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  1. Looks like a Trumpet Fish..mainly because of the tail, a Tube mouths tail is different from what I could find.. Totally confused.. Trumpet Fish.. Tubemouth/ Tubesnout fish..
  2. Hopefully it includes the Pro fisher's as well..
  3. That was brilliant, certainly one very entertaining fishing video.. Not sure if they were brave or plain dumb fishing where they were. Good on them anyway..the last part from 1:00:00 mark to the end was great.. cheers Adrian
  4. Years ago when I lived in the Port area & fished for KGW's I used to collect cockles from the sand flats opposite the old Outer Harbour boat ramp on low tide, I gather that area is probably changed now with the extension of the outer breakwater. Razor fish was also a great bait to use on the whiting as well, they used to be plentiful on the other side of the breakwater as well, I used to have a raze fish grapple in my boat to collect them. They were reachable on low tide too.. why don't you spend a day at Goolwa collecting them, always a good day spent on the beach. As yellow door stated,
  5. My grandfather used to roll a beer bottle over them (belly down once they were guttet, then nip each side of the tail turn the fish over and pull it towards the head, That removed the back bone and the rib cage all in in one.. I tried it a few times couldn't get the hang of hot..
  6. I did rejoin and changed my name and password & set my user name, it still comes up as meppstas on the ESPN site.. I can still access it anyway.. I haven't even come across the red play now button.. just the one below, I click on it & nothing happens.... We have noticed you have not set a display name yet. Your current display name is meppstas Click Update below to change your username so others will recognise you on leaderboards and throughout your competition. Update my display name
  7. I've been trying to change my user name on it for a week and it won't open.. it's still letting me use my old user name..
  8. Nothing wrong with them at all, nice job.. cheers Adrian
  9. If you want to fish at Cape Jervis, Waitpinga or Myponga Beach etc just type the name in & hit search, you can then zoom in, move it around with your mouse,, You can find roads and tracks that will get you into a lot of places.. cheers Adrian.. Myponga Beach areas I used to fish.. Waitpinga..
  10. All of my trout rods are ULS 1-3kg Daiwa Presso, Impri & Okuma Celilo 6' & 6'6" which are all well suited to the reels I mentioned earlier. Beautifully light weight balanced set ups with those reels. That Inspira reel retail is $140-00 too not $1140-00, sorry must have hit the 1 twice.. cheers Adrian.
  11. I have a Daiwa Revros 1003 & Revros 2004H spinning reels that I use for trout fishing and they've been great, a nice light well balanced reel. I been using them for three years without any hassles, https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/DAIWA-REVROS-LT-Spinning-Fishing-Reel-LT-Light-and-Tough-Concept-Fishing-Reel/333763469106?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item4db5da5f32:g:sdQAAOSwDwNfwNxp&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACkBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkCrLl8erj3ATP5raQxjc%2F%2B3iH5YnjmTH6nmoLvkS5L6T4%2F6cdrm8Hvxmarc2XK1XQTlF9V1%2BaDYQwj4kh5LF1rvRhGKHdOw4K6OPCllRRW4vEovdjfD6jy3mqW6F
  12. Thanks Dave.. always nice when I manage to land a decent size trout in a river. cheers Adrian..
  13. Thanks doobie, when they moths are at their thickest it's like being in snow flakes.. it's a unreal sight to see.. cheers Adrian..
  14. Thanks Softy, trout this size are hard to find in the rivers I fish.. When they do show up every now and then it's a matter of getting it to take the lure. cheers Adrian
  15. I've been meaning to put this on the site for some time, forgot all about it.. Not for the want of trying I finally caught and released a decent size wild brown trout for a change. Even better was the fact it was my personal best of the season so far. Still hoping to break the one kilo mark & better before the season ends on the last Sunday closest to the end of April 2021. The larger three rivers (Meander, Mersey & Leven) I fish do hold a few trout well over the kilo size, it's just a matter of being in the right place at the right time. cheers Adrian
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