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  1. Yeh mate sure is.... i won't buy anything until spring... unless i can get a good deal on them. But when spring time comes I'll be buying up a 100 or so yfw blanks. Maybe even some small poppers aswell... But certainly put the larger sizes on the list
  2. Got an notification saying they have landed in Australia and aus post have the shipping info... So fingers crossed it gets delivered sometime this week... Perfect weather to paint on the weekend as the weather looks crap to do anything else
  3. Cheers all... Might have some bigger projects in the near future i will be working on.... Just working on the options i have and wether or not they will be viable for me to make and sell.. But keep ya eyes peeled in the near future as it will take me awhile for all the parts to get here But for now here is a taste of what im working on at the moment
  4. 4 have already been sold before i have been put them up for sale... might have to make some more!
  5. Well these are at the 2nd last stage of the lure painting process. Just added my signature on the bottom of the lures and added the 2nd and final clear coat to them. The last stage is fitting terminal tackle and test swimming before sale... It's not as simple as paint lures and your ready to fish. It takes plenty of prep work and tedious bits amd pieces to produce lures like this... It has taken 2 weeks of prepping. Drying. Clear coating etc just to complete 10 lures... That's what makes it much sweeter and rewarding when you sell one and someone catches a fish on them... Keep an eye out as I'll put these up for sale on here 1st before i post elsewhere...
  6. A couple mates have been getting a few while drone fishing along the south south around Victor/ Port Elliot etc might be worth a look...... Been dropping baits a few hundred metres from shore
  7. Painted up a few each of these trout candies this arvo. Im a big fan of my new rainbow trout pattern.. Might add some red speckle to the brown trout pattern though... These will be up for sale in the next few days if you are looking for some trout lures.. They come rigged with bbk hooks.
  8. Must book a trip to tassie one day...looks like paradise for me. Nice video mate
  9. Well got home today and after finally over a month and a half i got some packages! Not all of them but its a start The last lot are 120mm and 40g will be painting them first to use them on the Salmon! If there is anything in particular youd like to see get painted or would like me to paint let me know. Im always open to buy and paint different lures.
  10. Cheers mate. Im glad the 1st lot of lures i sold are to fishos that actually fish and catch fish. So hopefully they come back with some good photos videos etc.... I'M hoping to get out alot more myself now that my overtime got taken from me at work. Plus winter trout fishing is alomost upon us so I'll be looking to paint up alot more trout lures... My biggest issue is finding blanks that not only work bu are going to be readily available for me to get.. Plus i don't want to step on other lure painters feet. Hence why i haven't painted any cod/callop lures... It's also a case of do you bulk paint say 5 different types of lures in say 3-4 different patterns And sell bulk or do you go with paint what i feel like and try sell it? If it sells great. If not i guess it can be mine to use. Haven't decided yet. I'll keep just painting lures and creating my own styles and if i sell a few great! If not no big deal... i know that when i do get a chance to go out to fish I'll only be using my lures and Rezbait plastics. All my other brand name lures have been packed up and put to the side...
  11. Now i got my painting up to scratch i cant wait for yellowfin season... got some killer designs im mind... Been using alot of everyday items as stencils... once i get a mic for my go pro i might makea few videos up to run through the processes i go through to paint.
  12. Cheers mate come in around 110mm and weigh 10 grams rigged... Depth around 1-1.5m and come rigged with bbk hooks and quality split rings Perfect as a twitching jerkbait or a slow roll lure as it has a tight wobble to it... Certainty will be a snook,flathead, salmon mully killer... Sold them for 13 bucks a piece with free postage australia wide. I think i have 4 of those blanks left which is unfortunate as they dont make them anymore but will find similar. Once deliveries go back to normal ill load up on more blanks. Im still waiting for my last 500 dollar order to get to me
  13. Well it's Official! Got Rezbaits to put these lures up for sale on his Facebook page and they sold within an hour! Super Stoked to sell my first lot of lures! With all the practice and trial and error I am getting more confident Everyday with my Lure painting skills and makes me keen on selling a few more. I was hesitant it getting them up for sale but glad i did. All the money goes towards more fishing gear so thats a plus! Keep an eye out on the For Sale thread you might find some coming up for sale
  14. Nice video mate.... Hopefully i can get more blanks and paint some up for ya for the season coming!
  15. Painted these jerkbait style minmows up in my mullet pattern. I like this pattern and will be keeping it as an staple part of lures that I'll be selling every nowand then. Most lures will be sold between 8-12 bucks also dependant on wethe or not people need terminal tackle rigged to them. Atleast the bare minimum they will come with split rings as people like to put there own hooks/trebles on... I also painted these up for myself some bream crankbaits... Might get into bream lures a bit more as easy to get ahold of and people bream fish!