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  2. Kids desert

    I would have a couple of servings of that dutchy
  3. Yesterday
  4. Kids desert

    I make an awesome christmas treat make chocolate ice magic melted choc with little bit of oil line silicon tit molds freeze icecream with Drambuie mix in christmas pudding Into moulds cap with chocolate freeze Take out to soften before serving on hot day
  5. Kids desert

    Nice Your sons request, but did you actually give it to your son or did you scoff it down ?
  6. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Top job Chuck and you certainly got around on the day say 'hi' to everyone and showing how it was such a successful day. The video is great, but that is expected from the ChuckT man
  7. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Well done to all concerned, all for great cause and a record amount raised and well supported.. Great video clip of the event too Chuck.. cheers Adrian
  8. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Looks great Chuck, awesome work Mate Glad you left the bit in of you filming us, filming you lol
  9. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Great video once again, Chuck... Bloody Motley crew behind the BBQ.
  10. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    great video chuck. thanxs for sharing😊
  11. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Hi all sorry for the delay but all done now thanks to everyone who supported the day $25,500 was a great effort cheers Chuck
  12. Kids desert

    I'm generally pretty handy on the kitchen. My son's request tonight, after eating all his dinner: Choc chip mint ice-cream with ice magic and sprinkles !
  13. clip down pulley rig

    Most of the bits in that kit are unnecessary IMO. I always try to keep rigs as simple as possible. For my pulley rigs I use a bait clip, two beads, a smaller swivel and a big one as the pulley, and of course a hook (just one though). Dedicated pulley swivels are fine, but for me a big stainless steel swivel is better and more streamlined, extra stuff just picks up weed or provides one more spot for something to fail. They do have a good price on IMP clips though. Thanks Underpants
  14. Last week
  15. Onk Habitat Group Taking Strides

    just the info i was after. cheers jimbo.
  16. Onk Habitat Group Taking Strides

    Thanks for posting this up Jimbo
  17. Onk Habitat Group Taking Strides

    What an exciting time , the OzFish Onk Habitat group have been making great headway in the restoration of habitat in the Onkaparinga river . We have finished stage one which was to deploy Limestone blocks into the Onk to place some substrate for small critters to attach to and hide around . These living critters such as oysters , barnacles and small crustaceans will in turn encourage bigger critters to congregate in the area . The placement of these blocks also should help the tides that flow over them to scour more of the sediment from the bottom of the river in an aid to make a deeper hole in the area for even bigger critters to hide and congregate . As you can see in the scans the placement of the blocks are near a natural limestone outcropping for them to compliment and as there was 2 deployments , the first deployment has already encouraged some sediment displacement right after the outcropping . A big and massive thanks to all the volunteers that have been taking time out from there lives to come to meetings and the organising make this achievement . We have some more projects in the pipeline and if you care to be a volunteer , we are always grateful for more helping hands .
  18. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    That is a cool find Adrian, thanks for sharing. How many of these creatures would you come across normally?
  19. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Dirty mind Alan. Threesome crabbing or catching freshwater crays
  20. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    i voted NO... so if i was gonna have a threesome it would be with the opposite sex. boy why am i itchy?....try taking a shower
  21. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Lets make it a threesome As we all know each other and I can give you both CRABS Got 19 today in 1/2 hour. Boy why am I itchy
  22. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    lol im down for that. ill start drinking and you bring the blindfold
  23. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Firstly Mate would I would have to get you really drunk then blindfold you and then leave a 2am lol. But sure l can take you
  24. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    wilda if this is so why haven't you taken me there yet lol
  25. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Hi Del, Pretty sure Cray's are protected in Sa. Without giving to much away I know of 2 spots within 30km of Murray Bridge that still have Cray's. Both spot's are not where many people would target
  26. Colour loss with depth of water

    Lots of interesting research/discussion on how line colours change with depth as well... Cheers af
  27. Colour loss with depth of water

    as a Diving instructor we may take a red tomato down on a dive with us.. and ask the students what colour it is..
  28. Colour loss with depth of water

    Yeah saw that - amazing how the colours change the deeper you go.
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