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  1. Wild Guess time .. Panko Crumbs Bran and Pollard Corn Curry Powder Pilchard Oil Aniseed Oil SF
  2. SaltyFlyer

    Aus/SA Abu Garcia reel parts suppliers

    Is this your Model Reel ?? IPB Cardinal 653 SF
  3. SaltyFlyer

    Vapour trail, has the pilot lost his bearings...

    Maybe burning or dumping fuel .... ??????? SF
  4. SaltyFlyer

    OZ Fish TV and fishing line

    Not "New on the Market" ..... 2015 1st release ... SSP Line Black Magic SF
  5. SaltyFlyer

    Large 6" Praying Mantis..

    Great Picture Meppstas Amazing Creatures !!!! SF
  6. SaltyFlyer

    Greasing bearings on new reels

    Just think Knackers, if you tied decent knots, you would NOT have seen this ....... SF
  7. SaltyFlyer

    Snapper Opening 2017

    Very well put together video samboman !! Loved the ACTION.... A few boats in tight, in the last few seconds of the video ... Must have been a little Chaotic ? ? ? SF
  8. SaltyFlyer

    Australia's shark attack hotspots (map)

    Here is something that might fascinate a few .... Have a good look at this site ... Even some Australian ones' amongst them all ...... Shark Tracking SF
  9. SaltyFlyer

    How to cheat at Crabbing :)

    Do we have a link to these little contraptions .... Look very portable, and the picture on the hand held unit looked very clear !!! As brutus said, not only good for crabs, whiting, and i would say, snapper as well ...... !! Nice little video guys SF
  10. SaltyFlyer

    Who is heading out tomorrow ?

    Been watching the Ramp Cams this morning from very early this morning Been a very steady flow of boats out from Nth Haven O'Sullies Ramp Cam is Out of Action ..... West Beach is blurry to say the least, but not a lot has left from there, as compared to Nth Haven Looks like a LOT of People, taking a "Sickie" today ..... LOL SF
  11. Always have to laugh, how the Media hypes up SHARKS !!!! Imagine if Spiders lived in the Ocean .... No one would go swimming !!!! LOL SF
  12. SaltyFlyer

    Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Adrian, just goes to show you just how PRISTINE your waterways are !!! Just love your photography !!! I am still waiting for the release of your "Coffee Table Book" Thanks SF
  13. SaltyFlyer

    Odd find at Largs beach

    VERY TASTY Critters !!! The Tails are very nice , very nice eating, just like crayfish, but just not a lot to go around, so a few more would do nicely .... SF
  14. SaltyFlyer

    Salt Water Storage for Cooking Crabs

    Usually best 2 days maximum, stored in a cool place .... no longer ... Should try and keep a note on the boat / even a sticker ..... "Remember the Salt water " .... SF
  15. SaltyFlyer

    Some days it pays to go to work

    Well Done POOPS!!! Nice when you can SCORE great tackle like that for FREE .... That is going to look very nice on the boat now .... All you need to do now, is scales and ink all over the grips ... SF