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  1. I am a health care worker and amateur prepper, so I'll share some of my thoughts. At this stage the restriction is only travelling interstate. Social distancing is easier out of the city and the fishing is better but there are a few down sides I can think about. If you do go, some of the things to think about are How is your health? Are you in a high risk group due to medical issues or age? Medical resources thin out rapidly when you get out of Metro Adelaide. While community transmission of Covid is low in SA, things are changing rapidly day to day and week to week. Also as the outbreak continues, local country hospitals will rapidly be overwhelmed and may not be able to assist you. Have you got any contacts in the West Coast that you could stay with or could help you if things get bad? Do you have any family or friends that need assistance back in Adelaide. If you were stuck somewhere are unable to get back to Adelaide, would this be an issue. I see you are reasonably self sufficient already. How much food, water and fuel do you carry and how far could you travel if suddenly things were locked down or if fuel supplies got interrupted? Would you be able to get back to Adelaide if fuel was short? How good is your phone and internet network? I had trouble calling my parents today on the mobile network. They are in Melbourne and I got a prerecorded message from telstra saying that the network was having issues. Have you got any other means of communication is mobile communication and internet go down? Likely hood of full lockdown is low at the moment but this is what you want to be keeping an eye on https://www.health.gov.au/news/australian-health-protection-principal-committee-ahppc-coronavirus-covid-19-statement-on-22-march-2020 The AHPPC advise the government on public health measures. They have already spelt out their trigger for full lockdown and this will be the thing to watch Or maybe I am overthinking this and we should all go fishing...
  2. FG knot in anything above 15lb. Kaneit knot or uni to uni in the light stuff especially if on the water in a boat or yak
  3. Daiwa Australia Posted in directly and too a few weeks to get back
  4. I got a Daiwa Exist and Emeraldas serviced last year. Needed new gears for Exist and bearings for both $350.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volatile_corrosion_inhibitor VCI technology is interesting. Looks like plano taking it one step further rather than using inserts. Not sure what the compound is and not sure of the safety
  6. Poor abrasion resistance, very thin diameter, frays over time and need to cut it back every few sessions. Can compensate by going heavier. Overall not bad if you can get it for a cheap price.
  7. I've got an Alvey one They are ok but the material breaks down and starts to crack after a while. I've added a zip to the main compartment on mine to stop fish jumping out.
  8. If you have a Yak then bream in Westlakes are easy and plentiful. All the pontoons hold bream. If you are struggling with lures then throw on a bit of bait on the jighead and throw it near the pontoon like a lure. Pilchard, worm, prawn and squid all work. If you don't want to use bait then throw on a gulp. Trolling also produces a lot of bream for me. I use duel hardcore, Bushy's stiffy minnow and SX40 trolling for ST every winter and usually pick up a few bream bycatch.
  9. I do a single hitch to stop slipping and then a Rizzuto finish. The Rizutto locks in very tight if pre-tightened and will not slip.
  10. Similar to this. No tools needed. I use a lot more tension than the video. Also Rizzuto finish is far superior to half hitches. Need to pretension after. I just use some wooden dowel or pvc pipe.
  11. Similar technique but just leave the reel on the rod with 2kg of drag and tie the braid to the first guide. Rizzuto finish rather than half hitches,
  12. bread crumbs curry powder bran parmesan cheese garlic powder tuna oil sugar
  13. http://secretbarramundi.blogspot.com/ Heap of info Hiro is the local landbased barra expert