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  1. What are everyone's fishing plans for Xmas and new years?

    Unfortunately I now have 2 jobs and I will be working right through till the New Year. Only day off will be Christmas day it looks like at the moment. Only upside is the $$$$ so once everyone goes back to work/school I'll have some cash to get away for a bit! Hopefully i'll have some time after work to go chase some beach species locally, if all else fails ill go have a hit down the vines
  2. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Nothing wrong with the older models
  3. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Picked this discontinued Gem up today.... I love me clearance old school stuff.... So if you have anything you wanna get rid of in good condition let me know
  4. Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    The double clutch is one of our biggest selling lures at the shop. Mainly the 75mm ones... Our supplier is finding hard to get stock from daiwa and only getting dribs and drabs here and there. My fave colours are black sniper, black and gold and iwana... my opinion that they are the most versatile hb on the market.
  5. Cheap Snook Lures

    Any Metal lure will be fine. 99% of Metal Lures you can get under 10 buxs.. Halco, Gorilla, Lazer are some of the brands to look at...
  6. OnkaStomper 12

    Was a great day and was good to meet fellow Strike Hookers! Nice to meet ya Kidney Slapper we certainly had a laugh or two which was great made the day go even better!
  7. OnkaStomper 12

    Where are ya mate? Was looking forward to meeting fellow strike hookers! Especially site sppnsors!
  8. OnkaStomper 12

    Landbased only comp. The event is held at Perrys bend with the fishing area being generally 1km up and downstream of perrys
  9. Travel rod advice needed.

    Daiwa gen blacks are worth a look. Also if you dont want to spend a fortune the Shakespeare slingshot engage rods are a really good rod for the price. Around 80 buxs... but come in a hard cover and have a spare tip. Only downside is they are select in the models but have a 7 foot 10kg stick which i sold to a bloke wanting to chase barra and the likes up north. Absolutely loved it...
  10. Surf Rod Advice for a Rookie Surf Fisho

    I just did a quick look up on the Reels and the going by the specs it will be suited more so for light beach work for salmon, mullet, yellowfin whiting etc going by the line capacity and line sizing. Anything from 9ft to 10-11ft will be ideal and something along the lines of an 3-5kg to 4-8kg rod will be ample. Most of these rods have a cast weight of up to around 40g max. So it would be ideal for throwing small metals at Salmon, but then will be able to throw an ounce of lead plus bait for the likes of mullet, bream whiting etc. Daiwa do a couple rods in that range and within that price range aswell. I Work in a Tackleshop if you are after a hand send me a PM and i can help you the best i can. Brayden
  11. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    I've sold a few of those Alvey Bags of late :D
  12. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    C'mon be honest we are all guilty of it! That's buying new gear! What are some of your latest fishing related purchases? As most of you know that I work in the Tackle industry so I am surrounded by it quiet a bit. While I am spoiled for choice unfortunately the pay cheque doesn't allow me to purchase all the things I really want. The biggest advantage however is picking up all the clearance/clear out items before most other people which is a bonus. I picked this Combo up and have been saving for it and i finally picked up the reel yesterday. This will be my new Landbased Bream setup. The setup is an Daiwa T.D Commander V1 Avenger with an T.D Daiwa Battler 2000. It feels so light and looks so sexy in the flesh. The reel will be spooled up with Unitika Silver Thread Fluorocarbon and will be using this as my hardbody setup. Can't wait to use it! So what have you recently purchased? Rods? Reels? Lures?
  13. Squidgies?

    Be Good for as mentioned Mullies, Flatties, Salmon, Rat Kings , even Snapper etc..... Those Prawn Plastics would be good in the Onk a couple months ago the were smashing prawns off the surface. Certainly not duds mate.....
  14. Two Winters of snow at Sheffield...

    You need to find a secret spot all to yourself... feel free look me up if you manage to get down this way.. cheers Adrian Had a couple mate. Unfortunately they have been thrashed from social media. Will definitely take you up on that offer. Bucket list is to get a tassie trout.
  15. Two Winters of snow at Sheffield...

    Nice Photos Mate! Really need to get down to Tassie.... Adelaide trout aren't doing it for me and it gets hammered now...