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  1. I'm with you Softy with this one, I use Alberto knot as well, I find it quick and easy to tie at night or windy conditions and rarely have failures. Like I say to others though, find a knot you are comfortable to tie and use it. Cheers mpete
  2. Good topic, it could go on for ever like Ford versus Holden. I like Chevs but not saying Ford has made some great donks, Chrysler probably beats them both. Shimano for me. Cheers mpete
  3. They do, I saw one of these when I was in Antarctica, it was about 30 cms across, not stretched out. But we weren't in the habit of swimming down there!
  4. mpete

    Tackle Guard

    I have been using it for 12-15 years now, always have one in my toolbox.
  5. All before the barrages were in place. The lakes were an estuary when the river flows were low and full of water and great fishing. You can only dream obout that.
  6. I went out with Darwin Reef 'N" Wrecks a few years ago, had a great time, well catered and caught heaps of fish. They froze mine and on the morning of my flight back they took me down to their chiller and packed it for me to bring back on the plane. Fanatastic service and would recomend them anytime.
  7. After last trip and getting a couple of fingers caught up with a flatties gill I thought it would be safer for myself. lipgrabbers are now in my tackle box.mpete
  8. mpete

    Butter knives

    Try scissor sharpeners that hair dresser use. I used a good steel on mine and got a great edge, but make sure to keep fingers out of the way.mpete
  9. Glad I'm not the only one with that problem. I can read the pictures but not the words:S
  10. I've been looking for the good old butter knife for a filleting knife. They are getting hard to find. I found some at St Vinnies Hawthorn there are a few left so I thought I would pass it on
  11. archerfish. I found this, I think its what you are after GooseNooseKnot.pdf
  12. I'm heading to Darwin at the end of August and wondering if anyone has any recomendations for 1/2 or full day trips out of Darwin? Any ideas on what is caught at that time?thanks mpete
  13. I have heard that their air bladders expand on low's and go off the bite because not hungry, shrink on high's and go on the bite.Haven't taken much notice but it makes sense.
  14. I got 'Fishes of Australia's Southern Coast' ISBN 978187706 9185 forxmas. It's got everything in it. Interesting reading