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  1. Des

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    I will have to play around to try and do that. Mine look like @yellow door 1 photo. The trace goes through the eye.
  2. I adapted an old Ikea clothes rack. Using velcro cable ties up top. The attached picture is how I have mine set up. They have them from $25 for a double sided (for rods) and on rollers. So easy to move around and access both sides. https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/rigga-clothes-rack-white-30231631/ You may be able to modify to suit your customised needs.
  3. Des

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    Thanks guys. @Wert the eye of the hook my well be it. As this is where the trace is breaking on the top hook. I think I have to be more careful around the eye of the hook. Start the winding on the snell going away from the join in the hook eye as pointed out by @yellow door 1 . After checking a couple that I already have made up, I also noticed on a couple that I have inadvertently passed the leader through the top of the eye rather than up through the bottom. That certainly would have put more stress on the leader. Certainly have to pay attention to the small details. Cheers, Des
  4. Des

    Snelled Ganged Hooks

    Yes I apply saliva when tightening. I think my knots could be improved. So looking for any tips, videos, etc that just might improve things. Or a better leader material. Thanks Rybak. Wire might be going too far. I like the variable spacing when snelling my own ganged hooks. Mainly very big Flathead busting me off. Occasionally I tangle with some big Salmon and Rat Kingfish on the Sandflats. I do bring out a wire traced with ganged hooks if I want to tangle with a Bronzie. Cheers, Des
  5. I am using 20 lb Black Magic Tough Trace leader for snelling 3 x 3/0 ganged hooks. I have had a couple of bust offs at the trace recently. Any alternative trace suggestions .. or What is the best way for traces on 3 ganged hooks? Any video links? Thanks for the help , Cheers, Des
  6. Crazy collection. The fish you catch must be "trippers"
  7. Des

    VISION versus VIBES

    Mainly a steady retrieve over structure and Flathead Lies. A little quick variation at times, but I only pause when I see a non comital follower. Then they usually strike. Yes a few fish attack the float. On a few occasions I have recognised them as Flathead. They tend to be the smaller ones. But mostly down here the Salmon Trout attack the float. Give it a crack over structure and snaggy ground. Would love to hear how you go. Good luck. Cheers Des
  8. VISON versus VIBES I was fishing the Northern Sandflats yesterday. The whiting fishing was a bit slow, so I quickly shifted my attention to Flathead. There was something on my mind. I was curious to know. Which sensory stimulus was most likely to attract a Flathead strike? . I lean to vision being the most important sense that a Flathead employs in hunting prey. As all my successful Flathead fishing has relied on placing my offering in a highly visible “Strike Zone” above their eyes … unconventionally under a float. Yes I have taken the occasional Flathead, on a
  9. Des


    Would you not bother float fishing Gar in winter? Is there a weed type bait that can be successfully used for Gar. As there is with some other species like Luderick?
  10. Des


    I am looking to turn my attention to Garfish this winter. I am a total Newbie with Garfish. I have an underlying assumption (possibly incorrectly) that the better size Garfish are more often caught in winter. Can anyone offer any advise on catching Garfish in winter? Perhaps covering some of these points; 1) Seasonal movements a) in the Gulfs b) change of Habitat/ Terrain c) in the water column 2) Weather conditions: Ideal conditions: Temperatures (Air & Water), Winds, Atmospheric pressure 3) Change in diet/prey. Availability of
  11. Des

    Sunline Siglon PEx8 - ADV

    @MIKECATTS Is Kast King any good for flicking light lures for YFW. If so, which one do you use for this application? Thanks, Des
  12. BYCATCH to MAIN CATCH … Season’s Change to FLATHEAD . I have picked up a Flathead on each of my last 4 Yellow Fin Whiting lure sessions. There are still plenty of YFW about for the whiting bait angler, however they have slowed up for the whiting lure fisherman. The water is cooling a bit for YFW on lures. But is also the reason for the increasing presence of the Flathead. The cooler Autumn water temperatures now have the ambient conditions to hold a larger number of baitfish in the shallows. And along with the baitfish arrive a lot more Flathead, in these cooler w
  13. I prefer my dominant ... and more dexterous hand holding the rod. Stronger = less fatigue, longer casts Dexterity = better and more subtle lure manipulations. More responsive to situations. Whereas the non dominant (left in my case) merely has to wind and hold the net. Occasionally simultaneously.
  14. I switched to winding with my left hand a while back after some joint issues. I am forced to alternate occasionally due to lure casting RSI
  15. Maybe saving all their poop and coating it over the other baits my well be an answer
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