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  1. Really appreciate the tips guys! I haven't managed many trips but just came back from a couple days away at Port Julia on the Yorkes. Managed 3 squid although the tides weren't great. Tried the paternoster rig but tide was so low kept snagging on the weed bed - got the 3 all on slow retrieves. Planning another trip for Rapid bay next month so keen to try the rig again. Cheers!
  2. Cheers guys, extremely informative and Very helpful . Based on your experiences, what is best weather to target? Are they only a warm weather species? Or as long as water clarity is okay, temperature doesn't matter too much? Keen as on the next trip!
  3. Thanks for all the advice so far guys! Very helpful. Definitely seems like it'll be worth the extra travel distance for sure. I'll be sure to keep you guys updated on any future trip success!
  4. Hi guys, I've recently caught my first ever squid and would love to chase a lot more, it was so much fun to target. I am struggling to locate them however. Recently came back from an entire day at rapid bay/second valley and not a single touch. Perhaps just an off day, but it was a little frustrating. My biggest question at the moment is how important is fishing in only areas with weed beds? I hear plenty of reports of people catching them from metro jetties, but no real weed until you hit Brighton. So is it still possible to be in for a shot from say the OH break water or se
  5. I think we have a winner! Looked very similar to the older ones on Google image search, so his must've been fairly new. Thanks for your help mate, was driving me nuts!
  6. Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, but I need some help identifying. I had a customer come into work today who needed to purchase fishing rod holders for his new boat - he said maker was Janko? But that was all I could get out of him. This thing looked insane. I have been googling for hours and can't work out who sells it. It was basically a 3x3 m fishing platform, but of a Bimini cover for shade, all seemed to be made out of aluminium, hand rails all around, standing about 2 metres in the air, movable by 4 big off road tyres. The image he showed me, they wer
  7. I also think the tagging competition could be adding fuel to the fire. Everyone heading there, in for a chance.
  8. I was keen to check it out opening week, but seeing the posts about the chaos and the poor handling, and sheer lack of respect has turned me right off it. I'll be giving it a while before I head over. It's extremely disapointing being only a couple days in. Would not be surprised if they take water access away as a temporary measure.
  9. Yeah, I'm thinking that's it. Never happened before and even ones with the hook in the lip are bleeding heavy so unsure if they are dislodging the hook mid fight. Thanks for the advice guys, definitely going to give it a go!
  10. Hi guys, I need some help. The last few times I've been out have been soft plastic sessions along North Haven, outer harbour. Im breaking my drought and managing to entice a few ST's which I am stoked about, however, every one basically dies in the process. They are swallowing the hooks, and are suffering serious damage in Gill areas. They come to the surface already bleeding heavily, and most hook themselves on the drop, so I don't think it is an issue of striking too hard, and it's not a handling issue. I'm using 2"/2.5" curl tails and flick baits with jig heads of 1/12 o
  11. I mostly buy the zman grubs myself in motor oil as that's the one plastic I have the most luck on. I always try new colours and brands, including the plastics soaking in scent but never seem to use them and they dry up. Hard bodies I have no idea, so I generally find myself seeking the advice of an expert to show me the light. I am also guaranteed to snag them all so price is usually a factor.
  12. Cheers guys! Thought i was starting to lose it for a second there
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