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  1. Not sure. Some people from the club believe this relates to the previous change that happened months ago - but this was only released late this afternoon. So not sure
  2. Hi all We don't seem to have a MRFAC tab, so have just put this under general. Just received a PDF copy of a media release, given to us from the ANSA president about an hour ago, sent to our fishing club EDDIE HUGHES MP Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Wednesday, 1 April 2020 More resignations as Whetstone’s fishing council sinks There have been multiple resignations from the Marshall Government’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council. The Opposition has been told that four Council members have resigned from the Council, which is the responsibility of Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Tim Whetstone. The members who have resigned represented a range of fishing organisations including RecFish SA, South Australian Fishing Alliance and FishinSA. Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Development Giles Eddie Hughes The startling number of resignations proves once again that the Minister’s Recreational Fishing Advisory Council has been a complete failure. When the Minister created his own hand-picked Council he undermined the importance of having an independent recreational fishing voice in SA. The establishment of the Council is just one of many bungles in the fisheries portfolio. The state-wide ban of snapper has also created great financial hardship and stress. It is clear the Minister is out of touch when it comes to both recreational and commercial fishing in South Australia. HUGHES - whetstone's fishing council sinks.pdf
  3. David_C

    tuna oil

    Have any of you guys seen the nitro burley mix from how's ya tackle? I picked up a bag of it and will give it a try on the weekend. Apparently it's full of stimulants and pheromones and when it goes in the water, releases a green substance so you can see where your burley is going. I'm not sure if it's just a gimic or really works - will test it over a couple of sessions If it doesn't do the job, i'll add some tuna oil to the mix
  4. David_C

    tuna oil

    Yes, they are still there - i see his sign up all the time around there. Never bought any from him - i stocked up on a lot before the dorsalfin shut down a couple of years ago.Although may need some later in the year!
  5. There are definitely a few different designs out there!
  6. Brilliant idea I make a lot of burley pots and have a lot of customers who want one that opens up at the bottom. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get it to work, as the design I want to use has a two kilo base but will have another play around during the Christmas break David
  7. We won't really know how the laws will be implemented by the fisheries officers - but I'm sure we'll have a few test cases until it is settled. A spot that we have, you also get mulloway and snapper - but the mullies will only touch a live bait. If you use dead bait, you pick up the snapper! But to have kings in that mix - god that sounds like an amazing spot David
  8. Crazy but i have to attend a birthday party that starts at 2pm! He can't stand footy - will be interesting to see how many people attend! I for one will be streaming some of the game on my phone Not that i support either team but still an important game
  9. With rods, I generally stay with the bigger brands and don't spend more than $100. With reels, I also stick with brands - particularly in the bigger models that have a bait runner function. With the smaller ones, I also stick with a brand but try to get them as cheap as possible. I used to get them from the states but with the dollar the way it is, not worth it anymore. Given this, I normally wait for the big sales (such as complete angler) and when they have them running out (normally between $20 and $30), I'll buy a dozen of them. Yes, they might only last a few seasons before dying but them throw it out and open another box Chasing smaller fish, it doesn't matter that they have limited ball bearings and also doesn't matter if the little one breaks it! BUT in relation to terminal tackle, I generally go for the better branded hooks (diachi and black magic), swivels (black magic) and fishing line (maxima). I tried some of the cheapie tackle and have been let down a few times when a bigger fish takes it, so don't take the risk anymore. I also generally don't reuse my terminal tackle, so again, buy them in bulk when on sale Fishing can be as cheap or as expensive as the wife allows.... David
  10. Well done to everyone who entered I think next time, i'll do ball sinkers to make it harder
  11. Savage, yes, only have a Facebook page at the moment but every strikehook member is eligible to have a go. There continues to be some close guesses but no cigar yet. Keep on trying guys
  12. Sorry Don, that guess has already been taken. Next time we catch up, i'll give you one of the new abs splat stubbie holders as a participation prize Keep guessing guys
  13. Yep, a few close guesses, except for Don Should no one win it before Bjorn gives the go ahead for the next round of guesses, he may need to add a number range.