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  1. Well done Des...... I havnt had much of a chance to get out...
  2. Well done Des.... Well have to catch up and have a fish together one day.....Would be good to share info...
  3. The way I fish.. I use a fast retrieve..... Always keeping it moving and have the lure doing eratic movements. With the new technique I tried the other day,, It was still fastish but doing something a little different while retrieving.. Seemed to work on the little guys.. Just need to try on the big ones now..
  4. Yep. When I was mimicking how the prawn moved and left the water.. You could see the little YFW chasing it even out of the water, anticipating the Land, then they would all attack it.. Amazing to see nature in action..
  5. Des.. It was a unique way it moved.... It skipped out of the water, about 1/2 a meter landed and skipped again. I mimicked how it did it.. and wow... The little YFW smashed it when it landed.. Explains why the keeper fish I got hit the lure as it hit the water. I could see where they were and was casting right on top of them..
  6. I have the 9lb.. casts for miles and at a good price to.
  7. Hi all. I went for a cast today. Went some where I havnt been so far this season.. Walked the out going and the incoming.. 8.7ks and 8hours.. Long day.. Water was clear, winds were good and not much floating weed about. Managed to get 3 @ around 35-36cm.. Nice fat and healthy. Lost 2. Lots about but they were very scattered and not really in groups... Makes it harder as there is no competition amongst them.. They were not really interested in lures,, Theyd casually follow them and turn away when they got close to me.. Over and over it happened... Kept changing lures an
  8. Hi all. I went out today. Just went local... Walked the out going and the incomming.. Was a long day.... Water was warm, clear and a little tape weed about.. Winds were all over the place.. Was 15ks first thing so a noisy lure was the go. As the wind dropped off I went to my searching lure.. Not many about,, They were not in groups.. Only one here and there.. And they were not really interested in lures. I managed 1 @ 36cm and fat.. Lost 2.. Me stuffing around with drag and weed.. Heaps of nice mullet about smashing lures. Nice sizes to.. 28cm and fat.. Lots of very small S
  9. Hi all.. Went out for a scout/cast today.. Tried some where new.. Walked the out going and incoming.. About 5 ks.. Not a biggy.. Water temp was warmish, Getting there.. Water was clear but patches of tape weed about.... Found a spot where they were.. Only were about where I found noodling holes... There wasnt too many of those either. They were concentrated in a few patches/areas only.. They were active, but fussy. Lure changers was the key. New lure = 1 fish, repeat.. Managed to get 6,, Not big ones but ok.. From 30-34cm.. Fat and healthy though.. Lost 3.. Weed tangles... At on
  10. Hi all... I went out today.. Tried some where new.. Really a scout as winds and tides were good for me. Walked the out going and the incoming.. It was a long day.. Walked about 9ks today. Anyways.. Water was coldish.. No warm bits really. Was clear but a lot of tape weed about... Plenty of salmon trout about.. Says a lot!... Only found 1 patch where they were... There was a small group of them, all nice sizes.. Got one 36cm. Lost 1 about the same. Very timid/scitish.. They would only hit the lure once and go.. Change lure and again, hit it once. Then they would follow but w
  11. Yes mate.. Always seems to happen when you want that little extra distance.. But I have found that after a few wind knots on new braid.. It does settle down.. I have to remember not to use my best lures with new spooled line..
  12. Yep.. been crappy weather... Maybee later.. I just found out that the my favourite lure that works that I lost isnt available.. Looked every where.. Bummer.. Not happy... Oh well, will have to find another type..
  13. Hi all... I went out for a cast.. First for the season. Walked the outgoing and incoming left as the wind came in.. Got cold. Went to a spot I know.. Found where they were.. Only fired up when the sun came out.. as the clouds builded they stopped.. I kept moving/exploring.. about 7ks They were there in small numbers but very sluggish, wouldnt really commit, all nice sizes which is usual first start of the season. Managed to get 2, 39/36.. nice and golden, fat and heavy.. Beautiful fish. Lost 3 due to floating weed/stuffing around setting drag, lost a very nice and heav
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