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  1. Dude, it ain't rocket science. Whack it in a sealed bag and put it into the freezer.
  2. Just ate some frozen whole crab we caught at Pt Julia in March this year. Some was green and the other was steamed. I'll never boil another crab. The steamed stuff is way better. Flesh really firms up, less gunk in the body. Anyway, frozen was fine, bloody good in fact.
  3. On one trip the swell dropped right off - it was northerly for 3 days and 40 deg+. I had my fins and mask and went for a look. Some of those holes are 20 ft deep just off the beach. It is really deceptive.
  4. I got an 80lb + fish and we landed 4 over 60lb, plus some smaller ones mixed in.
  5. No worries. I remember, even though I had probably had a few sherbets by then. We are leaving here Saturday and departing there the next Sunday.
  6. Thanks for the input. Next question is when do you reckon the big ones start coming inshore? I know spots where schoolies (up to 20lb or so) are in winter but no biggies. November? Maybe linked to water temp? Edit, talking about west of Ceduna.
  7. I would be hesitant to buy any unbranded reel. Factories in China pump them out in the thousands. However, if somebody got a decent sample size to retail here and thoroughly tested it, like flogged it to death, recorded it and was willing to stand by the product I would probably give it a go. But then, if it was cheap, there is no guarantee that QC will be consistent across every reel. And anybody who sells a reel like this needs to be upfront and not claim it was a stella or saltiga equivalent, just an unbranded reel from China that is landed here for $20 and sold for $80 (or whatever). eg like this humdinger for $11 to $12 US https://winfaith.en.made-in-china.com/product/CXyxpbOJALre/China-Die-Cast-Aluminium-Spool-Front-Drag-Spinning-Reel.html?expoName=spoga-gafa-2019&source=expo_search_list Rods would be a bit different. As long as they have quality components and good blanks why not? No bearings, seals, gears in rods to break, much less of a risk. Line and terminal tackle no way. Been burn't before, even with good brands, that turned out to be counterfeit.
  8. I've frozen the whole fresh heaps of times. But I won't boil them. Usually make a curry or chilli crab. Flesh is still firm,
  9. Where is Bellamore? Know Tuckamore Beach well.
  10. I reckon we'll be there before the new moon on 27 Nov. Fishing Dog Fence and Yalata. I think, well, guess, that the fish in the port and pat, being estuaries, fish differently to the surf beaches.
  11. I have always been told new moon leading up to full moon, or more specifically three days leading up to full moon. Also mostly fish west/far west coast. Seeing as I just fish when I have the time, but would like to target better in the future, what is the consensus? I know they go nuts when the barometer drops quickly.
  12. Knackers

    Storm gomoku

    I've got the black overhead erito model with a little Calcutta 200B on it. Fantastic rod. Use it for whiting and trolling for salmon. Have heard great things about the spinning versions as well.
  13. Our next door neighbor used to breed gents to sell. He would hang a snapper frame in the shed about 5 feet high. Under the frame he would have a large tray of pollard/bran. After a while when the maggots were at the stage when they want to bury themselves they would drop off the frame and fall into the bran. As the frame wasn't sitting in a bucket it and had air circulating around it the flesh tended to dry out and not stink (as much). Not much fish flesh fell into the bran either and was easily picked off the top.
  14. We take ours to Rob for serious servicing. You don't have to go through a tackle store.
  15. I've got a Prevail in the 10-20 Kg class. I bought it as a backup to a Daiwa Sensor Surf in the same weight class. I can't fault the Prevail but the Daiwa 'feels' a lot nicer and casts heavier baits better. I don't think you can go wrong with the Penn.