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  1. Never even seen one diving over there.
  2. Red eyes no problem. Can do any type of eye really.
  3. It's my take on local nipper colours. The lines came out thicker than I wanted so I'll remake the stencil.
  4. Mass production! A school of pished pillies Why so many? Well I am marketing them as a fashion accessory, catches fishies and the ladies! I think I've found a clear coat I like but it takes a week to set so it's yet to be proven but it's way better than the other epoxy I tried. Marine varnish was a complete failure for durability, hook rash was terrible.
  5. No big surf near Port Vincent, any sinker will do there. Weather is good next week so even going much further south you should be fine. There are salmon along the coast further south if you can find em and get to their feeding zone. Also it's not hard to duck across the other side of YP for a day trip.
  6. Hmm, tried that with no real result. I'll send ya some hard bits to see cos I gave up and froze em for bait
  7. I've had squid tentacles in a salad style in restaurants, so I had a go at trying to clean them today. There are little hard bits in the suction cups that I tried to scrape out, without success, and cutting the suction cups off is tedious and leaves the tentacles rather mangled. Has anyone got a method or are these restaurant tentacles from a different type of squid? I'm good at the wings these days and I don't like wastage.
  8. Yeah, planning to drop in to SFS on the way home tomorrow. The 8'6 Daiwa TD Hyper looks interesting too, but no local stock that I can find.
  9. Tried the Rovex at BCF, not too bad considering the price. They didn't have the Samaki. I guess what I'm really after is a long casting lightweight rod that has good action for lighter lures.
  10. Yeah that's my surf rod
  11. Does anyone use an "Egi" rod as a light surf rod? I've got a 10'6 surf rod that casts a mile and is reasonably capable as a light tackle rod ie. for pan fish, but a tad heavy to be casting a lot. I'm thinking I need (not want, neeed) a lighter weight rod for land fishing where I need a slight more casting distance when targeting smaller fish and squidlies from land. I'm purely guessing an egi rod is fairly lightweight? Something around 8'6-9' similar to my Infeet 732 LFS I reckon might be good, but it's just a theory. I'm after peoples thoughts and suggestions.
  12. The thing with veggie scraps is the decomposition creates heat which the worms hate and until it's decomposed they can't eat it as they feed off the bacteria. The exception is bananas and some other fruits which break down extremely fast. I feed mine compost that is mostly done but still moist.
  13. Way back in the day I recall thinking squid was just as good as cockles, certainly me dad did. I think cockles work well cos they wave around and attract attention, which is why I think tenderized squid works better.
  14. Actually, at the risk of a thread hijack I wonder what lures gar might take then I don't need to worry about bait.
  15. Fine, so I'm going garfishing tomorrow it seems.
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