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  1. David_C

    Secret spots

    Very interesting topic - i must have missed the original thread. In my role, i hear and see a lot of fish pictures and generally have a good idea of what's biting where. Similar to earlier posts, i generally don't give out specific marks, although have helped a number of regular custumers get onto the fish by putting them in the right areas, with the right bait and tides. I too have some secret spots, which i don't share, as i have been sworn to secrecy. I never fish them during school holidays and if i see a boat heading my way, i up anchor and drift. But like most boaties, i have hundreds of marks - but generally only fish a handful of them, as i know them well and they generally produce. David
  2. David_C

    Port River dredging

    Is Safa still around? Haven't heard any updates for a while - will be interesting to see if they are involved in discussions about this matter.
  3. David_C

    End of RecFish SA?

    Will be interesting to see what happens and how effective this new council will be. Are they volunteered positions or is there funding attached? Would hate to see the same issues with the new group - i think we need to follow the victorian model and make some drastic changes, so we can once again have an outstanding fishery in the next 5 to 10 years. Also will be interesting to see if they allow the dredging of the channel as originally planned, given they seem to be pro business (relaxing trading hours, reducing business tax, etc). David
  4. From The Advertiser: A SURGE in blue-ringed octopus sightings has experts and surf clubs warning beachgoers to keep their children away from rocks, rubble and other ideal hiding places for the tiny yet deadly animal. Surf Life Saving SA marketing manager Sita Bacher said she has received at least five reports of the highly venomous creature during the past three weeks. “I’ve worked here for five years and I’d never heard of them in metropolitan Adelaide,” Ms Bacher said. “They’re very small, you’ll find them under rocks, they’re nocturnal so watch out at twilight.” Ms Bacher said the sightings were reported all the way down to Aldinga Beach, but mostly around Glenelg and Brighton and Somerton. One of the deadly blue-ringed octopuses found on Somerton Beach last month by Emma Flemin-Soubrier and her young son. Somerton Surf Life Saving Club youth coordinator Brad Keighran said his squad spotted 17 blue-ringed octopuses on a single day three weeks ago. “It was a very low tide and we have a (naturally occurring) gutter that was exposed,” Mr Keighran said. “There’s a lot of rocks down there, so we checked, picked up and relocated 17 blue ring octopuses. He said in his eight years involved with the club he has never seen so many in one place. “We saw them six years ago, there were two on the beach, but I’ve never seen anything in the numbers like that before.” A blue-ringed octopus bite can be painless, but within minutes the victim will start to experience numbness and breathing difficulties. If left untreated, bites can be fatal. Adelaide University marine biologist Zoe Doubleday said it was unusual to see so many in one location. “They’re usually quite solitary,” Dr Doubleday said. “But they could be brooding females staying in one place.” She said the sudden surge in sightings could be due to increases in food, temperature or habitat. “They can be very responsive to changes in the environment, so that may be sudden increases in food such as crabs,” Dr Doubleday said. “(Or an) increase in habitat, octopuses like dens and hard structures, so they may be going into more human structures like breakwalls or litter.” Brighton Surf Life Saving Club president Chris Parson said the sightings were “absolutely a concern”. “They’re quite deadly, but as soon as we see them we try to section the area off and make sure the public is aware,” Mr Parson said. “We normally sight one or two a year, but this year from the reports there seems to be more than normal. “It’s just something to be cautious about.” The blue-ringed octopus is found in tide pools and rocky reefs and generally don’t become aggressive unless disturbed. Victims are advised to report to surf life savers for application of a compression bandage before being taken to hospital.
  5. David_C

    Australia's shark attack hotspots (map)

    Wow, really interesting. Looking at the one in South Australia, they are tracking a tiger shark!! I didn't realise they came down into our waters!!! David
  6. David_C

    OnkaStomper 12

    Awesome stuff. I've already put savagetackle down to be a sponsor for 2018 Such a great cause David
  7. David_C

    Edithburgh trip

    I haven't been in November, as the snapper ban is in place. But when we go in late October, there are plenty of whiting, snapper and snook from the boat. November or as we call it - blowvember, should produce tommies, squid and big gar. You should also get snook off the jetty as well. I normally have a burley pot full of pilchard pieces and use bluebait as the bait. I also have a squid jig ready to go, as you'll pick up a few as they find the burley trail. Saying this, we normally target snook in jan/feb off that jetty in late Jan/feb. In late November, you'll also have the chance of kingfish from kleins jetty one the ship has left. David.
  8. David_C

    Wading table

    When i used to wade for whiting, i bought a 7 foot metal rod, which i got the last foot bent (had to get them to do it as it was too thick). I then gaffer taped a piece of wire to that end, that i fashioned into a circle (to hold the gents). I then gaffer taped two pieces of tube as the rod holders and a small container for the burley. It worked very well and was fashioned on some of the old timer set ups. The wading bag on my shoulder then carried tackle and held the fish. I've tried the floating set up but found myself getting annoyed as it would catch the wind. And if the wind was coming from behind, it would be floating in front of me! We used to average 20 gar a session locally but have also bagged out several times. Best times i have found is Jan to Mar/Apr (depends on weather), with the bigger fish earlier in the season. Also, fish from first thing in the morning and have a constant burley trail. Seas under 0.5 metres are best but depends on the wind. Also, don't be afraid to jump in the car and move a km or two if the fish are small or not biting. I always take two rods (one for gar, one for yfw), as we've seen large schools of whiting and mullet swim past. Generally only fish for gar though as they keep you in constant action and if they are just sucking baits, you'll need to hold the rod. Lastly, a couple of my bags have been on the dodge. Let me know if you have any more questions. David
  9. David_C

    Bloodworms for Bloodworm

    Bloodworm, when you are defrosting the natural worms, either use paper towel or dry beach sand. That will suck up the juices and will be perfect to use David
  10. David_C


  11. David_C

    Crab cooker

    I've got a converted beer keg that does the job for me ☺ Does 40 with any issues and only use it to steam crabs now (once you've steamed them, you'll never boil them again).
  12. David_C


    Done. A photo of me and the family on the boat at our recent Point Turton trip
  13. David_C

    Cheapest bulk pilchards ?

    Dutchy, that's cheap for IQF's. Where are these from?
  14. David_C

    Yozuri Squid Jags

    Thanks for that. Will be there this weekend.Yes, I've got heaps of different ones and I've just found heaps of success with these particular ones. My friend who fishes with me often uses the red and white ones and has just as much success. I suppose I just put it down to what you feel more confident in using and this quite often reflects in your catch rates.David
  15. David_C

    Yozuri Squid Jags

    Mick would you be able to put up a picture of them and also, what is the cost? Lastly, how many do you have in stock?David