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  2. Bjorn, here's a small Australian owned business here in Northern Tasmania at Spreyton which is near Devonport that makes a variety of clothing.. I know they make school uniforms, work clothes etc.. now making COVID-19 masks as well.. site details below.. https://www.tasclothing.com.au/ cheers Adrian
  3. Yesterday
  4. I have weights up to 4.5 kilos - but suggest starting with smaller increments Or just ask your doctor for some medication....
  5. Try tying on some lead weights,should see an improvement within a couple weeks.
  6. Noticed with work if ya after light globes you better stock up. We haven't been able to restock our shelves and warehouse since March/April. We have thousands of various globes on back order and its getting tough for us to fulfil orders to our big contracts with hospitals and government buildings etc. I assume it would be the same with most high selling commodities in general.
  7. It's interesting. Normally between the Easter and October long weekends, I normally go through about 200 kilos of lead over that period, then picks up again for the summer period. I was expecting no sales due to cover but instead, it's been like the Christmas period every month - averaging 450 kilos a month, with my biggest month being 700 kilos!! It's been amazing and the good thing is that as everyone is struggling to send lead overseas, I'm able to pick it up quite easily It's been great that our local tackleshops have been so busy though - fishing tackle must have been on the same shopping list as toilet paper
  8. Yep, my 'tackle' is certainly getting shorter as I get older.......
  9. Not fishing related but I noticed this big time with my promotional apparel business, hoodies went AWOL across all of my suppliers. Stock started to come in this month with a few suppliers restocking some styles. There will no doubt be a shortage with other gear coming into the warmer months too. I use all Aussie suppliers but their clothing is all manufactured overseas. If anyone knows of an Aussie manufacturer of apparel please let me know. Most gear although branded Aussie is still manufactured overseas unfortunately.
  10. Last week
  11. Thinking of getting one.. I like the longer rods.. suits my fishing style... and for the price.. Its worth a try..
  12. Have just come back from a break away to Mt Gambier/Robe /Beachport way and Robe is a nice place. I didn't really get a good look around fishing wise, but what I did see was some good fishing beaches between Stoney Rise and West Beach. The local beach looked ok and jetty/breakwater looked as if they would produce something. There are Mullet and Bream in the lakes too
  13. https://www.anglerscentral.com.au/find-buy-spare-parts/penn-spare-parts-reel-schematics/spinning-reels
  14. I have one of these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shakespeare-Sigma-Supra-840-Long-Cast-Spinning-Reel/402396021424?hash=item5db0ac02b0:g:RZ4AAOSwMqtfSu3f that is missing the bail arm (just the wire bit, not the mechanisms). It is otherwise a decent reel. Anyone know where I can get such a thing or is it a matter of salvaging from another reel?
  15. Anyone familiar with main gear bearing shims and where I might be able to get a hold of some? Need some for one of these: https://www.bcf.com.au/p/penn-spinfisher-850ssm-spinning-reel/127342.html
  16. Thanks! Only a few days now - hope the weather is OK!
  17. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    im good i prefer to hold it before i buy it right now i own a diawa hyper 1-3 kilo rod not looking for another one yet
  18. Yes...across the board with everything...its only going to get worse
  19. Yes and no. Depends on the item / brand and whether its a new item or part of an existing catalogue. I imagine it is also a case of stores not wanting to hold stock that they may not be able to sell due to the current climate.
  20. Softy

    1-3 kilo rod

    Those look good Mike.
  21. https://razoredgelures.com/collections/rods/products/marksman-long-cast-pre-order-includes-shipping
  22. The fishing fairy had visited my letterbox while I was at work today. [emoji16] Sunday looks like the day to give them a good run. Just need to get some more jigheads I usually run the HWS ones but they are a real prick to feed into these plastics I found, going to buy some normal style jigheads. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  23. Quite a few people have been waiting on feed back on these new lures,looks promising.
  24. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    I will say the rod casts the tournament spike lure fantastic probably due to it being 4 grams . Next flick I’ll use the sienna 1000 with that lure at west lakes .
  25. Mickyj

    1-3 kilo rod

    I’m happy with flicking this rod I’ll let everyone know when I land a fish on it . i have landed bream on one this weight before but shorter length and im using 2500 and 1000 reels maybe a 750 again one day
  26. The packaging suggests 140 yards but the spool isn't full anymore. Whatever it was certainly steamed off
  27. You might have foul hooked a ray if the plastic was on the bottom. If it took the plastic mid water I reckon it was just a good salmon. On the light stuff they can just steam off and not look back. I had one do that to me while bream fishing once in encounter lakes, salmon went on a 40m run (though i landed that fish around 3kg). You do get decent salmon on occasions in the port. How mucg line does the reel hold
  28. I'm usng the Teton spin only weighs 74g,2m long.2-10g lures and 3-8lb line.Currently using 4lb fireline crystal on a 1000 size reel.Mostly casting 3.2g vibes.Selection can be limited for BFS rods and especially for bait caster rods.This set up has made it easier on the wrist but would have preferred a 7'6" length for a bit of extra distance for flats fishing.
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