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  1. This was my 1st thought. Has happened to me more than a few times when snelling up KGW rigs on lighter FC (<20lb). I imagine it's not so much an issue with thicker FC, but the lighter stuff doesn't take much, especially under tension. @Des Hope you manage to figure it out.
  2. Great little session that @Des no better day on the flats than a mixed bag of YFW and Flatties
  3. Interesting concept and I can see how it would work. Must say I agree with the point about disturbing the bottom - which I why I reckon Bents work so well on them.
  4. Another great wrote up @Des always interesting to see people's views on snaps. Not my cup of tea, but others swear by them. Big fan of the double sided lure trays for carrying an assortment of YFW candy.
  5. Great write up @Des. we appear to share a lot of similar views. You really notice the difference of a quality UL set up on those longer days, which makes it enjoyable for longer
  6. Great read @Des. Thanks for taking the time to share it.
  7. Territory Lad

    Wind Knots

    That's bizarre and frustrating @Des. I assume you have spoke to the shop / person that serviced your reel? Will be interested to see how you finish up.
  8. I run one with the multi and one with the blue. Pretty sure the multi is every 10m.
  9. Completely agree @Des I have always used the Siglon x8 on the flats for YFW, but am slowly shifting over to Siglon ADV as re-spools are required. Only thing I don't like (and it's real 1st world problem stuff) is the lack of a hi-vis colour in the line up. It's smooth, casts well and is good for tying knots.
  10. Surprised the Nedrig doesn't present those upright. I wouldn't over complicated it, standard SP jig head, if anything maybe cut down the SP and use a smaller hook. Good luck
  11. As @Softy said, more fisheries officers, which requires more funding. Education can only get so far with out tangible consequences.
  12. Yeah mate, I currently have a 2500 spooled with 10lb multi colour and a 1000 with 6lb turquoise - I may have actually done it one your recommendation actually hahaha. Initial reactions after 8 months or so, pretty good. Only thing I don't like, because of the colour, is I struggle to see the braid the moment there is any glare on water - so early morning yak sessions or any overcast conditions can be quite frustrating. But knots, smoothness, castability etc. All good and so far no wind knots. If only it came in a Hi-Vis colour like fluoro orange, green, pink etc.
  13. Personally I use Sunline Siglon PE8 and couldn't be happier. I recall seeing some tests done by Steve Morgan on Braid breaking strains and pretty sure Siglon came put closest to it's ladled breaking strain.
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