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  1. Unreal hey. The running water. Does wonders for the mental game.
  2. 20210831_123550.mp4
  3. With weather like today, how can you not go fishing. Was able to head for the hills this morning. Wasn't really fussed if I caught anything or not, happy to be outside in some sun. Caught these two guys on a black and orange nymph. Tied half a dozen last night. Come home with two. Only using 2lb tippet. When I came across this guy, I knew for certain the hills where waking up.. Some ruff stuff. That gets the job done. Carry bunch of woolys and drys too
  4. Thanks. Just some type of fungi. Not sure of its name sorry. Probly wouldn't eat them tho.
  5. I normally wait until spring for the first trout fish. After reading @styla report, thought I'd give it a crack myself. Expecting alot of water. Forecast only 11 degrees and the odd shower. Spotted and spooked a few fish before my first. All juveniles. This guy fell to a simple grub pattern. Another sitting in the fast wash Glad I got out and had a look. will wait until it warms up a little and flow slows before I try again.
  6. My first ever launch was there. No bung!
  7. Nice, some inspiration, almost that time to wet a fly. Cheers
  8. Yeah right, that sounds easy enough. Cheers lads
  9. Anyone know how to update maps on lowarance live sounder. Seems it come with a pretty basic map/contour lines. No sd card. Built in apparently. Thanks
  10. Still here. Will put up a report when I catch a sambo from the tinny Really haven't been fishing alot. Weathers been pretty ordinary on my days off.
  11. Personally, i'd like to have a camp around Parsons, some crazy landbase reef systems there that would keep you entertained all day. Foul Bay, Stomper kgw are caught off the beach during summer time. Even Cray by snorkel You could fish the surf beach's around Inne's for Mullys and shark. Ardossan has a couple areas you can camp, Rake crabs, squid off the jetty, go floundering at night time on the flats. Spoilt for choices.
  12. Yeah plenty about, wouldnt mind looking after those bigger ones tho and taking some time to do whats best. Is there a delivery fee @David_C
  13. I should probly do the right thing and get one myself. Been feeding alot of snapper to the gulls of late.
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