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  1. I have well ova 100 squid jags from free to $30 and have caught them on cheap ones to dear ones but I do have about 5 of my go to. Jags and if used with the technique I wrote up under squid then it don't matter if it a cheap one or a dear one as long as it's right colour as the sink rates don't apply Cheers and share the ink
  2. Hey guys here is a tip that out fishes conventional techniques for squidding as every other tip has been covered but this So firstly you attach a .5 to 1 Oz sinka on bottom of a paternoster rig then approx 40cm attach your favourite coloured jag and then proceed to cast out as far as u want allowing the sink to hit bottom then wind in the slack so your connected to your sinka (like soft plastics) and give 2 quick lifts or jerks then wind up slack an repeat all way back sometime il stop and pause then with my index finger on the line give it 3-4 twitches then continue ,the reason for thi
  3. Hi guys n girls i to have been trying to replace my damaged castmaster and have tried everywhere to find them As there website ...www.castmasteraustralia.com.au is not avalible i have even tried to find the man behind it mr john waters who i belive is a member here so if there is anyone on here has 2 for sale they dont use or john waters if u read this pls help find them or anyone know where to get them drop me an email or reply Tight lines cheers
  4. hi mpete give theese a try will definatly put you on a good variety of fish barra pelagics black jew golden snapper spanish macks ect www.arafurablue.com.aua great charter.
  5. hey brett your prob up there now but let me no how you wentand get some good pics to ,i no i will be taking as many as i can of the fish we hopefully will catch.i have allready bought close to $500 of hard bodies and soft plastics and lucanus jigs as in theese remote places you can lose a lot of lures to sum huge fish and them bloody toohy men in grey suits.hope you have had a great trip tight lines and talk soon
  6. not to long now mate hope you got everthing organised, we are leaving on the 31st of sep and comming back on the 9th of oct cant wait and we looked around thru out the kimberlys darwin gove and they were all to expencive for a 7 day package $5500-$7000 and the 5 days were bet $4700-$6200 and most of them wanted extra for any that needed charter flights to destuination and back..where as we found mvboomerang at princess charlot bay for $3750 for 7 days all incanyway i hope you both have a great trip and i hope you get into sum good fish tight lines and good luck
  7. well im glad i read this post as im booked on a flight to carins in oct with jetstar to go on a 1 week live abord charter out of princess charlot bay and our rod legnth isnt allowed ova 6ft,was gunna take reels on with me but after reading that people have herd of line having to be stripped off i think ill put em in my explora socks and bookem in less hassle....looking forward to a good trip and i dont need it ruined by probs with jetstar or the like ,any other tips on taking fishing gear on planes not covered pls postthnx tight lines all
  8. after reading them 2 articles del posted very interesting and then to findout that thew key ingreadiant is fish oil.....hmmm now after reading them articles nxt time i go for a fish time for an experiment with wd40same baits and rigs one with wd40 spray and one with out and we will see wot the results will be i will buy a fresh new can to usetight lines
  9. i too have herd of it and see it used at rapid bay and on this particular day we out fished him as did most people fishing there that day...and one thing i noticed several times was the people fishing right nxt to them there catches were down and watched several times them move.on this day the trevaly were on and in a short section of the jetty we were all shoulder to shoulder too .another thing noticed was the big slick that was creating from the wd40and less fish were comming from the slicked area.not something id b useingtight lines
  10. hey aff when are you heading up to cairns ? as me and my cousin are booked on a live a board charter for seven days out of princess charlot bay with only 8 on board with 3 16ft tenders and your own guide and cant wait our trip is the 1st till 8th of oct but will be going and staying at cairns for a couple nites first...you should only need take 2-3 outfits with you if you use baitcasters then a n either 6-8kg baitcaster or a 8-10kg spin stick (more versitile )and your tld and a 15-24kg stick for t5he big stuff spanyards big gts marlin wahoo just to name a few...hardest part is taking e
  11. mr willy yes you are very correct ,there have been bigger fish landed and lost but not by club fisherpersons and therefore dont count to a recordbut on record its the 3rd biggest caught here.still a great fish none the least
  12. afishyfish wrote: But when do you find time to look at 70thou videos :ohmy: :silly: simply priceless aff :cheer: :woohoo: but u only need look at the 1 knot you r after as they r in there own catogry eg joiners,loops ectand shows you each not step by step
  13. great fish arghhhh one day ill make it up there and too land hopefully a 1mtr bara,but any barra will do as i havnt caught one yettight lines
  14. arrgh where did all the rest of my reply gone :ohmy: my opplogies
  15. catch squid.i would be very interested in your resultstight lines and well done catching squid on them cheers
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