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  1. Hunter69

    P.B Trout

    I was under the impression our fish don't have much success reproducing here. Just what I've been told.. but if they did. Wouldn't our waters have a much larger population? Some smaller clear water streams I've fished over the years seem to have the same fish every year. And no sign of any new residents/ fingerlings. Surely if they where breeding I Would have come across new fish. I'm moving to Wagga Wagga at the end of year for 3 years to support my partner whilst she finishes her veterinary degree. Getting pumped for some Snowy Mountain trout action and some murrumbidge surface encount
  2. Hunter69

    P.B Trout

    In this particular system I've caught alot of rainbows this season, which I've never caught here before. Even took one home and ate it. Brined it. Put some fine dining chef skills on it. Still tasted like shit Also I've noticed alot of baby's getting around. In schools. Between 20-50 fish in certain pools. Which is great to see. I've been told our trout eggs don't hatch here in s.a because they don't have the prop substrate (stones) to attach there eggs too.. so I assume there stocked fish. Which is great to see. Or somehow the fish have got lucky.. Thanks for all your comments. C
  3. Hunter69

    P.B Trout

    Caught this decent Brown in the hills recently. In the Mid 50's. Went all arabattic on me jumping several times. Released well. Caught on own ruff tied fly. 20230314_113820_1.mp4
  4. Maybe north of Moonta Bay there might be some seaweed mounds you can dig up and find some. We don't get the long worms that you bait in the shallows there. Just the small type under seaweed mounds. Take a shovel.
  5. Back in the day you had two options. Spider wire. Or fire line
  6. Unreal. Seen one when I was setting pots for marron on kangaroo Island on the west coast. Thanks for sharing Adrian. Very special animal.
  7. Nice. If only I knew this hack in my teens. Went through so many..
  8. Unreal hey. The running water. Does wonders for the mental game.
  9. With weather like today, how can you not go fishing. Was able to head for the hills this morning. Wasn't really fussed if I caught anything or not, happy to be outside in some sun. Caught these two guys on a black and orange nymph. Tied half a dozen last night. Come home with two. Only using 2lb tippet. When I came across this guy, I knew for certain the hills where waking up.. Some ruff stuff. That gets the job done. Carry bunch of woolys and drys too
  10. Thanks. Just some type of fungi. Not sure of its name sorry. Probly wouldn't eat them tho.
  11. I normally wait until spring for the first trout fish. After reading @styla report, thought I'd give it a crack myself. Expecting alot of water. Forecast only 11 degrees and the odd shower. Spotted and spooked a few fish before my first. All juveniles. This guy fell to a simple grub pattern. Another sitting in the fast wash Glad I got out and had a look. will wait until it warms up a little and flow slows before I try again.
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