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  1. Best bet is to go pop in and say g'day to the team at Compleat Angler at Wallaroo or Moonta. They are a great bunch of people and will sort you out with where to go and what you'll need!'
  2. we've all been there.... I lost hundreds of dollars in single sessions to fish busting me on reef or structure. I remember fishing lower Yorkes flats one day and catching and releasing fish all day... Snook, Trevally, Flatties, Salmon full mix basket. Ended up losing $260 in lures in one session and that $260 were lures discounted when i was working in the tackle shop. So i'd hate to think how much I actually lost retail value wise.... Most of the Lures would of been around the $15-$25 mark. Hence why I am looking for cheaper alternatives that i can get that are cheap enough but will do the job there suppose to and swim straight. If that means fine tuning and replacing terminal tackle or sharperning hooks then so be it .....
  3. How have those Strike Pro lures I got you treated you? got a few fish on them?
  4. Just a few there mate Do you buy your lures on special? or do you just have the urge to buy whenever you feel like it?
  5. Cheers for all the input lads. It's givingme some food for thought....
  6. Always looking at making some extra crust while helping fellow fishos out
  7. cheers mate. Just looking at a general idea of how people go about buying gear.... Got a few things up my sleeve. just getting ideas and opinions from fellow fishos
  8. Would you buy plastics similar to zmans if they had similar characteristics to them?
  9. Hi all. Just out of pure curiosity when you need to buy new fishing gear whether it be rods, reels, line, terminal tackle etc. What do you look for? Are you a one eyed brand named fan eg. Daiwa/Shitmano..... I mean Shimano..... Do you just buy whatever is on special? Ever purchased unnamed branded items? Would you buy an unnamed brand if it looked decent and was at a good price? Would love to hear your thoughts and views on this.....
  10. Hi all. Just out of pure curiosity what Soft plastics and hardbody lures do you buy? And what species do you target with them? When purchasing do you buy good quality? whatever is on special? no name brands? What styles do you get ? Flcikbaits, grubs, creature baits? Shallow diving, deep diving etc? Would you purchase an lure that is an unnamed brand that looked decent quality and was at a good price? Be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on this....