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  1. They look like some form of Daiwa BG/Saltist to me.
  2. SA is open. NT open. No worries. I'll have to check my profile. I'm in SA near Coffin Bay.
  3. Mulloway as well. Mud crabs and I'll take my snorkeling gear and get some crays.
  4. We're lucky, no ironing with COVID, work from home. I do the vacuuming. Nice little dyson that has to die soon. My wife doesn't trust my ironing. 29 years in the Army, having to pass inspection, and she reckons I'm shit. Which is good. I don't iron, even prior to now. I think she confuses ironing with washing, like when I put her whites in the washer with my fish and squid ink clothes. Best thing I ever did.
  5. With the Nirey the don't get hot. It is a real gentle pressure on the blade. But, you do need good quality blades to start with.
  6. I do all the cooking here. And she loves sharp knives. Like I do. But it is akin to me buying her a new iron.
  7. Anybody want to go on a trip? Planning on camping on a remote island about 80kms from shore. About 7 nights on the Island. Take 2 boats, one full of gear that we'll tow. Got both vehicles and boats. Just need to get yourself over here on the EP and drive up. I'll take 2 60 litre fridges/freezers out with solar and a back up gennie. I reckon the cost will $2000 all up when fuel is split. Fish will be Spanish Mackerel, Coral Trout, big GTs and Queenies, Longtail Tuna and a couple of days chasing Sailfish. Maybe Barra as well. Anybody interested?
  8. Actually my missus got it for me for Xmas.
  9. I cut the middle man out and just bought a Nirey. Buy once, cry once.
  10. On my Tassie trip I lost 2 lures to 2 bloody big trout. Both knots broke at the lure on the strike. I was tieing uni knots on 6 or 8 lb line. Anybody got a knot that won't break like this. I haven't unpacked my fishing gear yet but it was good quality Japanese stuff. Maybe because of was using 8 lb braid on the main line - no stretch maybe? Drag was backed off appropriately.
  11. As I always tie bimini knots on the main line I use yucatan, aussie, no name and bristol knots. Never had one fail. But I don't fish all that light and always use a swivel. I can see the benefit if tying leader straight to main line using the thinnest knot possible for casting light stuff.
  12. The trick is to always take less food than you need. Eat as you go.
  13. The first go was not as good as I made some spacers that didn't allow enough airflow into the back of the fan. But my good mate solved that when he jammed the lid down and broke the fan. So then I could use the old fan housing as a spacer and put some holes into it to allow better flow. The fan is just a simple Jaycar one with the most CFM you can buy. 12 volt I just clip it onto the batteries powering the fridge, the only draw 300 milli amps from memory. Even at 40 deg I can put 8 litres of water in there in the afternoon/night after fishing and the whole lot is frozen solid by morning.
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