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  1. what the :c is going on in our society nowadays, a couple like trouta and his missus can't even go fishing without a bunch of morons getting their kicks out of throwing dangerous missiles from 5 stories high without a hint of concern for the safety of complete strangers! And Why?? because the dogooders of our generation have tied the hands of parents, teachers, police and anything associated with the responsibilities of educating our youth from enforcing any type of punishment that can be used to teach our kids right from wrong without risk of being pulled before the courts as so called chil
  2. 1. fowlers bay2. fowlers bay3. fowlers bay4. any jetty on K.I.5. any jetty that hasn't got 500 crab nets hanging over the side
  3. Nanny state of Australia, what a joke!!
  4. I saw fisheries officers around Bower rd end last week while driving to work, they were dressed up like Swat team officers, put a smile on my face
  5. Dead right there mate. I told the mrs one night last week that i was gonna go for a fish after work.... got home at 730am the following day. I wasnt popular until i showed her the lute lol.... "one more cast, just one more cast, thats it..this is the last cast!!.... ok, one more cast" hahaha we've all paid that price ABF
  6. the secret to mulloway fishing is persistence and an understanding wife/girlfriend
  7. snake

    Daiwa sol2500

    those new sol rods are sweeeet!
  8. one of the few sharks that can spin around and bite its own tail, one nearly took my hand! well done MM
  9. i also check my braid has not looped across the top of the spool after EVERY SINGLE CAST which is a major cause of wind knots, after each cast be sure to give the line a slight tug to keep tension on the spool after the bail arm has been engaged and before retrieving your lure to keep the line tight against the spool as this is when the line lacks the tension and a loop can occur laying on top of the spool instead of around the spool, plenty of time on the water will soon have you fishing braid relativly hassle free cheers snakep.s. try power pro next time, seems to out perform most other bra
  10. snake

    Fish ID :D

    its a strongie, baby strongie this one was released
  11. when you have been up all night watching your rod and finally get a run and your mate races over, grabs the rod, hooks the fish then attempts to hand it over to you to reel it in!!!! friggin hate that!!!!
  12. well done Jimbo, camera view highlighted ya bold patch nicely
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