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  1. Ive been a poor bastard since they started Lot a heart ache but I stick with em
  2. can see why it works Wonder If I use my old thong ? Might just get Shitties
  3. Yep Balmain Bug Morton Bay bugs have their eyes on the outer edge of the carapace where as these are on top Very tasty Critters cheers
  4. Chief

    squidding help

    I always look for the ol' stains on the jetty if there is fresh sprodge that would be the area I would try first above weed then again ....What would a port soaked river fisher know and that don't mean I fell in the Port River ...
  5. Great job Love the stuff , But the port would never make it into the recipe that bottle would be gone by the time the onions had softened
  6. Chief


    I stayed up all night wondering where the sun went ....Then it dawned on me
  7. Have you no hands ?🤗
  8. OH MAN .... can you extend it by 1 week Tuna comp on March 31st and april 1st
  9. Wow I knew you were still alive ...
  10. 20 o those be a good feed ... Nah thats gotta be real
  11. I love the RFL - Riverland Football League Cant wait
  12. Good Job ....still cant bring myself to cook them though If I was ...where did you get that tray from . What a great idea ?
  13. Yep doin a cookup tonight Gonna try Knackers link recipe washed down with a few Wild Yaks Cheers all
  14. Chief

    What Fish?

    So thats where tennis balls come from ... That be his Red Goatee Gills hangin out.,... its dead