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  2. After a hospital appointment with my dad all good . I went into TW looking to buy a mat black double clutch. Ended up buying three lures they didn’t have any mat black double clutches I fell to one double clutch I’d be not buying everyone says they are good I’ll try it tomorrow. The one I’d like info on the Jackson one any one used this one .
  3. Yesterday
  4. It was a “mojiko” one they used to sell at anaconda. I think mojiko used to rip off river 2seas designs . So it’s probably just a copy of a river2sea. I bought a heap of mojiko a when they had a massive clearance in the Melbourne store ill see if I can find the name when I get home theu used to dive to around a metre or 1.2m
  5. Ok what was that HB ? Winter last year after I bought a Matt black double clutch got told by the tackle shop guy are you fishing at night . Me no I’m chasing bream ect that got a laugh . so just after buying that one ( I need a new one ) it’s a dodge ride nothing in west lakes. I’m leaving see a small fish jumping cast at it and I can see the small Mulleways hitting the lure violently feel it to and they ripped the trebles off iirc they got very close in to some steps .
  6. Yeah I’ve got a mate who occasionally eats a mulloway And he says when the bait schools are in, their guts are jam packed with 3 inch skinny bait fish. He said the stomach was like a sausage casing stuffed with tiny bait fish so small lures definitely have their place for mulloway here’s one I got on a 5cm hb and 8lb leader
  7. Sounds about right not the tennis balls my mullieway have fallen to hardbodies on bream gear only landed three upto 40 cm and lost a bigger on 6 years ago . The Pat was full of bait fish schools . Fourth one would’ve been bigger but spat the lure . The ones I landed spat the lures at me on the land
  8. Yeah I’d just dropped a mate off on a floating litter trap to collect some tennis balls for his dog. As I was floating away, I glanced at the sounder and said to my mate “you should see the bait on the sounder!!!!” He says have a cast, so I did one hop of the blade and there was a solid weight. It was on bream gear, so my mate had to balance awkwardly on a floating litter trap for the next 30 mins
  9. Last week
  10. It looks bigger and yes it was
  11. Really? You must have brought one for midgets. That one on the bottom is tiny!
  12. Much bigger than the tiny one I bought now you got me thinking
  13. I don't use blades much these days but I have these two in my bream box... Usually catch something on them when I decide to blow the dust of them. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  14. The smaller ones still catch plenty of fish.. I've seen a 120cm mully pulled out of W/L on one.
  15. I bought some i won't be trying until November in the bigger size when the boat comes out again,just currently beach fishing for mullet and salmon.I'd be curious if they work maybe you'd be interested in me sending you some in different colors and you can use them and tell us if they're any good. If you want them just private message me with the address and i'll get them in the post.
  16. Cheers next time all I saw today at the Pat was a rat chasing my lure next trip back to the lake
  17. Did you buy the 3.2 gram 35mm the smaller one and maybe the 5cm 11gram might have been better the next size up
  18. No I should’ve bought a bigger one actually I haven’t found any fish in weeks the blood worm run I guess
  19. Hey Micky any luck with those blades ?
  20. caught a couple around the 50cm mark. They fought really hard. great fish to catch. That is an absolute monster Jack Kee
  21. Earlier
  22. Heres my best - he fought harder than the fatter yellas from the same water
  23. 46cm from the kayak on a 75mm oargee Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
  24. Hey that thing is a horse. My biggest is nothing like that. But I do agree they fight like saltwater bream. Never caught a silver on lure yet. Sent from my SM-J120ZN using Tapatalk
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