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  1. Photo Theft

    If you do the old drop and drag image in google images it clearly shows the pics have been taken from the world wide web. "That" profile was getting around a few trout and redfin pages on facebook asking around for trout spots and the likes. Youd be surprised how many actually messaged it back and replied to her comments.... All the lads looking for a hookup.... Pretty funny really how some people are so naive and fall for it.... it screams fake profile
  2. Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    Am staying at Palm Cove so will probably concentrate on The jetty there.... Im sure ill put together some sessions and get a fish or two
  3. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    My mistake was thinking of Barker Rocks..... But i think we have camped at burners as well.... But still both our mint places to camp 🖖🖖🖖
  4. Good Camping/Fishing Spots

    Another vote for Yorkes..... In all honesty i dont waste my time fishing metro much anymore. I'd rather save the cash and head to Yorkes. Alot more options and if weather turns your only 20-30mins away from the other side.... Plenty of little bays/areas you can get away from everyone and camp for a couple nights.... Myself and Kuerschie camped at Burners Beach peaceful and water right out the front....
  5. Tips and Gear for Landbased Fishing Cairns...

    Cheers mate. I was thinking of taking a lighter and heavier travel rod. Then a range of bream size to around 120mm hardbodies and a few plastics. Been watching alot on youtube and starting to get an idea of whats around...
  6. So i have been given the opportunity to get away for the week with the olds to Cairns. We are staying in Palm Cove and being me I will be taking a couple travel rods to have a bit of a flick I will be doing it all landbased and taking lures with me. What sort of gear should i take? What Rod/Reel combos? and lures should I be taking? I know there is a little creek system a couple hundred metres from our hotel that has Barra, Tarpon, jacks in it and I know Palm Cove jetty itself has plenty of fish. But is there anywhere else i should be trying? We will be having a hire car to get around so I don't mind travelling a bit. i got just over a month to sort some stuff out so any tips or hints would be fantastic
  7. slide bait fishing

    Found these on EBay.... hope this helps. https://m.ebay.com.au/itm/5-x-LIVE-BAIT-SLIDERS-Stainless-Spring-Steel-slide-bait-fishing-/112682201074?_mwBanner=1

    Ended up getting a 2500 Certate today but it was a toss up between the tate and the Sol. Ended up going the tate purely for as Bratko mentioned being a proven performer. In saying that i probably will end up getting a Sol at a later date but the Certate was certainly worth me picking it up for the price i got it for
  9. Biggest Tuna lures we sell in the shop are the Halco Laser Pro 160dd in the colours Chrome Tiger, Pilchard, Bonito, King Brown and baitfish. Don't Tuna fish myself but our resident tuna expert swears by these colours.... Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  10. TD SOL III

    Im refering to if you are wanting to use the daiwa custom project spools or rcs spools you cant use them on the new range of LT reels as they aren't compatible as i am aware. I could be wrong but just what i heard. Those custom project spools and rcs spools are only compatible with real 4 reels. That's all i was getting at. Some people like spare spools. So was more of a heads up really. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  11. TD SOL III

    They do look the goods, they are super light with decent drags on them. When they were released at the Afta trade show they were apparently going to be around the $400 mark. The reel sizing is certainly smaller than Daiwas previous reels. For example an 3-6kg rod would usually take a 2500-3000 reel, however with the Sol rod it balances well with the 4000 sol purely because of the lightness of the reel. But all in all they are certainly a tough reel on face value. Only down side i see with them is that They aren't compatible with the custom preject spools or RCS spools as they aren't Real four reels. Ill probably end up getting a 2500 myself.
  12. What are everyone's fishing plans for Xmas and new years?

    Unfortunately I now have 2 jobs and I will be working right through till the New Year. Only day off will be Christmas day it looks like at the moment. Only upside is the $$$$ so once everyone goes back to work/school I'll have some cash to get away for a bit! Hopefully i'll have some time after work to go chase some beach species locally, if all else fails ill go have a hit down the vines
  13. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Nothing wrong with the older models
  14. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Picked this discontinued Gem up today.... I love me clearance old school stuff.... So if you have anything you wanna get rid of in good condition let me know
  15. Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    The double clutch is one of our biggest selling lures at the shop. Mainly the 75mm ones... Our supplier is finding hard to get stock from daiwa and only getting dribs and drabs here and there. My fave colours are black sniper, black and gold and iwana... my opinion that they are the most versatile hb on the market.