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  1. I have weights up to 4.5 kilos - but suggest starting with smaller increments Or just ask your doctor for some medication....
  2. It's interesting. Normally between the Easter and October long weekends, I normally go through about 200 kilos of lead over that period, then picks up again for the summer period. I was expecting no sales due to cover but instead, it's been like the Christmas period every month - averaging 450 kilos a month, with my biggest month being 700 kilos!! It's been amazing and the good thing is that as everyone is struggling to send lead overseas, I'm able to pick it up quite easily It's been great that our local tackleshops have been so busy though - fishing tackle must have been on the same shopping list as toilet paper
  3. Contact South Oz rods. Rob often gets them in. He loves them but I prefer the standard design
  4. I've been using cloth jigs for as long as I can remember. I've tried a number of weird and wonderful ones but many of those unusual ones have ended in the bin when doing big clean outs. One that I found recently was a clear yellow yamashita. Caught most of the squid on the first day at Wallaroo but nothing on the second day. With this colour, apparently they were on run out as they weren't a popular colour, so ended up buying six of them - just in case
  5. Now that all the main bloodworm runs are done and we are having some weather to stir up the water, the local scene will fire up again
  6. It's under the how's ya tackle brand. Boyd designed it over a few years to perfect it
  7. Haven't used the nitro squid but the nitro burley definitely works well
  8. I personally don't support catch and release from deeper water but people do it. In my discussions with PIRSA, the quicker the fish get to the bottom, the better for the fish. At the moment, my heaviest is a 48oz but I'm hoping to create something around 3 kilos - although I'm not sure people would be happy to pay the price for that type of weight. I would say my most popular size is 24oz unfortunately, as many people just want to meet the regulations, rather than do the best thing for the fish. David
  9. They based it on recapture records when they were trialling them. But they have to be used correctly (i.e. don't puncture the bloated stomach when putting it into the jaw (as per the video). I have been selling quite a few of them locally and just sent 50 of them to QLD earlier in the week
  10. Only 11 whiting today - caught in a 30 min burst and then spent a couple of hours without adding to the tally. At least there is always tomorrow
  11. Just fishing local - a session planned for each day, wife permitting Whiting have been in good sizes /numbers but given it will be busy on the water, will use this time to explore other spots, so not to give away where I normally go. Also hoping that the water has cleared, as we have no squid in the freezer! Very excited
  12. Release Weights - they are a requirement when targeting snapper in South Australia and in other jurisdictions but do you know why and how they are used? Daniel Waye from The Fishing Guru has teamed up with Graham Keegan from MRFAC to explain them in the youtube video below.
  13. Agreed - but David Yates retired in December following his stroke. I do miss having some good chats with him as well - but he seems to be recovering really well I definitely support that tackleshops that support my business as well and I also appreciate the support that I get from the general public. David
  14. I just dry in newspaper until they start to bleed, then straight into bags and the freezer. When I defrost, I just put some paper towel in the bag to ensure they don't go soggy - works a treat
  15. I normally wait for Rob from South Oz rods to confirm the dates, as he is the worm whisperer! The June run is normally slow - we normally do July or August.