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  1. Hi all Just came back from our first SA Trailer Boat Club (SATBC) meeting since the beginning of last year!! Due to restrictions, we were capped at 75 and everyone was excited to see things slowly returning to normal. As part of the meeting, they announced a number of people had decided not to renew their memberships this year and everyone on the waiting list would be offered a spot! That is unheard of - I reckon I was on the waiting list for 2 years before finally getting in. For anyone interested in joining, SATBC is based at outer harbor next to the Royal Yacht Squadron, and is a private ramp. It only costs $170 a year (noting that is a one off joining fee and a deposit for the key on top of this) but is the best thing we've done. The busiest I've seen it is about 15 trailers in the car park - and this is when north haven is full!! If anyone is interested, let me know and I can flick you the form. Obviously everyone at the meeting was told the same, so numbers may build up very quickly. David
  2. Heard the the entrance is deeply rutted. Will be interesting to see how the rav goes!
  3. Most people are going around 7 to 9 kms down the beach to find them in good numbers. Closer they seem to be a lot smaller. We are going on Monday
  4. One great caravan parks that we are staying in Feb is corny point caravan park. Has great facilities and lots of land based options everywhere! You can do beach, rock, surf or jetty fishing all within easy reach. And the best thing is that as it's hard to launch there, it doesn't seem to be as busy as other places on yorkes. The caravan park owner does launch/retrieve via tractor David
  5. It also happens at Christmas and Easter - when everything is closed for one day. People are crazy!!
  6. True but last time we waited and couldn't get the basics (milk, bread, eggs and meat) - so wasn't going to risk it this time
  7. As they were doing the press release and mentioned the lockdown, I quickly ducked to aldi to top up, as we couldn't do our normal shop on the weekend. By the time I hit the checkouts, they have them all opened and had queue's out the door!! Even where I park, which is miles away from the shops was full and people waiting for my park. Absolutely crazy!!
  8. I remember using some about 20 years ago on a trip to venus bay. Lost trevally after trevally, so threw it out and went back to my maxima line. No lost fish after that (same 6 pound line class). Not sure if I had to use different knots or not but since that experience, haven't gone back. Fish with a lot of people who use all different lines, including fluro but my catch rates are compatible. I also change over my line annually Except braid - had that for 5 years and it's still going strong!
  9. If you look on the ANSA site, there are a couple of dozen fishing clubs here in SA - I couldn't tell you which ones are more land based than others though. Good luck David
  10. Some of the fishing clubs are landbsed and would be a great resource. Our club (NDSFC) is more boat based - we do the occasional land based event but find it is normally poorly attended. Although in saying that, we are going to try a coorong trip. Will be boat based but will be camping in the dunes :)
  11. It's definitely interesting but these are only based on recapture rates - so the survival rates may be higher. We just don't know. For me, the way the fish is released makes all the difference. Unfortunately there are some fishoes who don't give a damn and sadly, many of these fish are unlikely to survive. How the fish is netted, how it is held, how long it's out of the water - makes a significant difference. I've seen some people gaff fish they are going to release - what the heck!
  12. Hunter, they are absolutely everywhere, so we keep having to move to get away from them (this is metro).
  13. The closest place to you that stocks me is at noosa. I don't advertise to businesses anymore - it's now all word of mouth and keeps expanding! PIRSA were very strong about venting being an issue and asked me to make these for the SA Market. Mine are based on an existing design but with a thinner wire gauge. With snapper, we put it into the corner of the top jaw - this is the safest place to put it without potentially puncturing the swim bladder - if expanded. PIRSA were going to do a campaign but then the snapper ban came in, so it never got done. So Dan from The Fishing Guru organised a very informative video on the matter Heaps of people make their own and eventually, they are likely to be required on all boats, given the amount of snapper around (based on feedback from fishoes, not PIRSA). I sell all of mine for $10 - regardless of size - as it's all about encouraging people to use them. There are a lot of other species that suffer from barotrauma that they would work on as well. David
  14. These are the ones that I sell. The trick is to use the heaviest weight possible - my heaviest is 1.45 kilos. A lot of states are getting into these - I'm in the process of sending 250 of them to DPI NSW I find it easier to have two people to release the fish but still not perfect