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  1. Shame about the fishing conditions. Got to love the warmer conditions though! Any size to your barra?
  2. Do you have a preference for overhead / baitcaster vs spin?
  3. The Sugapop looks a good YFW stick on paper
  4. What rod you going to pair it with @Yorky?
  5. Belter of an arrangement hahaha
  6. I have fished with a guy who refuses to throw out unused bait, so more often than not he is using re-frozen (sometimes multiple times over) baits. Whether it be squid, cockles or something else and he brains them! I have been on the same boat fishing the same bait for donuts, while he regularly pulls up fish. Quality, fresh bait is always going to be best, but experience trumps everything.
  7. If bait fishing from a boat - Every day of the week. No contest.
  8. Your finishes look pretty good @Soobz well done.
  9. Looks pretty sweet @Soobz will be interested to see how you go with it on the YFW.
  10. Interesting. Might have to get one to try.
  11. Just came across these (assume I'm a bit late to the party here) but as anyone used them? Particularly interested in the "Bender" as a sub $20 Bent.
  12. Quite vibrant colours. Pretty sure I have seen a very similar fish posted on here in the past, so hopefully someone can help you out.
  13. That sugarpen blank looks interesting!
  14. @FECB I guess that could be possible, however I didn't see any evidence of food either during or after. Although it must be said when I sat there, they were almost looking up at me as if expecting something. Either way, good to know there are some genuine brutes still in the system.
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