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  • 50cm Callop
    50cm Callop
    Thanks mate. The missus was there, but she was still chucking the ZZZds out in the tent! ;)
  • Catfish Cms
    Catfish Cms
    Not to sure mate, I reckon they are all the same species. I've only caught a few, and all from the same spot and they have all been different colours, some almost a golden colour. The photo make it...
  • Another Onka bream 40cm
    Another Onka bream 40cm
    U should try a crystal minnow at night sometime! Full or new moon. Herd a rumour the big silver things in there have a weakness for them. Haven't had a chance to try myself. Slow retrieve so rod ti...
  • blue fin
    blue fin
    or pt mac ?
  • blue fin
    blue fin
    Is this a victor/KI tuna ?

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