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  1. Winter's here..

    I think you & lofty need to get a few Coopers Ales in you and toughen up... getting soft guys... cheers Adrian
  2. Winter's here..

    I'm not a lover of the cold either guys, but one get's used to it and if the weather gets too cold we just stay inside in the warm.. The wind chill is the worst thing we have to put up with throughout the Winter.. Today it was 12 degrees here, no wind and full sun, the air was crisp but it was still beautiful sitting on the back deck.. Now at 9:00pm it as white as ever with a heavy frost.. cheers Adrian
  3. Winter's here..

    One always knows when Winter is here good & proper once you see snow on Black Bluff, even more so when it's on Mt Roland here in Sheffield.. View of Black Bluff from the back deck.. Snow capped Mt Roland here, Claude Road, Sheffield.. cheers Adrian
  4. More fog, Myponga reservoir this morning

    Great photo Rod.. just love those mornings too... cheers Adrian
  5. Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    There's a few others that live at Penquin & Ulverstone here in Tassie that spotted it as well, it was just offshore over Bass Straight..
  6. Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    No, he did the same hard right turn as the first one in the photo LHS.. He came back in the opposite direction around 20 minutes later and was heading towards Melbourne.. well back towards the mainland any way..
  7. Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    When he headed back my way and past Mt Roland he would have passed over a few of them too doobie, glad the trout season's closed at the moment..
  8. I was sitting on the deck having a coffee & taking in a little Winter sun when I spotted the vapour trail of a Jet.. After watching it for a while it made a sharp turn then later on another sharp turn.. Not sure if it's a training run or he's just lost hid bearings... cheers Adrian View from the back deck.. Half zoom shot...
  9. Came across this a while ago on facebook.. Pretty costly... Oops.....
  10. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Thanks Rod, if the wheels fall off my computer I will be in touch.. cheers Adrian
  11. 2018 Fishing goals

    Always good to set a goal or target each year and you've certainly ticked off quite few so far, great job & well done on what you have achieved.. I'm sure you'll tick a few more off before the end of the year as well... Top report & Pic's Kuerschie.... I set my self a target of catching 600 trout for the trout season as well as aiming to win the Angling Club trophy for most trout caught in rivers & streams to make it 12 years in a row.... I was also lucky enough to catch my PB trout I've ever caught in a river as well an 8 lb 8 oz brown trout on 4 lb mono, one I doubt I'll beat again in my trout fishing days.. Both of which I achieved, I was pretty happy in doing it too seeing it was a such fluctuating trout season.. I've set myself a target of 600 again for the 2018/16 season again which starts on 4th August.. We'll see if No. 13 will be a lucky one for me at the end of April next year.. cheers Adrian
  12. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Don't know why they got rid of photo gallery really as it's quite good to use.. Hopefully if and when I have to upgrade my computer I'll be able to transfer it over.. That may not be too far off either as my computer sounds like a car with transmission problems when I start it up in the mornings.. cheers Adrian
  13. From a poor photo to a quality photo...

    Sorry put one on that I had already started before I cropped it... this is the before & after photos.. Before... And after..
  14. dmck asked me the other day if my photos on my last article were straight of the camera and those ones were.. So I thought I would show what can be done with photos that are taken on a camera that has a low picture quality as was my first digital camera that I purchased not long after digital cameras were released in Australia.. Mine was a very cheap little one as that was what I could afford at the time as they were just so expensive just like digital TV's were when they were first released here.. Here's a couple of photos to show what can be done with a little work on them with my Windows photo gallery editor.. I can crop them, sharpen the image, increase or decrease the contrast, two photos were taken back in 2014 and were both taken on a reasonably good Canon Compact Camera but a cheaper one.. The sunrise at Little Musselroe Bay was taken at 4:30 am on my very first digital camera & I have no idea what brand it was, it was very small & cheap but it was handy & what I could afford at the time in 2006 (I think it was) Since then the digital compact cameras have come a long way with much higher megapixels, better lenses, higher opitical zoom ranges and even much easier to use as well. Any way here what can be done to give low quality photos a lift.. Even with my new small Canon compact camera after taking a photo on Auto & if I don't feel the photo looks okay I will edit it.. Manually taken photos I don't have a problem with at all.. cheers Adrian Before with the cheap digital camera... 4:40 am Sunrise at Little Musselroe Bay, East Coast, Tasmania.. And the same photo after editing. Early model A580 Canon Photo Cropped, contrast don and colour adjusted.. Before photo.. After photo..
  15. Walleye in France & Spain..

    I checked them out on line a found that they can grow up to 30 kgs in Europe.. I think they were introduced there, they are a native to Canada & Northern America and are a close relative to the European Zander.. cheers Adrian This one was caught in Croatia..