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    Fished the dodge tide on Saturday. Unfortunately the wind and air pressure conspired to negate what little water movement there was. Rather than accentuate it which is what I was expecting. Nonetheless got 16 from 32 to 40cm. Sunday was a blow out !
  4. Thanks Greg, yes very unusual, it may have been from an eel, certainly something different for sure.. cheers Adrian
  5. Good work Adrian. That second one was a cracker! Strange injury on its back for a freshwater stream? An angry eel maybe? Cheers, Greg.
  6. This trip to a small tannin stream gave up a couple of surprise size trout, something that doesn't happen all that often in small tannin waters. cheers Adrian
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  8. The way I fish.. I use a fast retrieve..... Always keeping it moving and have the lure doing eratic movements. With the new technique I tried the other day,, It was still fastish but doing something a little different while retrieving.. Seemed to work on the little guys.. Just need to try on the big ones now..
  9. Out of the hundreds of mullet that saw it tonight - only a few let me know that my lure choice and retrieves were interesting enough to hit but not enough to inhale.
  10. Yep. When I was mimicking how the prawn moved and left the water.. You could see the little YFW chasing it even out of the water, anticipating the Land, then they would all attack it.. Amazing to see nature in action..
  11. No worries - yeah it seems no retrieve could be too violent when the prawns are in full panic mode. Fish are much better at tracking stuff through the air than I first thought. I remember being on a 3 story boat that takes tourist snorkeling up north - my mate left her camera on the second story, near where I was and asked me to get it. It was a cheap disposable with a float - so I threw it near her, off the balcony - she got swamped by all sorts of reef fish. I could see them tracking the camera as soon as it left my hands. The staff on those boats throw fish scraps off th
  12. Yeah in the past, Ive tended to keep things simple and I was mainly catch and release for alot of years. So I didnt have a chance to get bored of my recipes. But since discovering redfin are delicious, Ive been thinking of branching out
  13. They are some Mighty tasty looking recipes Des - thanks for passing them on
  14. Thanks. Yes I know how the lure gets hit as soon as it lands on the water. When water is deeper & cooler it often is ST. But in shallower warm water its the large YFW that pounce on it straight away. I think I might experiment with a new retrieve style. Skipping the lure out and dropping it back into the water. Need to think which lure size and shape might best suit this action. I feel MMD Splash Prawn might best suit the retrieve. I am also thinking a couple of others that have not had a run for years: Zipbaits Zoea or Ecogear PX45F. Will keep you posted.
  15. Des.. It was a unique way it moved.... It skipped out of the water, about 1/2 a meter landed and skipped again. I mimicked how it did it.. and wow... The little YFW smashed it when it landed.. Explains why the keeper fish I got hit the lure as it hit the water. I could see where they were and was casting right on top of them..
  16. I have the 9lb.. casts for miles and at a good price to.
  17. Baked Fish in Lemon Cream Sauce Ingredients 200gm fish fillets , 50g butter 1/4 cup cream, heavy / thickened 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tbsp Dijon mustard 1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice, tsp zest 1 1/2 tbsp shallots, finely chopped Fresh parsley and lemon slices Instructions - Preheat oven to 200°C / 390°F - Place fish in a baking dish - Sprinkle both sides of fish with salt and pepper and a little oil. - Place butter, cream, garlic, mustard, lemon juice, salt and pepper in bowl & microwave. - Microwave for 30 sec, s
  18. I do like experimenting with my cooking. When I tire of the frying I usually go to a bake ( or too many Curries!) A couple of Fish bakes I have concocted: Baked Fish with Cheese, Anchovy and Herb Crust INGREDIENTS Extra virgin olive oil 600g fillets Fish 2 Onions thinly sliced Oregano, Rosemary, Capers Lemon Juice and Zest Garlic, crushed Feta Tomatoes, thinly sliced Breadcrumbs - Wholemeal 5 Anchovies Fennel seeds Thyme, Rosemary, Paprika Butter melted OR Olive oil Parmesan grated - Coat of Oliv
  19. I’m having a bit of a crackdown on my hands getting unnecessarily stinky at the moment and my fingers now have a faint whiff of rubber instead of fish
  20. A Couple of easy but tasty shallow fried versions for whiting fillets with some different added flavours. PARMESAN CRUMBED WHITING Mix Garlic salt and Cornflour, dust & coat the fillets. Mix Panko crumbs, fine grated parmesan and Italian herb mix in a bowl. Then spread out on plate. Dip flour coated fillet into beaten egg. Lay fillets on to the parmesan crumb plate. Allow to sit a while to have a good coating adhere. Pan fry till golden brown in Butter/Olive oil mix. FURIKAKE CRUMBED WHITING Baste or marinade fillet in Sesame oil & Miso pa
  21. Very Nice - Yeah I think I'll add a loop- I was just going to chuck the whole thing in the washing machine but the carbeena might hook on to something in there and wreak havoc. Worked out really well tonight - didnt have to touch a mullet - no more stinky hands on the steering wheel. And no more slime wiped on my clothes Ended up just rinsing it under the tap and I'll give it a sniff test to morrow to see what extra needs to be done - Thanks for the tips on cleaning and separate towels for different jobs - makes alot of sense
  22. Thanks Man I knew you would find some Yes I do go wading at night on a few occasions. I always see them skipping along on the surface. However they are the smaller juveniles.
  23. I'm a basic fish cooker. Generally just some S&P and maybe some lemon juice. Sometimes will use some instant batter mix for more of crunch. Have a deep fryer but not used much due to having to put 3lt of oil in just to have it at a minimum level
  24. Very unfortunate for sure. However, Softy should get down there for some fish - after all, he doesn't catch much and this would be an easy score for him
  25. Vietnamese style salad with pickled squid, topped with crispy fried onions (I buy a large container from the local asian supermarket)
  26. I do a similar thing. When my partner deems the bath towels are too old/worn and need replacing, I take them and cut them into 3-4 hand towel sizes, overlock the edges to stop them fraying and sew on a small loop to attach a carabiner. A couple of bath towels makes 6-8 fishing towels. I've got a box full of fishing towels, and take one for handling fish and another for wiping my hands. I give them soak in napisan/sodium percarbonate when I get home as they get pretty stinky and my partner doesn't appreciate me chucking them into the laundry basket.
  27. after mucking around with those slimey mullet the other night - the time has come for a dedicated fishing rag with caribeena
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