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  1. Last night I snapped the tip off my Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface rod. I was flicking a 1/4 oz jig head and must of had a line wrap near the tip, as I flicked the jig the line snapped off and then I realised it had also snapped the tip of the rod just below the top guide. So the rod isn't a high end rod, but at RRP $147, it's not a throw away rod either. My question is how far is it worth going with the repair? I'm confident enough to get a replacement tip and glue it on, but what about the transition from the blank to the rod top guide? From the factory it has some whipping and epoxy
  2. MAH

    Light reels

    I like using 1000 sized reels, they just feel right for the type of fishing I do, which is land based mainly for garfish YFW and squid. I have normally stuck with Shimano and have a Sienna, Sedona and Stradic Ci4+ all in the 1000 size. The Sedona is just a smidge over your weight at 215gms and $99. I like this reel a lot and often grab it over the Stradic; there is a bit more weight in the spool, so there is slightly more effort to start turning the handle, but once spinning the extra mass feels nicer than Stradic. The Stradic has better water protection, so I take this when wading. If I had
  3. I've never raked for crabs on the metro beaches, but keep hearing reports for places like Tennyson and West Beach. I've spent many hours raking for crabs on the Yorke Peninsula and the norther flats, but at these places the tide goes out a long way and exposes weedy spots where you find the crabs. It seems quite different to metro beaches. Any tips on methods for the metro beaches? Do you still look in weedy spots? Do you need a very low tide? Any help welcomed. Cheers Mark
  4. I have the exact same waders you bought. Just this Saturday I was wading a local metro spot (very murky and caught nothing but a single puffer). It was a nice sunny day, but the water was still pretty cool. I wore a cotton t-shirt with a light long sleeved shirt (made from bamboo fibers), I had a thick pair of socks and cargo pants, which are made from cotton and about the same thickness as denim jeans. I was fine, not cold at all. Only problem is in moderate conditions like Saturday, you will sweat inside your waders and my pants were fairly damp by the end of the session (about 3 hours). Unl
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