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  2. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Using the manual settings every now and then Greg.. the top three were taken using the manual settings.. bottom three were auto & they're just as good.. All taken on the little fishing camera, Canon compact SX620HS.. cheers Adrian
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  4. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Still on auto Adrian? If so, who needs advanced settings. But they're probably your DSLR I assume..... Great pics mate
  5. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    A real "fire" sunset - but you just keep rubbing it in Adrian
  6. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Another top Autumn sunset here again tonight at Sheffield.. cheers Adrian The top three are from tonight.. And these were back on the 6th April..
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  8. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Actually the more I looked at the photo the more I was sure it wasn't a Tiger Snake, I reckon maybe a Lowland Copper Head snake.. still bites too.. Tiger snakes here in Tassie are more often a dark black colour than the mainland Tigers which is why I just thought it was a Tiger..
  9. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Geez Adrian take care
  10. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Snakes don't bother me all that much now as I've come across quite a lot over my trout fishing years, more so when I used to fish the Finniss River in and around the Yundi area.... even stepped on a few as well from time to time too, had a tiger snake strike me on the hip here in Tassie a few years ago. That was my own fault as I was looking at the next stretch of water and not where I was walking...thankfully I always wear waders when trout fishing.. There's always something happening down here Greg..
  11. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Never a dull moment down there in Tassie Adrian.
  12. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Well just as well you didn't crawl onto the snake Adrian, but with it swimming back towards you could have been a little scary also. And that just wasn't her lucky .... or maybe it was
  13. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Got a bit of a surprise this morning while crawling through some bush to reach the river.. As I came out of the bush at the rivers edge (still on hands & knees)I came across a Tiger Snake sunning it's self. I think it got the biggest shock as it darted straight into the river and headed for the opposite river bank. Halfway across it turned around and headed back to where I was now standing in shallow water. I just stood still and watched it swim past me before it was back in shallow water next the river bank. I reckon the reason it turned around was because the water temperature was so low it new it was in trouble. Once at the river bank it just laid in the shallows with it's head out of the water while I took a couple of photos before I moved off and started fishing.. Then some three hours later when I was back at the car I came across a threesome in the grass.... cheers Adrian The snake back in the shallows.. The threesome...
  14. Who's fishing over Easter?

    The Easter day trip out with my mate and his Mrs wasn't as successful as I'd dreamed the night before but was a great day to get out on the water. A quick and easy launch and retrieval at O'Sullies straight to my mates spot X. I swear there aren't any fish there, not sure why he swears by it, perhaps I'm a jinx on the trips we go on. We caught a few tommies, squid and leatheries for quite a few hours of fishing. Our baits were being destroyed by pickers, I'm guessing the leatheries, there was one pygmy leather jacket that my mate pulled up and the sounder showed heaps of small fish. Cruising around were some gar but only one hit the deck and was thrown back as it was undersized. Next time I may be able to convince my mate to try a new spot
  15. Wattle bird feeding..

    Nice to watch aren't they We have some New Holland Honeyeaters visit our Geisha Girl tree/plant on a regular basis - just love sitting and watching them going from flower to flower sucking out all the nutrients they want.
  16. Who's fishing over Easter?

    If it wasn't for the fish id get arrested for watching ladies running past me or walking their dogs lol.
  17. Who's fishing over Easter?

    They didn't get me... Not that they can keep up with the mighty ZD30 powered Patrol!
  18. Who's fishing over Easter?

    I've posted I've been down the Pat getting STs and undersize bream. Just like to say take care on the roads seen three drivers stopped by the cops must've been bad boys that was in the mile end , Richmond and Cowendilla areas . And no old guys speeding around the Pat in their mid life crisis cars lol
  19. Best 2 reels I have

    Vecta will work fine
  20. Who's fishing over Easter?

    No fishing this weekend, but heading to Yorkes next weekend hopefully there's still some fish left
  21. Who's fishing over Easter?

    I have Friends coming over from melb in a couple of weeks and dragging there boat along.. hopefully I can find that spot lol Sent from my Pixel
  22. Who's fishing over Easter?

    That's a very tasty bag there @brenton not a bad effort at all. Hopefully I do as well today.
  23. Who's fishing over Easter?

    went out off NH yesty arvo for a bag of nice King george and 27 squid. cheers b
  24. Wattle bird feeding..

    Spotted this Wattle bird having a feed on the nectar in one of our Banksia bushes yesterday so grabbed the small fishing camera and took a few pic's from around 30 feet away.. Didn't get the bigger Canon EOS camera out as I thought it would have flown off by the time I got it out and set up for a photo.. cheers Adrian
  25. Who's fishing over Easter?

    nice going undies i was gonna go on a st hunt today but never made it out the shop lol. maybe monday☺
  26. Who's fishing over Easter?

    Awesome @Underpants I hope to see a few of them making an appearance at my local soon. I should do a recon mission and see what's about.
  27. Who's fishing over Easter?

    A dozen or so STs came to play, with a bit of size starting to show, up to ~40cm.
  28. Who's fishing over Easter?

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