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  1. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Pretty keen on fishing the Euc. Especially during the spawn run. Taking the boat so il definitely be doing some dam missions.
  2. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Moving to Wagga. Snowies 2 hr drive. So not too bad. Really keen to do some exploring
  3. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Thanks Adrian. Moving to nsw in 2 weeks. Hopefully I can start catching the next size up from these S.A Browns
  4. Hunter69

    3lb brown

    Caught this brown on fly Monday. Not the longest trout but one of the thickest I've caught. Put up a great fight too. 4lb leader, stonefly nymph.
  5. Hunter69

    3lb brown

  6. Do they taste like rubbish that big? Anything over 50 / 55cm here is strong to eat. Even when bled. Not a fan personally.
  7. Nice work des. Never caught one on lure myself.
  8. Nice session there.. well done.
  9. Honestly never caught. I wouldn't mind trying for them, not a fan of eating fresh water fish but everyone rekons there great on the plate. Keen to give it a go.
  10. Mepps when I come to tassie can you take me out for a fish
  11. Hunter69

    Cod On Fly

    I was chasing trout recently, I tied a few ruff wooly buggers the night before. Free style.. and pretty happy with them too.. I also Tied on a brand new 4lb leader. About 12 cast into my session, I felt a real heavy weight load up on my 5 weight Fly Rod. "Wow that's a big trout". It sat on the bottom and held my there about 5 minutes. It was an impossible trying to turn its head. It finally turned, it came too the surface. F+++ me !. It's not a trout.. then there was several heavy runs. A 10 minute battle in the end. I finally got it to surface. I grabbed my trout net off my back. Took o
  12. Hunter69

    P.B Trout

    I was under the impression our fish don't have much success reproducing here. Just what I've been told.. but if they did. Wouldn't our waters have a much larger population? Some smaller clear water streams I've fished over the years seem to have the same fish every year. And no sign of any new residents/ fingerlings. Surely if they where breeding I Would have come across new fish. I'm moving to Wagga Wagga at the end of year for 3 years to support my partner whilst she finishes her veterinary degree. Getting pumped for some Snowy Mountain trout action and some murrumbidge surface encount
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