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  1. Cheers Softy. Might have to head to the Wheaty to celebrate This is the scientific method i used for my guesses
  2. Woohoo how bout dat thanks to Savage Tackle & Strike & Hook for putting the comp on
  3. is there such a thing as fourth time lucky? - 122
  4. is it time for a 4th guess?
  5. vogon

    fishing the onkaparinga

    After watching doobies vids I think the secret is to be a spotty teenager (no offence meant guys, great vids )
  6. vogon

    Saruy’s / Saruies

    If Spot-on doesn't work out they will know who stocks the boxes & if no one does they may be able help you out
  7. vogon

    Saruy’s / Saruies

    perhaps you should give these guys a http://www.sabaitsupply.com.au/ Hopefully they can help you out
  8. vogon

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    I hope you get better soon, I hear Vertigo can be a bastaard of a thing. Havent had a chance to try out any of the advice, feeling a bit better but the cold air sets me off so patiently I wait
  9. vogon

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    Lots of fantastic advice, thank you all I was hoping to give them a try today but the family is too caring & sharing................. They've been crook & now I am too, great! Haven't left the house all day, goin' stir crazy At least there's youtube
  10. vogon

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    Yep, Sand Flat Fishing, "wasted" hours watching his vids, he seems to know his stuff
  11. vogon

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    the ones I bought are 75mm, do you have issues with them snagging in shallow water?
  12. vogon

    How to: Daiwa Double Clutch lures?

    anything that may bite, local land based