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  1. Ill put my hand up.... Im up North and chase them often.. Mike
  2. I have the Diawa Laguna 7ft 2-4kg.... With sienna 1000 with 6lb braid.... Works well for the price.. Cast's light lures no probs... On special both for under $100... Cant go wrong..
  3. tackle world port rd.... a little dearer than the others.. But I liked it... and if you want a fishing partner for thompsons.. drop me a line and well organise a fish.. Wanting to try some new lures I have..
  4. I have the "ugly stick" bag.. Why? I liked the little pocket with the box for lures.. and the material looked a lot tougher than the Alvey one.. Thompsons is my local.. Been there a few times last/this year.. always get one or two silvers with lures and always lots of undersized ones.. You can thank the local Pro Fisher for raping the area.. I wish they ban them in metro...... Great spot for it..
  5. I use the Knot Assist 2.0.. Works really well... Cost $45 from japan.... I know you can do it by hand.. But the knot assist makes life easier.. It holds my 6lb brad well..
  6. burley up and they will come.. Yorks beach.. video-2018-11-16-16-13-38.mp4
  7. slow your retrieve down?????? Keep the rod low, not pointed to the sky.. Might help?
  8. I bought some live beach worms.. wont say where.. only got 10 for $10 in the tub and they were tiny/some dead.... wont be buying them again.. salted pillies/fresh squid always work for me and will stick to that.
  9. Went for a drive/fish to St Kilda yesterday morning... Clear and calm.. I was chasing bream on lures.. They didnt take.. 2 guys caught a few nice bream on baits near the boat launcing area.. Guys at the end caught some salmon trout.. I spotted some silver whiting in the bay side.. Tried some lures.. nothing.. Was a good way to start the day.. Will go there and try a bit harder for the silvers on lures..