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  1. Its been banned for years... When I was working boats with my dad 35 years ago.. We made good coin gathering the cockles off the section bank.... Especially when the weather wouldnt lets us go work the nets.. I wouldnt eat them today though.... We gathered the pipies where I circled with green.. There was always millions of them... With one port adelaide pro, that was all he went for.. He was lazy.. There was always lots of prawns there at night as well..
  2. I always use fresh tenderized squid with a little bit of pilchard on my baits, the frozen squid doesnt work as well as fresh... My theory is the pilchard brings them to the bait, the squid hooks them as it stays on the hook better.. If they are fussy and I have a KGW/trevally. Then I use a little bit of that instead.. I dont boat fish.. Only off the land which is a bit harder to get KGW.. Its been hard this year due to the crowds everywhere... Hoping/wishing next summer is better.. crowd wise... Last few trips I havnt really fished as much due to the crowds... We went to Gleesons
  3. I wont say exactly.. Northen sand flats....
  4. KGW like KGW flesh.... Ive had great success with trevally meat as well... and theres lots of pipies exposed on the sand flats at the moment... They are just sitting on top.. Thousands where I was yesterday. Might be worth a trip for you to gather some.. My old man used to gather them, open and lightly salt them, then freeze... He always did well with the KGW..
  5. Hi Mate.. I got the same... Looks like they didnt sell out after all..... No questions asked.. he had a look and said sorry about that..
  6. Hi all.. Tackle world Adelaide swapped the broken rod no probs.. He said it happens.. Im impressed and will support them a bit more..
  7. Hi all.. I opened up my new Samaki yesterday, I was going to try out.. Its broken.. The top half is cracked/crushed.. Just above where the lower piece slots into it.... I rang them and they said to bring it in... I hope they replace it... Probably will blame me.. I didnt check at the shop.. Maybee I should of.. I will next time.. Lucky I bought it as a spare.. I used my old one yesterday.. I dont get rods posted as I think they will get broken so I went and collected it.. Has anyone dealt with returns from Tacklworld?
  8. I got one at 3.30pm... Plus some other bits and pieces..
  9. I have the Samaki Archer 6112SL 4-8lb and a Samaki Archer 692SXL 2-6lb and I prefer the Zing 702 2-6lb... I bought another for a spare anyways.. Why dont they do reels at half price? Ide like a nice 1000 with a spare spool or 2.
  10. You know you want it...
  11. https://tackleworldadelaide.com.au/samaki-zing-xtreme-szx-702sxl-spinning-rod-clearance/ FOR $99 you cant go wrong... I use this and like it very much.. Its my favourite..
  12. I love my "specials".... Rapala 75r type.. $97, Samaki 12' foot heavy surf rod= $69.... Kastking braid/leader+ cheaper than others and just as good. I also have expesnive rods/reels,, But not to be used on hard rocky areas.. They get trashed fishing off rocks.. My nephew has $1500 reels/rods.. Work just the same a cheaper stuff.. I do agree, dearer stuff lasts, but I cant see myself paying BIG $ for rod/reel.. Im happy with what Ive got.. and it does perform..
  13. I used the Kast King 80 & 130lb fluorokote.. Worked well for me.. 37 kilo King landed... Held the knots ok.... When I worked out what works best.... Great on rocks..... Used the KastKing Superpower Dyneema braid in 8 strand 80lb.... Worked well for me... For the price.. You cant go wrong..
  14. Hi all.. Got a surprise when I got home today ( I live between 2 houses..)... Wow.. Gifts for me.... Im happy, thanks guys.. well done.. I like the beanie.. Battery charger looks nice...and some free tackle as well.... I needed the Jetty clip at Haslam last year.. a snook took my rod for a swim.. I got it back.. the rod that is.. Mike
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