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🎣🎈🎈 Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up 🎈🎈🎣

Where: West Beach, gathering point to be confirmed at a later date.
When: Sunday 25th of November

Rock up during the day for a fish, you can catch up with other Strike & Hook fishos, take the boat out at the nearby ramp, grab a SH decky if you need one, fish off the beach. Congregate for a BBQ in the early evening for a feed, beverage and chin wag to top off the day.

Let us know if you can attend so we can gauge numbers. If you have any other comments, ideas, suggestions etc please feel free to post in the --> Strike & Hook End of Year Catch Up topic!

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  1. southie THE BANGA

    Nice weather !

    Myself and @Kuerschie went down south this morning chasing Carp on fly and bream. I had a few good looks on bream on fly but not committing and there were carp around but not really interested. Kuerschie had 3 good looks at carp but nothing committed either. Then off tomorrow morning to cook the bbq with other fellow Strike Hookers for the Onkastompa!
  2. southie THE BANGA

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    It shouldn't affect it tooo much. Id just buy 1 pack and give it a try if it doesn't work out you've only outlaid 10 buxs and can use them for other lures. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  3. southie THE BANGA

    Upgrading hooks and rings

    Hmmm thats weird. They were our biggest selling trebles at my old work and have never seen anything like that before. Bkk trebles are pretty good to for the price. Super sharp and seem well made and constructed. I believe the Nomad guys use them in Qld for all there big species with no dramas.
  4. southie THE BANGA

    Anysink Sinkers

    http://anysink.com.au Just found this while browsing through gumtree looking for bargains.... Interesting concept.....
  5. southie THE BANGA

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    Yamatoyo Famell spinning Fluoro is
  6. southie THE BANGA

    A good mono to mono knot please.

    If using mono line no real need for a leader. I use 3lb straight through fluorocarbon and love it for flicking plastics and hardbodies. If you feel like you need a leader i use the albright knot. Its simple to tie and nice and strong. I prefer this knot as its easy to tie with my chunky fingers...
  7. southie THE BANGA

    Rapala R type reel

    At my time working in the tackle shop i sold countless Daiwa BGs for guys wanting them for a range of species and had all positive feedback from them customers. Only issue i saw was the drag clicker broke but that was replaced. Have seen plenty of Snapper Tuna Kingfish even Sharks caught on them. Even Alan Hawk gives them a great reel! Only downside for me was i love power ball handle knobs. The Daiwa BGs handle knob is riveted. There are ways to get around it but other than that they are a great reel!
  8. southie THE BANGA

    Rapala R type reel

    Value for Money you can't beat the Daiwa BG. Being non mag sealed you can service yourself. And being Daiwas Flagship reel parts will be readily available for the next 6 years which is piece of mind. Parts are fairly cheap aswell. They also come with carbon drag washers.
  9. southie THE BANGA

    Strike hook stickers

    Thought you were selling the old girl
  10. southie THE BANGA

    Where to live

    If I had a choice it would Ardrossan, Moont, Wallaroo, Pt hughes in no particular order. They all have what you need in life and the lifestyle is pretty laid back.
  11. southie THE BANGA

    Pb brown

    Nice mate Such cool looking fish! Have seen good fish pulled from quite a few streams around SA well over 50cm... I'm still yet to break the 50cm mark for wild fish. One day when I get more time up my sleeve hopefully! What sort of Gear you running?
  12. southie THE BANGA

    Who's been catching salmon this season?

    Been getting a couple here and there when I'm over Moonta/Wallaroo way.... All on plastics and Hardbodies... Ranging from troutie size to a couple over the 1kg mark.
  13. southie THE BANGA

    Bushy's night

    Kuerschie went. I was suppose to go but was crook as a dog. He can fill you in on it. Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  14. southie THE BANGA

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Cheers all. Well One week done and dusted. I have learnt alot in the week and am enjoying the experience so far. Only downside is driving into leaving town but its something i'll get use to.
  15. southie THE BANGA

    What would your best all round combo be?

    If you could only pack one setup to do you everything from light bread and butter species right up to large salmon, flatties, mullies etc. Bearing in mind you might be fishing from a range of terrains and situations using both bait or lures. Do you have a setup that you could use for most of these situations? If so what is it??? Interested in hearing if you make it possible or you take a couple rods etc.... Only asking as i usually take to much gear then regret taking it as i never use it all....