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  1. Black squid jigs working well..

    I have one which after 3 casts nothing so swapped to others. I usually do this till I hook up then throw a similar one to what works under a float on a hand line and swap when it goes quiet again. Must try the black again (if the wind ever stops).
  2. thanks Bjorn. yep seen it and voted. Second time I have voted for something in the last 4 weeks. Voted yes to ban but will keep my other vote to myself
  3. Some days it pays to go to work

    in the last 12 months picked up a GoPro, Dyson stick vac (for her) and now these. Promo goes for another 12 months. Will be browsing through prize list this arvo
  4. Some days it pays to go to work

    Have to love suppliers that reward you. "pick something from this list" they said. - SCORE!
  5. HELP me Pickling Scallops

    We got heaps of big Razor fish when helping my mate on his Oyster lease over at Smokey bay ,he got me to soak the razor fish hearts in tank water overnight , they double in size , then after sitting in salt water for an hour or 2 , then do the pickling . YUMMO Yep soak in rain water, old trick used by some when selling in jars in pubs in Port Augusta when I was much younger.
  6. HELP me Pickling Scallops

    Sorry Panga I can't help with the Scallop question but, Could not agree more. Complement flavours when cooking or preparing food not destroy them. @Panga, may as well cut circles out of stingray flaps and pickle them. we pickle what is left after pigging out on the ones we freshly caught. Might try freezing? instead? as for destroying the delicate and sweet crabs, I can't understand why people smother their food in things like chili and garlic, disgusting! Sorry, my opinion only
  7. Bloodworms for Bloodworm

    bloody work!
  8. As Twain said "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated" but I can tell you I thought I was a gonna. Thanx to my family for quick action (Nick rang 911), the SA Ambo's and amazing staff at the QEH. Severe anaphalactic reaction to unknown source saw me soaking wet, unable to take a normal breath, swollen limbs, blurred vision and red rash all over. Very low blood pressure and erratic pulse saw me in hospital overnight. Drips in both arms and multiple adrenaline shots to stabilize and I am now home. I was sure I was having a stroke but have been assured that is not the case and heart & lungs are fine. Off tomorrow for testing and now have an Epipen as a constant companion. Thanx to all well wishers and again my family, I should be fishing again soon.
  9. Poppa we only need to talk and share our adventures. We have met before on the wet stuff. Always want to fish with others that, lke yourself that have input to the site mate. you have me intrigued sir. Or confused, but age and alcohol does that to me I'm afraid
  10. great to have good sponsors! look forward to your reports from up north Panga and needing a crew for Yorkes fishing? hhmmmmm wish we were better aquainted
  11. Excuse me for butting in on your thread but I am hoping to have my first real go at this soft plastic malarkey soon. I was thinking of using similar to the picture below as I already have them, thoughts? Also being fairly new to braid (and lazy) I generally have a swivel tied to the main line then clip a length of mono paternoster rigged. I thought a length of mono to the clip below and on to the SP would work??? Please don't try and teach me one of those ridiculous knots where you need 3 hands, wrap it round your big toes and need the dexterity of a contortionist to tie it thinking about wandering around West Lakes or Snowdens Saturday??
  12. Who's having a flick over the weekend?

    wimp I will take that as good humour.........I think? But when you are waiting on a knee replacement, have 2 bulging discs and had inflamed bursars in both shoulders well ya gotta be a little cautious
  13. Who's having a flick over the weekend?

    sick wife Friday/Saturday saw me doing home duties. Was gunna flick Snowdens today but after bragging my shoulder injury has almost fully repaired itself I woke up to shooting pains down my arm this morning. No fishing report here