitable.
  10. Yep, caught it myself.We were fishing for tilapia in a dam around Guangzhou in southern China.Using premixed dough for bait, coarse fishing with a tiny float at night.
  11. Not a Koi,Proper goldfish.Caught in China in a dam when coarse fishing for tilapia.A bit of a surprise it was.