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  1. Hunter69


    Nice bag of flatties there des. Fished the clyde river recently at Bateman's Bay. Couldn't believe how many flathead where around. Think we landed close to 20. Bit different to back home.
  2. Beautiful location. Nice fish too
  3. Hunter69, is your Stella 8000 still for sale?




  4. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Pretty keen on fishing the Euc. Especially during the spawn run. Taking the boat so il definitely be doing some dam missions.
  5. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Moving to Wagga. Snowies 2 hr drive. So not too bad. Really keen to do some exploring
  6. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Thanks Adrian. Moving to nsw in 2 weeks. Hopefully I can start catching the next size up from these S.A Browns
  7. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Caught this brown on fly Monday. Not the longest trout but one of the thickest I've caught. Put up a great fight too. 4lb leader, stonefly nymph.
  8. Hunter69

    3lb brown

  9. Do they taste like rubbish that big? Anything over 50 / 55cm here is strong to eat. Even when bled. Not a fan personally.
  10. Nice work des. Never caught one on lure myself.
  11. Nice session there.. well done.
  12. Honestly never caught. I wouldn't mind trying for them, not a fan of eating fresh water fish but everyone rekons there great on the plate. Keen to give it a go.
  13. Mepps when I come to tassie can you take me out for a fish
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