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  1. More than happy to help out if/when you want to trial these on bream ... like now . Regards HBt.
  2. ... and could bring in some lure money as well . Regards HBt.
  3. Looking very impressive. Cant wait till you start offering to pimp other style hb's . It would be nice to have someone local who does this. Regards HBt.
  4. Hi TL. In a word NO but having said that I have used clips for most of my bream fishing so not sure if my catch rate has been hindered by them. Only notice a decline in my bream captures if I havent put on the right lure . Regards HBt
  5. Because I like to be able to change hbs easily I use a clip to the split ring and then a loop knot to the clip. Works well for me though you do need to check the clip after each fish landed to ensure that the clip is still closed properly. Regards, HBt.
  6. As the name suggests my passion is hard bodies generally using minnow/shad/surface style lures. Lure brand/style/colour purchase has been determined by amount of success with each lure. Again I am not adverse to purchasing second hand if it is what I am after. Just a simple matter of changing out the hardware for new. Generally this means Owner trebles. Have tried many brands over the years with some being successful and some not so for me . If I had to name brands preferred they would be in no particular order: Daiwa, Ecogear, Bassday and Zipbaits. Good luck with your endeavour sTB. regards, HBt.
  7. It has been a long time since I purchased any new gear. I tend to purchase second hand these days as I have found that by shopping around my dollars can go further on better quality gear. Up to this point in time I have stuck with either Daiwa or Shimano for reels and a few brands for rods . Regards, HBt.
  8. ^^^ What he said . Regards HBt
  9. There are a few good videos on YouTube re fishing the Onkaparinga that are worth watching. Will give you an idea of possibly where, when and with what you might use. Alexsfishin's Onk vidoes are a great place to start. Good fishing. Will look forward to your future successful reports. Regards HBt.
  10. The simple answer is yes I can but where I am fishing will determine this risk. I tend to use the 60's for this style of fishing them. Regards HBt.
  11. Have had good success with twitching and pausing as well as a slow constant retrieve. Also scored some good fish kicking up plumes while bouncing them off the bottom. While they are rated to around 2-3 metres depending on the size you use I have also used them in shallow water with high sticking my rod. A great lure with potential to catch numerous species . Good luck with using them. Regards HBt.
  12. Have used Sportfishing Scene at Cavan. Great service with quick turnaround. Regards, HBt.
  13. ^^^ If this is what those on Big Angry Fish use then that is what I might look at though I have only seen them use 5000 reels. Good luck with your search and purchase. Regards, HBt.
  14. Interested to see that some anglers use a clip when fishing soft plastics. How well do you find this works? Regards HBt.
  15. This may help your present situation: perseverance + skill + confidence + luck = FISH. If not then my philosophy is: If I dont have a lure in the water I cant catch a fish . Good luck with your fishing. Regards HBt.
  16. I might need to give this plastics fishing another go . Regards HBt.
  17. Nice outfit Underpants . Regards HBt.
  18. Cant comment on the new model Fuego but have previously had 2 earlier models in 1000 and 1500 sizes. Very light sound and smooth reels to use. Only moved them on to upgrade. The rod that you have will determine which reel balances the best/is most comfortable. I have a 1-3kg Nitro rod that I had hoped to use a 1000 reel on but it turned out that a 2004 was a better match for it particularly when casting. Good luck with your choice. Regards HBt.
  19. It should change. The picture on the Daiwa website has it as right hand wind and check Google for instructions . Regards, HBt.
  20. Nice buy Micky. From what I read of the new LT reels the 2500 is only 2mm bigger than the older model 2000 and 3mm smaller than previous 2500. Enjoy and here's hoping that 40cm specimen is not far away . Regards, HBt.
  21. Hi Micky. Didnt like this reel in the 2000 size? Regards HBt.
  22. HB tragic

    P.b Trout

    Congratulations. A nice way to start 2019 with a PB ... and great fish and photographs as well. Regards, HBt.
  23. Can you ever have too much gear on you? I dont think so . Regards HBt.