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  1. Last week
  2. It was certainly a day of mixed fortunes doobie.. cheers Adrian
  3. That's a good percentage catch Adrian Geez, talk about dramas Besides being cold I'm sure and wet, I'd be worried about the camera as well. But 'pure arse' was on your side
  4. This trip was on the 11-9-21 I finally had a reasonable spin session today before the weather turned sour as well as taking a plunge in the water. 10 trout caught & released from 11 hook ups, all taken on the Mepps #00 gold Aglia Mouche Noire & gold Aglia Mouche Rouge inline spinners. I certainly gave the new Okuma ITX-1000 reel a good workout during my three hours in the water too, it did it's job to perfection. As soon as I caught the first trout on the first cast I knew I was in for a good spin session. On the walk back to the car I decided to give one more stretch of water a g
  5. Earlier
  6. ???? what's fathers day???
  7. I got a very important bit of gear, particularly for a boat owner. A wallet.
  8. I got taken to the pictures and Karl juniors plus a $50 BCF card which so far I’ve bought one small lure with just to see if it works leaves me $40 to spend lol
  9. Nice day for you MAH. The closest I got to any fishing gear was $50 put into my paypal account
  10. Belter of an arrangement hahaha
  11. Nice selection of jigs there
  12. Did anyone receive a fishing related Fathers Day Gift? My son (9 years old) gave me a selection of squid jigs. Amazingly they are all jigs I would have selected . My wife knows I'm a hard person to buy gifts for, so we have a simple arrangement; I buy what I want and store items away in a cupboard, then whether its my birthday, Christmas, etc,. and people ask her what to buy me, she can just go to the cupboard and grab an item. It's a win win, she doesn't have to shop for me and I get what I really want . The jigs are a mix of rattle, UV, and different weights for different sink ra
  13. Finally after several days of rain we finally had a nice Spring day so I headed of to check out one of my regular large rivers only to find it running too high for safe wading. I did spend a little time there flicking a #1 Aglia-e inline spinner around before heading off to my favorite & ever reliable small tannin stream. That was also running high, much high than my previous trip a week ago,, anyway I spent some time in it and caught & released a few wild browns.. cheers
  14. Never knew about the underwater cams at Rapid Bay/Point Lowly. Some nice footage indeed. Thanks Wert
  15. If you like these check out the (I think) Ausocean under water cams, they post footage and live feeds, got a cam under old rapid bay jetty and had one at point lowly for cuttlefish breeding among others.
  16. Only put the E/bay link up as the boss has been to busy (forgotten lol) to ad it to the SA Fishing webcam link.
  17. Edithburgh is off-line until further notice.
  18. Encounter Bay web cam. https://www.victor.sa.gov.au/community-information/community-facilities/boat-ramps/boat-ramp-camera
  19. Rattle used in dirty water makes sense,glad you bought that up must try it..thanks
  20. See the youtube link below from Yamashita regarding Squid jig rattle. The video is in Japanese but has subtitles. Most of my jigs are Yamashita's as I like the quality & the technology that goes into the build. I mainly use the rattle jigs when I first get to a spot for a short period then switch over to a non rattle jig unless the water is dirty then I will use the rattle jig pretty much for the session, I'm also a fan of their warm jacket technology. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvOVuu_-nZ4 Yorky
  21. So it looks like they might be able to at least, detect sound. They are known to be very curious, so I can not see why it would not help. https://www.livescience.com/11707-squid-hear-itos-motion-ocean.html#:~:text=Squid can hear%2C scientists have,motion generated by sound waves.&text=Squid have two sac-like,the base of their brains.
  22. I've got several jigs with a rattle. Can't say for certain if they make a difference. I normally put a rattle jig on at the start of a session and on several occasions I had a hit on the first couple of casts, then nothing else for the whole session. This suggests to me, if a squid is about the rattle jig gets their attention. I like the rattle jigs by Duel and Daiwa. I have one by Rui that I'm yet to try. I've noticed that jigs are getting a little scarce. The place in Japan I normally buy jigs from has run out of most popular jigs.
  23. I've never seen any ears on a squid so far But I suppose if the squid are 'on', I'd have a jig with a rattle and one without and see what happens.
  24. Does the built in rattle sound increase catch rate.Ran one yesterday for the first time but not sure yet as the area was lacking after the first few catches without rattle.
  25. Great day to be out and about in good ol' Sth Aust.. nice browns too, well done.. cheers Adrian..
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