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  1. Meppstas

    Tannin water wild brown trout..

    Hey Lofty I reckon you'd enjoy a stint in one of these small tannin streams to, wait until you see my next fishing adventure to a small tannin stream., from a couple of days ago before the weather turned crappy. cheers Adrian
  2. Meppstas

    Tannin water wild brown trout..

    Thanks guys, I really do love fishing the smaller streams than the large rivers mainly because they're more scenic & very peaceful areas... Plus they're not fished as much as the large rivers & I'm lucky enough to have several land owners that have given me the okay to fish them.. The trout may be smaller than the trout in the bigger rivers but they're still a challenge to catch as they spook much easier that trout in the large rivers due to them being small & less water in them.. peatop as for swimming, don't worry I've taken a few dives in my days of trout fishing rivers & streams.. also drowned a few cameras too. cheers Adrian
  3. Here's a short video from a trip a few days ago to a small tannin stream on private property close to home.. It wasn't a long spin session, one that lasted just on an hour.. Still had a good time in the small stream catching a few wild browns.. cheers Adrian
  4. Meppstas

    First trout of the 2019/20 season..

    Thanks peatop, I actually thought there should be a trout or two in this little tannin water as it runs into a large river some 20+ kmds downstream, the river is one of Tasmania's most recognized trout rivers.. that being the "Mersey River." most small streams/creeks that flow into a main river will have trout in them,, that's why I always like to try them out where as most fisho's go to the main rivers due to the easy access.. I don't mind doing the hard yards to try out any small stream.. cheers Adrian
  5. Here's the video clip of the spin session I had when catching my first trout of the new season.. cheers Adrian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sagaOhZ1I0k&t=13s
  6. Maybe the South Australian Government should take a leaf out the Victorian Gov idea of removing boat ramp & parking fees idea... http://www.fishing-victoria.com/viewtopic.php?f=204&t=23055&sid=cf799fcb2c76f5c079434e9e1d5a249e
  7. Meppstas

    New whiting fisher from North Haven

    Many years ago when I lived at North Haven I used to fish the areas marked on the map in a 12ft tinnie.. Don't know what it's like now days but back then it was very good fishing especially along the inside of the outer break wall (revetment wall as it was called back then) The area outside was great for whiting as well, fishing the white patches in the weed area.. Like I said that was a long time ago though.. cheers Adrian
  8. Meppstas

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    Spot on Rybak.. That's what I stated earlier, it's time they took a hard look at them & do something about it instead of turning a blind eye to it.... cheers Adrian
  9. Meppstas

    End of 2018/19 trout season photo book..

    Thanks doobie, yes that's the " Trout Stalker 2 " & yes it's mine... cheers Adrian
  10. Meppstas

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    I'm sure that polluted storm water run off has had a big impact as does the daily millions of liters of water from the treatment plant, sea grass is now thinly spread along the coast and way out from where it used to be.. I can remember fishing the Semaphore & Larges jetties when the sea grass was well in close to shore and only the first third of the jetty had sand under it. Used to cast into the sand patches and catch KGW on every trip.. Now it's all sand for the length of both jetties.. cheers Adrian Port River & outer Harbour area.. used to be full of sea grass.. Semaphore & Largs Beach,..
  11. Meppstas

    What going on with your the Snappers?

    Well they can't put the blame onto the recreational fisher with the restrictions already placed on them,, perhaps it's time to have a hard look into the professional side of fishing a little more.. cheers Adrian
  12. Well, thought it was time to go through the hundreds of photos I've taken during the 2018/19 trout season and make up another photo book.. With so many to pick from hopefully I've picked out some of the best, thought there were plenty of others that I still would have liked to have used but had to draw the line somewhere. As it was this book has 98 pages to it and I'm reasonably satisfied with how it came out.. so here's a few photos of the book.. This is my 16th book I've made so far of which two have gone to France & two to Goowla.. Only 5 weeks to the start of the next season.. 3rd August.. Yippeeeee!!!! cheers Adrian Front cover The last page.. Back cover..
  13. Here's a couple of videos of my last two trips of the trout season in small tannin streams'.. cheers Adrian
  14. Meppstas

    Quick Friday night / weekend comp!

    Well done Sykes...
  15. Looks like we both had the great escape doobie, Thanks doobie, yes that's the trick part of the video., the answer is at the very end of the clip after the credits... cheers Adrian