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  1. One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Thought you might be off to the IPL Sachin! good luck in your new position
  2. Collapsible/Travel landing net

    I use this for Squid from the boat. Extends to 2.4M and folds on it's self. $40 I think from Anaconda but I buy when they have the half price Mikijo sales.
  3. Some days it pays to go to work

  4. Some days it pays to go to work

    With the new laws in place for PFD's I had a browse through the suppliers "rewards" and found this. Cost me $0.00, no need for govt. voucher exchange and didn't leave the office. 3 clicks on the mouse and 2 days later delivered to my desk. Would have used as the Squid Queens birthday present but she works in the same building
  5. 2018 Footy Tipping Comp

    thanx snapperhead
  6. 2018 Footy Tipping Comp

  7. CRC Tackle Guard Part 2

  8. It appears we have another quality guy as a sponsor Pity we have a company mechanic, a mate and 2 brother in laws who are all mechanics.
  9. Who is heading out tomorrow ?

    ppppfffftttt work
  10. For only the second time in 13 years the company has decided to close for 2 weeks starting on the 22nd. Refuse to play tourist in peak times as I don't like people! Plan is Squid, KGW and Crabs local in close. Also hoping to try this metro beach malarky??
  11. I don't mind either way but am really fed up with this "nanny" state. Make new laws so they can introduce more fines. I believe the boat length will go on what the rego papers say but my makers length and the rego length are different, 4.55 or 4.69? I know I am under but what about others??????
  12. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    geez for a minute there I thought it was your scorecard - 762 MILFS glasses now firmly on my nose
  13. Black squid jigs working well..

    I have one which after 3 casts nothing so swapped to others. I usually do this till I hook up then throw a similar one to what works under a float on a hand line and swap when it goes quiet again. Must try the black again (if the wind ever stops).
  14. thanks Bjorn. yep seen it and voted. Second time I have voted for something in the last 4 weeks. Voted yes to ban but will keep my other vote to myself
  15. Some days it pays to go to work

    in the last 12 months picked up a GoPro, Dyson stick vac (for her) and now these. Promo goes for another 12 months. Will be browsing through prize list this arvo