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  1. You'll be happy with the baitrunner
  2. If you are using a glass rod and 20lb braid then for $200, get a Daiwa BG 4000 Alan Hawk's review 2016 Daiwa BG - AlanHawk.com Best Spinning Reels - AlanHawk.com He rates it the best general saltwater reel under $150 (US)
  3. As long as the rod has no trigger grip it will be fine for boat fishing. Heaps of reels in the price range. What do you fish for and what line strength do you use? braid or mono? I like Shimano for midrange and Daiwa for high end threadlines. Penn are also very nice in the mid price range but heavy. I've picked up a Penn Slammer 3 recently at a good price as they are discounting to make way for version 4.
  4. Nice work Great colors on the fish
  5. Hard work fishing land based. The first km or two of shoreline is really shallow and weedy. From the yak I go to a long thin 3inch soft plastic and slow drift with the lure just above bottom. Another option is to use a shallow diving hardbody minnow and fish over the top of the weeds. This only works when the fish move in shallow when the water warms more.
  6. Sounds like a ray I've caught a few eagle rays in the coorong, although on pilchards not livebait
  7. I use bait elastic with pilchard and garfish baits when casting from shore. Haven't tried it with yabbies, but alot of people overseas use it for soft baits like clams, prawn and squid so it should work fine. Let us know when you try
  8. From a boat casting is not as important. I value lightness so you can hold it all day, a soft tip so it will show bites but enough backbone to handle any bigger fish. I use a few high end rods for specific uses but mostly prefer mid range gear these days. I really like the gomoku rods for boat fishing for whiting as they tick all of these boxes. For landbased bait fishing for whiting it is a balance between length for casting distance and lightness. I use a pair of Daiwa seajiggers for most of my jetty work. For extreme distance I have pair of SFC Surf Tiger rods and a pair of Centur
  9. Bait or lure? Boat or landbased? Threadline or baitcaster? What are you using at the moment?
  10. Breadcrumbs, chicken pellets and tuna oil. I buy my chicken pellets by the sackful. The family prefer crumbed and fried fish so after a while the burley recipe becomes chicken pellets, oil left over from frying fish and breadcrumbs left over from crumbing fish
  11. Looks good. I've been painting a few myself to try. The red tube on the treble is a good idea to mimic fin flash.
  12. Not cheap but this looks pretty cool Shimano Game Vest VF-068T – Isofishinglifestyle
  13. Quick dozen Squid - Metropolitan - Strike & Hook What fish is this ..? - Saltwater Fishing - Strike & Hook
  14. Looks life a Tubemouth
  15. For the rod and reel, 65lb braid is overkill. If you are going for salmon, 20lb will be fine and 15lb braid will cast even better.
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