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  1. Nice office. Can't wait for some warmer weather to get back into it
  2. The packaging suggests 140 yards but the spool isn't full anymore. Whatever it was certainly steamed off
  3. just read dogtooths report, eerily similar
  4. it was great fun but the not knowing........ i thought a kingie of any size would have fought more?
  5. G'day all, I got caught up in the hype around the new Bait Junkie lures, watched all the vids I could find then went & bought 8 different packs, 4 grub & 4 minnow. I usually use the Zmans with some success so was keen to try the newcomer. My plan was to fish the Junkies around Vincent next week, in areas that i have had success with the Zmans. But like a kid with a new toy, I just couldn't wait. Headed down the Port yesterday, low tide, to Snowdens, which I was hoping was out of the strong SW winds. It was windy but i took the chance. 2-4kg rod with 4lb mono on a 1000 reel to avoid wind knots. Started with the grub, sticky little bugger, on a 1/12 jighead. Had a few hits but no takes, small fishies I'm guessing. Changed to a minnow on a 1/16th jighead & caught a just legal St 1st cast. The wind then got up even more making casting difficult so I moved to the boat launch pontoon. Second cast there & the lure hit something, weed maybe, then my line did a big curve towards then away from me & the line just peeled off my reel as whatever it was headed to deeper water, What the hell have I hooked. The rod had the J-curve going & the reel was still letting line out at a rate, tightened the drag as much as i dared & was still losing line like nobodies business, I thought I was going to be spooled. I had to try & stop whatever it was so used my hand to stop/slow the reel & you guessed it, busted off. The fish? only gave a couple of pulses before the bust off & nothing during the "fight". Had it no idea it was hooked? Had i foul hooked it? Any ideas as to what i had hooked?
  6. They were quite common back in the day. I bought a new one a couple of years ago at the Vincent sports store, sadly closed now but it lives over there
  7. G'day all, That time is nearly upon us when the days are longer, the sun shines brightly & months have an R in them. Lets go CRABBING . I'm looking to buy a new rake of a similar design to the pic but haven't been able to find one. I've had this one since the 80's & I don't think it'll last much longer The round head catches less weed & disturbs the bottom less so I think it is a better rake than the more common variety. Cheers, in advance
  8. Heading to Victor. The house overlooks the Hindmarsh River mouth so far enough away from the town centre to have some peace. Was hoping to do some Mullet fishing but my available time has been reduced due to "social" activities Might find an opportunity for a quick flick at the Salmon. I'll head to Chiton Rocks & see if Doobies report is accurate
  9. Indeed it is, race & ethnicity have nothing to do with it. I was hoping that it was clear that i wasn't singling out any one or other sector of the community
  10. G'day all, I'm wondering how we educate the general public as to size limits of various local & frequently caught species. I spent a couple of hours having a flick today, firstly off the Largs jetty & then at Birkenhead for a few follows but nothing else. At Largs were a group of people, early 20's, fishing & crabbing. They caught a couple of ST, small looking to me, which they were going to keep. I asked them if they knew what they had caught & the minimum length, which they did. So how did you measure them? Oh, I put them up against my phone? WTF? Her phone was about 18cm long. I measured the fish for them, both undersized. I suggested they release the fish, which they did & that they get themselves a measure. There is a measuring station on the jetty. I can only assume that they would have kept these small fish & any more they caught if I wasn't there. At Birkenhead, a family chasing & catching Gar. They were catching plenty, all about 15 to 18 cm & keeping them . I asked if they knew the size limit, yes, 21cm to the tip of the lower jaw, again, WTF. I filled them in on the actual measurements. I suggested that they check all size & bag limits before they set off for a fish but they didn't seem interested in that. They left almost straight away after our discussion. A bit long winded, I know but............. Do we need a flyer that is handed out at tackle shops etc when these people buy their gear? Or do we need a licence where you have to pass a test? Or what? I'm at a loss. (the groups were from two completely different racial & cultural backgrounds & spoke English as well most of us do) '
  11. G'day Larry & welcome. Vincent has a very, very short jetty, maybe 10 metres at low tide, popular with kids. The wharf runs parallel to the water & is a popular spot for the kids, oldies & jumpers, a few crabs & lots of trumpeters. Decent amount of squid at times on a late high tide. There are squid, snook, small salmon, flatties etc from the breakwater in & out of the marina. The local gar guys walk out on the spit at low tide & seem to do well, make sure you wear something on your feet as the Razor fish will cut them to pieces, old runners are fine. The back beach usually has good sized YFW & the odd flattie, clickers are the best local bait but worms would be good also. The bay in front of the caravan park steps produces all of the above plus mullet. Raking for crabs on the back beach or in the bay Sth of the marina, again wear some footwear. That should get you started.
  12. I will start by saying that i have never caught a metro YFW but......................................... have caught a few at Pt Vincent I generally catch & use the nippers same day but I guess if you keep em well they'll be ok. So, low tide to collect then fish the run in tide almost straight away, running ball sinker, # 4 or # 6 long shank hook. I walk back in with the tide until the bite stops. I've seen folk @ Seacliff catching at both low & high tide, the tides aren't bad tomorrow so I'd try Seacliff around the low. Hope this helps & let us know how you go
  13. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-16/gippsland-lakes-commercial-fishing-ban/11606266 It proves what can be done with a little Government determination. Obviously not everyone is happy but the majority are the winners. Perhaps our mob could take a leaf out of their book? The compo packages seem generous enough, wouldn't have thought that to many pros were making big money in the area. (not sure why the link isnt blue?)