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  1. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Using the manual settings every now and then Greg.. the top three were taken using the manual settings.. bottom three were auto & they're just as good.. All taken on the little fishing camera, Canon compact SX620HS.. cheers Adrian
  2. Autumn Sunsets, Sheffield,,

    Another top Autumn sunset here again tonight at Sheffield.. cheers Adrian The top three are from tonight.. And these were back on the 6th April..
  3. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Actually the more I looked at the photo the more I was sure it wasn't a Tiger Snake, I reckon maybe a Lowland Copper Head snake.. still bites too.. Tiger snakes here in Tassie are more often a dark black colour than the mainland Tigers which is why I just thought it was a Tiger..
  4. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Snakes don't bother me all that much now as I've come across quite a lot over my trout fishing years, more so when I used to fish the Finniss River in and around the Yundi area.... even stepped on a few as well from time to time too, had a tiger snake strike me on the hip here in Tassie a few years ago. That was my own fault as I was looking at the next stretch of water and not where I was walking...thankfully I always wear waders when trout fishing.. There's always something happening down here Greg..
  5. Tiger snake & a threesome..

    Got a bit of a surprise this morning while crawling through some bush to reach the river.. As I came out of the bush at the rivers edge (still on hands & knees)I came across a Tiger Snake sunning it's self. I think it got the biggest shock as it darted straight into the river and headed for the opposite river bank. Halfway across it turned around and headed back to where I was now standing in shallow water. I just stood still and watched it swim past me before it was back in shallow water next the river bank. I reckon the reason it turned around was because the water temperature was so low it new it was in trouble. Once at the river bank it just laid in the shallows with it's head out of the water while I took a couple of photos before I moved off and started fishing.. Then some three hours later when I was back at the car I came across a threesome in the grass.... cheers Adrian The snake back in the shallows.. The threesome...
  6. Wattle bird feeding..

    Spotted this Wattle bird having a feed on the nectar in one of our Banksia bushes yesterday so grabbed the small fishing camera and took a few pic's from around 30 feet away.. Didn't get the bigger Canon EOS camera out as I thought it would have flown off by the time I got it out and set up for a photo.. cheers Adrian
  7. Who's fishing over Easter?

    40 kph winds here today, I'm going nowhere at the moment... in the morning it's only 4 kph before it turns crappy again for four days of strong winds.. So hopefully will get in a river in the morning.. may try a small tannin stream close to home to see if any trout have moved into it since the 44 mms of rain we had here a few days ago.. It's that time of year when the trout should be starting to head up some of these small streams & creeks providing there's enough water flowing in them.. cheers Adrian
  8. More Fungi...

    I'm only going by what the locals here in Tassie call them.. I don't touch or wouldn't even attempt to try them, I just take photos of them, so have no idea only going on hear say..
  9. More Fungi...

    If you're not sure if it's a mushroom or a toadstool then leave it be, one way to check the difference is to scratch the top of it and if it goes yellow then it's a toadstool.. also a lot of toadstools are white underneath as well.. Here's a few magic mushrooms..
  10. More Fungi...

    Picked up a few Mushrooms in a paddock today on my walk back to the car... could have filled two bags had I wanted too, they were every where & only in the one paddock.. cheers Adrian Had a few of these for lunch today...
  11. More Fungi...

    Came across some more Fungi in a hardwood plantation today on my way back to the car... cheers Adrian
  12. 2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    The Doggies or the Power for me....
  13. A little whinge

    Spot on doobie, that's what I always do.. if & when they don't work then try something different..
  14. Autumn Fungi..

    Came across this Fungi while bush bashing my way out of the river this morning.. a little bit of Autumn Fungi as the nights get cooler down here now.. These were around the one tree, not a sign of any other fungi at all.. need some rain to kick start it.. cheers Adrian
  15. New fishing camera test..

    Rod, it is small (10 cms x 5.5 cms) and it's also powerful too and it fits perfectly inside my waterproof chest waders pocket.. I do have a Canon EOS 700D but that is a large & expensive camera, one I wont take in a river fishing... cheers Adrian No I don't go for the water resistant cameras, actually never really gave that a though either.. I've stuck with the Canon cameras as I've always had a very good untroubled run with them.. You can buy waterproof bags for them which I have for my camera.. I have my camera attached to a lanyard as well.. cheers Adrian