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  1. I will start by saying that i have never caught a metro YFW but......................................... have caught a few at Pt Vincent I generally catch & use the nippers same day but I guess if you keep em well they'll be ok. So, low tide to collect then fish the run in tide almost straight away, running ball sinker, # 4 or # 6 long shank hook. I walk back in with the tide until the bite stops. I've seen folk @ Seacliff catching at both low & high tide, the tides aren't bad tomorrow so I'd try Seacliff around the low. Hope this helps & let us know how you go
  2. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-16/gippsland-lakes-commercial-fishing-ban/11606266 It proves what can be done with a little Government determination. Obviously not everyone is happy but the majority are the winners. Perhaps our mob could take a leaf out of their book? The compo packages seem generous enough, wouldn't have thought that to many pros were making big money in the area. (not sure why the link isnt blue?)
  3. Cheers Softy. Might have to head to the Wheaty to celebrate This is the scientific method i used for my guesses
  4. Woohoo how bout dat thanks to Savage Tackle & Strike & Hook for putting the comp on
  5. After watching doobies vids I think the secret is to be a spotty teenager (no offence meant guys, great vids )
  6. If Spot-on doesn't work out they will know who stocks the boxes & if no one does they may be able help you out
  7. perhaps you should give these guys a http://www.sabaitsupply.com.au/ Hopefully they can help you out
  8. I hope you get better soon, I hear Vertigo can be a bastaard of a thing. Havent had a chance to try out any of the advice, feeling a bit better but the cold air sets me off so patiently I wait
  9. Lots of fantastic advice, thank you all I was hoping to give them a try today but the family is too caring & sharing................. They've been crook & now I am too, great! Haven't left the house all day, goin' stir crazy At least there's youtube
  10. Yep, Sand Flat Fishing, "wasted" hours watching his vids, he seems to know his stuff