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  1. HB tragic

    Winter bream

    Afraid not. Ben from BK Custom Tackle in Tasmania. He does a great job as these are other colours that were overpainted rather than clean blanks. Regards, HBt.
  2. HB tragic

    Winter bream

    Thought I could start the ball rolling for this section by showing my latest lure aquisition to entice the local bream population. Enjoy. regards, HBt.
  3. Nicely done. Great writeup and catch. Regards, HBt.
  4. Thank you for the write up Des. Am just about to replace some Sunline(the original bright green stuff - those were the days) on some reels and have been procrastinating about the ADV. Always helps to read about positive experiences. Regards, HBt.
  5. Have tried the Pro Cure with limited success. Most successful scent for me had been Stimulate Ultrabite Glow Green slow release spray ... but it is not made anymore. Was a sad day for me when it became unavailable. Have one can left but too scared to use it as once its gone its gone. Regards, HBt.
  6. Apologies. Senior moment. Just checked and it was a Sienna ... but a great little reel all the same. Regards, HBt.
  7. First bream reel purchased over 10 years ago was a 2500 Symetre. I have since moved on but its still working well for the grandchildren catching squid. Great little reel. Regards, HBt.
  8. Hi Micky. Depending on what you want to spend I have been very happy with my Rapala Sling bag. Another option to look at. Last time I was in Tackleworld on Port Road they had a few in 2 dfferent sizes. Regards, HBt.
  9. Hi Micky. They certainly have it in their online store. You may be able to get it 'click and collect'. Regards, HBt.
  10. Hi Micky. Check out the Shimano Sling tackle bag at BCF. Might be what you want. Regards, HBt.
  11. Nice to see TL. An Easter family get-together maybe. Must indicate a 'healthyness' for bream in the system. Regards, HBt.
  12. Can think of 2 words: 'Shimano Bling'. Regards, HBt.
  13. 1. Intrigue as to what a reel of this size could manage casting hbs for bream 2: Compatability with my rod > enhancing casting comfort. My first was an older 1000 Fuego that I purchased secondhand so there was no great financial outlay. What I found was this size matched my rod for my style of fishing very nicely, it was comfortable to use for extended amounts of time and it could deal with any fish that I came across. When the opportunity came to upgrade to a better 1000, this time a Shimano which was slightly smaller again I jumped at it and would not hesitate to do it again.
  14. As anorher helper (^^^ like TL) my favourite combo includes a Shimano 1000. Some will say you will have casting issues with a small spool but personally have not had any ... YET. A great size reel to use and should generally be enough for the bream and generally the bycatch too. Regards HBt.
  15. My(its actually our)purchasing philosophy at home is: 'something out before something in' ... so get rid of something and get the Vanford. Good luck. Regards, HBt.
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