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  1. Des

    P.B Trout

    Nice fish. Very satisfying to catch it on your own fly
  2. Great work . Nothing was going to stop you !!!
  3. TERRAIN: HIGHWAYS TO THE FEEDING ZONES … You can sign along to this post ! Yellow Fin Whiting have been showing up in good numbers in both gulfs recently. But you still need to find them, and fish the right spots … at the right stage in the tide. YFW are always on the move. Actively feeding on a moving tide. Both in and out going tides. But there are dead transit zones, over which they will pass through without providing you much of a chance to catch them. These are merely the … Highways to the Feeding zones. The feeding zones is where you want to be fishing. I
  4. As a lure that bounces across the bottom there is always going to be a bit of wear and tear on them. They do have a diminishing catch rate as they loose their paint and extra feeler bits. On the Reel question ... I use the Vanford 2500 The bigger spool provides a bit better cast. Also and importantly, the larger diameter provides me with a better retrieval speed for the lures.
  5. The usual array of shallow water species are seen. A lot of Garfish, many skipping Juvenile prawns on the surface. Quite a number of Squid on occasions come in very shallow. But they also can in the daytime as well when the will take a Sugapen ! Depending on the area, Flounder and Flathead. And on some lucky nights, the awesome sight of Mulloway herding mullet into the shallows and smashing the panicking school. Creating bedlam and a great commotion. Never been able to hook one on these occasions. I usually ill equipped for them. But have had them hooked in the quieter nights o
  6. I have just enjoyed a couple of golden bag out Lure sessions on the “GOLDBARS”. Two successive days with bag limits of quality fish in the 32 to 41cm range This time mostly caught on the incoming afternoon tides. My usual fishing sessions, most often involve some of both the outgoing and the incoming tides. It is interesting to ponder on, which tide has the best fishing. There has always been many a discussion amongst Yellow Fin Whiting fisher people as to which tide is better to fish. The incoming tide or the outgoing. My view is that var
  7. I love your attention to detail Now you have made it an art-form.
  8. I put this post up in a Facebook group last Autumn ... HAND CAUGHT YELLOW FIN WHITING As the YFW lure fishing season is starting to wane when Autumn progresses. I resort to catching them by hand! At this time of the year YFW are more active in the evening tide and into the night. They have shifted from their major meal of the day being Breakfast to now being Dinner. It is not so much water temperatures. But rather it is all to do with the tide cycles. The YFW behaviour is as strongly driven by the tide cycles as much as it is driven by the water temper
  9. Love ya passion mate
  10. I will put another old post of mine up regards their attraction for the crabs. I have only ever taken one YFW on the Cranka. But I have not given the Crankas much time in the right spots at the right time.
  11. Thanks @bjorn2fish Perhaps we can move this great post to that section as an ongoing reference . Ta.
  12. Bright sunny days with a breeze ... are the Best! The day started that way but then glassed off and progressively deteriorated. The assists did not hinder the lure action. Mind you I did not try it with both trebles. My first session with this lure. I will probably get rid of the other treble as well. With the small bib you can also work it subsurface which also took fish. I mainly used a high rod action and a hopping, skipping surface motion. A bibbed very light weight lure with a long sensitive ultra light rod ... you can get it to do anything.
  13. @bjorn2fish we probably need a Tommy Ruff fish file in the Fish file section.
  14. Great journey @MAH. Thanks for sharing that with us. It has parallels to my journey from YFW bait fisher to lure fisher. I was always encouraged to try lure fishing YFW but my standard response was; "why dig a hole with a tooth pick when you can use a shovel" I did keep revisiting it, as I wanted to find out why luring kept some respected fishos so enthralled. Today I explain it is not "digging a hole" ... but a "delicate archaeological excavation" that requires subtlety of a tooth pick ! It is a satisfying journey discovering all the subtleties and nuances required.
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