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  1. HB tragic

    Abu Gacia reels

    Is it anything like the reel SurfcatzR was wanting to swap in the classified section? Regards, HBt.
  2. HB tragic

    Bushy's night

    Thanks for the feedback Kuerschie. Much appreciated Regards Dean (HBt)
  3. HB tragic

    Bushy's night

    Thanks southie. It was the 'lurgie' that kept me away as well. Was really looking forward to it. Rang to see if it was being recorded but no. Regards HBt.
  4. HB tragic

    Bushy's night

  5. HB tragic

    Bushy's night

    Did anyone attend Bushy's presentation last night ? Your feedback would be great ? Unfortunately was unable to go. Regards HBt.
  6. HB tragic

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Good luck with the new job Brayden I have appreciated your help when I have met with you Your personality and experience will be surely missed at FW ... but a change can be as good as a holiday and a holiday can mean more fishing time Regards Dean
  7. HB tragic

    What would your best all round combo be?

    If I could have just one setup it I would look at a G Loomis rod 7' - 7'6", 2 piece matched up to a Stella 2500FE with a spare 3000 spool. Hope this would do the trick . Regards, HBt.
  8. HB tragic

    Big Angry Fush Skutes

    These look very impressive. Have they been tried out yet? Regards, HBt.
  9. HB tragic

    A little whinge

    Hi Mickyj. From my perspective there doesn't appear to be as many bream in the Pat these days as in previous years ... unless its just what I am throwing so changing around until you find the lure of choice on any given day is the way to go. As you noted more often than not we scored bream on lures with an orange belly (and they were generally of the bigger size as well) but the system appears not to be as it was so the need to trial different patterns and colours is paramount. The goal now is to catch bream and hope that every now and then we score a larger model . Regards, HBt.
  10. HB tragic

    Replacing Double Clutch trebles

    I have found this is the way to go at least on the rear for 75's and often use size 12 of the same hook on the rear of the 60's Regards HBt.
  11. HB tragic

    Cranka lures

    Hi Mickyj If it was a Cranka minnow you used that was the style of lure that caught you those few mulloway in the Pat From memory it was a gold lure with either black or red blotches on the side Regards HBt
  12. HB tragic

    Diawa Double Clutch, What is Your Favourite?

    Depends on where I fish I have found that the black gold has caught bream across all my haunts and then it can vary between colours like albino, midnight trout, ghost wakasagi or perch, black sniper and black yamane Again size between 75 and 60 depends on where I am fishing A great lure Regards HBt.
  13. HB tragic

    Just a quick question

    Good morning Mickyj. Ray and Annes are advertising a Shimano Sahara 750 including a spare spool for $60-$70. Might be worth a look. Regards, HBt.
  14. HB tragic

    Bjorn and strike and hook

    Cant wait for the photos ... and of the fish to . Regards, HBt.
  15. HB tragic

    Soft plastics users

    Time to give those hb's a go again . Regards, HBt.