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  1. Nice afternoon session with the son and some quality fish caught too, nice job.. cheers Adrian
  2. It's sad to hear of so many people losing their jobs around the country, thankfully in my case I'm well over the retiring age (74) and still in pretty good health apart from lower back & hips being on the poor side the rest is okay.. I'm still heading off to the rivers for a spin session as well, I never see anyone else on them at the best of times either, so yes all good down this way for now.. Let's hope there's a cure for this virus in the very near future and everything gets back on track once it's over which will take some time to do so. When that will be who knows but let's hope it's sooner than later for everyone's sake.. stay safe & well everyone... thinking of you all back there in good ol' South Australia.. cheers Adrian
  3. You can take what you need from my site album if they're of any use to you... mine are all freshwater though.. if any are okay PM me and I can email you a few at a higher definition.. cheers Adrian
  4. Here's a few photos to start off My Rivers & Fish part 4....
  5. It's a beauty isn't it, have several of them too..
  6. No worries, I'll certainly give them a workout on the trout for you.. cheers Adrian
  7. Here's a video from another spin session chasing wild trout in the upper reaches of the Meander River, it's all fast water fishing for the experience trout river fisho's.. This was another trip back another off my favorite fast waters, one I haven't fished for quite some time.. I had already fished a stretch of water some three or so kilometres downstream that was full of green algae so decided to make the move to the fast waters again..This video starts from when I entered the fast water, the conditions were good, great flow in the river and the trout were here. They were a little choosy going from one coloured Mepps spinner to another on a regular basis, even used a small unbranded minnow lure for a short time.. Every lure used on this trip caught trout.. The best fish of the day was taken on the smallest spinner a size #00 (1.5gram) Stone Fly Bug spinner, that trout went 1.04 kgs.. cheers cheers Adrian
  8. This was a late afternoon trip to the fast waters of the Meander River and a good one it was with my first double figure catch since the 10th January. A slow start to the spin session that picked up the longer it went on as the Stone Fly & March Brown Bug spinners did their job on the trout. It's amazing how a dozen heat patches on the body gets one through a solid three hours in one of the toughest stretches of water on this river.. Just love chasing trout in fast water, cast and drift up and across the river then with a slow retrieve of the Mepps spinner, a light twitch of the trout rod every so often to make the spinner blade flutter works a treat on them. Don't forget, after every third or forth trout you catch always check the treble hooks to see if they're still in good condition & also make sure they're still sharp. I always sharpen mine after the third or forth trout is caught, even when I've hooked a few and lost them I still run the small sharpening stone over them. cheers Adrian
  9. This video clip is from a few weeks ago when I headed over to the Meander River in the search of some wild brown trout.. cheers Adrian
  10. I'm like both of the above swivels.. use the silver plain snap on hard body lures and the small black snap swivel on both hard body & blade spinners.. Don't have any trouble with either of them on the hard body lures, though I only use mono line for all my fishing.. even though mainly trout now days. The swivels are great as it saves a lot of time changing lures and tying knots.. cheers Adrian
  11. This is the rig I used for beach fishing for Mulloway at Middleton, baits were strips of squid, squid heads, pilchards, small whole mullet, salmon trout & even salmon & mullets fillets because they're an oily fish.. cheers Adrian
  12. I used to often fish for mulloway at night off Middleton beach and catch a few from time to time.. check the beach out during the day to find the gutters that;s worth fishing during the night,, cheers Adrian
  13. Thanks doobie, those heat patches are the best invention yet.. trouble is sometimes I forget I have them on and after eight hours they leave burn marks on the skin.. I have a lot of 70 mm x 50 mm scars on my body from them.. when I go to have a dose of injections my Doctor just rolls his eyes back and shakes his head and says "looks like you be giving the heat pads plenty of use again" cheers Adrian