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  1. I've got a large-ish tub that keeps it all in one place and can throw in the car if going away, and in that I use a combo of smaller boxes: https://www.bunnings.com.au/tactix-380mm-22-compartment-organiser-storage-box_p2580702 or it's smaller 30cm? $4 variant And I also use the Decor red sealed ones from the supermarket; https://www.decor.com.au/product/match-ups-clips-oblong-4l/ um I think it's that one. The Tactix boxes are for lures, sinkers, hooks, swivels etc The Decor boxes: 1 for soft plastics (which can be smelly and you want a sealed box), 1 for line and other larger items. When I'm going out I'll make up 1 Decor box and 1 tactix box that both fit in a cheap $20 backpack (Port Markets). I also have 1 thin Decor Tellfresh tool case with side cutters, multi-tool, screwdriver, just in case I get in trouble (split ring pliers on my PFD). I am not a neat person by default, so my aim is compartment as much as I can, have it easy to see in shallow boxes. What I don't have a good solution for is snelled hooks and rigs, which is why I am fishing lures way more now
  2. Yes I discovered today they are damned hard to re-clip, especially without glasses
  3. I use those, but am going to try the egg type as they are stronger and as far as I can tell more secure as they overlock, and seem the closest thing to a loop knot. Of course they are "cross rock"! If you want to annoy a Japanese person ask them to say "racecourse" (I have a number of Japanese friends) BTW, these are Y300, which is like $4, why do we pay $10?
  4. Long story short, ended up with a 6'10 Black Savage 2-4, @Kuerschie looked after me, more of a bream rod really but with enough grunt for bigger fish should I get astoundingly lucky. Not the cheapie I originally planned but could not pass up the value. The Atomic Arrowz are $120 atm at the orange place, seem like nice rods but a bit more than I really wanted to spend at this time. I decided my TD Black 2-6 rod should be for the bigger fish and squid and the 2-4 might get me learning lure fishing a bit faster with it's responsiveness. I do think the RZ series are hard to pass up for just pure cheap but good. It makes your head spin with how many really good rods are around these days. God help me when the xmas specials happen.
  5. Curious to watch these numbers
  6. Whilst I think they should have phased it in over a few days to avoid this kind of crazy panic foolishness it does go to show many people don't even want to help themselves, let alone care about anyone else. The shops are not closing, most of Aus is covid free and so plenty of everything, there is zero need to panic buy anything, yet FOMO humans behaving like a school of salmon when a lure is thrown.
  7. Seems I'm about to have plenty of free research time Did manage to look at the Bullseye before the lockdown madness set in, the rod seems not bad at all, and I like the short butt for the yak, but the reel seat is terrible.
  8. Can't find em in SA with a online search. Do you know a local store that might have em?
  9. BTW the Bullseye is graphite, 3-6kg, 7'3, no rating on lure weight. Looks ok on paper, hard to believe they can make it for $40, might feel dreadful though
  10. Thanks. Was planning on waiting for xmas time specials but heading to the Coorong this weekend and would really like a second rod with me. All my old rods are either awful or more awful. BCF don't seem to sell the MPP2 anymore. Ah found it, $99 atm
  11. I've got the good TD Black 2-6kg and will go 1-3kg in a BC at some point, but I want a second cheapo rod for the yak, mainly for squid but maybe trolling a second lure. I'm thinking 6'6 to 7' and maybe 3-7kg but definitely under $100, preferably well under. Perhaps Daiwa Legalis, Shimano Catana or Penn Ally, but wondering if Daiwa RZ or Shimano Aquatip wouldn't be awful. Even mulling over a Jarvis Walker Bullseye at $40. Anything else I should look at? I want something local BTW. I know I'm overthinking a cheapass rod but I have trouble limiting myself sometimes
  12. Hate these blanket claims. If they want to say brand X mono in 10lb vs brand Y Fluoro in 10 lb then maybe you can make a comparison.