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  1. Tonka

    waist bucket for fly line when surf fishing

    Hi guys, I bought one of the William Joseph belts (same as the one pictured above) probably 3 years ago and it has come in handy. I wouldn't head out without one now. I got it from the U.S., possibly an ebay store, but with shipping to Aus it was more like $65-$70 aus, but it did get here very quickly. The mesh bag rolls up into the belt and completely hides till you need it. If I knew about the Thomas training step option for $5, I think I might have given that a go first. I like that
  2. Tonka

    Jetty Congestion

    Maybe the Honourable Law-Makers should look at rushing in new laws controlling the size of nets off metro jetties ??To something more appropriate ?? :whistle: That amount of nets does sound a bit overboard to me.. At least set a sensible limit.
  3. Tonka

    Best place to catch a carp?

    MickSA, if you're down south, the Fountain Valley? lake/pond is just on Sth Rd too, just at the Woodcroft turnoff..Been quite a few reports of carp etc from there.... No blind mullet though.. :whistle:
  4. Tonka

    Importing Knives

    Yes agree with all of the above.So long as they are legal here you won't have any problems, and all the info is on Customs website.A guy at work bought a nice big knife from the US but it was confiscated by customs and all he got was a letter in the mail. Double-edged blade.. No cash refund either! :whistle:
  5. Tonka

    Warning to all Fly Tiers & Fly Fishers!

    Thanks for the 'heads-up'..Might tie some into my beard for that 'Rock Star look'..and the rest to the ammo safe now.. :dry:
  6. Tonka

    Prefered Purchased Bait

    Whitebait when I go bait fishing for bream, but I salt a few packs down too and pack in glad bags for outings. Seem to stay on the hook better for me, and you can get a few taps before checking.
  7. Tonka

    Older Daiwa Reel parts needed

    That Mikes Reel Repair is interesting..Locate your model, open the pdf, find the part number you're after and search the site for that part number..Tells you if the parts are available and who has them o/seas.Nice work..
  8. Tonka

    Older Daiwa Reel parts needed

    Top reels, and if anyone knew of spares for them it would be Rob.Sometimes a used one will pop up on ebay with a few cosmetic scratches from heaps of use.I'm a 'box hoarder' forever, keep boxes from everything, always have.So after reading this post, I went hunting and sure enough, my 6HM box is still around LOL.Purchased May '87 scribbled on the top! 24yrs sheesh! Here it is, complete with manuals, some all-in-one tool, reel oil and a small bag of couple drag washers, couple screws and couple centrifical brakes..Good luck and hope the 'ol girl gets a new lease of life soon..
  9. Tonka

    YFW on fly?

    Good luck BB!It's not uncommon either for the salmon trout to be hanging around that bend marked on the map either when they are around.. And they have a go at just about anything.
  10. Tonka

    favourite braid

    Good topic! Just considering the switch to braid now for bream etc, and was talking about different brands last night, so I'll be keeping an eye on this thread.Cheers!
  11. Tonka

    YFW on fly?

    Hi Goldy, I picked them up from a mob in Tassie sorry to say. Trout Flies Australia
  12. Tonka

    YFW on fly?

    Hi BB, I did have one fun afternoon down there on fly a couple years ago and haven't been back for some reason. You just reminded me.This spot up from the walk bridge was good on an incoming tide, and the fish seemed to be coming in with the water.None were legal, but the bigger ones have to be close by I guess.Wading up to the knees, you could see 4 or 5 fish fighting to get the fly first and resulted in quite a few hookups. I just threw these two small flies on and they worked on the day.. Still have to try these worm imitations out down there, and holidays coming up soon so I might have to give it a go.. Good luck..
  13. Tonka

    minature size 20# flies i made for trout

    Yes, top results there once again John ! The glues barely dry and your out terrorising the Trout population.Good work and a pat on the back for some winning flies, it makes it that much better tying them yourself and fooling the prey.Keep em coming!
  14. Tonka

    minature size 20# flies i made for trout

    Wow, nice tying there JW. They look the goods and I'm sure some of the local trout population will get sucked in too!My old eyes couldn't focus on a #20 hook.. even with my Magoo glasses!
  15. Tonka

    Cockle Measuring Device

    If you ever get down Port Adelaide way, just over Birkenhead bridge and to the right, was a large building and the fisheries used to be there.I got told to get crab measures there years ago, and the lady was more than helpful, offering cray and abalone measures as well.. for free!Just grabbed 2 crab measures, for myself and a mate..Give tham a call first..2 Victoria RoadBirkenheadPhone: 08 8204 1380good luck..