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  1. HB tragic

    New rod

    ^^^ If this is what those on Big Angry Fish use then that is what I might look at though I have only seen them use 5000 reels. Good luck with your search and purchase. Regards, HBt.
  2. HB tragic

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    Interested to see that some anglers use a clip when fishing soft plastics. How well do you find this works? Regards HBt.
  3. HB tragic

    Why don't I catch fish?

    This may help your present situation: perseverance + skill + confidence + luck = FISH. If not then my philosophy is: If I dont have a lure in the water I cant catch a fish . Good luck with your fishing. Regards HBt.
  4. HB tragic

    Is glue necessary on Zman Grubs

    I might need to give this plastics fishing another go . Regards HBt.
  5. HB tragic

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Nice outfit Underpants . Regards HBt.
  6. HB tragic

    Small Daiwa spin reels Vs Shimano?

    Cant comment on the new model Fuego but have previously had 2 earlier models in 1000 and 1500 sizes. Very light sound and smooth reels to use. Only moved them on to upgrade. The rod that you have will determine which reel balances the best/is most comfortable. I have a 1-3kg Nitro rod that I had hoped to use a 1000 reel on but it turned out that a 2004 was a better match for it particularly when casting. Good luck with your choice. Regards HBt.
  7. HB tragic


    It should change. The picture on the Daiwa website has it as right hand wind and check Google for instructions . Regards, HBt.
  8. HB tragic


    Nice buy Micky. From what I read of the new LT reels the 2500 is only 2mm bigger than the older model 2000 and 3mm smaller than previous 2500. Enjoy and here's hoping that 40cm specimen is not far away . Regards, HBt.
  9. HB tragic


    Regards HBt.
  10. HB tragic


    Hi Micky. Didnt like this reel in the 2000 size? Regards HBt.
  11. HB tragic

    P.b Trout

    Congratulations. A nice way to start 2019 with a PB ... and great fish and photographs as well. Regards, HBt.
  12. HB tragic

    Bought this yesterday

    Can you ever have too much gear on you? I dont think so . Regards HBt.
  13. HB tragic

    Decoy Dancing Jacks - assist hooks

    What size hooks do they have? Regards HBt.
  14. HB tragic

    The Pat

    Unfortunately this could very well be the case ...but as all good fisherman know and I hate to stoop to gutter humour often things come back better than ever after a good rooting . Lets hope so. Regards HBt.
  15. HB tragic

    The Pat

    Hi Micky. Fished there Monday morning. Water level low, still weed particularly the northern end and the dolphins swimming by for good measure ... and no fish of any kind that I could tempt. VERY disappointing . Drove past late Wednesday afternoon and it looked perfect particularly for surface action. Hopefully it will pick up as the weather warms up and that weed moves on ... but its seems it may need a whole lot of hope. Regards HBt.