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  1. what ime of the day are you fishing. Better chance at dawn or dusk. Used to get heaps just fishing unweighted baits, pichards, prawn or carp chunks. you may struggle to cast unweighted with a 3000 size reel if you have heavy line. i use no more than 6 lb line for bream. A 2-4 kg rod would be better suited but if thats all you got then that is fine. Should be coming up to salmon trout season in the lake so you should get onto a few fish on lures when they are about
  2. Don't forget you an also catch kg's on soft plastics. have caught them on bloodworm wrigglers before but a worm or nipper plastic should work too. recently saw this vid by Luben Pfiefer catching kgs on ned rigs, looks fun
  3. Gar are easiest to fillet once gutted. If you keep your catch cold from when you catch them there is no reason that they cant stay in the fridge up to five days no problem. Obviously the fresher you eat them the better the flavour but you definitely wont get sick if you've treated them correctly and kept them cool. Particularly with mild fish like gar a few days in the fridge they'll still be great but salmon/tommies etc will get a bit stronger but still be fine. If i know i wont be eating within a day or two i will just gut and gill and do the filleting on the day they will be cooked. This wi
  4. not sure the exact plastic but they were paddle tail squidgies, black and gold or pilchard doing the damage (pretty similar to pics attached)
  5. I fished the Coorong coupla weeks back and mullies were readily taking 3-4 inch plastics on a 1/4th jig head. could fish a lighter jig but that was all i had that suited the size of the plastic. Ended up with 9 in about 4 hrs ranging from 30-65 cm
  6. the shimano sonics at BCF are good. 7ft 2-4 kg, there is a soft plastic model and a bait model. both have good action and are light. I think they are about 70$
  7. Anywhere on the bottom of yorkes is potentially good. Stenhouse bay jetty would be a great place to start, you could camp at marion bay and explore the bottom end . Dont rule out salmon in summmer either, Have seen massive schools on yorke peninsula in January before. If no salmon then should be tommie, squid, mullet etc to keep you occupied.
  8. You might have foul hooked a ray if the plastic was on the bottom. If it took the plastic mid water I reckon it was just a good salmon. On the light stuff they can just steam off and not look back. I had one do that to me while bream fishing once in encounter lakes, salmon went on a 40m run (though i landed that fish around 3kg). You do get decent salmon on occasions in the port. How mucg line does the reel hold
  9. I imagine survival rates for release weights are quoted/suggested with inference to survival rates observed in studies where they release the captured fish back to depth in cages. There are a few studies that use this technique on snapper to assess post release survival rates from depths that may cause baratrauma.
  10. caught a couple around the 50cm mark. They fought really hard. great fish to catch. That is an absolute monster Jack Kee
  11. Fished in the kayak metro local yesterday, Got a nice feed of trouties. Water like glass and only saw about 4 boats. Seems like everyone else went somewhere. Never seen so few people for a long weekend
  12. good pick up Plecro' It is spawining season when the large mullys are targeted most on the west coast of SA so fair bet it may have something to do with this. It is possible that is bruising from the fight though, as they say the bigger you are the harder you fall and fish that size could cause some damage to themselves quite easily under their own weight, with line wrap or even the sinker banging against them, but the wounds look like they may be older than a few minutes so my bet is on spawning aggression or behaviours. https://www.pir.sa.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0004/
  13. Dont know what the answer is, license with a test is really the only way to reach everyone....but then people will fish without a license so you still cant win. Bigger fines and more fisheries officers are required. Was fishing easter monday at the local which was unusually busy. There's myself fishing barbless hooks and putting anything back that's not at least a cm over the limit to be sure im doing the right thing.......... then there's Groups of people spread out who all know each other all keeping everything they caught. From a distance i knew they were doing the wrong thing but fro
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