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  1. Shitty mate or proper name trumpeter last thing u wanna catch unless u want crab bait
  2. Waste of time fishing there the speed limits arnt worth the hassle
  3. Rui in bright pink has been my go to always get em
  4. Thanks a lot guys I'm going to have a little ok at it and take it to a shop thanks
  5. Hey just wondering I have a shimano nano travel rod and its graphite and has the tip snapped is there anyone who knows who can fix it and if you can fix it and how much please havnt even got a fish on it yet
  6. Ahhh that's all good then I just noticed it and it just looks out of place But yes we have some trendy rods hhaha Thanks a lot guys
  7. Thanks guys this is it it just looks funny to me
  8. I have just got a nano quick fire 904 sp and as it looks my eyelet is around the wrong way or is it meant to be diffrent How do you add photos from your phone aswell or I could try do message them to you
  9. I've got a 47 cm flathead on a strip of carrot
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