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  1. Any waterbased acrylic paint thinned down is more than adequate for most painting applications from an airbrush
  2. That one is an Solid Uv Orange Head with a green under tail and black stripes with silver fleck in it
  3. It's the main reason why i went searching for these blanks to paint.. Paying 20 bucks plus for an top water lure for whiting is ridiculous. If i can provide a cheaper option that still catches fish im happy to continue painting them and sell a few here or there...
  4. Once i get my Airbrush delivered I'll be out in the shed painting some more so will paint a couple up for you !
  5. Thanks for the update/review mate. Much appreciated. Still waiting for my Airbrush gun to get delivered so painting has been put back a bit. Bit glad to see some fish are getting caught on them.
  6. Just a quick update. Been trying my best to pump a few out over the last week... Works been a pain in the arse. Will pump a few more out before i start to give a couple out.... but heres some I've done so far..
  7. Hi Banga

    Happy to give these a try. I do a lot of surface lure fishing for YFW and run a FB site on this topic.

     Cheers David 

  8. Hey All.... I haven't forgotten about this..... Been in bed Since Saturday crook as a dog so haven't been able to do much.... On the plus side My Blanks arrived today and my new range of paints came in aswell and....... I have the weekend off With the weather being crap aswell i'll pump out some lures over the weekend.... Stay tuned!!!
  9. As soon as i get some blanks mate ill let ya know
  10. Cheers all for the opinions.... As much as i'd like to paint every colour combination possible I want to try limit it to 5 Colours at the moment. That way i can paint up bulk lots without to much hassle... I might paint up another couple different ones once i get my blanks then go from there.
  11. once my skills improve even more so it could be on the cards. More a hobbie/time filler at the moment but who knows what might happen
  12. Cheers mate.... Got a few different things on order to try at the moment.... most will be around smaller Species such as bream, reddies trout etc but have a few other avenues i want to target. I Want to concentrate on current species people target at the moment... I also have some 22g Sinking Stickbaits on the way for the Tuna The biggest issue i will run into and will be trial and error is the swimming of the lures.... Might have to try a few different ones to get them perfect for what i want.