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  1. Great write up @Des and good to see you getting a few. Those ZX's have taken a beating, especially that bottom of the three. I imagine the missing rubber "feelers" don't hinder the YFW catch rate? Side question, what size vanford you running these days? 2500 or 1000?
  2. Yeah I figured it might be a good sub surface option for those days when they aren't keen to break the surface and take one completely off the top.
  3. How did you find the assist hooks impacting the Lipple? I grabbed the same lure about 18 months ago as something different to throw at them but yet to get around to it. Assume just a straight wind back, or do you twitch it along? Always found bright, sunny days harder, unless there was a solid breeze. Great to always hear an opposing perspective.
  4. Nice @Des. Some real quality size there.
  5. Great work @Des Hopefully the new year brings some better surface YFW conditions.
  6. Great mixed bag @Des. Personally don't think it gets any better than a flatty or two and a handful of Goldbars after a session on the flats
  7. It's about that time of year. Hopefully it's a good one and people get on to a few.
  8. I'm with @Kuerschie my standard is 4lb and 2-3 rod lengths depending on water clarity. Clear = more, dirty = less. I wouldn't over think it thought, heaps of people run a single rod length and brain them. If you run more than a single rod length your leader knot will be on your spool, so suggest learning the FG if you want to go down the path of >1 rod length.
  9. With everything else being equal, longer casts boil down to less resistance on the line as it leaves the spool. Essentially the less times the line coming off the spool has to either change directions (long vs standard spool) or less times it is wrapped (spool diameter) the less resistance. Whether these factors are tangible or not is a different story. Personally I enjoy the effortless casting of my 1000 on a UL 7'6 over the same reel in a 2500 on a standard 7'3 - they both cast the comparable distance (noting different blank actions). However, if I could find the same balance on a
  10. Great write up Des. Fantastic information.
  11. Ouch! That sucks. Have you tried going back with a weighted line to try and jag it? Heard stories of others dropping a handline with a heavy sinker and a few large trebles and being able to re-claim it.
  12. Territory Lad

    Braid BS

    That seems like a significant under estimate on their behalf. Is it possible it is a case of incorrect spool labelling? Eg. It's not actually their 20lb, it's something like 30lb?
  13. @Soobz Sports Fishing Scene stock Millerods if you want to have a gander. They don't stock the full range, but normally have a handful on hand and may even order a specific one in for you to look at.
  14. If your referring to YFW, I have a few different ones, but continually come back to the original Samaki Zing Extreme 7'6, 2-6lb Flats Rod. Budget wise, I don't reckon you can go past the Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface - 7ft, light, great in the hand and does a great job! Last time I looked you can pick them up for about $120. If budget isn't an issue, you could go worse than pre-ordering the Millerods Flats Freak. 7'9 with titanium guides (super light and sensitive) . Good luck with whatever you choose.
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