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  1. Kelvin

    Landbased Fishing darwin

  2. Kelvin

    Buying live worms?

    Not sure what species seaweed worms are. I agree they look very similar to common earthworms, and hence I am quite sure they are in the class oligocheata. I have used garden worms (tiger worms and earthworms) for bream successfully in the salt but haven't got any whiting on them yet. These days I catch my own beach worms usually. It is a steep learning curve and it took 10 trips before I could get my first one. I can usually get 8 to 10 worms an hour.
  3. Kelvin

    Buying live worms?

    Seaweed worms belong to the phylum Annelida subclass oligocheata. I suspect the term "garden worm" is used to denote the subclass oligocheata and differentiate them from the polychaete subgroup (tube worms, beach worms, blood worms etc). "Aquatic oligochaetes are closely related, and quite similar, to earthworms. There are over 3100 species of terrestrial, marine and freshwater oligochaetes worldwide. Ten families of freshwater oligochaetes occur in Australia, represented by over 90 species. In South Australia, there are at least 35 known species." https://www.epa.sa.gov.au/files/8543_critters.pdf
  4. Kelvin

    Rod/line squid

    But they can use 4 rods and we can only use 2
  5. Kelvin

    slide bait fishing

    One way slides work better. Risk of burnoff if a fish takes the bait and its not at the end of the line
  6. Kelvin

    American White Oak Shavings

    Where are you located and what sort of volume are we talking?
  7. Kelvin

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

  8. Kelvin

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Box of TD Minnow 95SP at the Tackle Buster stand at the boat show. Great price as well.
  9. Kelvin

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    All the best with the new job
  10. Kelvin

    Best 2 reels I have

    okuma and shimano will be fine
  11. Kelvin

    Show us your Squid Jag Collection!

    Another 21 jigs here. Most were $5 each
  12. Kelvin

    Show us your Squid Jag Collection!

    Gave a lot of jigs away to family and friends so my collection sits at about 110 jigs now. I usually buy up big when there is a sale on. Plenty of duplicated jigs here
  13. Kelvin

    The Best Squid Jig?

    I like the DJP green and yellow and a white warm jacket I like larger sizes, especially off the jetty or with and wind blowing. I prefer size 3.0 and I usually have a 3.5 jig with me. The larger jigs will cast further and even small squid hit a big jig. If it is really clear or the squid are just touching the jig and scooting away I drop down to a 2.0 or even a 1.5 size. Abit of wear and tear in the jig is good as it makes the jig look like an injured fish. I also like adding a bit of abalone shell sticker near the back of the jig.
  14. Are you a charter owner or broker?