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  1. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

    Release them.
  2. Hunter69

    Smoked Tommies/Gar.

    Nice job, controlling the heat is very hard in such a small smoker. I personally highly recommend a wet brine over night as it holds moisture. But i also love it when its over done and has some jerky chew too it. Each to there own! Practice, practice..
  3. Hunter69

    webcam upgrade

    Whats the website to view theses live cams ?
  4. Hunter69

    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    What about the cable at the transom and coming over the back. Am i going to need to drill some p clamps to keep the wire in place. ? Cheers
  5. Hunter69

    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    Have tracked down the conduit just need something to keep in place. Theres nothing to ziptie it to along the side gunnal. @projoe cant find the ziplock on there site, could there be another name ? Cheers
  6. Hunter69

    Keeping sounder wires tidy

    Nice all good options there. Like the sounds of flex conduit. But it will still need to be attached somehow.
  7. Trying to keep all my wires nice and tidy, looking for some kind of clip. Any ideas folks ? Someone has mentioned p clamps. Which will require drilling. Something sticky would be ideal. But i guess after a few wet wash's the sticky will fall off. What do you do ??
  8. Hunter69

    YFW fillets

    Just try a saucepan lid that will fit in your pan. Push it hard for 5 seconds. Then let it rest on top whilst cooking. Ive been tought to cook fish 90% skin down 10% flesh down, so your not loosing moisture. Depends how fussy and anal you are i guess, Fish is fish.
  9. Hunter69

    YFW fillets

    Any decent seafood resturants use weights. Alot of fish will curl. When i cook any fish weather it be whitting or garfish il use a saucepan lid and push hard on the fish skin down. Creating contact with the skin and pan. Crispy skin. No curling.
  10. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

    Thanks bj
  11. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

  12. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

  13. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

    Thanks, i have a net and adjustable scales but for some reason there in the boat
  14. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

  15. Hunter69

    P.b Trout

    Photos too large so il have to add one at time