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  1. Great stuff Allroy. I live & love the river. Very underrated.
  2. Thanks mrfish, the islands it is then.
  3. Thanks Rotare, it's not quite the perfection that I was imagining, but probably a bit more realistic.
  4. Thanks Surf, any luck off the charters? What did you catch?
  5. Hello all, I'm going away to Fiji, Denarau Island for 9 days in a few weeks & intend on doing a decent fishing charter (any 1st hand recommendations?) but more so, want some advice regarding a bit of kayaking. They are apparently available for free from the resort & I think there's some reefs not far offshore. I'm taking a 7ft 5-8kg with a mid sized reel. Have any of you been there & done some of this? What would I expect to catch? Trevally? Mackerel? What lures should I take along? I was thinking a combination of 4 or 5 90-100mm surface & skirted lures. ANY advice would be much appreciated, I won't be able to fish as much as I'd like, that's impossible but would like to give it a good go. Regards, Andrew.
  6. On my lowrance hook 5 (probably the same transducer) i made the bottom one slightly larger than yours so that the silicone came up the sides as i pushed it down. The top looks the same as yours. Mine works perfectly but I don't know if it would make any difference with the bottom layer being a bit tighter. Also I've done two installs (shifted from one kayak to another) & I did notice a few air bubbles when I pulled out the first one & it still worked perfectly. Maybe it depends exactly where the air bubbles are on the TD. I think it's more important to make sure you put some weight on while its drying & let it set properly for a few of days at least.
  7. What fish is Chow? I've heard it mentioned a few times but never really knew exactly which fish it is. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys & gals,on my last fishing trip my Mitchell Pro Orca 80 s jammed up on me & I only just now opened it up to find a few pieces (photo attached) floating around inside the rotor section. These are plastic & looked like they had just come out of a kids toy from one of those 20 cent machines. I know it's not the most expensive reel in the world but I was surprised that they would use that kind of stuff in an otherwise pretty solid reel.These pieces are part of the anti-reverse mechanism. I believe the piece on the left of the photo is the anti reverse dog part number 867220 & I think is ok, but the other smaller pieces have broken off the other big part on the right that is the anti reverse friction part number 867200.Are these parts ready available in Australia? & where?Do they do upgrades on these parts made out of stainless?I've had the reel a few years & always looked after it, so I would be keen to repair it, but if the time has come for a new one, so be it.Thanks in advance for your replies...Andrew.
  9. I heard somewhere to put your hand in as hot as you can handle, hot water (or coffee if you have a thermos of it).
  10. I'm heading up to fowlers very soon, doing the usual beaches (possibly as far as dog fence), jetty & rocks but was just wondering if anyone had any little tips, special spots or anything that might help me catch a few fish. PM me if you like & i will do a post when i get back with photos & possibly video...Cheers in advance...Andrew
  11. That doesn't seem too hard... i might try cooking 1 up for the mother-in-law
  12. riverland, but i do come to adelaide so north or west adelaide, would also be willing to buy over the phone.
  13. i was after some good quality surf poppers (not surface poppers), maybe about 30 or 40 of them, mainly green in colour with a few of other colours. i need them in the larger size (at least like the one in the photo) with larger good quality hooks, i have seen some on ebay but would rather support a reputable local tackle store that i can trust. Any pointers would be much appreciated....Fishermaniac