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  1. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Well done to all concerned, all for great cause and a record amount raised and well supported.. Great video clip of the event too Chuck.. cheers Adrian
  2. Goolwa Cockles

    I don't know where you guys go for your cockles but here's where I used to get mine from at Goolwa.. cheers Adrian
  3. OnkaStomper 12

    Well done to all concerned, all for a great cause too.. With $25,181.60 raised over the past year is a top effort that's for sure. Good to see several site members there getting involved with the fund raiser & helping out, so well done to you guys and a big pat on the back to you all. cheers Adrian
  4. Amazing footage of what one can do with a bit of imagination... so don't throw out your old thongs... https://youtu.be/IYq7i4u3XBA?t=34s
  5. What fish is this?

    That's spot on too archerffish, it's a Whitespotted Anglerfish.. I think I need to update my old Marine & Freshwater Fishes of Sth Aust. book that I've had since 1974.. it may be a little out dated by know and maybe they have one in colour now.. White Spotted Angler fish..
  6. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Just received some new Atomic Hardz shad 40 & 50 hard body lures that I ordered last week that I picked up for $11-95 ea (normally $17-95).. haven't tried this design out on the trout yet so I'm hoping they'll suck in a trout or two.. I do have them in the Ghost gill brown (shad 40 & 50) & Muddy prawn (shad 40) models and they have worked okay.. so here's hoping these will too.. cheers Adrian 5 new Atomic Shadz 40 & 50 mid diving hard body lures.. Shad 50 Muddy Prawn (top lure) and the Shad 50 Tristos Eagles (bottom lure) Shad 40 mid diver Tristos Eagles..
  7. What fish is this?

    I think you'll find it may be a Angler fish which is rarely found in Sth Australian waters... It may be the Warty Angler fish which is known from only two specimens taken a very long time ago in St. Vincent Gulf.. cheers Adrian
  8. Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    That's one massive fish and great footage of the catch, I'm surprised you didn't get a hernia from the rod butt in the gut all that time either, still it was well worth it.. cheers Adrian
  9. Guess what

    I bet it was very yummy too.... I was looking for the photo of the finished product.. I gather it did was eaten ASAP.. cheers Adrian
  10. Odd find at Largs beach

    A friend of mine who used to work on a prawn trawler in Sth Aust used to give them to me, they were quite regularly mixed in with the prawns when they emptied the nets.. cheers Adrian
  11. 5:40 am Sheffield, moon setting..

    I have no idea doobie, just saw it in the morning so grabbed the camera..
  12. Paella

    Very nice... mouth watering that's for sure & yummy....
  13. Black squid jigs working well..

    Just Googled these, may be of some help to you.. cheers Adrian
  14. Took this at 5:40 am this morning just before the moon set, grabbed the little fishing camera.. didn't have time to get the good camera out. The bigger & better camera would have taken a better photo, frosty night & morning forecast so hopefully I can be ready for tomorrow morning when it sets.. cheers Adrian
  15. Yesterday while heading up to Liena (Mersey River) for a spin session I came across a fresh water Lobster in the middle of the road. It had climbed up a steep bank so it could reach the on the other side of the road. This was because the poor thing couldn't reach a concrete pipe that ran under the road that the creek water flowed through.. It is now in the creek that it was trying to reach.. I was a little worried it may have been run over by a quarry truck that wasn't all that far behind me when I spotted it, lucky for it the truck missed it.. Then today as I was heading back to the car I spotted a Platypus next to the river bank so took a photo of that too.. here's a couple of pic's of some of Tasmania's wild life.. cheers Adrian Fresh water lobster, a protected species that comes with a $10,000 fine for each one that is found in a persons possession.. And here we have the little Tasmanian Platypus that is quite common in most rivers around the state.. always nice to see them in the rivers..