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  3. Spot on Chimay, you know your beaches.
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  5. That looks like Almonta/Gunyah. Magic unless you're bogged on it!
  6. I was in Coffin Bay a few days ago and spoke to a bloke who had caught some decent YFW with cockles off the beach at Encounter Bay. No weed on the beach that I could see, but it looked like a magic spot.
  7. I'm guessing she's talking about seaweed worms?
  8. I threw this reply back at them and got this lol "No worries Alicia and thanks for your reply. Just thought with yfw in your local north beaches there could be worms for food, so thought they hopefully found their way around to Coffins lol TW ...We get them in winter down on the front beach and also clickers but more on the Lincoln side."
  9. No worries! Thanks for your efforts doobie. Guess it'll have to be "suck and see". Also might have a look for some mud cockles over there. Cheers
  10. Finally got a reply from TW PL.- but isn't really helpful. " Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, it’s something we don’t get asked often. As far as we know and have asked nobody has really tried to get them that we know. There maybe seaweed worms around but as to exactly where we are unsure. Sorry we couldn’t be more helpful but it’s not a bait that is used a lot around here."
  11. Thanks for that. As a backup I'm guessing there must be seaweed worms on quite a few beaches over that way.
  12. You're right, they are South of Pt Noarlunga - Maslins and Pt Willunga also. I did send a msg to TW in PL asking if worms could be pumped/caught in CB - but no reply yet.
  13. I've found some scientific distribution data that suggests they are only in Gulf St Vincent, north of Port Noarlunga, but I know they can be found at least as far south as Normanville. Will just have to keep an eye out while I'm over there.
  14. Not sure for Coffin Bay, but I'm only guessing that they might found over at Pt Lincoln north beaches - only because they get YFW there, so presume there could be some food of the worms. Just depends if you want to drive there 'if' c/bay area doesn't have any. Good luck.
  15. Hi all, Heading over to Coffin bay in March and wondering if anyone has any tips on places to find beach worms in the area? Cheers Trevor
  16. I stopped being able to eat crays and prawns at Xmas a long time ago - and that's half the problem, they are so expensive some people stretch the budget and 'treat' themselves just once a year, and the rest of the time our natural resources are exported. I agree that the "natural resources" should be able to be enjoyed by all, but snapper are were catchable on a $30 rod/reel combo from shore.
  17. On the subject of the pro fisherman they pay big money for the right to do it it’s their livelihood.We all sit down to a feed of local prawns and crayfish for our Christmas dinner.They don’t just fall out of the sky and I believe all south Australians have the right to enjoy our natural resources not just the fortunate with boats .If not for the pro fisher how does that happen do we all buy boats ?? .YEh I don’t think that’s going to work
  18. All good points and no I’m not offended in any way but don’t compare me to that wanker in the USA .My concern is with the decrease in natural predators namely the great white what’s to say in the next 20 years that population doesn’t get out of control.I remember a time when carp weren’t a problem in the Murray river but with the demise of a natural predator with the Murray cod being fished out the rest is history.Although I’m a fisherman my passion is not fish I just love catching them to eat my passion is birds.How long before the fairy penguins are extinct here in SA and the devastation they are causing to the bird life in the coorong we need some sort of balance.We let hunters shoot our national animal the beautiful kangaroo for food and to control their numbers and I think it’s just a matter of time before there is a need to do the same with seals , not in my life time because I’m an old bugger but time will tell.
  19. Wait on, back up a sec, you do realise the seals, despite the common name, are a native species which was nearly hunted to extinction in the early 1800s and has still not recovered to the previous population level? My understanding (reconfirmed by mr google) is that their diet is primarily mass schooling fish and squid species found off the continental shelf like arrow squid, slimies and tunas, probably because they are more plentiful and easier prey than more dispersed shallower water species. Put simply the seals are not the problem and my money would be on the primary cause for inshore fish mollusc and crustacean depletion being primarily due to overfishing and habitat destruction which are both to a large extent caused by pro fishermen. As it happens science would tend to agree with me. I really don't see why pro fishing of all types, but particularly the more destructive practices like netting and long lining are allowed to continue given how effective and successful aquaculture is these days, certainly at the very least it needs to be a much more effectively policed and regulated industry. Over the years I've personally witnessed pro fishermen rape and pillage breeding congregations of fish, flooding the market and causing the price of fish to bottom right out, their solution? Catch more fish! Yet when the fishing gets tough they never for a second consider, at least out loud, that they might be part of the problem. There is no way I'm taking the word of pros about anything related to fish stocks. Net boats regularly haul seagrass beds along our gulf shallows decimating stocks, destroying habitat and helping to clog the place up with rafts of seagrass. I watched in early November last year as 3 boats were running back and forth between Pt Wakefield and just north of Ardrossan all day, god knows how many tons of YFW, mullet and tommies they smashed, not to mention all the bycatch, mainly juveniles of various species, chucked back dead they were responsible for on that day alone and I'm pretty sure I can tell you what caused the enormous blanket of weed that pushed up the gulf with the tide..... not seals. I'm sorry if this offends in anyway, that is truly not my intention, but to blame depleted fish stocks on a still recovering population of seals which nearly went extint due to "pro" sealers is at best misinformed and ludicrous, at worst it is downright dangerous. We only need to look to the USA to see where misinformation being treated as fact can lead, certainly not better fish stocks that's for sure. Finally please note I am certainly not one of these aforementioned greenies, I do reckon seals are kind of cool but I do not disagree with taking sensible population regulation measures if scientifically supported, trust in science and observation, not anecdotal opinions from people with a vested interest.
  20. The thing with that argument is fishing around KI is rated as very good still. I'd be taking anything a pro fisher told me with a bag of salt, and the neighbour fished Vincent area at Xmas and bagged out on most fish including squid. I'm not saying fur seal numbers don't need to be considered but we need to learn to fit within the world instead of thinking it belongs to us entirely. I'd rather the Gov focuses on removing long lines.
  21. Just more food for the hungry new zealand fur seal.On kangaroo island alone there is estimated 100,000 of them and studies have shown that they can consume around 500 ton per day of fish stocks,not to mention the penguin and pelican population that have been decimated by these cute little cuddly creatures.On a recent trip to Vincent we counted 11 of them on the breakwater and after talking to the local pro squid fishers they have put a huge dent in the local stocks.As their numbers continue to grow and a government that does not have the balls to take on the greenies we can expect to see less and less fish stocks in both of our Gulfs.And as usual the rec fisherman will be blamed.
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  23. Mr Fish Don't have as much as I thought. But if they are OK I'll use them. The jig heads are 1/8 ounce.
  24. Yep and it works on my phone too. Must have been something to do with my tablet last night. Thanks for trying it for me.
  25. edit - I should stop typing as I am not familiar with the area and maybe clouding the issue.. But my auto routing feature works from the ramp to your final destination The purple line is the route Navionics chose
  26. I'm not really qualified to answer coming from Vic and not having been there - The barrage appears to be a manned station with a human attendant - does access close at night?
  27. Start and finish waypoints as shown on this google maps snip:
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