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🎣🎈🎈 Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up 🎈🎈🎣

Where: West Beach, gathering point to be confirmed at a later date.
When: Sunday 25th of November

Rock up during the day for a fish, you can catch up with other Strike & Hook fishos, take the boat out at the nearby ramp, grab a SH decky if you need one, fish off the beach. Congregate for a BBQ in the early evening for a feed, beverage and chin wag to top off the day.

Let us know if you can attend so we can gauge numbers. If you have any other comments, ideas, suggestions etc please feel free to post in the --> Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up topic!


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  1. Hunter69

    Nice weather !

    Good luck tomorrow Dave, im hoping for a feed of garfish tomorrow morning.
  2. Hunter69

    Nice weather !

    Hey mike, pitty no fish where landed, are you based around the st kilda area ? Probly take the boat out there in couple weeks. Have no idea of the area.
  3. Hunter69

    Nice weather !

    Nice work territory, cant beat fresh YFW
  4. Hunter69

    Nice weather !

    Winds are going to be blowing a southerly tue/wed for myself, should be protected enough at pt hughes to get out. Fingers crossed
  5. Hunter69

    Nice weather !

    What a cracker day.. stuck at work all day in the kitchen, Did anyone manage to get out for a fish?
  6. Hunter69

    The Hills

    Yes i normally have the same sort of luck and spook the fish but the water was little dirty and some good flow and managed to get behind him and present a decent cast. Thats just a simple wooly bugger ive tied with some blue flash. Probly the hottest session ive had in this location actually. And i only did half my normal run as some rain come through. Defently a bonus at this time of year with some water height. Come summer time and im on my hands and knees trying to get in range of the fish.
  7. Hunter69

    The Hills

    Decided to dust off the sage x this morning (no dust on it), and wet some flies, as the wheathers not appropriate for the boat. Probly 12 or so fish landed, alot of smaller fish that where all fun. All in great condition with fat bellys. And this 38cm horse, spotted from a high bank. Nothing better when it all goes too plan.
  8. Hunter69

    Goolwa Cockles

    No 4wd required ?
  9. Hunter69

    Goolwa Cockles

    Wouldnt mind getting down there soon for a session. Geez there expensive atm
  10. Hunter69


    Cant wait to get a feed of crabs soon. Goodluck.
  11. Hunter69

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    I assumed it was braid to mono. Yes why bother!
  12. Hunter69

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    I use it for fly fishing leaders/ bream whitting. Not the strongest leader knot but fast and effective
  13. Hunter69

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    Double uni ? If that slips, locked blood to locked blood. Id only use fg if using thick line. To prevent bulky knots rubbing rod guides and effecting my casting.
  14. Hunter69

    Carpet cleaning

    Its more of a general wash rather then removing stains. Thanks
  15. Hunter69

    Carpet cleaning

    the local diy charge in money ?