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  1. Here's a couple of videos of my last two trips of the trout season in small tannin streams'.. cheers Adrian
  2. Meppstas

    Quick Friday night / weekend comp!

    Well done Sykes...
  3. Looks like we both had the great escape doobie, Thanks doobie, yes that's the trick part of the video., the answer is at the very end of the clip after the credits... cheers Adrian
  4. Been a very tough season chasing the trout in the rivers down here, needing 13 trout to reach the 500th trout I headed of to see if I could get it on this trip.. Did I or Didn't I catch it.. watch the video to find out, the clue is in the video... cheers Adrian..
  5. Meppstas

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Spot on Lofty, that's how I did mine too.. I didn't worry about the smell. kept them jar in of bran in the bottom of the fishing bait fridge. They go into hibernation and last for ages. Did leave them in the fridge in the house once, but somehow the jar got knocked over just after I put them in it. Seeing as I had some air hole in the lid..Well you can guess what happened after that.. That;s why I finished up with a bait fridge & freezer in the shed.. cheers Adrian
  6. Meppstas

    2019 Footy Tipping Comp!!!

    Did mine several days ago.. have no idea of the form of any of the teams either..
  7. Here's a short video clip of a spin session in the Meander River when the fishing started of pretty good before it shut down.. full written report in the Interstate Section on the Forum.. cheers Adrian
  8. Meppstas

    Landbased Fishing darwin

    Try finding someone who can take you to a spot & catch "Milk Fish" they're caught in the shallows in and around Darwin.. Very large solid fighting fish that will give you a run for your money & a real challenge.. The following clips will give you some idea... cheers Adrian
  9. Bran & pollard, corn, curry powder, cat food (fish type), garlic, bread, tuna oil..
  10. Meppstas

    Variety of colours at sunset..

    Doesn't get any better than that doobie.. no two nights are the same here.. cheers Adrian
  11. Meppstas

    Variety of colours at sunset..

    Certainly some colours in the sky during last nights sunset here in Sheffield.. cheers Adrian Rainbow as a shower of rain passed by at sunset' Unusual glow in the clouds.. Red & orange colours as the sun set below a smoke filled horizon..
  12. Meppstas

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Well here's all my light weight trout reels that I use on my Daiwa Presso ULS 1-3kg rods 6' & 6'6'' & Okuma Celilo ULS 1-3kg 6'6'' & 6' rods. Well balanced set ups, reels all filled with a .18 4lb clear mono line.. Very happy with them.. Daiwa Ageas 2004H also have a MX2004H Gekkabijin reel which is much the same as the Ageas This little Crest reel is set up on a Daiwa presso 5'6'' rod for trout fishing small tight creeks & streams Daiwa Revros 1003 & I also have two 2004H ones. Okuma Ceymar C-10 (small reel) Okuma Helios SX20 cheers Adrian
  13. Thanks guys, always something good to look back on in later years when I can't fish the rivers any more I reckon... Hopefully that wont be for a few more years yet.. cheers Adrian
  14. This was a tough spin session chasing wild brown & rainbow trout in the Mersey River.. It was the fast water runs that held the trout today.. thankfully I did manage to catch a few in very humid conditions.. Don't forget to watch the slideshow at the end of the video.. cheers Adrian
  15. This is the video clip of the Leven River report just posted on the Forum (Interstate Section) Full written report & photos are there.. cheers Adrian