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  1. Kelvin

    Reel Servicing

    Daiwa Australia Posted in directly and too a few weeks to get back
  2. Kelvin

    Reel Servicing

    I got a Daiwa Exist and Emeraldas serviced last year. Needed new gears for Exist and bearings for both $350.
  3. Kelvin

    Plano tackle storage with rust inhibitor

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volatile_corrosion_inhibitor VCI technology is interesting. Looks like plano taking it one step further rather than using inserts. Not sure what the compound is and not sure of the safety
  4. Kelvin

    GLISS fishing line

    Poor abrasion resistance, very thin diameter, frays over time and need to cut it back every few sessions. Can compensate by going heavier. Overall not bad if you can get it for a cheap price.
  5. Kelvin

    Wading bags

    I've got an Alvey one They are ok but the material breaks down and starts to crack after a while. I've added a zip to the main compartment on mine to stop fish jumping out.
  6. Kelvin

    Adelaide fishing

    If you have a Yak then bream in Westlakes are easy and plentiful. All the pontoons hold bream. If you are struggling with lures then throw on a bit of bait on the jighead and throw it near the pontoon like a lure. Pilchard, worm, prawn and squid all work. If you don't want to use bait then throw on a gulp. Trolling also produces a lot of bream for me. I use duel hardcore, Bushy's stiffy minnow and SX40 trolling for ST every winter and usually pick up a few bream bycatch.
  7. Kelvin

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    I do a single hitch to stop slipping and then a Rizzuto finish. The Rizutto locks in very tight if pre-tightened and will not slip.
  8. Kelvin

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    Similar to this. No tools needed. I use a lot more tension than the video. Also Rizzuto finish is far superior to half hitches. Need to pretension after. I just use some wooden dowel or pvc pipe.
  9. Kelvin

    Anyone used a FG Wizz?

    Similar technique but just leave the reel on the rod with 2kg of drag and tie the braid to the first guide. Rizzuto finish rather than half hitches,
  10. Thanks Guys Thanks doobie for a fun comp
  11. bread crumbs curry powder bran parmesan cheese garlic powder tuna oil sugar
  12. Kelvin

    Landbased Fishing darwin

    http://secretbarramundi.blogspot.com/ Heap of info Hiro is the local landbased barra expert
  13. Kelvin

    Landbased Fishing darwin

  14. Kelvin

    Buying live worms?

    Not sure what species seaweed worms are. I agree they look very similar to common earthworms, and hence I am quite sure they are in the class oligocheata. I have used garden worms (tiger worms and earthworms) for bream successfully in the salt but haven't got any whiting on them yet. These days I catch my own beach worms usually. It is a steep learning curve and it took 10 trips before I could get my first one. I can usually get 8 to 10 worms an hour.
  15. Kelvin

    Buying live worms?

    Seaweed worms belong to the phylum Annelida subclass oligocheata. I suspect the term "garden worm" is used to denote the subclass oligocheata and differentiate them from the polychaete subgroup (tube worms, beach worms, blood worms etc). "Aquatic oligochaetes are closely related, and quite similar, to earthworms. There are over 3100 species of terrestrial, marine and freshwater oligochaetes worldwide. Ten families of freshwater oligochaetes occur in Australia, represented by over 90 species. In South Australia, there are at least 35 known species." https://www.epa.sa.gov.au/files/8543_critters.pdf