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  1. Photo Theft

    Feel free to copy any of mine if you want to.. Even those in the photo gallery if you wish to do so.. cheers Adrian
  2. Photo Theft

    There's three of mine there, as Banga say's anyone can go on Google images and copy them off Facebook too.. If you go on Google type in brown trout images etc it will bring up heaps, the same of you type in my name too.. A lot of various site photos are on Google images.. doesn't bother me all that much.. thanks for the update on that too Booma.. cheers Adrian
  3. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    They don't bother me, had a smaller one near the front door this morning.. just let it crawl onto my hand then put it on the rose bush.. Pam wouldn't go any where near it though..
  4. Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    Came across this six inch Praying Mantis while dead heading the standard roses yesterday, came across three of them during the morning.. Good to see them too as they help clean up the aphids.. cheers Adrian
  5. A 1.6 kg KG Whiting caught in Tassie..

    I've heard the same thing too and that was from a pro fisher at Elliston some 35 yrs ago years ago when I was fishing there, he had some very large whiting which he called black whiting because they were so dark on their back. Those fish were around 3-4 pound each and were caught in deep water off Flinders Island.. He said they would only fetch half the price of what he got for 12-14 inch KGW's.. cheers Adrian
  6. Here's a photo of a 1.6 kg KGW caught here in Tassie last week, with a legal size of 35 cms and a bag limit of 5 fish per person now in place here a few around that size would be plenty any way.. There's also a limit of only 10 KGW allowed per household as well.. With more KGW being caught down here they Fisheries thought it wise to bring in these regulations because there weren't any on them before. KGW are becoming a common catch across the North & the East Coast of Tassie in the St Helens area and fish in the 50 cm - 60 cm range are quite common. cheers Adrian
  7. I'm sure you get plenty of use out of them, and fish to go with it too.. cheers Adrian
  8. Rushed out at the last minute with my fishing camera and grabbed a few photos of a very fiery sunset as the weather moves in.. Didn't have time to grab my good camera.. cheers Adrian..
  9. Well done & congratulations to AussieDave, great report & photos to go with it.... Also a big thank you the "Kidney Slapper" for his generosity in putting up a ripper of a prize pack one I'm sure will be put to good use.... cheers Adrian
  10. Here's a few early morning photos of what it's like to be on a river very early this time of year here in Tasmania.... cheers Adrian Beautiful calm and cool conditions and fresh crisp air.. Then there's the odd day when the skies open up on one.... Torrential rain with no where to hide..
  11. Well, I 'll be keeping away from the popular areas on the rivers and just sticking to a few that I know others rarely fish.. Still a lot of people do stay and camp in theHighland Lakes areas, but the rivers do get a hammering over the holiday period.. worst time of the year for me with the rivers... cheers Adrian
  12. The wearing of life jackets has been in Tasmania for several years now and there's to be an upgrade of them in 2020.. You can buy them now and they're quite flat and are very light, a lot has changed with the design of them from what they used to be.. great investment and a must in small open boats in my opinion.. http://www.mast.tas.gov.au/recreational/boating/life-jackets/ cheers Adrian
  13. Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    The lobster I don't see all that often, when I do it's usually in a small stream or creek.. The Platypus I see on just about every trip to a river..
  14. Onkastompa 12 The Video...............

    Well done to all concerned, all for great cause and a record amount raised and well supported.. Great video clip of the event too Chuck.. cheers Adrian
  15. Goolwa Cockles

    I don't know where you guys go for your cockles but here's where I used to get mine from at Goolwa.. cheers Adrian