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  1. Allroy

    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Was lucky enough to get up to the Kimberley again recently. This time we sailed from the King George river back to Darwin over the course of a week. Here's a couple of hot bites we experienced.
  2. Allroy

    Quantum Reels

    Tackle World Adelaide Metro stocks Quantum
  3. Allroy

    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Thanks Adrian Yes the pain was soon forgotten about however a rod bucket/gimble belt would have been nice in retrospect !
  4. Allroy

    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Seven & a half minutes of mayhem
  5. Allroy

    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Wow brutus, sounds like an epic trip - and to live there it must have been amazing! I briefly hooked a marlin out the back of cassini Island on spin gear. Massive fish and I've never seen line get stripped from a reel so quickly! Plenty of turtles on the beaches and in the water too, simply magnificent to watch Didn't dive for any crays for fear of being eaten lol however we did get some magnificent mud crabs and black lipped oysters.
  6. Allroy

    Kimberley COast Fishing Trip

    Thanks for the kind words everyone. If you have ever dreamed to head up there, do whatever it takes to turn it into a reality. The Kimberley is an amazing place and I've only just scratched the surface!
  7. Hi All Here's a bit of footage I threw together of a recent trip up to the north west. Magnificent country & fishing!
  8. Allroy

    Got bored, made a video!

    Thanks for the kind words doobie & Adrian. I've often thought about calendars etc so thanks for the heads up on that
  9. Allroy

    Got bored, made a video!

    Glad you enjoyed them SaltyFlyer I mainly use Windows Movie Maker and occasionally Adobe Premiere Pro to edit these videos. All done on a laptop with an intel Core 2.4Ghz i7 processor, 8Gb RAM, 1 Terrabyte HDD. Original footage shot with Sony Action Cam, Pentax K30 DSLR or iPhone 5s.
  10. Allroy

    Got bored, made a video!

    Put together a little compilation of murray river fishing and scenery from the last 10 years
  11. Allroy

    Got bored, made a video!

    Been crook so I've had time to make another!
  12. Allroy

    Got bored, made a video!

    glad you enjoyed it guys!
  13. Allroy

    Spin Fishing Rivers For Trout In Summer..

    Thank you Adrian. I've actually just gotten the trout bug again myself after not having fished for them in 20 years, so this was very helpful. Managed a few nice little bows a while back
  14. Allroy


    A few from around the traps