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  3. Quantum Reels

    Howdy Mr Cricket....wouldn't worry about em if its for salmon...might want to get something a bit more resilient to the sand and salt...had one once...it was ok...but don't think itll be the best for salmon although I could be wrong...lots of gaps n spaces in the design...spheros5000 or saragosa5000 would be my pick depending on the weight of your salmon rod...although your new salmon rod might want something a lot lot lighter lol
  4. Entry Level Open Boat

    Cheers Mate, Luckily i will have access to go out with the oldman in his 21 footer throughout the tuna season!!! but i know what you mean i am just going to start simple and work my way up aha
  5. Entry Level Open Boat

    Hi mate. Exciting times ahead getting your first tub! Don't overthink it cos you'll want to upgrade within the first year anyway. It's a vicious cycle!
  6. Howdy guys, Just looking for a bit of info and experiences from you all regarding seas-worthy open boats. Looking at purchasing my first boat later this year and i am looking at open boats between 4.2- 4.8ms preferably something with substantial freeboard. So far boats in the Stacer range have been looking like a winner. But i am after suggestions for brands and models that could also be worth a look. Here are some of my favourites from my current research https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2013-Stacer-449-Seahorse/SSE-AD-5275909/?cr=42&psq=((((Service%3D[Boatsales]%26BoatType%3D[Power])%26Price%3Drange[..10000])%26LengthInFeet%3Drange[12..17])%26(((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=30&pss=AdvertAge https://www.boatsales.com.au/boats/details/2005-Stacer-460-SEAHORSE/SSE-AD-5282113/?cr=14&psq=((((Service%3D[Boatsales]%26BoatType%3D[Power])%26Price%3Drange[..10000])%26LengthInFeet%3Drange[12..17])%26(((SiloType%3D[Dealer used boats]|SiloType%3D[Dealer new boats])|SiloType%3D[Private used boats])|SiloType%3D[Demo and near new boats]))&pso=0&pss=AdvertAge Cheers LL.
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  8. Are you a charter owner or broker?
  9. Darwin, Barra fishing day tour recommendations . Kakadu

    At Fish The Top End we work with the best of Northern Territory fishing guides and fishing charter operators. Because of this we are ideally situated to hook you up with the best Darwin Fishing Charters & Darwin Barra Fishing Tours available. See below for a few options https://www.fishthetopend.com/day-tours/ https://www.fishthetopend.com/mud-crabs-barra-darwin-fishing-charter/ https://www.fishthetopend.com/darwin-barra-fishing-tour/ https://www.fishthetopend.com/darwin-fishing-charters/
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  11. Photo Theft

    Feel free to copy any of mine if you want to.. Even those in the photo gallery if you wish to do so.. cheers Adrian
  12. Photo Theft

    I had someone do the same to me on Breammaster some years back, he used pictures of my bream catches and even used one of mine for his avatar. I messaged him and had some fun asking him where he caught such great fish and the idiot messaged me back telling me all about his catches. I had some fun and let him dream on about the fish HE catches cheers snapps
  13. Hey Stu, here's a link to an aquarium channel that caught my interest. Instantly thought of your projects. 

    1. Booma


      Cheers Alex, already subscribed to that channel haha ;)

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  15. Photo Theft

    Seeing as this is an instagram topic, I run an instagram page, with my own photos called South Oz Fishing. If you guys (or girls) have any images you'd allow me to share, I'd happily credit you for them and where they came from. I'm not one to use people's images without permission either (I actually do automotive photography as a side-gig).
  16. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    Metro would be good, if one existed by the looks of things. 😂😂 Might make it a three day trip or something and go to Marion Bay. Snapper would be awesome too, I wouldn't say no.
  17. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Barker rocks, mint squidding off there. Had squid cannibalising hooked squid for a good couple of hours a year or so ago.
  18. Photo Theft

    Had a lot of fun with one of them the other day. Couldn't believe my luck that the board decided to give me 200 powerball tickets for only 45 euros. Couldnt convert it to South Australian Murray's though, our republican currency, so I ended up missing out.
  19. Photo Theft

    There's three of mine there, as Banga say's anyone can go on Google images and copy them off Facebook too.. If you go on Google type in brown trout images etc it will bring up heaps, the same of you type in my name too.. A lot of various site photos are on Google images.. doesn't bother me all that much.. thanks for the update on that too Booma.. cheers Adrian
  20. Photo Theft

    If you do the old drop and drag image in google images it clearly shows the pics have been taken from the world wide web. "That" profile was getting around a few trout and redfin pages on facebook asking around for trout spots and the likes. Youd be surprised how many actually messaged it back and replied to her comments.... All the lads looking for a hookup.... Pretty funny really how some people are so naive and fall for it.... it screams fake profile
  21. Fishing Charters - Sport Fish?

    I figure you're looking for something Metro mate.. but the only thing that's big on the Metro ones are Snapps really Your best bet in my opinion would be to travel down to Marion Bay and go out on a charter there, where theres some deeper water and therefore, bigger fish; lots of pelagics such as your Kingies. Have heard of some really great catches from down there of late!
  22. HELP me Pickling Scallops

    Not doing anything fancy here like making the vinegar, we`re pickling/preserving scallops/razorfish the fast,easy, cheap way, eliminating the need for refrigeration. We usually had large numbers to take home after a month away & the caravan fridge was very small. You can buy white vinegar from Costco for under $3 for 5 litres. You can get rid of most of the vinegar taste by removing them from the jar/container & sitting them on paper towel for a few minutes. The paper towel absorbs a good deal of the vinegar & then we used to do whatever we liked with `em from there. Cheers
  23. HELP me Pickling Scallops

    Put the boiled/cooked scallop meat into a jar/container & add enough white vinegar to cover them. Done !!
  24. Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    Am staying at Palm Cove so will probably concentrate on The jetty there.... Im sure ill put together some sessions and get a fish or two
  25. Photo Theft

    Only on those sweet sweet named trout spots
  26. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Just found it!! Just a money grab!! NO facilities at all coz its 'bush camping'. THis will upset the 'silver gypsies'.............. I note Mozzie FLats and Minlacowie are on the list, no longer free.
  27. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    https://www.visityorkepeninsula.com.au/yorke-peninsula-bush-camping#/tours/81621 It was in our local paper years ago when it first was introduced and everyone just face palmed haha Bastards!
  28. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Hey Chuck.... where do you ger permits, please? Where did your info come from?
  29. Photo Theft

    Having a perv ey stu
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