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  1. Looks good. I've been painting a few myself to try. The red tube on the treble is a good idea to mimic fin flash.
  2. Not cheap but this looks pretty cool Shimano Game Vest VF-068T – Isofishinglifestyle
  3. Quick dozen Squid - Metropolitan - Strike & Hook What fish is this ..? - Saltwater Fishing - Strike & Hook
  4. Looks life a Tubemouth
  5. For the rod and reel, 65lb braid is overkill. If you are going for salmon, 20lb will be fine and 15lb braid will cast even better.
  6. I've found its more of an issue with the 2 long feeding tentacles. Couple of rinses in water gets rid of most of the hard bits and a good fry till crunchy sorts out the rest.
  7. Beach worms work really well in shallow water. Not cheap unless you catch your own
  8. Jam the hose in and go full pressure
  9. I've used an ozito garden shredder for my burley. 10kg batch every month or two for the last 5+ years. It gets a good hose out after use and is kept in the back shed away from the house. Still works fine
  10. Amazing place to visit and fish. I didn't manage anything too big when I was there but saw the locals get a few big ones including a black jew fishing heavy handlines with a ball sinker straight to the hook. The rocks at the entrance to Stokes Hill Wharf are also worth a fish. I got some big diamond scale mullet fishing floating bread as well as longtom and had a school of golden trevally swim past but couldn't get a bait to them in time. Don't forget to take a casting outfit with small metals or plastics to cast to the queenfish that bust up bait on the surface
  11. Or you can take the Freudian view of the world https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2020/03/30/what-would-freud-make-of-the-toilet-paper-panic "Because your Facebook feed leads you to believe that it’s a commodity more precious than gold. Because you use the cardboard tubes for crafting. Because you like to wet it and then hurl it in a wad at annoying people in your coronavirus bunker. The possible explanations for toilet-paper hoarding are myriad. Unlike hand sanitizer and test kits, toilet paper is not a commodity subject to in
  12. https://www.abc.net.au/life/coronavirus-covid-19-why-is-everyone-buying-toilet-paper/12024738 Human nature can be quite predictable. I think the main driver is confirmation bias. People were caught out last time and despite all the reassurances that there would be plenty of supply, those that didn't stock up went short. They see other people panic buying and they see shortages = there is a shortage and you need to panic buy. Its a vicious feedback loop
  13. The bullseye is not bad for the price. I've had a play in the shops and it feels ok
  14. For the kayak I prefer a rod to be 7 foot long and graphite. I use alot of cheaper rods from the yak and used the anaconda entry level Esteem graphite rods for years. These were 7 foot graphite, skeleton reel seat, weighed under 100g and were $50 on sale. Currently I am running a few savage gear MPP2 7'2" 3 to 5kg rods. They were down to $30 on sale last year from BCF so I picked up 4. Head instore and have a play. Graphite will be much nicer and lighter to hold. If you can hold off till sale time you can save some $
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