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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, this is my first ever report posting here so suggestions are welcome! hope you all enjoy. Friday: Woke up early on Friday and headed to the old man's place to finish packing up the trailer before heading off to Butler's. We left his place about 8am, ready to meet my brother in law and my other sister's partner at Pt Wakefield. On the way, we kept a wary eye on the dark clouds and swaying trees hoping it was a bit calmer down the bottom of the Yorke and we'd be able to wet a line that afternoon.. Fast forward a few hours and we arrived at Butler's. Andrew was as cheerful as ever and after a brief chat we managed to arrange to move from our normal camping spot to one that was a little more sheltered from the wind - Turns out it wasn't any calmer down that way. We unloaded and walked to Salmon Beach. There were some BIG breakers around but a few calmer spots we thought we'd give a go. We stayed for 3 or 4 hours but the only thing making our reels sing was big clumps of seaweed. Ah well, nothing for it but to head back to camp, start a fire, light a cigar and pour a bourbon. Saturday: Saturday morning seemed a bit calmer and we were keen to try again. Again Salmon beach was full of weed but conditions were a bit calmer. No action though, and we went back to camp for lunch and to get a curry going in the dreampot for dinner. We then went down to Butler's beach. I wasn't holding much hope as its only the next bay over and I imagined the weed would be just as bad. Well, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no weed in sight! We weren't long there and dad hooked a ~45cm salmon and a bunch of tommies and mullet in the shallows. The others only managed a tommy each... and I didn't even get a nibble. Dad's one of those lucky fishers that can go out on a jetty where no one has been catching all day and hook up on the first cast.....hard to love him sometimes! It'd be an understatement to say I was not happy, but hey. That's fishing. A nice hot curry back at camp got me in a better mood (or maybe that was the bourbon?) Sunday: Sunday morning was our last day of the trip. We woke up and cooked up some brekky and discussed if we'd try Butler's beach again or maybe leave early and stop at Point Turton on the way back for a flick off the Jetty. It was decided we'd have a look at Butlers and see what the conditions were like. It was calmer again and was a BEAUTIFUL day. So we thought we'd use up the rest of the bait there and see how we were going. Well...5 minutes in, I was on! After watching the acrobatics and a bit of a fight, I pulled in a 60cm Salmon weighing in at 2.5kg. My PB and the biggest of the trip! I was ecstatic! THIS is what it's all about! This was the feeling I'd been chasing! Dad being dad, managed to hook one shortly after, but it was smaller at around 56cm. Alas! now we were out of bait! We sent the brother in law up to grab some more pillies while we threw around some metals for a bit.. but just as quickly as they came, the salmon were gone... I managed a few more mullet and that was it. Time to head home.
  2. My Monday adventure starts off from Sunday nights weather forecast of 22C and moderate Northerly winds – more wind than I like !! However, on waking this morning and looking out the window there was not a breeze of air – weather forecasters get it wrong again, but good for me. So during the night, I am kept awake assessing the plan for the fishing day. I was contemplating going to Waits/Parsons but also maybe hitting up Southport. In the end I couldn’t be bothered going all the way to Waits/Parsons – sort of ‘over the area’ at the moment. So Southport it is, (not knowing that the day would bring a torn stitching from the clip in my waders, a treble hook becoming a single hook and 2 lost lures) . The webcam shows lovely conditions so parked the car and off by 9.30am. Once I arrived near Southport I noticed an Australian Flag in someone’s yard that was blowing with all its glory – yes, there was a Northerly more than my home surrounds had indicated – but once on the beach it was not so bad. River mouth was not looking very clean (but looked great by the end of the day) I parked South of the Pt Noarlunga surf club and strolled down to the water edge and lured towards the jetty first of. Not much there so turned around and headed towards Southport. It was uneventful with no fish as yet, but I need to remember to always check that the reel bail is opened before I cast !! First lure sent flying. So set up with my Mr Reliable. Just before the Surf club I received a hit and a nice just under 1kg / 37cm Salmon was proudly in the bag. A few casts and 2 decent sized ST’s about 27cm to go with it. Another cast saw my rod bend nicely but a lost ‘Salmon’ in the shallows was the result. But I now notice that my Mr Reliable lure has a single hook instead of the treble hook. Did the lost fish break it off? So a quick lure change but nothing more happens. Down to the mouth for no more hits and then a slow walk back towards the jetty. As no other fish hit the lure it was time for lunch – and I had packed a nice gourmet lunch at that. Gourmet multigrain bread with vegemite, a 2016 bottle of Adelaide tap water and 2 homegrown mandarins. A well deserved luncheon. Whilst eating my lunch I am continually scanning the water for any passing shadows, but none where forth coming. I now decided to take a treble hook from another lure on put it on Mr Reliable and attaching the left over single hook at the lure nose. So back to the water and repeating the same as in the morning. Lure towards the jetty and then turn and head towards Southport. When near the jetty I noticed a guy with rod in hand walking along the jetty towards the shallows and dragging a fish along the water. Obviously a heavy fish as he didn’t want to pull it up. Once near the shallows I offered my help to drag his line on to the beach. He had caught a Port Jackson shark. After my help, off to Southport again but no action at all. By the time I got to Southport there were half a dozen fishos in the area but no-one seemed to be catching anything especially as it was near high tide now. I positioned myself just North of the surf club and starting getting good hits and was retrieving some good fish weight. Five lost fish was the result. For some reason they were not staying hooked and they just threw the hook close to shore. Then I was devastated. On retrieving a cast the line went soft! My Mr Reliable had come off. The swivel had opened up and the lure had dropped off – what am I going to do now without Mr Reliable RIP Mr Reliable So a change of lure, and by now it is 4.30 so headed back towards the jetty to head home. So a long day in the area for a few fish but well worth it being outdoors and wetting the line. Tomorrow I off to get more lures !!! Ps: anyone know best way of stitching strap back onto waders?
  3. Well conditions for Monday (yesterday) were going to be ok even though there was for generally Northerly winds at a moderate strength forecast – and I hate the wind, but thought I need to get out and find some more Salmon. A low tide was for 12.30pm, so I had a plan to hit a couple of beaches with all intent of making sure I was at Pt Willunga for the low tide. The reason being of 2 things 1) mainly Salmon but as a “by catch” I was hoping to recover a Gold Halco 40g lure I lost last Friday. I had snagged it not far out at all and with the line busting I thought just maybe at low tide I might find it. The low was for .5m so I wasn’t hopeful, which proved to be the case as not low enough – bugga. So the car is packed, and my new first choice of rod is the Diawa Seabass 110MH (11’) is lured up and I head to Southport about 10.30am. Conditions didn’t look too bad, only one noticeable gutter. Normally I have been parking down near the Pt Noarlunga surf club and flick lures up to Southport and return. But today I thought I would park by the Southport footbridge and spend about an 1 ½ hours between the club house and the river mouth. On to the beach and no-one else fishing, so straight down to the water flicking my trusty old successful lure and casting close to 70 - 80mts with my new weapon. My lure looks well-worn but from using other lures like the Halco’s for example, this one has been my best performer in catching Salmon – it’s like, if the ‘other’ lures aren’t doing their job I get out my “Mr Reliant”. Gradually reached that shown gutter and got a hit after a couple of casts. It gave an ok fight so I knew it wasn’t big, but hey it was a start. But nothing more after that one, so started walking towards the mouth and with the tide low I was able to out in the shallows to reach hopefully a little deeper water. I noticed now that someone else had turned up flicking lures as well. Scanning the area there was a shadow, but it didn’t seem to be moving so it could be some weed – hopefully not. So first cast just passed it I retrieved a little faster and with rod slightly higher than normal making sure that if it was weed I didn’t get caught in it. Bang !! Lure taken and it was fighting very well. Rod bent nicely, drag tightened slightly as it was taking a little bit of line and slowly side stepping back to the beach to land this sambo. Retrieved the hook, bled it and straight back for more. I signaled the other guy fishing trying to point out to come down here as there was a school and thought he should in the fun – he politely waved back but didn’t come down, so my signaling needs improving. Just as well he didn’t come down as he must have known, as the next 20 or so casts there were no more Salmon. The shadow remained, so gathered it must have been weed with just unlucky Salmon strolling by. The other fisherman had now left and wasn’t far behind, but first stop was to Fishing Wholesalers for a weigh in of .830g (40cm)– so not bad. Off now to Pt Willunga for my lost lure (which as mentioned wasn’t to be seen). Conditions were about the same as Southport but did seem slightly windier – did I mention I hate the wind! Walked up just past the reef where I had caught a couple of dozen ST’s last Friday releasing the small ones and kept a dozen nice sized ones. Bang !! Another fighter and of equally strength as the previous one. Beached and bled and only just a little shy of the first one in weight but a few cms longer (43cm) Unfortunately nothing else along the beach and by now it was about 2pm, so decided to gut this one. It had just eaten with 2 small fish inside its gut. On the way home I thought Maslins Beach is worth a try with all the new gutters since the storms. I had estimated close to 18 gutters along the whole beach from last visit and they all looked so fishable. On arriving at the bottom carpark, I noticed the small creek outlet had opened up even more than last Friday. Previously it no drainage out to sea and was generally a little bit of ‘pond’ dirty water. Now it has had the sad sides carved away with a near 2mt drop and a nice flush out with a bit of a stream happening towards the sea. Walked the beach with nothing even touching the lure but there was a nice calmness around – yes the wind had dropped significantly – at last, but I was on my way now – typical !! Got home to clean up and of course the dog has her nose up and could smell there was something in this for her. She likes fish, so she wanted to get in on the act, she got her S&H beanie for a photo knowing she would enjoy some tea tonight. Hope you enjoyed the read.
  4. The August Salmon Comp is now on! Post up a salmon report but a little bit different... with all the Strike & Hook gear out there we'd like to see pics of you all wearing your gear with your salmon catch. It can be a cap, beanie, t-shirt or hoodie. This month's prize is a cool salmon combo. A Daiwa Megaforce 962MFS (9'6" and 3-5kg) matched with a Daiwa Revros MX 3000 and as always a SH cap and beanie! The Daiwa combo is a great way to get started with salmon lure flicking or an excellent second setup to flick around while another rod is soaking a bait or for when your non fisho or unorganised mate comes along. As there has already been a week gone (sorry guys work is killing me) we'll run the comp into next month a little bit to make up for the missed time. Don't forget the Strike & Hook Salmon Day this weekend, this could be your chance to get a photo and put up a report. As a little incentive, I'll be taking a bunch of SH caps down to Waitpinga and giving away a cap to everyone who catches a salmon and gets a photo taken Only one cap per person and until we run out. We picked up the Daiwa combo for a great price at Fishing Wholesalers. They always look after us so please head over to their website www.fishingwholesalers.com.au and check out their cool gear and if you're on Facebook head over there and like their facebook page www.facebook.com/fishingwholesalersaustralia. I should add due to the nature of this prize it is going to be pickup only from Fishing Wholesalers at Lonsdale. Good luck everyone And yeah, I know I'm no fishing show host but there was this dude wondering around while filming that kinda distracted me. Especially when he walked right past the camera while I was filming