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  1. Meppstas

    Couple from the Coorong

    Great photos... cheers Adrian..
  2. Meppstas

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    Barker Inlet... St Kilda side of the Island.. I've also caught Snapper there on an incoming tide at 3:00pm in the afternoon too.. cheers Adrian
  3. Meppstas

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    All I ever used for Snapper were Tommies, used to buy then whole in 5 kg lots (or what I caught) then filleted them unscaled on the way out to where I anchored & fished for them, used the heads & guts for burley.. Had plenty of success on the Snapper with just the Tommie Ruff as bait.. A good spot was sitting off the end of the main Outer Harbor breakwater as well as the second channel marker, behind Torrens Island along the edge of the outer channel in line with the channel markers also gave up good size snapper.. always fished at night for them in those areas.. I'm going back a very long time now, but there's still no reason you wont catch them there.. unless there's been some rule changes.. cheers Adrian
  4. Meppstas

    Wild brown trout in a tannin stream..

    Thanks doobie, just a shame the title wasn't chasing large browns etc... cheers Adrian
  5. Here's a six minute video I made using the video of my Canon camera a week ago, only problem is I can't get the action shots of hooking a trout with it... Still it will give you an idea of what it is like fishing a small tannin stream more so than what a photo does I suppose.. I had to put it on YouTube to get it on the site.. cheers Adrian
  6. Meppstas

    Bandsaw - Snapper Cutlets

    I used to freeze my snapper and take them to the local butcher and he cut them into cutlets for for me, all he wanted was to keep a few cutlets.. He did them at the end of the his day when he cleaned up....
  7. Meppstas

    Liena, before & after..

    Thanks lofty, the stretch of river in the third photo used to fish really well too, I here fished it twice last season and only caught five trout.. it will eventually fish much better. the only good outcome of the flood was that I can now get a lot further downstream (up to 3 kms) to what I could before the flood when it was near impossible to get through the scrub & dense foliage,,, cheers Adrian
  8. Meppstas

    Liena, before & after..

    I was up at Liena a few days ago to check the area out since they built the new bridge there after losing the old wooden bridge back in 2016.. Took a couple of photos to compare it to what is it was before the June 2016 floods.. certainly has changed and not for the better either.. will take many years to come back I feel.. though the small shrubs will come back fairly quick.. I'm really glad I take my camera with me on every trip to a river, good to look back on many areas on this river to what they were and what they are today.. plus I have photos of all the original old wood bridges that were on the Mersey before being washed away,, they're all gone and are all new concrete bridges.... cheers Adrian Before the record floods.. looking downstream.. And the view today... Looking upstream from the old bridge.. And the view from it now,, Went for a walk to take this photo of the new bridge.. I doubt this one with get washed away if we ever have another massive flood..
  9. Meppstas

    barometric pressure

    Plenty of info on that site Vogon.. really interesting for sure and I'm sure will come in handy for quite a few site members too.. thanks for sharing it.. cheers Adrian
  10. Meppstas

    A little extra on a lure....

    Have you ever purchased a lure or two, used them and caught fish on them but still felt they just needed a little extra on them.. Well it may just be me but with my trout lures I quite often think there's that little bit extra that can be done with a lure.. Not all lures, just the odd one here and there.. I have these nice little Greed Guts lures and they work well on the trout but I felt I could add that extra to them.. all I did was get a fine pointed tooth pick and dob a few little red dots on each side of the lure. Now they look like small wild brown trout & I feel much happier with them too... I have done the same with my Mepps Aglia spinners by placing some #00 black fury stickers on the wider metal blades and they had an effect straight away on the trout.. I caught more fish on them.. cheers Adrian The original Greedy Guts hard body Same lure after a minor touch up... Now I feel much better.. An old photo from back in 2016 when I started putting the black fury stickers on the Mepps Aglia blades.... This ones on a copper blade.. it did improve the catch rate with the Aglia spinners..
  11. Meppstas

    "Just the one"

    Lovely brown and well deserved.. the wind can certainly be a pain in the butt at times, well worth putting up with when you catch a fish though.. cheers Adrian..
  12. Meppstas

    Quick session

    We've actually had it fairly dry here in Sheffield so far this Winter.. hoping for some good rains over the next week or two.. 22 days left to the opening of the 2018-19 brown trout season.. Rainbow season opens about 5 weeks after the brown season opens, they spawn later than the browns.. late July & through August.. cheers Adrian
  13. Meppstas

    Quick session

    They're nice browns for sure, well done.. trout fishing has it ups and downs, they can be quite hungry this time of year too fattening up throughout the winter, should have just about finished spawning now too.. cheers Adrian
  14. Meppstas

    Pb brown

    No I'm in now living in Tasmania (since March2000) , this fish was taken on a wild bait hard body.. I only spin fish for trout.. Did try the fly fishing around 45+ yrs ago but went back to the spin fishing the rivers.. Started my trout fishing the rivers in Sth Aust 54 years ago.. South Aust is one of the hardest states to catch trout in and that's what helped make me a better trout fisho.. cheers Adrian
  15. Meppstas

    Pb brown

    Lovely fish and well done on the PB.. you'd be surprised how large trout will get to in small rivers & streams that's for sure.. cheers Adrian This little creek gave up the trout below back in 2016.. it was released back in the river after a quick photo..