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  1. I fish the same lures and same areas a bit and havent had the problem so as mentioned you might just be unlucky, the bigger the school the more competition so the little fish are probably really competing for food and are more aggressive than usual. Perhaps try a plastic thats bigger or has a thicker body, like the squidgy prawn imitation, or a longer flick bait.
  2. Yeah both anaconda and bcf change their prices so often their point of sale staff and ticketing can’t keep up:( always pays to check
  3. PIRSA have been running a campaign on this for a while now https://www.pir.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/348155/2019_Asian_Paddle_crab_factsheet.pdf https://www.pir.sa.gov.au/alerts_news_events/news/ministerial_releases/keep_watch_for_asian_paddle_crab_and_report_it
  4. Reddies are delicious Wadey nice white flesh, easy skin to remove bit of butter lemon and dill and youre laughing
  5. I use soft racks for my kayak which is 33 kg. They should be absolutely fine for a swag.
  6. I fish those spots a bit, still catch the same species though never a legal sized whiting. but salmon trout fishing is still good and you get the odd flathead, bream trevally tommies gar puffers and cow fish Haven't been down there since the dredging started though
  7. troll up and down the northern outer harbour breakwall for salmon trout, pretty easy to get a few during winter. you can berley them to keep them in an area once you locate them. plenty salmon trout off northhaven rockwalls too port river for salmon trout too
  8. Ha that's funny, but nothing to lose you head over Does that happen in the ocean or in an estuary? Squid pretty much always go for the neck of a fish and chomp through with their beaks. might be the culprit if they are in the area you are "losing your noggins." would explain why it doesn't take drag maybe??
  9. Agree with rotare, We stayed down of the coral coast 10 years ago and while the water was pretty clear we still refer to the resort as ol' swampy'. we did a charter from the resort that went just to the surrounding water, in half an hour the crew had snapped the anchor rope, one crew fell overboard and no one got any fish LOL Going out to the outer islands is amazing though. we snorkelled the island where they filmed castaway. it was incredible If you've seen the ifish series when they went to Fiji last year the fishing can be pretty amazing out there
  10. I use a small (size 10 I think) circle hook, these are deadly in the surf as the bait is moving slightly with the swell and the hook up rate is near 100%. I tend to use gents or cockles in the close gutters at waitpinga etc. as mentioned patternosta and running sinker rig works well or a float. Size 10 long shanks hooks are good when using worms or prawn
  11. Hi all, Just after any recommendations for doing a charter from Marion Bay YP later this year. If you could share your experience and the charter that would be great thinking about going April/May