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  1. More of a relationship. Na i already have the pe5 and like it. want the pe4. Samaki's are great rods. Probly better value aswel.
  2. Cheers lofty. Ray has old models. Will try T.D
  3. Hi, can anyway help out, trying to find a light Shimano type j Rod. Finding it extremely difficult. Cheers Hunter.
  4. Nitro squid - does it catch fish. Great idea tho.
  5. Bait vendor machine? That's simply awesome !
  6. Pretty cool. Youd hope thats salt water
  7. Plenty down the bottom end.
  8. Ive never noticed it either. Could it be bruising from the bottom when there thrashing in shallow water. Or something similar.
  9. Beaut colours on this guy A midge hatch around lunch time, must of been why they where so active today
  10. shout out to @AquaticResearch1 for the motivation from his previous post. Went up to the hills this morning to find plenty of small trout about.