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  1. November and so far into December has been the worst weather we've seen it here since we moved to Tassie back in March 2000... At the moment (11:48 am) it's 10.2 degrees here in Sheffield, wind chill factor makes it feel like 2.3 degrees... can only imagine how cold it is in the Highland Lakes area.. wind chill would have to be in the minus temps for sure.. Snowing up there again today.. cheers Adrian..
  2. They've certainly had some shocking weather conditions to put up with and it's not much better today either. No I'm not a contender Rod as it's only for the top fly fishermen from countries around the world, besides that I spin fish for trout and only fish the rivers.. It's not cheap to enter either I couldn't afford it any way.. here's the costing without the travel expenses etc.. ** Registration Fees Registration Fees Quantity Price P/P Total Amount Team (competitors, reserve, captain, manager) AUD $ 2250... ** Accompanying persons/guests AUD $ 1500 Additional charges for Single room occupancy AUD $ 400 An official confirmation receipt will be sent once application and entry fees are received. cheers Adrian
  3. I'm still using the Spotters sunnies that I won in a competition sometime back on this site... Highly recommend them... best I've ever had so far in my fishing years. cheers Adrian
  4. Here's a few photos from the WFFC, a few fishing in some very poor conditions on Penstock Lagoon & Little Pine Lake in the Central Highlands yesterday in snow & 35-45 kph winds that were also gusting up to 60 kph.. Today is much worse with snow down to 500 meters and gale force winds of 90-100+ kph.. not sure if today's event was on or not, checked the web cams of both waters and didn't see any boats on them.. Not sure if the river fishing was on either.. I was going for a drive to the Upper Mersey River today to take a few photos but decided to stay home in the warm.. The air temp here in Sheffield at the moment is 2.3 degrees.. cheers Adrian..
  5. Yes they started yesterday in 35-45 kph winds and snow down to 500 meters in the Highlands.. Today forecast is worse with winds in the 90-100 kph, not sure if they called it off or not, checked out the web cams on two of the lakes this afternoon and there was no signs of any boats on the water. Don't know if the river fishing went on either... weather is going to be poor right up to Saturday..that's also the last day of the WFFC too.. cheers Adrian
  6. Thanks guys, it was a top day to be out & about.. the weather has been pretty crappy down here lately.. it's normally quite good at this time of the year but for some reason the past few weeks have been very windy and quite cool.. It was great to get in a bigger river for a change too, still a little ticked off with losing several nice trout.. but that's trout fishing.. cheers Adrian
  7. Here's a video of one of my trips to the upper Mersey River chasing trout in clear water here in Tasmania.. Perfect day for being in a river even though I would have preferred overcast conditions.. cheers Adrian
  8. Looks like the weather was good on the day,,, well done to all the helpers.. Bjorn held himself back because of the old saying "too many cooks spoil the broth" cheers Adrian
  9. Had a reasonably good spin session just over a week ago chasing trout in the tannin stream again.. One of my better spin session for quite some time.. Wild windy weather has kept me home of late... hopefully I'll be back in a river in a day or so.. cheers Adrian
  10. Well done on the browns Hunter, nice cool conditions for the trout too.. cheers Adrian
  11. Thanks guys.. AR I'm hoping there are still a few left in me yet mate.. By checking my records for the same time last season the same little tannin streams fished exactly the same as they're fishing this season.. eg: last season 6/11/18.. 17 trout caught., Today 5/11/19.. 17 trout caught.. only difference was a day earlier & last year they were taken on a #00 Mepps Aglia Mouche Noire spinner. cheers Adrian
  12. Well I finally caught my 10.000th Tasmanian wild trout since we moved here back in March 2000.. it's a milestone I never gave a thought to until the start of this trout season when I was going through my end of season reports when I noticed I only needed 129 trout to reach 10,000 trout here in Tassie.. So yesterday and only needing another seven trout I reached it, actually caught & released fourteen all up.. cheers Adrian
  13. They've done well on several trips last season in the larger rivers such as the Meander, Mersey & Leven rivers, haven't been in the bigger rivers so far this season due to them still running too high.. they will be used on and off again this season too, I've had some success a few times with them.. cheers Adrian
  14. When they're on special.. picked some (10) Atomic Hardz shad 40 & 50 mid divers up some time ago @ $4-00 each in a clearance sale, Have bought a lot of them from different Australian tackle online stores when they have their clearance plus another 20-30% off them as well. cheers Adrian
  15. Oh Boy!! I feel I have way too many lures & a large variety of brands as well.. I'll let the photos tell the story... And these are just the ones I've taken photos of... only use them on the trout.. cheers Adrian