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  1. Not a clue. The bib is a tad small for my liking but they claim it's a sinking lure - which is not what I'd want. My other plan is to remove the sinker from a squid jig and replace with a bib
  2. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000224009534.html
  3. I bought these a while back, yet to fit any to a lure but I plan to, due to the number of squid chasing my hardbodies plus they should be more snag resistant if you pick a lure of the right diving depth. Based on today's weather I might do it very soon
  4. The professional's choice. I really like the new Daiwa Emeraldas nude range, at around $13 (Tackleworld Adelaide) much cheaper than Yamashita/Shimano. I like that they sink slower because they are designed to allow you to use 3g or 5g weights (or none). They look quite impressive IRL too, and the abalone saddle is a nice touch. To be honest I've caught more squid on $2 jigs than the expensive ones but they fall apart faster, mostly, but they also don't bring tears when you get a bad snag.
  5. Yeah 6wt for bream would be about right, a 1-2kg salmon would be a very long fight plus the 6 wt would have trouble with a decent sized surf fly. I hope no wind lol, but the spinning gear is going as a backup.
  6. Apparently Clousers and Deceivers are the go for this trip, possibly surf candy, or so I am informed by those much more knowledgeable I'll be happy if I can cast into the zone.
  7. Wait till you see my smile if I catch a salmon on fly in a few weeks.
  8. Interesting that it seems to be France only?
  9. Been regularly testing out rods but pulled the trigger today with Tackleworld having 20% off everything not already on special. A new Samaki Zing Egi Gen3 8'6 - this is the replacement for their Inked. Hard to compare rods in store, the Emeraldas was nice but I thought perhaps a tad too light for an all rounder and $80 more. The NS Black Hole seemed good but not a brand I was familiar with. The Okuma Egi rod was cool, I want a white rod, but at 8'2 shorter than fit the needs and not all that cheap. I almost went with the AirdX 9' which was a bit meatier than I was aiming for but I reckon
  10. I can't peddle fast enough for that.
  11. Have a look at the 2020 Daiwa Infeet.
  12. Just watched Korean cook's video where she used rock salt to 'grind' out the tentacle cups. This will be tonight's dinner, with some smoked ST for entree. I spoil my wife.
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