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  1. Just picked up my copy from the newsagents today some good articles in there (as always)happy with the write up on the wasp bags i saw it about a month ago but was sworn to secrecy ,,ahh coffins bay what a place saw the biggest stingray i have ever seen there in about 3 foot of water ,dutton bay warf ahh memories ,i think millsies writeup just about sums up the souths fishing at the moment hope the cooler months bring some action.
  2. Its funny becaus i have caught more cuttlies than ever before locally.
  3. It will be interesting to see what sort of gloss is put over this ,i dont beleive the water temperature had anything to do with the fish kill ,what we dont get hot days during summer? and i have never heard of so many dolphins adult or baby being washed up on the metro coast line ,i am with you fished out there is something definately wrong and a cover up will ensue , the other day coming back from brighton i saw something in the water like a large slick stopped and went over to it but i have no idea what it was all white and sludgy about 8 feet or more across never seen it before dont know what it was.
  4. Hi mate yes it does have this green line on it but it isnt mono or braid i suppose it is fly line as you can see i am a comlpete dunce on this subject
  5. No mate dont have a rod ,whats a 6/7? see i told you i dont know much about this stuff .
  6. Hi para just gotta qork out how you use one of these things
  7. Hi all well while rummiging through my shed cupboards the other day i cam across a fly reel that i bought some time ago when i was thinking about trying other styles of fishing ,it is a shakespeare fly reel, now not knowing to much about this type of fishing any help would be appreciated ,looking through my books i even bought a book on fly tying so i must have been keen at the time but other things take over and i had forgotten about this ,here is the reel for any in the know.
  8. While we are on the subject jack here is something you might want to knock up ,it is made from 6mm checker plate and is about 300mm square ,if you remember the old timber plate they would isseu you with for the 110 landys well this is a up market version of the jacking plate ,cant change a tyre if you jack keeps sinking into the sand or mud ,this will provide a good base for a scissor or even a high lift jack, i carry this as well in my kit all the time cost next to nothing to make and wil save you a lot of greif .
  9. Maybe work your way along the beach mate ,seen a guy work brighton to seacliff for a couple of nice flathead a few years ago .
  10. This is a god topic as i have just dusted of the weapon i used when in far north queensland as i used to do a bit of lure fishing up there ,this rod and real have to be over 20 years old but they are like brand new ,the reel is a abu pro plus and the rod is a shimano black magnum baitcasting rod ,maybe ill get down the onk and have some practice now that the heat wave has passed .
  11. I carry one 24/7 in the back of the pathfinder ,takes up no room and its always there if you need it have a assortment of bits and peices in a old milk crate ,rope light jumper leads ect never know when you gonna need it ,if ya get a flattie and pull your spare out and it aint much better if you havent got a compressor what ya gonna do? just something to think about ,i had one in the wifes car as well lightweight version .
  12. well done mate i am still hopefull to catch one of legal size
  13. Dont forget the horses as well jagger ,tell us how you went getting cockles i never made it this time round and i am not sure when the season closes i think it is this month ,oh well always next year ,youll have a ball jack its great fun and the kids will love it .i would let my tyres down to 18psi and wheres your compressor jack? i got caught at coffins like this in 100 degree heat bogged to the axles no compressor and didnt let my tyres down ,go buy one tommorow .
  14. You know that there is a checkpoint on the way ,what there doing is checking for web toad northerners trying to sneak down south without being properly disinfected ,youll see it big flashing lights they check all cars so you wont be able to bluff your way round it ,in all seriosness jack watch the roads and your speed especially round mt compasss have a safe trip and a great weekend mate.
  15. I concure with ranger ,now i must admit i havent been down this year but the last time i did the person in front of me in a landcruiser didnt let there tyres down and got bogged before they even got to the hill ,i let my tyres down in the carpark to 18psi and just floated over the sand i also carry a snatch strap, shackles and a broad mouth shovel just in case and in the future i will get some max trax ,also if people see that you are prepared they are more likely to help and say just bad luck ,wheras people who just charge across with no recovery gear deserve what they get ,i was there when the murray mouth opened again and the ammount of so called 4wd ers who came down was amazing not to many let there tyers down and it chews the shit out of the sand as they power through it ,in your case i would either leive the car in the carpark and walk or go north young man anyway your call good hunting.