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  1. Hunter69

    Biggest Mully...

    Congrats, such girth.
  2. Hunter69


    I know right.. It's funny i couldh'v sworn we where 30km from the boat ramp and the only boat out there. Yet in the photo there's 3 boats in the background. Love the deckie too, no t-shirt, bogan az.
  3. Hunter69


    Winter is amongst us. Some fishing banter is in order. 2005, 13 years old. I convince my parents to go to Broome. And somehow book a charter. $140 per person was the going rate. A great day out, landing 3 sails. 9 for the day. I send my photo into fishing world. Receiving my prize but not returning my only photo. 2018. 13 years later. I send the skipper a email. "Somewhere in July i said" He tracks back to the day in his books and sends me the other two fellow fishers details. As i knew one had a camera. A respond from Tasmania.. with full detail ov the day. Soon enough photos arived in the mail. Reunited.
  4. Hunter69

    My rod tips for night live bait session

    Used the bells alot as a kid, whitting fishing from the pt hughes boat ramp. Multiple rods layed out. Very handy
  5. Hunter69

    My rod tips for night live bait session

    Arts n Craft whilst waiting for a bite ?
  6. Hunter69

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Nice fish
  7. Hunter69

    Breeding maggots without meat

    That is seriously messed up lol. Is that mold on top ? Its like a horror clip. Good job
  8. Hunter69

    Reel Servicing

    I just had my 12 year old stella 2500 serviced for the first time. Although it hardly needed one. Still like brand new. Was sent to Shimano. $100 they charged me. Couldn't belive it.
  9. Hunter69

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Not worth it.
  10. Hunter69

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    Sid still owns it. Grant left probly 3 years ago. I think he went to seed in clare. I no longer work there.
  11. Hunter69

    Any good jerky recipes from our members?

    Looks good mate.
  12. Hunter69

    New rod

    Cheers that looks nice and lite, did you get the boat out ?
  13. Hunter69

    New rod

    Does the samaki have cork ? Nice chrome
  14. Hunter69

    New rod

    G.loomis 'pro blue' range. Has anyone tried these ?