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  1. It was certainly a day of mixed fortunes doobie.. cheers Adrian
  2. This trip was on the 11-9-21 I finally had a reasonable spin session today before the weather turned sour as well as taking a plunge in the water. 10 trout caught & released from 11 hook ups, all taken on the Mepps #00 gold Aglia Mouche Noire & gold Aglia Mouche Rouge inline spinners. I certainly gave the new Okuma ITX-1000 reel a good workout during my three hours in the water too, it did it's job to perfection. As soon as I caught the first trout on the first cast I knew I was in for a good spin session. On the walk back to the car I decided to give one more stretch of water a g
  3. Finally after several days of rain we finally had a nice Spring day so I headed of to check out one of my regular large rivers only to find it running too high for safe wading. I did spend a little time there flicking a #1 Aglia-e inline spinner around before heading off to my favorite & ever reliable small tannin stream. That was also running high, much high than my previous trip a week ago,, anyway I spent some time in it and caught & released a few wild browns.. cheers
  4. Great day to be out and about in good ol' Sth Aust.. nice browns too, well done.. cheers Adrian..
  5. Nice job on the trout, well done.. great little stream too.. cheers Adrian..
  6. I'm still out of action and yet to wet a line for the new trout season (12 days ago) so here's another of my end of 2020/21 season spin sessions.. It was a reasonably good day in the river too with quite a few trout caught & released.. cheers Adrian..
  7. Pro Cure in the following may be worth trying.. Bloodworm, Pilchard & Inshore Saltwater Super Gel Scents.. cheers Adrian
  8. I remember when they came up with the plan to build the West Beach ramp and they were told that there would be a problem with the sand movement and a large build up of weed.. They ignored the report and still went ahead with it.. cheers Adrian
  9. Just saw this on facebook this morning.. St Kilda boat ramp is being upgraded.. Sorry, I've been off line since Saturday, computer glitch.. cheers Adrian..
  10. Just got home from seeing the orthopedic surgeon, I was in & out of there within five minutes.. Hips have arthritis but no need for replacements which was great news.. The bad news was the fact my L3, L4 & L5 discs are just about non existent and need urgent attention, so now I have to see a spine specialist or neurosurgeon.. I have another dose of injections tomorrow so will see my doctor and ask why the hell wasn't I referred to those specialists first up.. Actually it was a woman doctor at the surgery who organised the appointment, so I gather he will she why sh
  11. I love the shallow spools, 98/100 meters of 4 lb mono, less waste, never need 250 mtr spools for trout fishing rivers..
  12. Thanks doobie, it was one of my better sessions in a river for the season that's for sure, as for my back I see the surgeon tomorrow about my hips & lower back. The L3, L4 & L5 discs are not in the best of condition.. so I'll just have to wait and see what he comes up with.. I do know both hips are supposed to be replaced, the back they were talking about removing the discs & inserting titanium rods in the spine.. I'm now sure I want to go through that at this stage..hopefully there's a better solution.. cheers Adrian
  13. Seeing as the trout season opened last Saturday & I haven't been able to go since it opened due to being laid up in bed with lower back problems I thought I'd find a video of one of my better spin sessions last April.. cheers Adrian
  14. Thanks doobie, Yes I see you're all in lock down for a week, hopefully it comes good pretty soon.. the 7th August & I'm back into it.. hopefully the rivers will have dropped down by then as they're all running high & a very cold three degrees at the moment.. cheers Adrian
  15. This trip was on the last day of March, chasing trout in my favorite tannin stream on private property, how lucky am I to have it all to myself.. Not long to go now before I'm back in a river, trout season opens on the 7th August.. cheers Adrian
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