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  1. Sunline FC Rock for me. Berkley Vanish is more supple but also the knots break easier. I'm not 100% convinced that FC is better than mono for leaders, though it does seem a lot tougher when roughed up.
  2. Soobz

    Reel sizes

    The sizes are not interchangeable in Australia, a Daiwa 2000 can be close to Shimano 1000. You have to compare capacity and weight, and well, just hold them. If you want a small Sienna 1000 sized reel look at the Okuma Ceymar C-10, way better than the Sienna in quality terms and possibly a tad smaller, and just as cheap. Meppstas put me on to Okuma, I'd like to try more of their gear but not easy to find locally.
  3. Probably attracted to the oils and gunk that we remove
  4. So instead of it being a nail knot it's a nozzle knot?
  5. 82 fines, $25k, so $300 per fine? Probably less, cos some would have gotten extra fines for running. Seems cheap to me at the cost of snapper.
  6. Sure, but there's no weight saving or any other benefit I can see. Whilst less line is cheaper, some super cheap mono or 4 core braid as backing gives you options to use it for other tasks - yes that backing has weight but pretty low. Mind you, Abus idea of their high end reels giving you 2 spools, 1 low, 1 normal, is a winner.
  7. Yeah I don't get those low capacity spools.
  8. I thought she be a bit on the plain side, and quite retro looking, not that looks matter too much. But, that does not appear to be the new model based on this https://fish.shimano.com/ja-JP/product/reel/hanyouspinning/a075f000035yx1uqaa.html It's a quite different reel all around, less capacity, higher gearing, more weight, another bearing, but specs mean nothing really. For historical reference : Wonder if there's any serious discounting of the FB.
  9. Might not like metal as it might react with the acids or alkalis on their bodies. I know snails have that problem.
  10. Bored in lockdown, so some brag posts showing me lurid lures (tm) landed fish. This is a nice vibe, I don't know if or what it's a ripoff of, but casts very well and vibrates really nice. Shit in weed though as the nose rakes it up. The pished pilly colour was lost to rocks. A bit less vibration on this guy, more suited to deeper water than the surf I think where you can teabag a bit and really work it. Was really interesting that the fly rod laded bigger fish easier because the entire length of the rod is taking load compared to the top half of the spin rod, which w
  11. The Fonz got nothing on me. On fly. One of many, but probably the biggest. Amazing fun.
  12. What a surprise that we get fleeced.
  13. What do you pay at online Japanese stores? Probably a bulk S&H purchase is worth considering
  14. I tried Rui, no more resilient than the $5 jobbies, after 1 session the cloth needed to be glued back on. At $13 for Daiwa Emeraldas or Rui I reckon Rui aint in the running for my $. Bought the last lot of jigs from tackledirect168 on evilbay, very cheap at $3, and seem decently made compare to 'Neptune Tackle" crappies, but we'll see how well they last/perform. Recently out squidding had a lady in white bikini on a yak circling around me, I know I am pretty irresistible but she proceeded to tell me she'd lost her new (expensive I assume) squid jig and she was not stalking me :), she padd
  15. Got some vibes ready for the salmon if the flys don't get out far enough. 28g. painted with colourshift. Regret the black splatters, done to break it up and look a tad more real, but should have done in sepia so not so contrasty. A bit lighter and smaller These lures kinda hard to photograph in the dark arvo, this is quite chartreuse with subtle green scales And some gold for variety
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