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  1. Can you go fishing? If you're fishing alone or with one other person and limit your contact with other people during the outing, you are free to do so. Sophie Meixner about an hour ago(Updated: about an hour ago) about 2 hours ago(Updated: about 2 hour ABC News Blog, explains the application of the new rules. Click on the link below to see the whole article/blog, questions & answers https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-29/coronavirus-live-updates-covid-19-latest-news-morrison-meeting/12100166
  2. I have just seen this post. Here are some of my experiences and current thinking. These days I always use a clip. I wont touch the Decoy round snaps or V snaps as I have lost too many good fish and lures due to them opening up. On some occasions quite possibly my fault as they are so bloody hard to snap into place properly. These are the snaps I use these days. They are so easy & quick to use. 1) Norman Lure Clips. Ever reliable 2) Decoy Spiral Snaps ... which I have only just started using. Time will tell. - Mustad Fastach clip, Is an easy to use clip, but I have found with a vigorously worked floating stick baits the lure can work loose and off the clip. So I don't tie direct to the lure. Repetitive tying will soon shorten your leader. These days my leader is fairly short. Around 18" to 24" as I am using ultra light rods with micro guides. Those guides are very knot intolerant and I am not good at tying the slimmest FG knot. So the knot does not enter the guides at all. The sensitive top end of a quality ultra light rod is a good shock absorber and you don't need to rely as much on the leader which can now be shorter. Too much is made of the effect of the clip on the lure action. Poppers are potentially the most affected. A high rod position with an upward wrist action will get it popping right. A sensitive quality ultra light rods will allow you to impart a greater variety of actions to your lure. This is visual fishing with surface lures. So change and adjust your rod position, wrist action & retrieve action to give you your desired movement. You always control and work the lure rather than the lure control you and you simply wind it back ! Apart from an ultra light rod with a well balanced reel, the other link in the chain is to use a very sensitive braid and leader. I find Sunline Siglon braid and Sunline Float deliver your rod and wrist action quickly and directly to your lure. Easier to impart your desired action. Clips make lure fishing soooo easy. But you may have to consider the rest of your gear for them to be effective. Good luck. Cheers, Des
  3. Work your way around spot to spot in the Gulf on here to get a picture of where and how the tides move http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/tides/#!/sa-second-valley
  4. Des

    tuna oil

    That makes a lot of sense! I will try that. Oil floats. Great for Garfish. But for other fish on the bottom it needs to be soaked into pellets that sink and release it from the bottom. Any particular brand you use? Any bulk buys? I am looking to attract fish into an are before throwing lures at them Cheers, Des
  5. Metallic Gold Colours are exceptional in deeper and dirty water.
  6. Side colours more effective with sinking lures.
  7. IMO the bottom colours of lures are more important than the top for floating lures.
  8. Don't use any Decoy Snaps any more. I have lost some trophy fish with these snaps opening up ... whatever the reason. I now only use snaps that ... DON'T OPEN UP. Mustad "Fastach" Or "Norman Clips" Daiwa also offer a "non clip" Clip I think called super 8. I have not yet tried them. You DON'T need to trust a "clip". There are better options available. Cheers, Des
  9. I am sure you won't be disappointed for the job. if I bump into you again. You are welcome to have a flick of the 3 I have Cheers, Des
  10. I am not sure what exactly you are looking for T L However, these 3 rods are what I take out on a session. They are ALL PFLUEGERS !!! An Exceptional rod for YFW and available at a ridiculous price of $79.00 for a rod with such quality materials and components. $79.00. Review the details on the website below. https://www.motackle.com.au/pflueger-trion-rod-clearance.html Now they are all a bit different. 701UL 7ft 1-3Kg - Standard no modifications. That I use for the lightest of lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" to improve casting for Medium lures. 701L 7ft 2-4Kg - Butt extended by 9" ... & ... the tip shortened (broken) to the second guide for heavier lures. So I play around with 3 different options on any given day depending on the conditions and lures I want to use. Cheers, Des PS. I also have Samaki C12 Gen2 7ft 3-8Lb, Shimano Raider 721 7ft 1-4Kg, Shimano Bushy Lure Long cast 792SP 1-4Kg ... all also very good. Plus Samaki and Daiwa travel rods in 2-4Kg that work perfectly well at home. Yet ... I alaways take out the Pfluegers fo YFW
  11. Bigger ones always do. Just happened to me tonight. Bigger fish always have a different texture to their flesh. I stopped keeping flathead over 65cm for this reason. I too would love to know a solution. Never thought of scoring the fish. But will give it a try. Cheers, Des
  12. http://www.southozrods.com.au
  13. I have used stradic and rarenium Ci4 & Ci4+ for close to 10 years. And they are always getting abused and immersed as a wading fisherman. Never had a problem. Occasionally get them serviced every 3 years or so. Otherwise a quick spray over them before fishing is all they have needed. Highly recommend them. Cheers, Des
  14. Des


    Some of the joys of going fishing
  15. Q: How much does it cost to start fishing? A: Not much. .... But it will cost you a lot to stay fishing Cheers, Des