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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all here is a quick video I put together of my most productive carp fishing session this year Cheers LL
  2. Hi all, With uni and working two jobs, fishing time has been very limited but I managed to get out for a quick fish after work today. Took the fly rod down to the Torrens along with a light spin rod and a bag of bread for backup. I drove for a while along the river and just picked a random spot for a look. Well I found a really shallow bit stacked with lots of good sized carp! Perfect fly casting territory. In the 90 minutes I fished, I landed three good carp, two on fly and one on bread. Sizes ranged from 3.62 to 4.85kg. Heaviest fish was taken on bread on the bottom but the ones on fly were way more satisfying.
  3. Finally completed the mission to land a carp on fly started out here: http://www.strikehook.com/index.php/topic/25392-the-mission/?do=findComment&comment=271444 Headed out this afternoon chasing carp solely with fly gear, my 5/6 weight and 10lb tippet. Headed up to the Torrens around 5:30 and started searching for carp in shallow waters for sight fishing. From a high point I spotted a single decent sized fish mooching and quickly set off stalking it. Waited 5 minutes before casting in front of it and from nowhere a larger carp beat him to my bugger and the line went tight and it was game on. Only a short fight and I netted the beast! A 65cm fish, not a bad first carp on fly and a personal best carp for me: After this, I found a nice school of larger fish but they were too busy making babies to have interest in my fly. Walked back and spotted another single small fish and had a follow but it shied away at the last moment. Not a bad effort for only 90 minutes of fishing.
  4. Long time no post . On the long weekend just gone i was keen to get out for a fish but not sure if i was going to have the time or not and if i did were i was going to be able to go . A few phone calls , a few odd jobs knocked on the head that had to be done and a few things falling through i was talking to a mate Shane and he was able to catch up on monday and we decided where . Sunday afternoon i thought about a Fly rod i had and decided to finally give it a go knowing that where we was going , had a few Carp that were easily seen in the shallow tight waters . So the wife and i headed down to the park sunday arvo wife the little fella , dogs and Fly rod in hand so i could give this fly casting a crack and see how it is done , or at least give it a try for the FIRST time . After getting the general gist of how it works and also giving myself a few welts to back , head and left ear ?????? (dont know how i got my left ear when casting on the right) , we headed home . So i had an idea at what i was going to do but then realised i didn't have any bread Fly's or any sort of Fly that might interest a stubborn Carp into eating my hook , and at 8-9 at night where was i going to get any. A couple of text msg later and Pathmaker had given me a few ideas on what to use and how to tie what i was after in the way of a bread Fly for the Carp i was going to aim for . Nice bright and early Luke Mills had picked me up first thing in the morning , after a late night last minute call , and we was on our way to meet up with Shane . Arrived at our destination and Shane was all ready to get started and as Luke and Shane were fishing with SP's they headed off while i had to rig up my FIRST ever Fly that i had tied onto my FIRST ever fly set up . Once i was ready i caught up to Shane and Luke who were pool hoping along the skinny creek and decided to skip past them as i had seen Carp cruising the shallows of a perticular pool the last time i was here . As i was walking up to the section i wanted to fish i could see a couple of Carp just mulching in the shallows right next to the bank and even scared one which took off with a bow wave into deeper water . Things looking promising . A few casts to some Carp that were cruising and visable but they didn't seem too interested in what i had to offer . I cast at a perticular Carp cruising and again this one just didn't seem that interested and out of the corner of my eye i could see another Carp cruising along the bank just under my feet and thought about pulling my line in and seeing if i could dangle the Fly right in front of its's face under my feet . As i look back at my rod and just as I am about to pull my line back i noticed it had started moving a bit quicker than the current and I gave it a slight strike . Well , this Carp (that i didn't see) just took off like a steam train straight down to the other end of the stretch of creek that i was fishing into the deeper section , removing my line straight down to the backing . Woooah there nelly as it skirted the reeds and i had absolutely no say in where this Carp was going . I called out to Shane as Luke and Shane had just started to flick the pool of water that this Carp had taken off too . Shane helped me negotiate the bank of trees and shrubs by taking and passing the rod to me so i could get some line back on my reel . Finally managed to get most of my line back on the reel and down to the deeper section of skinny creek that the Carp was now in doing battle with me . I had such trouble trying to pull this Carp of the bottom as every time i would get it close it would take off back to the bottom or try and head back up river so there was a fair bit of butting heads between this Carp and i . It was at a pretty bad stale mate as this went on for over 45 min before the Carp finally , finally relented and rose to the surface so i could get a glimps of this beast . It then had another go at heading to the bottom in one last effort of escaping but my patience and will had toppled the beast into submission and i was able to get the Carp to rise to the surface one last time before pulling the Carp to the embankment for capture . F@#$in aye i finally did it and had landed my FIRST fish . I had to be patient with this fight as i only had a 4lb tip leader to the Fly and had also noticed a nick in the Fly line about 3 meters in and new i had to be really gentle with my drag , not to cause the line to break and i can tell you my arm was nearly falling of by the time i had the fish on the bank . The Carp went 10lb in the old scale and 4.67kg to be precise .