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  1. Congratulations Adrian. What an impressive, colourful and very personal way to represent your trout season. Nicely done. Regards, HBt.
  2. Very nice. Even as a diehard hb'er I can appreciate great work. Regards, HBt.
  3. Which one is the lure? Regards, HBt.
  4. Great photos ... and some lovely fish. Nicely done. Regards, HBt.
  5. Grandkid's reels? Regards, HBt.
  6. ^^^ What he said +1. Regards, HBt.
  7. At present happy with the results I get with the Improved Albright (alias Alberto) for strength and glide through the guides. Certainly much better than the Surgeons knot (3 turn) I was using. I tie my braid/leaders at home and carry 2-3 spare spools (1 is straight through fluro) which helps as much as possible to negate tying on the run. Regards HBt.
  8. For me the following works well with surface lures for bream: Lure > clip > loop knot on fluorocarbon leader > improved Albright knot > braid. Depending on what you are chasing the fluoro can be swapped out for mono. I use these but remove the swivel. Snaps are easy to use with short fingers and fading eyesight . Good luck with this. Be interested to see what others suggest. Regards, HBt.
  9. Great read and photographs. Thanks for sharing. Regards, HBt.
  10. I can help keep this thread going. A number of years ago was there on a Saturday morning and landed a 42 on a daiwa dc. Was so excited went back on the Sunday morning and landed a 43 again on a dc just a different colour. This is still my pb from the Lake. Regards HBt.
  11. HB, is your Nitro Vapor still for sale?


  12. Reports sound promising sTB. Would like to purchase one with the pink head/orange tail and a green one please. Would like to try these colours on the bream . Regards HBt
  13. More than happy to help out if/when you want to trial these on bream ... like now . Regards HBt.