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  1. Knackers

    little jack sayoris-z 99

    Tackleworld at Port Lincoln have them. Prob too far away.
  2. Knackers

    Heavy Surf Rod

    I got one as well. Very good rod. Penn Prevail is good as well for half the price, same specs as the sensor surf.
  3. Knackers

    slide bait fishing

    I was going to use live bait that will swim out. I've got live salmon out past the breakers before unwaited.
  4. Knackers

    slide bait fishing

    Resurrecting this old topic. Was looking into this and on a NZ website the author recommends just using a large coast lock swivel to attach the bait to the main line. I'm going to give this a go soon. Just need to get some rings.
  5. Knackers

    Rapala R type reel

    I'd go a larger Daiwa BG SW. I use mine in the surf and offshore no worries. http://www.rayannes.com.au/online-store/special-product/daiwa-bg-reels-from-159-free-delivery/
  6. Knackers

    Where to live

    Lincoln is probably the place for you. 45 min flight to Adelaide. More hustle and bustle than any of the Yorkes towns and also the other Eyre towns day to day for the Missus. My wife does FIFO from here and also works from home remote. We are forty minutes from Lincoln but it feels like a big small town. Lived the last three years in Darwin and miss nothing health, shopping or entertainment wise. It is better here. Darwin 100,000, Lincoln 16,000. Live in Lincoln, Coffins or Tumby Bay. Better than those overrun by city slicker YP Towns.
  7. Knackers

    Where to live

    Any reason you have to be close to Adelaide? I'd suggest Eyre Peninsula as well. I lived at Port Vic as a kid but living down here is even better. The fishing is better, house prices reasonable compared to Yorkes.
  8. Knackers

    Slimy Mackeral

    Anybody ever eaten these? Too bony and mushy? I imagine they might smoke up okay.
  9. Knackers

    Port River dredging

    Are they widening it within the river itself or the channel seaward of the breakwater entrance?
  10. Knackers

    Surf Rod for Calcutta

    I was looking at the Penn prevails but too long for what I want in the overheads.
  11. Knackers

    Surf Rod for Calcutta

    I've not had much use for my Calcutta 400 since leaving the NT. I was thinking of using it on a surf rod for salmon and mulloway. Maybe cast lures up to 125 grams and say a fillet of salmon/tommy with a 4 oz sinker. It is spooled with 30 lb braid. Any recommendations for a fast action surf rod? Something light and short? Price no object (yet)
  12. Knackers

    What would your best all round combo be?

    Shimano Thunnus 4000 baitrunner 20lb braid. 2 piece wilson trophy 9 ft rod.
  13. Knackers

    Rod and reel combo for tuna and kingfish

    In shimano I'd go for an 8000 sized spheros or saragosa. Daiwa BG SW are very good as well. Also don't forget overheads if not casting. A tyrnos 16 or 20 with 50 lb braid would be ideal.
  14. Knackers

    The Best Squid Jig?

    Hey! That's my favourite colour/pattern as well. The next would be the humble Neptune brand ones in lime green. Catch heaps of squid on these.
  15. Knackers

    CRC Tackle Guard Part 2

    I've been using it on all my reels but it seems to have buggered the braid on two reels. The braid was 50 lb sufix 832 and 50lb tufline. Turned the top 100m into the strength of cotton. Couldn't even hold a 6 oz sinker, let alone cast it. The other braid on the reels seems fine, but they are all fused braid, not sure whether this made a difference. Needless to say it will be now used on my bike chain.