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  1. Knackers

    Storm gomoku

    I've got the black overhead erito model with a little Calcutta 200B on it. Fantastic rod. Use it for whiting and trolling for salmon. Have heard great things about the spinning versions as well.
  2. Knackers

    Breeding maggots without meat

    Our next door neighbor used to breed gents to sell. He would hang a snapper frame in the shed about 5 feet high. Under the frame he would have a large tray of pollard/bran. After a while when the maggots were at the stage when they want to bury themselves they would drop off the frame and fall into the bran. As the frame wasn't sitting in a bucket it and had air circulating around it the flesh tended to dry out and not stink (as much). Not much fish flesh fell into the bran either and was easily picked off the top.
  3. Knackers

    Reel Servicing

    We take ours to Rob for serious servicing. You don't have to go through a tackle store.
  4. Knackers

    Surf rods

    I've got a Prevail in the 10-20 Kg class. I bought it as a backup to a Daiwa Sensor Surf in the same weight class. I can't fault the Prevail but the Daiwa 'feels' a lot nicer and casts heavier baits better. I don't think you can go wrong with the Penn.
  5. Knackers

    New rod

    Boat or shore?
  6. I don't know whether it is the same owner but they used to run horse tours through the dunes and along the beach. I did it years ago. Maybe just front up and ask him if you can access the beach through his property?
  7. The track to the Dust Hole beach is private property. When you get to the carpark it is on the left. Last time I was there the fence was cut. It gets cut regularly it seems. Also, when I was fishing at Gleesons on the beach through the track described above some dudes came past driving on the beach from Gleesons Landing. They didn't have any problems, even stopped to watch us surf.
  8. Knackers

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Looks like a BG with a carbon fibre body. If it is it will be good. And magseal. Which you don't need if your reels don't get wet.
  9. Knackers


    Can you let me know where you got them? PM if you want. I haven't found any yet. Are you still in Coffins?
  10. Knackers

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    I know some people don't like Alan Hawke but what he writes has come true for me. I even had problems with my Saltiga Dogfight which I conversed with him about. He was right on the money after I had it repaired by Daiwa under warranty. Read about the BG here: http://www.alanhawk.com/reviews/bg16.html
  11. Knackers

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    I have a BG 2500 and cannot fault it. Great drag, doesn't flex. I'd consider getting a smaller one as well but have 2 stradics, a 1000 and 3000. They are really good as well but the BG has less (read no) flex albeit heavier. I got it for smaller stuff like tommies, ST and gar but found it was a bit to heavy with 8lb braid. Swapped over to 20 lb braid and is my go to with a 9 ft rod for casting lures at salmon. Has no problems with up to 10 lb fish. Considering the price I will replace all my smaller spinners with BG's when the time comes.
  12. Knackers

    little jack sayoris-z 99

    Tackleworld at Port Lincoln have them. Prob too far away.
  13. Knackers

    Heavy Surf Rod

    I got one as well. Very good rod. Penn Prevail is good as well for half the price, same specs as the sensor surf.
  14. Knackers

    slide bait fishing

    I was going to use live bait that will swim out. I've got live salmon out past the breakers before unwaited.
  15. Knackers

    slide bait fishing

    Resurrecting this old topic. Was looking into this and on a NZ website the author recommends just using a large coast lock swivel to attach the bait to the main line. I'm going to give this a go soon. Just need to get some rings.