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  1. Thanks Greg, yes very unusual, it may have been from an eel, certainly something different for sure.. cheers Adrian
  2. This trip to a small tannin stream gave up a couple of surprise size trout, something that doesn't happen all that often in small tannin waters. cheers Adrian
  3. Thanks guys, it was a long walk that's for sure, once this weather becomes more settled & the river level drops I'll certainly have another trip back there.. cheers Adrian
  4. Meppstas

    1-3 kilo rod

    It's a great lightweight rod Micky, my arms are never tired after three hours of continued casting light weight lures in the rivers.. actually the fishing video that I just put on the site is one that I used the Red Belly rod on.. cheers Adrian
  5. This was certainly one trip that I did the hard yards to get onto a few trout.. pretty long spin session in the upper Mersey River.. cheers Adrian
  6. Meppstas

    1-3 kilo rod

    I'm using the new TTR Red Belly Fast action, ultra light 7' 2 piece 1-3kg rod for trout fishing the larger rivers and found it to be a beautifully well balanced rod. Features of the Red Belly Series include premium 30T Toray carbon blanks with fast and responsive actions, Fuji Tangle Free K Guides with Alconite rings, Fuji reel seat and split hard EVA grips. Premium components, power and performance at an incredible price. Available in both 1 and 2-piece models Premium 30T Toray carbon blanks Fast and responsive actions Fuji Tangle Fre
  7. Thanks guys, It's certainly a beautiful, peaceful place to be and a good place to clear the mind, so I thought this little stream I fished in "no mans land" was worthy of sharing and this was the best way to do so. cheers Adrian
  8. This is just a nine minute musical photo slideshow video from a few trips I had to a small "no mans land" tannin stream.. I doubt anyone has ever fished this area apart from me.. Sit back and relax while you watch it & hope you get some enjoyment from it.. cheers Adrian
  9. Thanks doobie, it's a tough river to fish at any time of the season, early season is when it's at it's worst, very slippery rocky river bottom and one mistake and you're gone.. I always finish the day with a Cadbury caramelo koala or a Freddo Frog and a can of Pepsi Max.. cheers Adrian
  10. Looks like there was enough to keep you busy, a couple of nice solid fish caught too, well done.. " Wind knots " don't you just hate them. I know I do and it always seems to happen during a long cast... cheers Adrian
  11. This trip was several weeks ago when one of the larger rivers I like to fish finally dropped to a reasonably safe wading level. It wasn't easy being in the river as the flow was still quite strong and care had to be taken, it wasn't for the inexperienced angler that's for sure, even I struggled at times. cheers Adrian
  12. Thanks doobie, the trout fishing has been a little up and down like the river levels since the season opened, so it was good to get onto a few trout again. cheers Adrian..
  13. Finally my favorite small tannin stream dropped to a decent wading level, the water itself was still a cold 6 degrees & the air temperature wasn't all that much warmer. Still, it was nice to be back in a small stream again and back to peace & tranquility.. cheers Adrian.
  14. I bought a couple of these for trout fishing, they 100% cotton and wear really well.. I think they were around $37-95 ea.back when I bought them three months ago on Ebay plus it was free postage as well. There's also long sleeve permanent press shirts that are a few dollars cheaper too with free postage. These are the colours I use for trout fishing.
  15. One of the private properties that I have permission to enter and fish a small stream had a lot of damage done to it with fallen trees. The owner actually said to me the other day that I'll certainly earn every trout I catch in it this season due to the number of tree that have come down across the stream. That little stream is tough at the best of times so I'm really interested to see what I'm in for once the weather subsides and the water levels get to a safe wading height. The photo below is from March this year, that log jam was hard enough to get over. Most times I can't go around them du
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