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  1. That would have been fun. Fishing from a pontoon a rat kingie maybe.
  2. Correct Micky. The Onk and getting further out into deeper water at some of my favourite places in the Lake. Regards, HBt.
  3. Sold some gear so am treating myself to an import from Tasmania. Its a Messiah Custom made by Scott James. Have seen a few videos / reviews of the rods so thought I would give one a try. Thought of going local but before I knew it had ordered one. Am very excited about it coming but still have a few weeks to wait. As an aside Scott sends photos of the build so that the purchaser can be part of the that process. Regards, Dean (HBt.)
  4. ^^^ Interesting. Had a Nitro Vapor 7' 1-3 kg but ended up selling it as it did not feel right in my hand for the hb fishing I enjoy. Am now waiting for an 8'6" 2-4kg to arrive. Keen to see how the extra length works in terms of casting and applying pressure when angling a fish. Regards, HBt.
  5. Anywhere from $20-$25 is what they seem to cost but you need to look around. Good colour. Certainly caught some nice bream on it in the Onk and bream in the Pat on that colour but in the double clutch. Look forward to see what you think. Regards, HBt.
  6. Yes ... and they very well could be the TD Hyper of the lure world. Regards, HBt.
  7. You should have a little fun with that. Imagine a 1000 or a 750 on it. Regards, HBt.
  8. Definetly the cooler months walking some of the beach/flats areas of West Lakes to get out a bit deeper and the banks of the Onk particularly when the water level is lower. Thats the plan I have in my head at this stage. Regards HBt.
  9. Got it. Remember my socks. Regards, HBt.
  10. They are on their way. Regards, HBt.
  11. Thanks for all the replies so far. Am looking into some under wader garments that are micro fleece and come with stirrups to go under your feet. At $40 they dont sound to bad. Regards, HBt.
  12. Just purchased my first pair of waders. A pair of Snowbee 150 waist waders. Just wondering depending on the weather/temp what the wader users on the site wear underneath them when wading. Am prepared for the humerous answers but seriousness will be muchly appreciated. Regards, HBt.
  13. Hi Micky. Nothing wrong with a 1-3kg rod. If you are using your 2500 reel on it then balance/personal feel will determine which one you might buy. Would be worth taking your reel in and trying it on the rod you plan to buy. Personally I would not be using a 1-3kg any shorter than 7' but thats just my preference. Had a Nitro 1-3kg but sold it as it was just a little tip soft for my liking. Agree whole heartedly with doobie. Never a reason not to spend some retail therapy time on fishing gear. Regards, HBt.
  14. ^^^ What he said + 1. Regards, HBt.
  15. Congratulations Adrian. What an impressive, colourful and very personal way to represent your trout season. Nicely done. Regards, HBt.