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  1. With the larger rivers still on the high side I decided to stick to the smaller streams until things settle down, as it turned out it was a good decision too with a few nice wild brown trout being caught and released. Even though this small stream was on the high side, it was still much safer to fish it than a large fast flowing river. A photo slideshow follows the video as well.. cheers Adrian..
  2. That's one awesome write up Des, thanks for sharing it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and great photos to top it off.. cheers Adrian
  3. Yes, I haven't been on there for quite some time, too many argumentative comments on there and have been for quite some time. I have Russell Harris's email address I send him a message, I caught up with him here in Tassie a couple of years ago. He's one of the nicer members on that site.. Hopefully will be catching up with Soobz when he visits Tassie soon.. cheers Adrian..
  4. Thanks Mick, all good on that side as I've know the family for quite a few years so entering the property thankfully will stay the same.. As for the weather back there in good ol' Sth Aust I see it's been pretty cold on and off for quite some time. Hopefully it will turn around and get a little warmer over there for you sooner than later.. cheers Adrian..
  5. Hi Yorky and you're spot on mate, it is a beautiful peaceful place to fish and really helps to clear the mind. Since that trip Gary the owner who gave me permission to fish that little stream (5 years ago) that runs through his farmland sadly had a massive heart attack three days ago and passed away. I'm going to the funeral next Thursday, he was a beautiful gentle, kind person as well and will be sadly missed. cheers Adrian..
  6. This was a trip from a couple of weeks ago into the new trout season, very cold conditions it was too.. cheers Adrian..
  7. This trip goes back to the last couple of weeks of the trout season, seeing as I'm still out of action with Spinal Stenosis (something that I now have to live with) and now down and out with the flu I thought I'd slip this trout fishing video on the site.. cheers Adrian
  8. Thanks Hunter, hopefully the next season which starts on the the 5th August is just as good too... cheers Adrian
  9. This was one of my better trips during the trout season while fishing a small tannin stream close to home on private property. This video is the short version.. cheers Adrian
  10. The long 45 minute walk that was had to reach my starting point in the Mersey River was well it with a mix of brown & rainbow trout being caught & released. It also required a bit of bush bashing once I was there too.. cheers Adrian
  11. Nice job, they look pretty good too.. cheers Adrian
  12. You won't be sorry that's for sure..
  13. Thanks Kelvin, seeing a freshwater lobster is something that doesn't happen all that often now days and always great when one does come across one. Platypus are also another one that I love to see in a river/stream too, thankfully there still here in reasonable numbers for now. cheers Adrian
  14. Any time mate.. you're most welcome.. cheers Adrian
  15. This was another of my late season spin sessions in a small tannin stream & it was great to come across a freshwater lobster. They were once plentiful in the rivers/streams here in Tasmania but due to very little catch rate restrictions they became scarce in the rivers/streams. Now they are a protected species that carry a $10,000 fine if taken from a river/stream. cheers Adrian (meppstas)
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