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  1. The Best Squid Jig?

    Hey! That's my favourite colour/pattern as well. The next would be the humble Neptune brand ones in lime green. Catch heaps of squid on these.
  2. CRC Tackle Guard Part 2

    I've been using it on all my reels but it seems to have buggered the braid on two reels. The braid was 50 lb sufix 832 and 50lb tufline. Turned the top 100m into the strength of cotton. Couldn't even hold a 6 oz sinker, let alone cast it. The other braid on the reels seems fine, but they are all fused braid, not sure whether this made a difference. Needless to say it will be now used on my bike chain.
  3. Greasing bearings on new reels

    Couldn't get an arbor or uni knot to pull up flush against the spool. Fat fingers.
  4. Greasing bearings on new reels

    I think the non shielded run freer for casting.
  5. Just picked up a new 200 calcutta. Because I couldn't tie a decent knot to the tiny spool I ended up pulling the spool out. These reels have non shielded bearings and these ones appeared to be only slighty oiled. As I will be using the reel in my very wet boat I gave them a dab a grease. Found the same on my TLDs and Tyrnos. The TLDs have frozen up once each but cheap to rebuild.
  6. I agree with Rod. Once on the bite they will eat anything. But I've never used hard body lures before. Only skirts for BFT. Caught heaps of longtail and yellow fin up north on hardbodies though.

    No worries.

    With other manufacturers you can do the same thing. Lots of ABU 7000 and 9000 parts are interchangeable. Lots of my Shimanos same-same. Just doesn't have a fancy name. And they do it because tooling is cheaper. It is not for you, it is for them. But it still is a good thing and I suppose this fits under the "custom" thing. What about the other 3? Not trying to be a pain but what do they mean. All this says to me is that the reels were designed to suit their intended purpose. Does that mean that the non reel four reels weren't? Real engine, Real control, Real endurance

    Real Four is just marketing hype. This is Daiwa's take on it: In 2004 we introduced the Real Four Concept in the original Certate – Real engine, Real control, Real endurance, Real custom, setting the new standard in spinning reel design and innovation What does that mean exactly? Nothing. Just like Shimano's Hagane. Don't fall for marketing hype trying to get you to pay for a reel that is more expensive rather than one that does the job perfectly.
  10. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Did you get them online?
  11. Show us your Latest Fishing Purchases!

    Now there is a solution looking for a problem!
  12. Odd find at Largs beach

    On scuba or hookah tow a diver behind the boat on a ski rope at idle. If the water is clear the scallops usually sit on the silty banks that run between white sand holes or runs. Generally speaking you won't find them where there is a heap of tape weed. Have a dive around semaphore reef. They are around the tyre reef as well but that from memory is 50 - 60 foot deep. Once you find a patch you'll be able to recognise the bottom they prefer.
  13. Odd find at Largs beach

    Pick quite a few of them up scallop diving all the way from Brighton to Outer Harbour.
  14. Top Shot mono

    Thanks. Is that the leader mono or just straight mono that you would spool a reel with?
  15. Top Shot mono

    Yep, pretty much, that and heading over to the FWC soon. Casting with big baits and braid is tough on the fingers. I only use top shot in the same breaking strain as the braid. I find it hard enough to break 50 lb line in mono or braid if stuck on the bottom. My bigger lures for Marlin etc have 5-8 metres of 150-300 lb leader on them anyway. Jinkai do specific top shot mono but only in 100lb and up from what I can see. I also back off the drag a heap when just using braid trolling without a top shot and maybe a metre or so of leader on the lure. It would be nice to find a good mono topshot that doesn't fly off the spool, plus you can use a decent drag setting rather than backing off the drag to get a good hookup. So I suppose I just want maybe 2-3 metres of topshot so the reels are still good for bottom bashing/drifting in deep water to maintain the feel of braid and less drag in the water.