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  1. I don't use their Braid but I do use their thin clear 4 lb Mono, Copolymer & Fluorokote lines for trout fishing.and have never had a problem with it at all,, I have all three of them.,, very thin & strong.. .
  2. Meppstas

    My 2019 Calendar

    Well I've finished my 2019 Calendar & had it delivered a few days ago.. I'm reasonably happy with what I put together.. cheers Adrian
  3. Here's the video of the fishing report "Great spin session with 22 trout caught & released" Sorry about my reporting of how the day went the end, the Northerly wind was howling at 30 plus KPH.. cheers Adrian
  4. Meppstas

    The Port Adelaide River Monster..

    That's exactly what I thought too when I came across it.. never saw or heard anything like it back in all the years I fished the Port River either.. It's got to be a set up for sure..
  5. Is this for real or what, came across it on YouTube.. it's the first time I've heard of this & find it hard to believe.. cheers Adrian
  6. Here's parts 1 & 2 of the video taken when I had a good session in tannin waters.. it's from the article that I posted in the Interstate section on the forum..
  7. I'm sure there will be a large amount of fisho's that turn up for the comp.. all for a good cause too. good luck to all who enter the comp, may the fishing gods be with you.. cheers Adrian
  8. Meppstas

    Couple from the Coorong

    Great photos... cheers Adrian..
  9. Meppstas

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    Barker Inlet... St Kilda side of the Island.. I've also caught Snapper there on an incoming tide at 3:00pm in the afternoon too.. cheers Adrian
  10. Meppstas

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    All I ever used for Snapper were Tommies, used to buy then whole in 5 kg lots (or what I caught) then filleted them unscaled on the way out to where I anchored & fished for them, used the heads & guts for burley.. Had plenty of success on the Snapper with just the Tommie Ruff as bait.. A good spot was sitting off the end of the main Outer Harbor breakwater as well as the second channel marker, behind Torrens Island along the edge of the outer channel in line with the channel markers also gave up good size snapper.. always fished at night for them in those areas.. I'm going back a very long time now, but there's still no reason you wont catch them there.. unless there's been some rule changes.. cheers Adrian
  11. Meppstas

    Wild brown trout in a tannin stream..

    Thanks doobie, just a shame the title wasn't chasing large browns etc... cheers Adrian
  12. Here's a six minute video I made using the video of my Canon camera a week ago, only problem is I can't get the action shots of hooking a trout with it... Still it will give you an idea of what it is like fishing a small tannin stream more so than what a photo does I suppose.. I had to put it on YouTube to get it on the site.. cheers Adrian
  13. Meppstas

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I used to freeze my snapper and take them to the local butcher and he cut them into cutlets for for me, all he wanted was to keep a few cutlets.. He did them at the end of the his day when he cleaned up....
  14. Meppstas

    Liena, before & after..

    Thanks lofty, the stretch of river in the third photo used to fish really well too, I here fished it twice last season and only caught five trout.. it will eventually fish much better. the only good outcome of the flood was that I can now get a lot further downstream (up to 3 kms) to what I could before the flood when it was near impossible to get through the scrub & dense foliage,,, cheers Adrian
  15. Meppstas

    Liena, before & after..

    I was up at Liena a few days ago to check the area out since they built the new bridge there after losing the old wooden bridge back in 2016.. Took a couple of photos to compare it to what is it was before the June 2016 floods.. certainly has changed and not for the better either.. will take many years to come back I feel.. though the small shrubs will come back fairly quick.. I'm really glad I take my camera with me on every trip to a river, good to look back on many areas on this river to what they were and what they are today.. plus I have photos of all the original old wood bridges that were on the Mersey before being washed away,, they're all gone and are all new concrete bridges.... cheers Adrian Before the record floods.. looking downstream.. And the view today... Looking upstream from the old bridge.. And the view from it now,, Went for a walk to take this photo of the new bridge.. I doubt this one with get washed away if we ever have another massive flood..