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  1. For the Yellow Fin Whiting Lure fanatics it is time for the withdrawal symptoms to start setting in, as the water temperatures start dropping. Fortunately there is some pain relief, in chasing a few Flathead on lures. Autumn brings a transition for the sandflats lure fisherman. YFW surface lure fishing drops off. Flathead lure fishing picks up. The “Southern Blue Spotted Flathead” becomes more prolific on the sandflats of the Northern SA Gulfs. . And it is the large accumulation of SEAGRASS WRACKS at this time of the year, along with the change in temperature, that starts i
  2. Hi Mark OSP Bent Minnows 76mm or similar: Assist Hooks Size 4: https://www.anglerswarehouse.com.au/atomic-trick-bitz-assist-hooks-no-skirt Single Hooks Size 4: https://www.anglerswarehouse.com.au/bkk-imp-inline-single-hooks OSP Bent Minnows 106mm or similar: Size 1: https://www.anglerswarehouse.com.au/atomic-trick-bitz-assist-hooks-no-skirt Single Hooks Size 2: https://www.anglerswarehouse.com.au/bkk-imp-inline-single-hooks Rapala Shadow XRap SXR12 120mm or Atomic HARDZ SLIM TWITCHER 110mm Size 1: https://www.anglerswarehouse.com.au/atomic-trick-bit
  3. The sandflats north of Adelaide, at the top of both the SA gulfs, hold some unique terrain and ecosystems. At low tide, these sandflats can drain out for over 2 kilometres. The tidal movements are, over 3 meters in St Vincents Gulf and upto 4 metres in the upper Spencers Gulf. The water temperature ranges from 11C to 25C. Typical of shallow, protected water bodies, it is a highly productive ecosystem holding a lot of fish and marine life. It is home, for two of my favourite fishing targets, the “Southern Blue Spotted Flathead” -Platycephalus speculator and the “Yellow Fin Whiting” -Sil
  4. Good to know there are a few about the metro beaches. Try keeping your bait moving. YFW love a moving bait. So cast and slow retrieve. Or alternatively walk out to the sand bank in upto waist deep water. Then slowly walk along the sandbank trolling your bait some distance behind you. You will have them, chasing, tapping and soon striking your bait. Good Luck
  5. I never bothered targeting them But I would see people on my evening walk. More often on warmer days. Not sure if the fishers were cooling off by the river or the Carp are more active then Good Luck
  6. STOCK DEPLETION of Yellow Fin Whiting ~ A Summary of Conversations. . I have engaged in a few recent conversations with many longtime Yellow Fin Whiting fishermen since my previous post: “A Threatened Species” … https://www.facebook.com/groups/1383810555282311/posts/3589648064698538/ They are experienced, talented fishers, with well established records, detailed in their many fishing reports in past fishing forums. Stretching back well before the days of Facebook fishing groups. They have all been unanimous in their observations of a steep decline in YFW catches.
  7. On my regular river walks, I would see successful Carp fishers in the spot indicated on my map. Mawsons Lakes is also well known to hold a lot of big Carp
  8. Des

    Seamartin wooden reel

    I loved my old Seamartin Mark 2. My go to reel for the surf in the late 70s. It got nicked along with my fishing back pack from a jetty when I left it for a few minutes.
  9. All those spots produced fish regularly. Try the small tides. Both outgoing and incoming. Fish nearer the channels that accentuate the small movement in the tide. Pick a breezy day. Minimum 5 knots upto max 15 knots. SW is best there. Long down wind casts towards shore into shallow shoreside water with the wind in your back. Don't worry if your lure is landing in ankle deep water. Too often people fish too deep. Good Luck
  10. I had a disastrous day last week and could only manage one Yellow Fin Whiting all day. I got the tide and the weather conditions all wrong. I was fortunate to realise the error and managed to back it up the following day by relocating my fishing to a spot better suited to the tide and weather and finished with a bag of 20 large YFW on surface lures. . The sandflats of the upper SA Gulfs are a dynamic environment and ecosystem with many a variable factor that affects fishing. It keeps you thinking. Keeps you on your toes! And we don’t always get it right! One of the most dyn
  11. Thanks MAH. I wasn't aware they were around ... with the winder attached. I will look into it. Cheers, Des
  12. I previously got the tackle shops to do this for me. But with the increasing cost of quality braid these days I have started to source my braid elsewhere. And yes, I am topping up the backing as I shed/use up the braid above. I have been struggling and guessing so far. This will definitely help. It will be easy for the reels that have spare spools and the multiple reels of the same size/model. Thanks. Cheers, Des
  13. I was just about to explain
  14. Getting my head around that For this to work accurately, you will need 2 spools of exact same size and capacity. (good idea BTW) Or is there something I am missing?
  15. That is actually a totally illegal practice. That is clearly illegally "passing off" under the Trade Practices Act. Shimano would certainly not cheapen their Stella brand by licensing this production or sales. That store is treading on thin ice.
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