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  1. Thanks guys, always good to have something to look back on when I retire from trout fishing the rivers & streams.. I have sixteen of them that I've made up over the years...
  2. Just received my 2019/20 Trout Season photo book, this time instead of making a two half yearly books I made a full season one of 134 pages.. I'm pretty happy with the end result.. Here's a few photos of the finished product.. Once again I waited until Snapfish had a 50% sale on that included extra pages.. The book is A4 size... cheers Adrian..
  3. Thanks guys, reaching the 400th trout was a reasonable catch for the season even though it was well down on last season it's better than 380 or less Tinker it's been pretty frosty here in Tassie as well, minus three in Sheffield a couple of days ago with a max of 8 degrees.. cheers Adrian
  4. With the season still closed for another seven weeks I thought I'd put up another trout fishing video, this one is when I finally caught my 400th trout of the season.. cheers Adrian
  5. You're welcome, I'm confident they'll pick up quite a few trout.. You've certainly done a very professional job on them & yes keep that pattern going for sure.. Once I'm back in the rivers you'll see a few photos of trout with the lures hanging out of their mouth.. cheers Adrian
  6. Well I just received a couple of special high quality hard body lures today and they certainly look great and beautifully finished.. They're a well presented brown trout lure that I'm sure will suck quite a few trout in next season.. I'm really looking forward to giving them a good workout in the rivers & streams here in Tassie.. cheers Adrian
  7. Here's another of my videos as the season drew closer to closing... wasn't a bad spin season with a few wild brown trout being caught... At the end of the spin season I said the biggest trout was a 455 gram brown. it wasn't I forgot about the 485 gram brown I caught... Long day in the water, had a brain fade at the end of it.. cheers Adrian
  8. I just saw some footage on 7news Adelaide, traffic near bumper to bumper through Port Wakefield.... Looks like every man & his dog are heading to Yorkes... cheers Adrian
  9. It will certainly have it's place in the trophy cabinet doobie.. cheers Adrian
  10. This is one very well used little #00 (1.5gm) Aglia spinner that I've used on the trout on & off for around four years... It's still holding together and will get some use again next season in the small tannin waters.. cheers Adrian
  11. Here's a few pic's Micky, may be of some help to you.. Like I said I'm yet to try them but will do so on the trout next season.. cheers Adrian
  12. I've just got a few to try out on the trout in the rivers next season Micky, never used them before either, I did get the lightest ones available for the rivers.. There's plenty of info on YouTube using blades & vibes on the bream.... cheers Adrian
  13. Thanks guys, doobie the lower back & hips aren't going all that good at this stage, went in for CT scans & x-rays last Friday, seeing the Doctor tomorrow for the results.. Trout fishing has been closed here for 23 days now and the body hasn't recovered yet.. can't have injections as my Doctor is stuck overseas somewhere... Tinker, go on Google Earth and check out the small rivers & streams.. Light, Torrens, Sturt, Finness, Myponga (upper reaches), Hindmarsh Rivers & Sixth Creek are just a few I fished back in the day, they all held trout back then, times have changed a lot since then so don't know what they're like now, still you never know what you may find.. cheers Adrian
  14. This video is one of several I made to the Meander River during the trout season.. Another fast water session where the Bug spinner did the job on the trout again.. Hope you enjoy it.. cheers Adrian..