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  1. If bait fishing from a boat - Every day of the week. No contest.
  2. Your finishes look pretty good @Soobz well done.
  3. Looks pretty sweet @Soobz will be interested to see how you go with it on the YFW.
  4. Interesting. Might have to get one to try.
  5. Just came across these (assume I'm a bit late to the party here) but as anyone used them? Particularly interested in the "Bender" as a sub $20 Bent.
  6. Quite vibrant colours. Pretty sure I have seen a very similar fish posted on here in the past, so hopefully someone can help you out.
  7. That sugarpen blank looks interesting!
  8. @FECB I guess that could be possible, however I didn't see any evidence of food either during or after. Although it must be said when I sat there, they were almost looking up at me as if expecting something. Either way, good to know there are some genuine brutes still in the system.
  9. On a family walk around Westlakes today and came across the below. Majority of the school was 30 and above, with a few genuine brutes that too the eye were mid 40s!! They were just milling about, with no obvious reason for them to be there. I sat and just watched them for about 15 minutes, completely mesmerised. For those that target Bream often, is this a normal occurrence?
  10. Well if it is their spawing period then that makes sense.
  11. What's the rationale behind that? Do they spawn that time or something?
  12. T/World and SFS stock Samaki if your wanting to have a look.
  13. Not used one personally, but heard good things about egi rods being used as land based bait rods for YFW and other similar species.
  14. I would suggest South Oz rods. Local here in SA. Alternatively if distance isn't an issue, Ian Miller of Miller Rods makes a living of building high end rods.
  15. Pretty sure he is about.
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