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  1. David_C

    Rowey's Fishing Show

    Had the privilege of being interviewed this morning as part of Rowey's Fishing Show Great bloke and a really good team - not sure how i went though, as was hell nervous! If anyone is awake at 5.30am tomorrow morning, tune in to 5AA to hear it, as there will be a prize or two available David
  2. David_C

    Reel Servicing

    I've been using Rob for a couple of decades - he is cheap and does a great job. Also good for a chat (don't go if you are in a rush)
  3. Looks like gold For my burley mix, i use 2 cans of cat foot (sardine and pilchard), breadcrumbs, tuna oil and water.
  4. David_C

    Buying live worms?

    Low tide is best but really depends on the area. I get them around outer harbour but have heard of people getting them around somerton park (south). They do work well metro but spots are kept as secret as possible, as they can be overfished very easily
  5. David_C

    Buying live worms?

    I would suggest Brighton Tackle and Bait or Fishing Wholesalers. I've tried beach worming but have onky got a couple in a few hours. In the same time, my mate will get 50+ - he doesn't miss many worms he targets. I used to get tube worms near the subbase but haven't been there for around a decade! Seaweed worms can be plentiful but normally only look for them on yorkes. The other option you have is to get a good quality bait pump and get some nippers. Fish love them and they are plentiful if you keep your eye out for their holes
  6. Hi all If you are one of the lucky ones to be holidaying on Yorkes at the moment or are one of the even luckier ones who permanently live on Yorkes, come and say hello to me and my wife at the Kadina Markets on January 19th. I will have most of my range of sinkers available and will also be taking pre-orders. I will also be doing a special price on the sinkers for the market as well This is a new experience for me and if this is successful, we may be doing a few more markets on yorkes as well. Just hope that the weather plays ball, as I may be taking the fishing roads, for a sneaky fish on the way home David
  7. David_C

    Nice weather !

    Couldn't get out this weekend but hoping to get out next weekend (free weekend for once)!
  8. Hi David,

    I would love to take the opportunity to grab 3kilo worth of your sinkers.

    10x 30g

    24x 45g

    27x 60g

    I can come pick them up at Woodville West today after work if that suits?


  9. David_C

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    Hi Blanikman My favourite baits are squid heads or fillets of salmon and for the ruggers, pillies
  10. David_C

    Snapper fishing lessons - worth it?

    Hey mate I have found the snapper in metro adelaide a bit slow in the last few years but they are still around - just in smaller numbers. I suggest joining a fishing club (I'm part of the NDSFC), as you get a lot of help and can tap into some unreal knowledge (and if you are lucky, some closely guarded marks). There are also guys who do fishing tuition, such as Brad Corrie and John Winslet (ex charter operator), who are also also brilliant and have their fingers on the pulse of the local scene. The link you send seems to be quite old and dated... David
  11. David_C

    Goolwa Cockles

    I've got a SUV and I normally head between 5 to 7 kms down the beach. You can just seem them rolling in the surf and there is no pressure from others. With the smaller limits though, you can definitely get them in good numbers without taking the car. David
  12. David_C

    Goolwa Cockles

    I'll be going when it opens, as I have run out of them in the freezer. Glad I have the cockle rakes - makes the process so much quicker and easier David
  13. David_C

    Goolwa Cockles

    Bit more than that. Doesn’t open until 1 November
  14. David_C


    Crab nets can be picked up cheaply as the others have said. I used the big heavy duty ones, as some areas i fish have a current. These are more expensive but when we go to ards, you can sometimes get 4 - 6 big ones at a time! The only downside is my little one can't pull them up. Can't wait to get out and start getting them David
  15. David_C

    C sinkers

    We have someone at the club who will be able to help with this David