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  1. Thanks Yorky, happy that you at back and watched it mate.. Yes, very lucky living here for sure, South Aust still has a big place in my heart though.. cheers Adrian
  2. I don't know who stocks Okuma spinning reels in Sth Aust Micky, but I found this reel to be a very reliable reel. It's not a large reel and it's light weight and very reliable,it's really not all that much bigger than a 1000 reel either. cheers Adrian The Okuma Epixor XT range delivers award-winning quality, with a family of spin reels that combine all the right features to inspire complete confidence. A solid, smooth feel and silky drag sees it suited to both lure and bait fishing, with a range of sizes to suit finesse through to medium inshore. Performance plus, stylish
  3. That's good to see you continuing to do what you love mate, keep at it as often as possible Micky.. cheers Adrian
  4. I'm a lot older too Micky that's probably why & been trout fishing for 57 years too so that helps. I used to fish (salt & fresh water) on a regular basis back when I lived in Sth Aust as well, was a member of the Henley & Grange Angling Club for several years back in the late 70's. One of my good mates back then was a top fisherman by the name of Robert Kelly, he was a top angler of both salt & freshwater fishing fishing and won many titles in Sth Aust, sadly Robert (RIP) passed away many years ago. The Mersey Rivers is a nice scenic river to fish any time throughout the trout
  5. Glad you enjoyed it Micky..
  6. This is just a short 5 minute musical photo slideshow from a few trips to the Mersey River during Autumn.. I hope you enjoy it.. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
  7. Meppstas

    P.B Trout

    That's a beautifully coloured brown trout, getting close to spawning time too so they should be pretty aggressive from now on. Good to see it released back in the river too. Yes, the majority of the rivers in Sth Aust are stocked. cheers Adrian
  8. Thanks Des, I was pretty determined to get there that's for sure, this year I'm going for 17 years in a row as Ulverstone Angling Club Champion. cheers Adrian
  9. Finally I reached the target of 500 trout that I set myself at the start of the 2022/23 trout season. Several times throughout the season I had doubts that I would get close to reaching it due to a lot of lower back problems and many days spent in bed. Thankfully the back more or less settled down and the 30 -40 injections in the lower back once a week helped to keep me out and about as did the 10-12 heat patches on my back each time I headed to a river or stream. After 2-1/2 years I've finally got a appointment to see a spine specialist on 2nd May, so hopefully I'll know where I stand after s
  10. I've had the same problem with several Daiwa reels ( Exceler, Fuego, Legalis ) and had them repaired at a tackle store in Devonport at a cost of $90-00, every one of those reels was due the bail arm not flicking back. The problem with every one of the reels was because the bail trip levers were made of a soft alloy that breaks at it's narrowest point. Even after having them repaired two of them have got the same problems again after three trips to the river while trout fishing. So those reels are now in their original boxes and that's where they're staying. The only Daiwa reel that I've never
  11. This was a great spin session on the trout in one of my favourite tannin streams.. Hope you enjoy it.. cheers Adrian
  12. The trumpeters were a pest at times when whiting fishing too, good live bait for Mulloway as well, I used them many times in and around the Port River years ago, they're a tough little fish..
  13. Thanks Yorky, he actually said the same thing, he's already planning another trip.. cheers Adrian..
  14. This trip I took young Roland with me, he's a very keen trout fisher and wanted to learn more on chasing trout in the rivers. It wasn't one the best spin sessions of the season but we did get onto a few trout. Roland enjoyed every minute of it and he picked up quite a few tips on where to find the trout in a river. Being young, it's now a matter of getting him to slow down as he bypassed several stretches of water that had trout in them. Given time he will slow down and fish those areas. cheers Adrian.
  15. This was a trip to the upper Mersey River, dull overcast conditions made for a good spin session in the river with quite a few rainbows being caught & released. cheers Adrian
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