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  1. Yes, very lucky having so many rivers/streams to choose from down here Steve, this little tannin stream is on private property & I'm lucky enough to have around 3-4 kms of it all to myself thanks to a very kind landowner. Blade spinners can create line twist quite easily on most brands of mono lines, some worse than others, even more so with fine line., As you know I use a ultra fine 4 lb Ultra High Tenacity clear mono with a 6 lb leader with the anti-kink and I never have any problems with line twist.. I picked the anti-kinks up from local tackle stores here in Devonport. The ones I have
  2. With the trout season closed until the 7th August I thought I'd put a few of my 2020/21 trout fishing videos on the site from time to time... Hope you enjoy it, feel free to hit the like button as well.. thanks.. cheers Adrian..
  3. Thanks doobie, it was cold alright, finger were burning, yes they're a little rough down here at times the way the y fillet them. Trout are best kept whole & put in a smoker in my books.. not that I keep them any more now days... cheers Adrian
  4. This video was from a trip before the season closed... a very cold morning it was too, that cold the water off the grass froze on my wading boots on the walk to the river.. cheers Adrian..
  5. Thanks Yorky, it is beautiful here in Tassie that's for sure, there's a lot of Sth Aussie in the heart though mate, It will ever go either.. cheers Adrian..
  6. Fair enough doobie, if you're not comfortable with fishing from the rocks then don't do it, like I always say, "No fish is worth drowning for ".. I was used to it as I was a regular rock fisher back in my younger days right up until we moved to Tassie. Stick with what you know best mate..
  7. Nice video, very windy conditions there too doobie.. Nothing better than hooking a few salmon in the surf, shame you lost more than you landed. The fish you did land was still a nice keeper anyway. When it used to blow from the North that's when I used to fish from the rocks between Waits & Parsons, used to fish well in those conditions as the fish were always in close to the rocks. The strong Northerlies always kept the swell down.. It wasn't all that easy getting to and from the rocks though, but the rewards were worth the effort.. Still I was a lot younger back then too.. Doubt I'd do
  8. I average 89 days during a nine month trout season here in Tassie.. most I did was 126 days in the 2009-10 season. cheers Adrian..
  9. The upper reaches of the Onkaparinga River used to have redfin in it back in the day when I used to fish for trout in it in and around the Verdun area and along River Road.. I;m going back a lot of years now, probably changed now..
  10. Same here Dave061, I used to fish it quite often for snapper at night, backpack with only what was needed for the long walk to the end of the breakwater. The hardest part was the walk back carrying a few snapper that was slung over the back. The biggest problem I had at night was the light on the rocks cast a shadow and it was easy to miss your next step even worse when it was wet and windy. Like you said the fishing was a lot better back in those days too and it was well worth doing the hard yards for a fish.. Best thing would be to chase Mulloway in the Port River, a good area was close to t
  11. Looks like a Trumpet Fish..mainly because of the tail, a Tube mouths tail is different from what I could find.. Totally confused.. Trumpet Fish.. Tubemouth/ Tubesnout fish..
  12. Hopefully it includes the Pro fisher's as well..
  13. That was brilliant, certainly one very entertaining fishing video.. Not sure if they were brave or plain dumb fishing where they were. Good on them anyway..the last part from 1:00:00 mark to the end was great.. cheers Adrian
  14. Years ago when I lived in the Port area & fished for KGW's I used to collect cockles from the sand flats opposite the old Outer Harbour boat ramp on low tide, I gather that area is probably changed now with the extension of the outer breakwater. Razor fish was also a great bait to use on the whiting as well, they used to be plentiful on the other side of the breakwater as well, I used to have a raze fish grapple in my boat to collect them. They were reachable on low tide too.. why don't you spend a day at Goolwa collecting them, always a good day spent on the beach. As yellow door stated,
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