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  1. Closure time: 14 May 2022 to 13 May 2023 Closure location: Spencer Gulf from the Mean High Water Springs closest to 33°55’39.942”S 136°34’20.131”E (near Arno Bay) to the Mean High Water Springs closest to 33°55’39.942”S 137°37’14.527”E (Wallaroo Jetty). https://www.pir.sa.gov.au/fishing/closures_and_aquatic_reserves/fishing_closures#toc5
  2. MAH

    Land based Squid help

    I love squid fishing and mainly fish land based, but also get out in the kayak. As others have mentioned, structure is the key for squid (and basically all fish). If there is a sandy bottom, there is little chance of squid. Wert is spot on, seagrass, reefy bottom, rocky shoreline are the places to fish. For metro spots, you can certainly catch squid at OH. Most people fish the channel/northern side of the OH rockwall, but if fishing the southern side for something like garfish, it's always worth having a jig on hand as you get squid cruising along rockwall face (just not as many). Fo
  3. A common principle of fishing is to try and match the hatch, or in other words, use bait that is the same or similar to the target fish diet; but considering the primary dietary components of southern garfish are seagrasses of the family Zosteraceae and planktonic amphipods, it's not really possible. Instead, generations of fishos have used substitute baits for southern garfish including; maggots bread chicken slivers of garfish Which bait to use seems to be a personal preference (I stick with maggots and chicken). Maggots Maggots are probably the
  4. This information is based on the Honours thesis undertaken by Jason Earl in 2007, through Flinders University. All credit goes Jason for this knowledge. The information is based upon samples of southern sea garfish that were collected at two locations in Gulf St. Vincent between March and July 2007. Most sampling was conducted at Port Parham, while fewer samples were also taken from Bay of Shoals, Kangaroo Island. Garfish were sampled for this study in two ways: they were purchased from commercial fishers after haul-net capture; and captured at night using dab nets. Hook and line were not
  5. This will be a series of posts about Southern Garfish (Hyporhamphus Melanochir), starting with basic information on fishing limits. Other posts will cover feeding habits and different approaches to catching these mini marlins. This information is accurate as of 13/04/2022, please check the PIRSA website for updates. Minimum legal length: 23 cm measured from tip of the upper jaw to the tip of the tail. Personal daily bag limit: 30 Daily boat limit when 3 or more people are fishing on board: 90
  6. MAH

    Wind Knots

    You're a jinx Des. I went for a fish on Monday night, throwing soft plastics for tommies. I grabbed my Atomic Arrows Bream Surface and Stradic Ci4+ 1000. This combination has worked great for years, but on Monday night I ended up with an ugly mess of a wind knot. This was the second time I used the reel after I had fully stripped it down for a complete service. When I got home and had a closer look, the line lay was top heavy and a bit loose. I've stripped the line, added a shim and re-spooled. The line lay looks perfect again, so hopefully it should be fine next time.
  7. Monday night I decided to head out for a fish, so I packed my squid outfit and a soft plastics outfit for some tommies. I packed it into my bicycle bags and headed off to Glenelg jetty. Got to Glenelg about 7pm and fished for squid till last light, then switched over to soft plastics for tommies. No joy with the squid but plenty of tommies about for a feed and to stock up on bait for crab nets. The jetty was pretty empty with only two other people, which was surprising because the conditions were excellent. Then about 10.30pm the wind started to pick up with increasingly strong gusts. Jus
  8. The washers on the plunger of bait pumps deteriorate pretty quickly. But no need to rush off to the tackle shop, just pull out that old pair of thongs you kept for DIY projects. Put the thong on the ground and place the end of the bait pump on top, then twist back and forth while pushing down. It will soon cut a perfectly sized circle, which you can use as a replacement washer.
  9. I rigged it like I do for live nippers. With a nipper I always hook the tail first. When a nipper is trying to flee they swim backwards.
  10. Tried the new softy plastic this morning. Not a success, but also not a failure. I'm certainly not BJSlick and fishing the morning tide off the beach for YFW on metro beaches is new to me. I normally fish for YFW in the afternoon on shallow areas with the rising tide flooding over the sand. Metro, my normal patch is Kingston Park, using nippers. I also fish the YP quite a bit for YFW, Moonta Bay between Simms Cove and Rossiters Point, or the sand spit at Black Point. So this is new territory for me. Also, I don't usually use soft plastics, on metro beaches I use nippers and on the YP
  11. I did a quick test of the buoyancy. Although it floats, it's not enough to get the ned rig to stand up, so I'm going to use the worm hook with a sliding sinker, much like my standard YFW rig when using live nippers. I'm also going to buy a pack of the Zman TRD Crawz in bloodworm to use with the ned rig and try both side by side. I'll report back how I go. Looks like Thursday will be my first chance. Plan is to start in front of the Broadway kiosk and start moving south. Will try and get there at 5.30am for first light, with high tide at 7am.
  12. I bought a pack of Savage Gear Manic Creature soft plastics in bloodworm UV. They look a lot like a nipper/bass yabby and I'm going to try them on the metro beaches to see if YFW will take them. I've got a couple of choices to make about rigging them. I could ned rig it. Or I could use a fairly standard sliding sinker YFW rig (which seems to be what Americans call a Carolina rig). If I go with he standard YFW rig, do I use a standard long shank hook and thread it on like I would a live nipper. Or do I use an offset worm hook and a semi-weedless rig with the hook
  13. This sort of thing really pushes my buttons. I fish Glenelg jetty quite a bit and see similar things happening. There is a bloke that is seen as a local garfish guru, but I see him regularly slip small fish into his white bucket of shame. He knows what he's doing, he doesn't measure them and just slyly slips them into the bucket. Just from my own observations, at Glenelg, most people are doing the right thing measuring crabs. But some "old timers" are taking the mickey with the fish they are keeping.
  14. What are they doing with all these crabs? Are they selling them? And good on you for having the courage to step in and release some undersized crabs.
  15. No, the Platypus definitely feels thicker and the Duel feels the thinnest. The Duel feels more like some 6lb line I have that is listed as 0.07mm. I'm with you, I just want to know the true breaking strain, so I can use the thinnest line I need, rather than underrating the braking strain and ending up with heavier line. My Emeraldas reel supposedly can fit 200m of 0.6 PE. The Platypus braid I have it spooled with is supposedly 0.6, but there is no way I can fit 200m.
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