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  1. Territory Lad

    Abu Gacia reels

    Ahh fair enough Micky. Yeah the ALX is a different reel. Looks good though!
  2. Territory Lad

    Abu Gacia reels

    2000 Revo S has 8 ball bearings. Black and white reel, base model of the Revo series. Can pick them up for ~$130. http://www.abugarcia.com/abugarcia-reels-spinning-reels/abu-garcia-revo-s-spinning/1373561.html I grew up using ABU Ambassadors chasing Barra, so when I got back into fishing down here I naturally gravitated to the ABU Revo series. Ive been happy with mine - although it is in need of a service now. The one SurfcasterZ has in the classified section is one of their top end Revo models I think.
  3. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    No dramas LL. Must admit I thought of Salmon when I saw it too.
  4. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Thanks Kelvin!
  5. Territory Lad

    Bushy's night

    Great recap Kuerschie! Wasnt at the night but read an article of his in the past which seems to still hold true his current thoughts by the sounds of it. Mmmmm YFW
  6. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    T/World on Port Rd must have got a new shipment in just this week. Even got some patterns I havent seen in the 75mm model before (Blue Smelt and Rust Ayu).
  7. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    TD95s or 120s Kelvin? I bought 120s from Tacklebusters when they were at the Trade/Tools show the other month.
  8. Territory Lad

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Congrats on the decision and the new job mate
  9. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Lures arrived yesterday. Stoked! Thanks again all. Ended up grabbing 6 x TD95s from Complete Angler and 10 x TD120s from Tackle Busters. Very happy chappy!
  10. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Spoke to the guys at Complete Angler and lodged my order for a handful of them today via their website. Now just got to wait for them to arrive in the post. Thanks Meps & Yorky - appreciate your efforts in locating some for me.
  11. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Thanks Yorky - greatly appreciated!
  12. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Anyone know where I can get my hands on some of these? I have a couple, however Daiwa discontinued them shortly after and I haven't seen any since. I'm aware of a handful of the larger 120SPs floating around, but not the 95SPs so if anyone knows of any tackle stores still holding them, it is something I would be interested in. Cheers TL
  13. Territory Lad

    Who's fishing over Easter?

    Got a leave pass for a full day on the water over the long weekend, so im going to meet up with a mate over on Yorkes and wade some flats! Flatties and YFW are on the agenda. Fingers crossed!
  14. Territory Lad

    Collapsible/Travel landing net

    Port Adelaide Bait & Tackle. Unfortunately they dont have a web page - only Face Book (and I dont do social media) but I managed to jag this image. The price tage suggests maybe its not the quality I imagined- however I have seen this type of design before. They have a belt clip on the handle, fold down well and expand when needed. I have also seen more expensive versions at TackleWorld in the fly fishing section. I dont think they come with a case however, so you would.more than likely have to sort something like that out. Cheers TL
  15. Territory Lad

    Collapsible/Travel landing net

    I have seen one in the small independent tackle store in port adelaide that might meet your needs. I dont know the name / brand but I can look it up and post back a little later. Seen a yaker using the same one to land a 80 model schoolie so they must be reasonable.