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  1. Meppstas

    A little extra on a lure....

    Have you ever purchased a lure or two, used them and caught fish on them but still felt they just needed a little extra on them.. Well it may just be me but with my trout lures I quite often think there's that little bit extra that can be done with a lure.. Not all lures, just the odd one here and there.. I have these nice little Greed Guts lures and they work well on the trout but I felt I could add that extra to them.. all I did was get a fine pointed tooth pick and dob a few little red dots on each side of the lure. Now they look like small wild brown trout & I feel much happier with them too... I have done the same with my Mepps Aglia spinners by placing some #00 black fury stickers on the wider metal blades and they had an effect straight away on the trout.. I caught more fish on them.. cheers Adrian The original Greedy Guts hard body Same lure after a minor touch up... Now I feel much better.. An old photo from back in 2016 when I started putting the black fury stickers on the Mepps Aglia blades.... This ones on a copper blade.. it did improve the catch rate with the Aglia spinners..
  2. Meppstas

    "Just the one"

    Lovely brown and well deserved.. the wind can certainly be a pain in the butt at times, well worth putting up with when you catch a fish though.. cheers Adrian..
  3. Meppstas

    Quick session

    We've actually had it fairly dry here in Sheffield so far this Winter.. hoping for some good rains over the next week or two.. 22 days left to the opening of the 2018-19 brown trout season.. Rainbow season opens about 5 weeks after the brown season opens, they spawn later than the browns.. late July & through August.. cheers Adrian
  4. Meppstas

    Quick session

    They're nice browns for sure, well done.. trout fishing has it ups and downs, they can be quite hungry this time of year too fattening up throughout the winter, should have just about finished spawning now too.. cheers Adrian
  5. Meppstas

    Pb brown

    No I'm in now living in Tasmania (since March2000) , this fish was taken on a wild bait hard body.. I only spin fish for trout.. Did try the fly fishing around 45+ yrs ago but went back to the spin fishing the rivers.. Started my trout fishing the rivers in Sth Aust 54 years ago.. South Aust is one of the hardest states to catch trout in and that's what helped make me a better trout fisho.. cheers Adrian
  6. Meppstas

    Pb brown

    Lovely fish and well done on the PB.. you'd be surprised how large trout will get to in small rivers & streams that's for sure.. cheers Adrian This little creek gave up the trout below back in 2016.. it was released back in the river after a quick photo..
  7. Here's a short video clip of me spin fishing a small tannin stream close to home... forgot I even had it so put it on YouTube.. cheers Adrian..
  8. Meppstas

    Mist on Black Bluff & chasing Fungi..

    Well it's like this, I have to do something to pass the time of day away until the trout season opens doobie.. cheers Adrian
  9. Beautiful morning here today with clear skies and full sun.. noticed the mist rolling off Black Bluff early so grabbed a couple of photos before heading off again this afternoon chasing Fungi at O'Neil's Creek.. Pretty dismal day in the rainforest as the fungi was like finding hen's teeth.. I did manage to come across three different fungi and that was it, nothing to rave about either. The first one was at the base of a tree, the second was a funny looking yellow one that was among some rotting leaves,. The last was a small cluster that I spotted on a small branch near some ferns.. Still it was nice being in the rainforest sucking in the crystal clear air.. cheers Adrian Mist rolling off Black Bluff this morning.. Tannin water at O'Neil's Creek.. First fungi spotted.. followed by this strange looking fungi, two little ones close by as well.. Then I spotted some more a the small branch.. Close up on the little fungi.. some were as small as a pin head & the largest a little bigger than a match head.. Just took this one out of interest of some Spagnum moss that was in the middle of the path..
  10. I was sitting in my fishing room working on my hand written dairies ( rewriting them into the computer ) from when I first moved to Tassie when I spotted these yellow tailed black cockatoos in one of my Banksia shrubs in the back yard. One of them flew off with a seed pod as I took one of the photos.. The photos were taken with my little fishing camera.. didn't have time to grab the bigger & better Canon 700D.. So slipped the back door open just enough as not to spook them and managed to get a few photos of them before they spotted me.. which they did when I opened the door a little wider. There was five off them in it at first, by the time I got to take the photo the other two had moved onto the clothes line.. It's good to see quite a few native birds coming into the back yard feeding on the native shrubs I've planted.. cheers Adrian
  11. Meppstas

    Winter's here..

    I think you & lofty need to get a few Coopers Ales in you and toughen up... getting soft guys... cheers Adrian
  12. Meppstas

    Winter's here..

    I'm not a lover of the cold either guys, but one get's used to it and if the weather gets too cold we just stay inside in the warm.. The wind chill is the worst thing we have to put up with throughout the Winter.. Today it was 12 degrees here, no wind and full sun, the air was crisp but it was still beautiful sitting on the back deck.. Now at 9:00pm it as white as ever with a heavy frost.. cheers Adrian
  13. Meppstas

    Winter's here..

    One always knows when Winter is here good & proper once you see snow on Black Bluff, even more so when it's on Mt Roland here in Sheffield.. View of Black Bluff from the back deck.. Snow capped Mt Roland here, Claude Road, Sheffield.. cheers Adrian
  14. Meppstas

    More fog, Myponga reservoir this morning

    Great photo Rod.. just love those mornings too... cheers Adrian
  15. Meppstas

    Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    There's a few others that live at Penquin & Ulverstone here in Tassie that spotted it as well, it was just offshore over Bass Straight..