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  1. Can't believe i hadn't seen this!!! Stoked you have gotten some fish on them mate! especially fish from another state... Might need to buy some more of those blanks and paint some more up! Next lot i'll be sure to add red dots to them was always my intention i just hadn't found a way to add them so they dont look like they are just put there sort of thing!
  2. Noticed with work if ya after light globes you better stock up. We haven't been able to restock our shelves and warehouse since March/April. We have thousands of various globes on back order and its getting tough for us to fulfil orders to our big contracts with hospitals and government buildings etc. I assume it would be the same with most high selling commodities in general.
  3. Cheers all..... my main passion in photography is lightning photography. Bit disappointed of the lack of lightning this season.... Also disappointed with the fact that covid is ruining my chances of hitting up Darwin in the wet season to capture the amazing light shows they get up there...
  4. i use to be massive on photography a year or two ago.... But work life and other hobbies have gotten in the way but i found these on my computer today.... Porties is such a photogenic place to take photos. Probably my favourite place that i took the majority of my photos... Photos taken with an Canon 6d mk ii and a dji mavic pro drone...
  5. Hey all Been quiet on the fishing/painting front with me... Been working my arse off at work to start getting to look at purchasing my 1st house .. So with that been hindering my fishing time with all the overtime I've been doing... my car decided to shit itself again 2months later im only getting it back on Monday! Bloody Covid! So it's been a pretty stressful couple months... But when it hasn't been cold out in the shed i have been painting up a few lures here and there for my own personal use... I have been using a new clear coat that is alot quicker and harder than what i have previously been using.... Hopefully with winter almost behind us it means a few more nights in the shed to start painting up the yellowfin whiting lures for the up coming season..... Heres a few of my personal collection i whipped up
  6. Hey all, Quick update Work has been stupid crazy and got a few personal things going on aswell. But will be getting back into the painting tonight and this weekend.... I am about to put a big order in for my YFW whiting topwater blanks aswell as several new different types of blanks getting ready for the opening up of the Ressies down south.... Keep an eye out
  7. Thanks for the kind words mate. Much appreciated.. i hope it slays you a few trout when you get back out there! They certainly the best ones I've painted to date and will be keeping with that pattern for all my trout lures from now on!
  8. Added the pattern onto some of them this morning. Stencils are the best thing ever to add another dimension to lures... added 3 different stencils to 3 different baits... Just needs sealant then clear coat Nd eyes and they are ready to smash PBs The middle one is my favourite out of the lot!
  9. So update on Softys Callop Lures. After i had applied the base coat of Yellow i added pearl orange to the sides of the lure.... I then added Pearl Pineapple to the belly to give the yellow a little more pop! Then i added an colour called Detail Sepia which is an dark brown. I added it to the top of the bait I have now used an transparent sealer over the top of the bait so i can add the stencil pattern tomorrow. The sealent is just a safe guard when using stencils that it doesn't scratch or damage the paint... So tomorrow the pattern is gonig to go onto the lure then from there it will just need eyes and completed. I also have done two different Purple colours that i will be inverting the 2 purples on each of the baits with a criss cross pattern. Hard to explain but will show once finished.... Both purple baits will be finished with black backs and black around the eyes. If you think there are other colour combinations you'd like to see be sure to let me know i still have another 15 of these blanks and i also have plenty of colours to choose from
  10. My latest project Softy asked for some callop lures so after some research and finding some to suit the depths and conditions for the variety of ways people will fish them. So after 2 weeks they finally arrived. So decided to prep and start placing the sealent undercoat and base coat tonight to let it dry overnight to add the next colours to it... Softy gave me a photo of one of his favourite lure patterns so i am going to replicate it but put my own twist on it... The lures are 100m from start of bib to tail end. (Only 5mm larger than the popular Daiwa rpm crank and weigh 15grams roughly with terminal added. Come with rattles too. Dives to 10ft-12ft If interested let me know as i have sooo many colours and patterns available for this lure.. Here is some progress shots.. Ill post pics as i progress with it. Cheers
  11. Forgot to mention painting lures all weekend got some new blanks to paint
  12. Working $$$$ Going away in a couple weeks so fingers crossed the weather plays ball...
  13. haha only reason why I am going to use mine for drone fishing now.... I spent over 2k on the Mavic pro when it first came out as i wanted to add another dimension to my photography... But work got in the way now i have 2k worth of drone sitting there only been used a dozen times if that so might as well make use of it. Bought the Gannet release dropper for it and all so it is setup all ready to go...
  14. All good here from Dinga Never any dramas from them at all! As for reels I just bought an Daiwa eliminator 8000 Spin reel for my drone fishing Setup. I'll roughly be able to get 700m of 50lb braid on it. I also purchased an Penn fathom 2 50lw which holds 600m of 50lb braid haven't used them yet but hoping to in the next couple weeks down the bottom of yorkes.. I'll be using an DJI Mavic Pro and m mate has AN 3DR solo drone. Mine can only carry 500g where his can carry 1kg no problems at all.... i'll let you know how I go if we end up going....
  15. Yeh mate sure is.... i won't buy anything until spring... unless i can get a good deal on them. But when spring time comes I'll be buying up a 100 or so yfw blanks. Maybe even some small poppers aswell... But certainly put the larger sizes on the list