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  1. Tinker

    Some days it pays to go to work

    Yeah, saw this being advertised in my local. Get on it folks....too good to be true.
  2. First I need to replace my car that hit a big koala and died a noble death.......RIP Mondeo. Then up the river with a mate to target natives and set up for January 1st when we will be targeting cod. Wouldn't mind getting a few days in up the Warren where the silvers and callop they stocked are reaching 30cm and over and hopefully be one of the first to land a stocked cod. Just really looking forward to some time off work more than anything.....and a new car.
  3. Tinker

    Tasmanian freshwater lobster & Platypus...

    Tasmanian Freshwater Crayfish are the worlds biggest, growing above 5kgs. Might put one in Softy's swag when he is not looking. Adrian, you might want to get waders with steel caps....
  4. Tinker

    something fishy in West lakes

    They sure won't be hungry. Has anybody actually caught a 1m carp in Australia yet? It has to happen eventually.
  5. Tinker

    New Artificial Reef at West Lakes

    I'm staying focussed on the positive impact this will have on attracting fish to the areas they have been placed. I target bream in WL, and I can see this structure having a huge effect on attracting them. Also see the increased numbers of salmon and mulloway interested in feeding on the smaller species. Does it really matter what the ARs are made of, as long as it works? We need many more spread around the lake.
  6. Tinker

    Great Christmas Eve sunset at Sheffield..

    Awesome photo mate. Hope you have Merry Xmas and happy and healthy New Year Adrian.
  7. Tinker

    Advice for ticking a few off my list

    Chicken breast fillets chopped into tiny strips are the ducks nuts on hungry bream. Works great in the Port, West Lakes and the Pat. Sometimes the hardest part is just finding out where the bream are. Also worth a look is live bloodworms, freshly dug on a low tide below .20m. Easily the best bait going in SA for bigger bream. Crack of dawn or late arvo best times, coinciding high tides the better. Not really an expert on the other species you are chasing though.
  8. Tinker

    OnkaStompa 11 2016

    Would be the bomb if Underpants can bring some of his bonza bbq sauce. Gonna be an early start for us northern folks.
  9. Tinker

    BBQ sauce

    Me being me, I would leave the chipotles in, but maybe puree in a blender. Or maybe even try a Carolina Reaper or two in the recipe. Will be swearing in 11 different languages the next day.
  10. Not a very good cook, but with a 7am start, I reckon I will need a snag or three by about 10ish. And if the fishing isn't great, you might not get rid of me.....
  11. Tinker

    WTB: Flies for bream, carp, redfin etc.

    Battle scarred specimen that one. What was your fly mate?
  12. Tinker

    WTB: Flies for bream, carp, redfin etc.

    Getting my fly rod spooled up as we speak. Expect my first catch to be my ear or my hat, depending on wind. Seriously though, my first target will be carp, then I will attempt something in the salt. Not sure what saltwater species I would target, but I will stay tuned to your reports to get some direction.
  13. Tinker

    OnkaStompa 11 2016

    I say somebody drags Softy to this event. He never fishes, and you never know, he might win it! Then we can put him back in hibernation.
  14. Tinker

    Where to take the young fella LB?

    Snowdens Beach, near the rock breakwall into the marina. If he gets bored catching fish, he can build sandcastles. And there are toilets nearby.
  15. Tinker

    OnkaStompa 11 2016

    One of my mates is dead keen on this, so I will be joining in the fun. Only fished the Onk a few times, and learning the way of things there, so doubt I will win any prizes for biggest fish. Having said that, the more you fish, the more you catch, and sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. Looking forward to it.