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  1. Des

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    Don't use any Decoy Snaps any more. I have lost some trophy fish with these snaps opening up ... whatever the reason. I now only use snaps that ... DON'T OPEN UP. Mustad "Fastach" Or "Norman Clips" Daiwa also offer a "non clip" Clip I think called super 8. I have not yet tried them. You DON'T need to trust a "clip". There are better options available. Cheers, Des
  2. Des

    Advice - Shimano TK3G series of rods

    I am sure you won't be disappointed for the job. if I bump into you again. You are welcome to have a flick of the 3 I have Cheers, Des
  3. Des

    Advice - Shimano TK3G series of rods

    I am not sure what exactly you are looking for T L However, these 3 rods are what I take out on a session. They are ALL PFLUEGERS !!! An Exceptional rod for YFW and available at a ridiculous price of $79.00 for a rod with such quality materials and components. $79.00. Review the details on the website below. https://www.motackle.com.au/pflueger-trion-rod-clearance.html Now they are all a bit different. 701UL 7ft 1-3Kg - Standard no modifications. That I use for the lightest of lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" to improve casting for Medium lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" ... & ... the tip shortened (broken) to the second guide for heavier lures. So I play around with 3 different options on any given day depending on the conditions and lures I want to use. Cheers, Des PS. I also have Samaki C12 Gen2 7ft 3-8Lb, Shimano Raider 721 7ft 1-4Kg, Shimano Bushy Lure Long cast 792SP 1-4Kg ... all also very good. Plus Samaki and Daiwa travel rods in 2-4Kg that work perfectly well at home. Yet ... I alaways take out the Pfluegers fo YFW
  4. Des

    YFW fillets

    Bigger ones always do. Just happened to me tonight. Bigger fish always have a different texture to their flesh. I stopped keeping flathead over 65cm for this reason. I too would love to know a solution. Never thought of scoring the fish. But will give it a try. Cheers, Des
  5. Des

    Rod builders

  6. Des

    2016 Ci4 +

    I have used stradic and rarenium Ci4 & Ci4+ for close to 10 years. And they are always getting abused and immersed as a wading fisherman. Never had a problem. Occasionally get them serviced every 3 years or so. Otherwise a quick spray over them before fishing is all they have needed. Highly recommend them. Cheers, Des
  7. Des


    Some of the joys of going fishing
  8. Q: How much does it cost to start fishing? A: Not much. .... But it will cost you a lot to stay fishing Cheers, Des
  9. Des

    Tides - no wonder we get confused.

    BOM is the bomb! The "meteye" section is brilliant, for detailed long range forecasting. http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/meteye/ Zoom into the map for your area. Click on your spot and look at the 3 hourly detailed forecast for the next 7 days . Nobody beats that. Nobody beats their accuracy as they own the weather stations. They have first use of the freshest data. I use Seabreeze for a graphical overview. But if you are serious, then tunnel into the detail on BOM. Your life might depend on it one day! Cheers, Des
  10. Des

    First time flats fishing

    Welcome to the aquatic wonderland of the Northern Sandflats. A good wind ripple produces better results ... Too rough and too stirred up is not good. Don't be afraid to fish very shallow water for YFW. Especially at the bottom of the tide and you can see nipper and cockle beds. Good luck Cheers, Des
  11. Des

    Bream rod recommendation 1-3kg

    At BCF Great wading/ Bream Rod. A quality graphite rod with all fuji hardware Brilliant price @ $89 I have 2 of them !!!! Both 7 ft, 2 pce. A 1-3Kg & a 2-4Kg http://www.bcf.com.au/catalogue/out-now.aspx?utm_source=edm&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=MF_BCF_2016_WK15_SN_SC#view=catalogue2&saleId=10230&page=7 Cheers, Des
  12. Des

    What's everyone catching at the moment?

    Conditions were quite different to Saturday. However water temps are holding and the fish are around. Caught my bag today. Size a bit smaller than Saturday. I kept fish 30-37cm . Released plenty under 30cm. Plenty of Trouties around as well. You can still catch plenty on the dodge tides. Find the spots that they will hold on in a dodge. Cheers, Des
  13. Des

    What's everyone catching at the moment?

    YFW on the Northern Sandflats. Caught this bag on Saturday Good sizes too. Upto 40cm Cheers, Des
  14. Des

    Spooling My Reel

    740 metres
  15. Des

    Barkers Inlet

    Hey we have all been "Bjorn again"