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  1. Hi all.. Ive been trying to find out if this lockdown includes stopping us/me form going camping/fishing? I was planning to go to the west coast for 2-3 weeks soon... Not too sure what applies now? I still want to go.. Will stay away from people.. (which I do anyways)…. Mike
  2. Fg knot..... Never had issues.. Use it on 6lb braid to 10lb leader all the way up to 80lb braid to 120lb leader.. I cheat though and use the FG knot tool.. works for me.. Landed a ray, held up no probs.. 50lb braid to 80lb leader...
  3. Your a talented man.. They look good.. well done.. Post pics of the catches..
  4. OK.. Ill try that.. I have some 7/0 circle hooks that Im going to use and they have the offset eye.. Its bloody tough stuff to tie.... Ill work it out.. Might loose a fish or 2 learning though.. Ive landed 10kilo snapper with the way I tie my hooks.. But the fish Im targeting are way more aggressive..
  5. Hi all.. ta for all the input. I practiced some rigs.. Im happy with tying the hooks/swivels on.... Ill give it a go and see what happens... I used the snell unit knot to hooks and the uni knot to the swivel.. Ill go FG from leader to braid, then uni knot from leader to swivel... Mike
  6. Hi mate.. I like it.. works well, easy to use and Im yet to have a knot come undone.. Best $45 Ive ever spent. I started using my hands.. too hard/frustrating, then made a gadget, see pics. It worked ok but tended to put kinks in the line due to having to be tight to work, then did some u tubing and seen this... It can tie 6lb braid to 8lb leader no probs.... Ive tied 50lb braid to 80lb leader no probs... doesn't kink the line and the knots are tight.. Mike
  7. I like to fish very minimalistic. I only have the wading bag, rod/reel, spare spool ready to go, little box of lures, water, scent, fish oil, a couple of rags, one to wrap the keepers in and keep soaking in water and one to wipe my hands/grab the fish, pocket knife, scissors. The FG knot gadget, spool of .28mm leader. If I have to tie a new leader, I generally walk to solid ground sit down and do it.. Me ,wading shoes in summer, waders in winter, fags and some decent weather.... If I get some keepers its a bonus, but if not, theres always small stuff about and I do enjoy the experience of it all... Im only after a couple, for a feed and tend to let most go.. Mike
  8. Im always changing lures.. Hence why I choose clips.... I have my goto lures, but always trying new ones.... Way to hard tying while standing, my old eyes aint as good as they used to be..
  9. Clips on most lures, but Ive found that tying straight to lure with a tight knot if using sugar pens or similar helps with the walk dog action.. If using straight retrieve, I use clips...... The splash prawns don't like clips.. They keep diving under water.. if tied straight to leader they work a treat... Blades work well with clips.... My opinion, but each to their own.. Mike
  10. I have the FG knot gadget.. Makes tying them sooo much easier...
  11. Ta for that.. I like the kit....
  12. Thanks mate.... Ill try both methods, Knots and crimps and see what happens.. I fished Point Lowly and kept getting snapped off with 30lb braid/40lb Leader.. So Im going heavy and heading back there soon.. Im determined to find whats out there.
  13. I went fishing with my brother on his boat.. I had packed some bananas for lunch.. He seen them and went ballistic.. I had to eat right away or chuck.. Must be an old wives tail.... We did catch some nice snapper that day though.. And no bad luck?
  14. Thanks guys.. Ill look into it. another question? Ill be using 50lb braid with 80lb leader.. and 80lb braid with either 100lb or 130lb leader.. Do I tie them with the FG knot? or how do you guys usually do it?' If I use a swivel from leader to braid.. Whats the best way to tie the braid to the swivel????