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  1. @JosephY Can I suggest you look at some easier places to get your experience up; Snowdens beach - it's in the Port River, head south from the boat ramp, lots of salmon trout at times, a few bream, fish the edges and around the structure. Don't go NE towards Torrens Island in a big tide change, it really moves a lot of water past the marina over that way. Garden Island - launch at the boat ramp area. On big tide swings the current screams through the Angas Channel, but if you hug the mangroves you'll be ok. Seacliff - launch in front of the Surf Lifesaving Club, head towards the
  2. The Coorong near the mouth and barrages is likely still poor fishing due to the high flows and too fresh. You could try Pelican Point Rd or Kartoo Rd but that's really an overnighter. Victor in the area protected by the Bluff can be ok in the right conditions.
  3. Hell of a good reel lube there.
  4. @Wert Yeah it wouldn't be a day on the flats usage, though I do wonder if the ease of casting, when skilled, makes up for the lack of distance. BC reels are on par weight wise, and the spools are lower friction than ever, but certainly not as well sealed as a spin reel. The upside to that is they are quite easy to self service if you're mechanically inclined.
  5. My planned use is for the Murray flicking at snags, and I think it should be good for flathead from the boat too. I'll be travelling a fair bit next year and it will get used for Barra/Jacks etc. I'm tempted to get a quite lightweight rod too, 1.8-11g for YFW but wondering how the BC reels would go for that use.
  6. Vector maths says larger and longer spools will have less friction, but I think it's very small in percentage terms between each reel size jump. I think the rod makes way more difference. Most importantly the distance, height, and size of the first eye to the reel. But overall I expect the rod length and loading ability is likely going to be the most important thing. I've bought a lightweight baitcaster for the same reason @SurfcaztR but yet to use it. I look forward to birds nests as I didn't go with a DC cos I thought the sound they make would give me the irrits . But I'm with TL,
  7. If you want more speed then a higher gear plus getting a compact body shallow reel could be the answer as they have higher retrieve rate due to the larger spool but not much extra weight and sometime none. eg. JDM Luvias retrieve gear weight drag capacity bearings handle LT2500-XH 87 6.2 175 10.0 0.8-200 9 / 1 55 LT3000S-CXH 93 6.2 180 10.0 0.8-200 9 / 1 55 Des, I'm with you, I like high gearing. A higher gear is always slightly harder to to turn though, so often the manufacturer puts a longer handle on them, eg. the 5.
  8. BTW, the Luvias and the Revelry FC are the same reel, except the Revelry FC has a heavier/thicker rotor and a 2 piece bail, and you can't get it in the higher gear version like Luvias, and of course is red and $80 less in $AU. Does it show I have been researching reels lately?
  9. That's not the Australian model as that is available from Tackleworld only and does not have a spare spool, plus the colours are different. I do wonder about those Aliexpress reels, as in are they actually genuine Daiwa? Also currently at sub $200 delivered consider the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) it's 175g, 76cm retrieve, fully magsealed, long cast spool, monocoque body, very well built - it's the same reel as the Ballistic MQ as sold in the US. The JDM version has the higher gear ratio we don't get in AU. As far as I can see, a second spool from JDM is available as a Daiwa SLP Works
  10. Brilliant post Des. If the garden hadn't wrecked my back yesty it would have inspired me to be out today.
  11. I thought I'd posted about my leashes but couldn't find it so wrote it up;
  12. I have been using bungee leashes for a while, they are reasonably tangle free, cheap to make and you make them to suit the item being leashed. eg. the basic leash It's a bowline loop at each end. the carabiner end is a smaller loop usually, and the larger loop is for rods/handles. eg. I've found the bungee holds on to the EVA great if you make the loop snug for your rod, and I don't usually slide it very far down, but you can if the rod butt allows. I did try putting it around the reel stem for super security but it gets in the way. I've never had the
  13. Leashes are cheap and easy, Bunnings has what you need, 4mm bungee cord and stainless snap hooks. Bowline or perfection loops at each end, sized for the rod butt (ie. smaller than), about 1m long or a bit shorter depending on what suits. Don't bother with the coiled leashes, they are expensive and tangle easy. I leash everything pretty much, never had a serious issue with tangles. For that setup I'd be bugging a scuba mate to retrieve. I'd do it but my gear is out of test. Sorry for your loss
  14. Soobz

    Braid BS

    The wife's Emeraldas MX with Pitbull+ PE0.8. I fully admit to aiming for a pretty+light setup for her, though the 68g Murasame rod is still on it's way. Awesome drag on this reel.
  15. SA can dream they'll wake up here and do the same one day.
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