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  1. I really have to look after my wrists these days if I am to enjoy this pastime for many more years. I occasionally have to use a wrist support brace. Also I have had to developed amphidextrous abilities to share the strain across both left and right wrists & arms. The higher gear ratio is essential for YFW surface fishing. So I never use anything under 6:1. However that cannot be taken in isolation. You also need to consider the circumference of the spool. Hence a 2500/3000 reel is so much better than a 1000 reel with the same gear ratio. They provide a greater line retrieval ra
  2. Found the dimensions for the Vanford Spool Basically 2mm longer. I find with lure casting no discernable difference.
  3. Yes ... Rod, Line, Lure, leader Knots introduce a whole lot of different factors for the cast distance of lures. My preference is to use a 7' 6" rod for mainly 4 to 9 gram lures. However I am focussing only on the variables with the reels/spools here.
  4. What are some of the factors that effect cast distance in Spinning Reels? My main application is casting light weight surface lures. A larger spool diameter I find provides me with a longer cast. Hence I prefer using 2500 size reels over 1000 size. Spool length I am unsure of. I have a Vanford 2500 which has a longer spool to it's predecessor the Stradic 2500 Ci4+ but not a wider spool. I don't feel a noticeable difference in the length of cast with the longer spool. Are they any other factors to consider in a reel to improve your casting? Cheers, Des P.S. At
  5. Yes the big evening tides bring in the deeper warmer water and few whiting. Alternatively pick the warmest day and fish the low tide in the arvo.
  6. A very good supplier. Freight Free > $125. Express post. Usually get their orders the very next day if Oz Post do the right thing. A good price at $349.50. It is the next larger size MGXTREME 30. A bit heavier at 168 grams. https://anglerswarehouse.com.au/product_detail.asp?productnospaces=abu_revo_mgxtreme_30_spin_reel_18521
  7. Everyone will have their own preferences as to what factor in a reel is most important to them. For me, as I frequently will fish 6 to 7 hours straight casting lures for YFW & Flathead, I find the reel weight is critical. Especially given that I am developing arthritic conditions in my wrists and finger joints. Fortunately the lighter reels also come with the better componentry and specs. For waterproofing (as much as that may be possible) I heavily apply Lannox both internally and externally before a session. I do drop my reels into the drink more frequently than I would l
  8. The Yellow Fin Whiting season is fast approaching. As the seasons and weather conditions change we have to think about and adapt to the changing behaviours of the Yellow Fin Whiting. The most important thing for successful YFW lure fishing is knowing the fish! It’s physiology. It’s habitats and ecosystems. Also it’s behaviour in all weather conditions and seasons. The next most important thing for successful YFW lure fishing is knowing your spots. The geography and terrain. There is always a right spot, for every weather and tide conditions. When do the fish go to a given s
  9. Des

    VISION versus VIBES

    That was a great video Yes it is very similar terrain to what I fish on the northern Sandflats and similar fish behaviour. I will be back into it next week, after having survived a dreadful winter. Cheers, Des
  10. Des


    These must be the easiest of lures to work. They also cast a mile with ease ... Into the wind too! Keep it simple. A constant rolling retrieve across the bottom of a sand flat, will have the Yellow Fin Whiting chasing and hitting it. Never pause with YFW. Keep retrieving even when they strike lightly. They will only chase and hit it harder. If there is a little structure around, and a possible Flathead around, then I add in a few smooth rod lifts and drops. This also applies for KGW when fishing the blueline weed edges. I very rarely fish Bream areas but I have read they
  11. You always go that extra yard !
  12. My favourite is the Columbia "Blood & Guts" fishing shirts. For all the reasons you have already mentioned. But also their water resistance and they are very stain resistant. $75 is good value. Considering they last for ages.
  13. A few rods that I am aware of, but have not checked them out as I would probably end up buying them! I keep lists of them just in case My list only has rods below $500. Although some are inexpensive like the below Abu Garcia at $160 Abu Garcia Veritas PLX Tournament, VRTT-S 721UL 1-3kg 7' 2" 2-8gms 1pc Daiwa 20 INFEET EX 752ULFS-ST 7'5" Line 0.5 - 3Kg Lure 0.5-5gms 2-Butt Diawa 22 TD ZERO 762ULFS, 0.5-8g, 1-3kg OCEANS LEGACY QUEST QSR732XUL 2-8LB Weight 58gms Shimano Anarchy 21AN782ULF 7'8" 1-4 Kg, 1-5 gm Have fun looking for your new rod.
  14. My favourite ultra light for lure casting at Yellow Fin Whiting is the: Abu Garcia Eradicator Real Finesse ERFS-76LT-TZ 7' 6" 2pce Line 0.6-3lb Lure 0.1gm-12gm Not sure if they are available now. There were some on ebay. The 7' 6" Rod only 66 weighs grams !!! A couple of slightly heavier models I have (amongst too many others!), which are also good for YFW lure casting, yet easily handle a few big Flathead or Salmon: Shimano T Curve Premium 21TCP782LC … 7' 8" 1-4 Kg line, 1-7gm lure. 2 pc Shimano Zodias ZOD270UL+ 7ft Line 3-5 lbs Lure 2-7gms JDM model All
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