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  1. I have them as well but need to use a pair of small pointed pliers to open them because I can't get a decent grip on the small ones with my fingers.. They certainly are strong and a great clip for sure.. Cheers Adrian
  2. Thanks HB, actually I don't normally use that type of snap for the hard body lures, the reason it's on there is because I've been too slack to change it to those in the photo that I have set up on my other 10 trout rods.. the ones in the photo are what I normally have set up on the rods.. In the first lot of photos you'll notice the swivel I normally have set up, that's what I have on the other trout rods, I rotate my use of rods on a regular basis.. That snap swivel hasn't altered how the lure works.. I'm glad you noticed it, it's made me get off my a**e and change it... cheers Adrian
  3. They're great, as for the red dots I just used a pointed tooth pick to dab them on.. Sent you a PM too..
  4. BANGA'S Lures did the job again today catching three of the four trout (2 rainbows & 1 brown) caught and released.. cheers Adrian
  5. I can't believe the panic buying that goes on, as soon as there a sign of covid-19 virus all hell let's loose in the super markets. We had it on 7news here the day of the new outbreak in SA and people were buying up on toilet paper straight away, empty shelves in no time at all.. What's wrong with just doing a normal shop, I haven't heard that the virus gives you the "trots/runs" so what's with this toilet paper epidemic.. Stay safe there everyone, thinking of you all.. take care.. and let's hope they get on top of it ASAP like they did before.. cheers Adrian
  6. No doubting them at all doobie he did a great job with them, I added the small red dots to the lure, like I do with most of my trout hard body lures., Brayden even tested them before he sent them to me.. cheers Adrian
  7. I finally got around to giving one of two of Brayden's hard body lures ( 41mm 4g Brown trout pattern) a go today in the Mersey River in dull overcast conditions and very clear water.. the lure worked a treat picking up a brown & a rainbow trout in quick time.. the fishing was tough today with a low moving in, I did hook and lose two trout on it as well. They're a great action light weight lure, very impressed with it.. here's a couple of pic;'s.. cheers Adrian... The brown was the first that fell to the lure.. Then not long after a rainbow was landed..
  8. Bjorn, here's a small Australian owned business here in Northern Tasmania at Spreyton which is near Devonport that makes a variety of clothing.. I know they make school uniforms, work clothes etc.. now making COVID-19 masks as well.. site details below.. https://www.tasclothing.com.au/ cheers Adrian
  9. I use the lightweight breathable waders here in Tassie, Under my normal fishing clothes I wear merino wool thermal long johns & socks.. With the river temps being around the two degrees here early season one still feels the cold through any waders used. But for Sth Aust and the waders you have bought I sure the merino thermals should be fine throughout the Winter months.. as doobie stated, always wear a belt around your waist too.. cheers Adrian
  10. Here's a couple of photos I took while fishing in the Dasher River several days ago as a rain shower came through.. cheers Adrian.. Rainbow over the Dasher River.. The other half of the rainbow near Mt Roland at Claude Road..
  11. This is just a short video clip of a few wild browns that fell to the rainbow coloured Aglia Fluo blade spinner last week. Cold water (2.5 degrees at times) in the rivers & streams is making the fishing a little tough at the moment.. Once the weather settles and the water temps rise I'm sure the trout fishing will improve week by week.. That last fish of the day made the trip worthwhile.. cheers Adrian
  12. Great photos Southie, & yes it is a beautiful place too.. cheers Adrian
  13. Thanks Softy, certainly was great to be back in a river that;s for sure.. Not very productive, but still a good day and a relief in catching a couple on the first serious outing for the season,, cheers Adrian