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  1. Wonder what the swimmers, friends of the gulf, those who think the ocean is there for the exclusive use of humans only, and surf clubs will whinge about now? It certainly wont stop sharks coming close to beaches in the future and COULD be used as a precursor to have shore and jetty fishing along the metro coastline banned as well. This outcome is not a good one.
  2. Got a couple on gar on Squidgie Wrigglers last Snapper season. Small hook / jighead I was using to catch Slimey Macks. They were very aggressive and came as a bit of a surprise.
  3. What a sack of crap!! Native title or not, the law is there for a reason. Not to have double standards depending on race! I'm over this stuff happening. If you're indigenous, the laws seem to not apply. If you're an illegal immigrant, not only do you get huge support (monetary and service-wise) but they also seem to be above a lot of laws. Then there are us. Whom ALL laws seem to apply every time. Fisheries laws are fisheries laws and SHOULD apply to all equally!! And it seems that they will cost us tax payers a lot more money! This is nothing but double standards and a sick joke for (on) us n
  4. 3 times.... makes you wonder that's for sure.Hi 4tha, Haven't been up to much. Still looking for work, trying to keep out of trouble. You know how it is.
  5. Queensland Fisheries have been busy.Story here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/fisheries-queensland/repeat-fishing-offender-cops-10000-fine-and-loses-boat/627360697315570
  6. Nice Video!One of those anchors looks suspiciously like one of mine lost on a horrendously rough night out there after dragging!! :lol:I am lead to believe that the pipework was for offloading in rough conditions. There should be at least two pumps down there somewhere too. I have run an underwater cam there a few times and seen them there.
  7. It certainly is barbaric. Why anyone would actually want to do this let alone go through with it is beyond me.Another thing I don't like is the fact that Dr David Powter said the most likely cause is Rec or game fishers. Why couldn't it be a pro fisher, sick of having his catches taken by sharks? Or sick ass divers?
  8. Understand the sentiments Softy. But at least it appears that the council is doing something. Pretty ordinary when you come back in from a night run or even a day trip out to find your car broken into or your trailer stolen. And no way of finding the little so and so's! Surely this is a step in the right direction?
  9. Hey All,Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but I finally got a reply from the Onkaparinga Council re CCTV Cameras being installed at O'Sullivan's Beach Ramp. Below is what I recieved from the council today by email:Thank you for your email. I wish to inform you that CCTV has been considered at the O'Sullivan's Beach boat ramp and our options regarding this matter investigated. As a result of our investigations a CCTV system will be installed at the site. Staff have engaged a contractor to undertake the installation of the system which is expected to be installed by the end of June 2013. In
  10. I've heard that too Nanman. Talking to an Ex-Pro over at Ceduna one arvo and he told me that when they hauled up a ray, they would get wad-punches out and punch circular pieces out of the flaps to sell as Scallops to the fish n chip shops.
  11. Oh Sorry Sharon!I totally forgot about you guys!!
  12. Fishing Wholesalers at Lonsdale, Ray and Annes at Pennington, are the two places that I would recommend.
  13. What area are you in fishermaniac?
  14. That's it W2BF! Gotta be in it to win it!
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