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  1. Quite vibrant colours. Pretty sure I have seen a very similar fish posted on here in the past, so hopefully someone can help you out.
  2. @FECB I guess that could be possible, however I didn't see any evidence of food either during or after. Although it must be said when I sat there, they were almost looking up at me as if expecting something. Either way, good to know there are some genuine brutes still in the system.
  3. On a family walk around Westlakes today and came across the below. Majority of the school was 30 and above, with a few genuine brutes that too the eye were mid 40s!! They were just milling about, with no obvious reason for them to be there. I sat and just watched them for about 15 minutes, completely mesmerised. For those that target Bream often, is this a normal occurrence?
  4. Well if it is their spawing period then that makes sense.
  5. What's the rationale behind that? Do they spawn that time or something?
  6. T/World and SFS stock Samaki if your wanting to have a look.
  7. Not used one personally, but heard good things about egi rods being used as land based bait rods for YFW and other similar species.
  8. I would suggest South Oz rods. Local here in SA. Alternatively if distance isn't an issue, Ian Miller of Miller Rods makes a living of building high end rods.
  9. Pretty sure he is about.
  10. @Robbbo there are some monster fish in and around that wharf. Do yourself a favour and grab dinner at the eatery at the end one evening. Grab a table on the edge (sea side, looking back towards Palmerston) with lights directly under you. As the sun sets all manner of fish will come up and feed on the baitfish that are attracted (to both the light and the food scraps). If your lucky, you will get a glimpse of some of the monsters that inhabit the area. In terms of rigs, everything @Wert said holds true. Best of luck.
  11. Even if only 10% survive (which would be a poor strike rate) thats still 30K more snapper across the two gulfs. If even 10% if those that survived the 1st year or two then reach breeding age, thats 3K additional that can help re-populate stocks. Regardless of how you cut it, that surely is a positive move in a sector which historically has not seen much love. Imagine if they make this an annual program over the next 10 years.
  12. Couldn't agree more with this. The Samaki - is it the V1 (cork butt) or V2 (skeleton reel seat)? V1 is a belter of a rod!!
  13. It's the overall weight and balance of the outfit mate. That and I like to use 6lb braid, so the 3kg of drag is ample. It's one of those things you have to try for yourself. There is no right/wrong answer, it's just what ever suits you best. Maybe start with the rod you going to pair it with, the species you intend on targeting with it, how you intend on targeting them, then the size braid you are going to use. That should narrow it down.
  14. If it helps, I have 2 x 1000 Stradics mate and I run them side-by-side with a 2500 stradic when on the flats. When I 1st used the 1000 I was worried I would break it. I now favour it over the larger 2000 and 2500 size reels. Effortless casting. Like everything though, it's a personal choice.
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