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  1. Thinking of getting one.. I like the longer rods.. suits my fishing style... and for the price.. Its worth a try..
  2. https://razoredgelures.com/collections/rods/products/marksman-long-cast-pre-order-includes-shipping
  3. Yep I agree.. Ive set up markers on my property.. I have 1 hector.... have practised to get the best cast... Ive found it goes further if the leader to braid knot is past the last eye... But tends to ware out the braid.. I use FG knots.. With knot before eye.. about 30-40metres.. I use super thin 6lb braid/12lb leader... The thinnest braid I can find... and making sure the braid on the spool isnt to full. A little wind behind also helps .. with no wind or very little I still can get easily 40-45 metres consistently.. using 2-6lb rod.. not as good with the 4-8lb rod around the 30 metres... same reals... I set up the two with identical braid/leader/reel/4.5g lure (no hooks). I tend to keep the lure in a over head straight flat cast, rather than a over head lob or round house... The light rod whips it out no probs.. Dont need much effort to cast.. can do it all day. I try and keep the knot right on the last eye when casting now, with about 2 feet of leader. Taken me a while and 100's of casts to get it right... My FG knot has 40 first wraps, then 10 second then 10 to finish.. Its a longer know but its easier to sit on the last eye.. My lite 2-6lb Diawa rod doesnt do as good/feel right..... I prefer the Samaki any day..
  4. My Samaki Archer... 2-6lb 6'9" long casts a 4g lure about 40-60 metres using 6lb braid.. my other Samaki Archer 4-8lb 6'11" doesnt do as well.. But the heavier one is way better to get "walking the dog" action better..... I prefer the lighter rod... Suits my fishing style... I use it for hours at a time and its soo light/balanced.. doesnt fatigue me at all.. I use a cheap Shimano $30 1000 reel.... Its held up well, but have to keep up the maintenance with it, especially the bail arm/roller.. gets tight...... It was best/cheapest way for me to get extra spools. I bought 3 when on special for $30. I have plenty of spares as well.. LOL.. and they balance well with the Archer.. Ive got a decent/expensive 2500 reel, but it feels too heavy/awkward for the light rods.. Ive always thought "would an expensive reel do better? One day Ill find out.. But spare spools are as much as the reels themselves.... I like to have 3 spare spools ready to go... Its just me...
  5. I use flannelette jarmy bottoms., thick wool socks. I get some strange looks when dressing for a wade...
  6. What gets me is why does Coles send the fish to Asia for processing, then send it back to us for sale? I wouldn't trust ANYTHING, especially food stuffs from Asia...
  7. Nice spot... Is it full of people? will be cold though..... Good luck....
  8. I was on Pt Wakefield rd yesterday arvo... Bloody mad.. Im glad I decided to stay away.... One good thing.. Plenty of burley going in the water this weekend... Might head down that way Tuesday for the week..
  9. Check this out.. Would work on most small fish....
  10. Yep.. As I thought.. Smart people stay away.... Will be a mad weekend.... If the weather holds.. I might go to Yorks Tuesday for a few days.. Crowds should of gone by then.. Wind/weather looks good for the bottom to try for this years first winter salmon... and the mullet should be there.. And GKW off the beaches at night in coming tide as its a full moon.. Its coming off the land.. The west coast looks good, I couldn't be bothered driving there just for a few days.. Ill do that later.. Mike
  11. Hi all.. Im curious to know where people are going this weekend? If any are that is.. Im not going anyware as I suspect its going to be mad, ignorant people every ware..... and very cold as well. I was going to do a few days with the missus, filled the bus, packed and ready to go... But we pulled out, don't want stress.... One good thing.. I got diesel @ 1.02 litre.. Filled the bus and 10 x 20 litre drums for future use.. Pitty as the winds/tides/moon look good.... Coming off the land.. Yorks looks good on the Western side... Ill do my fishing when no one is about... Much better. Mike
  12. Good luck.. hope it works for you... Might have to get together one day and work this drone fishing thing out together..
  13. Let me know how you guys go... Im looking forward to my drone.. Hope its what I want.. Very expensive bit of gear... Mike
  14. Hi all.. I decided to give a new reel a miss.. Ill use what I have initially, then go from there.... My thoughts about the baitrunner is that the baitrunner drag might be too loose, and will get dragged about.... I have a decent overhead reel.. Might try that if I need BIG distance.. Ta for the input guys..
  15. Dinga Aus have them on special with a spool of 300yards of 8ply braid for $233 shipped? has anyone used Dinga before? I liked that the Penn has a machined brass gear as to a cast alumin one... Its water tight... Cheaper than the shimano with a good capacity.... But having a preset baitrunner? I wonder if I can tighten the baitrunner drag.. After doing a bit of reading.. I see that the Shimano's have an adjustable baitrunner tension.. where as the Penn has 4 preset settings I like the Penns features, But Im tending to like the Shimano as I can adjust the baitrunner tension.... Cant find a lot of reviews on them... so Just guessing about the shimano….