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    Shallow stream

    Nicely done Hunter and they look healthy too.
  3. Yeah I was just exhausting the list of glues I already owned before purchasing any new stuff - thankfully the hot glue does the job in this particular application
  4. Tried a tiny stream around the Lobey area this morning. The wheather was pretty average. only 11 degrees in the hills, wasn't expecting much activity. A bow n arrow cast into a murky twig infected hole and this juvenile could not resist. simple grub i tied years ago. Spotted this guy high on a bank, snuck behind him and made a short cast Trecked a few km's, with hardly any sightings.. Overall a quiet morning. When i arrived back in the Barossa it was 18 degrees and the sun was shining..
  5. I've been using rubber cement to stick everything down the stuff you apply to each side and let it dry before joining, like sikaflex it would stick your boat to the trailer if put on the guides but a lot cheaper
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  8. Hey mate were heading up to dog fence on the 28th, don't know if you remember, but we met on the fowlers bay jetty one night couple years back, prior to that you had been feeding me heaps of info for that particular trip. Hopefully the new moon will bring the fish on, didn't get out to dog fence last trip due to losing my wallet in the dunes near mexican hat( was a miracle we made it back to adelaide) so pumped this time round might have to have a beer if we cross paths
  9. Thanks Doobie - if what I try fails - I definitely wont be stuck for options I'll give the sticks a bit of a rough up aswell
  10. I've used this. $5 from BigW and waterproof. https://www.bigw.com.au/product/stuk-epoxy-glue-24ml/p/28881/ It holds the foam, wood and metal, to do this.
  11. Some size too and they certainly put a nice bend in the rod. Thanks for putting the video up.
  12. Just to confirm - when you guys refer to sikaflex - is it the polyurethane adhesive you are referring to - and can it be used to stick wood to concrete? I've never used it before
  13. Nice video.. they are some good fun! I might have to get back down there for a session myself, been years.
  14. Hi all here is a quick video I put together of my most productive carp fishing session this year Cheers LL
  15. Thanks guys - I've had a few guys recommend Gorilla glue aswell - so I've got plenty of options fall back on if the first few dont work
  16. Thanks Rod - I've got both of those options at work - I'll give them a crack on monday - might rough up the plastic with 40 grit first
  17. That is quite an achievement Adrian. Very well done mate, very well done!
  18. G'day I've glued acoustic foam to concrete with liquid nails which lasted 20 years until the foam broke down. The plastic straws on the other hand, hmmm, nothin much sticks to shiny smooth plastic. Liquid nails might be worth a go. I have made a few floats using polystyrene foam and wall plug spaghetti, glued with hot melt. That worked ok Cheers Rod
  19. I tried black silicone because thats the closest thing to "suitable" I had on me - I also tried super glue with very limited success. Does anyone have a suggestion thats water proof and gives a firm bond
  20. Im on the hunt for an original Daiwa Sol 4000 handle cap (the cap that is located on the opposite side of the handle to prevent stuff getting in the reel). I tried Daiwa directly but they don't stock them any more. If anyone has an old Sol 4000 lying around for spare parts, let me know. Cheers
  21. peatop


    Yeah for sure when i first started kayak fishing i was using berkely sp's and they are the worst for bite offs they catch fish really well but i don't think they are cost affective, there are some sp's that definitely out fish others but i would probably only use them in tournaments or offshore where they will catch what im chasing hmm or whats chasing my sp lol My choice of sp's are zman as they last and catch, and then i use scent which helps fire up the bite, up till now I've been using x factor but the zman scented use pro-cure so this time i bought some in squid, but im interested in trying some of the other flavors aswell
  22. I've been sceptical on both sides of the coin as far as the affect on the lure, can the fish see the clip and another weak point. I called into my local fishing shop yesterday and while looking around i had an interesting discussion with one of the owners about different clips, knots and split rings for lures, he was one of the local commercial fishermen in days past but the summarized version is tie the line straight to the lure no split rings, clips or swivels, one of the things he mentioned was swivels create bubbles. But hey this is his opinion, when im changing lures in the bay all trip long i think im still going to use clips, but for offshore im going to just tie a loop knot from the leader to lure
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  24. Thanks guys.. AR I'm hoping there are still a few left in me yet mate.. By checking my records for the same time last season the same little tannin streams fished exactly the same as they're fishing this season.. eg: last season 6/11/18.. 17 trout caught., Today 5/11/19.. 17 trout caught.. only difference was a day earlier & last year they were taken on a #00 Mepps Aglia Mouche Noire spinner. cheers Adrian
  25. Top stuff Adrian, brilliant fishing and enviable determination in tallying every fish; I know I wouldn't have had the patience! Hopefully there's still plenty of trout seasons left in you yet.
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