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  1. Even if only 10% survive (which would be a poor strike rate) thats still 30K more snapper across the two gulfs. If even 10% if those that survived the 1st year or two then reach breeding age, thats 3K additional that can help re-populate stocks. Regardless of how you cut it, that surely is a positive move in a sector which historically has not seen much love. Imagine if they make this an annual program over the next 10 years.
  2. Couldn't agree more with this. The Samaki - is it the V1 (cork butt) or V2 (skeleton reel seat)? V1 is a belter of a rod!!
  3. It's the overall weight and balance of the outfit mate. That and I like to use 6lb braid, so the 3kg of drag is ample. It's one of those things you have to try for yourself. There is no right/wrong answer, it's just what ever suits you best. Maybe start with the rod you going to pair it with, the species you intend on targeting with it, how you intend on targeting them, then the size braid you are going to use. That should narrow it down.
  4. If it helps, I have 2 x 1000 Stradics mate and I run them side-by-side with a 2500 stradic when on the flats. When I 1st used the 1000 I was worried I would break it. I now favour it over the larger 2000 and 2500 size reels. Effortless casting. Like everything though, it's a personal choice.
  5. @Soobz this new reel is to match with the Diawa rod yes? If so, what are you going to do with 9kg of drag on a bream rod?
  6. I like this philosophy. Drink an entire bottle of wine, so you can then discard the empty bottle. Thats the "out" taken care of. Then go buy the Vanford.
  7. Have you looked at either the Shimano Ultegra or Nasci? Never used them personally but they seem to fall in the price / weight range your looking at. Might be worth a look.
  8. Congrats. Hope it goes well!
  9. If it helps, I run both an Atomic Arrowz Bream Surface (7') and the original Zing Exteme Flats (7'6). Both Re matched with Stradic Ci4 1000s and 6lb Singlon x8. My preference in a 1:1 comparison is the Samaki. It casts the same lure further and personally I just like the feel that little bit better. It loads really nice when the fish strikes and runs. However, the one limitation is the micro guides. If you intend on winding your leader knot through the guides you will be limited in the leader size and I would seriously recommend using the FG Knot (or something similar). I have no issues with 4lb FC, but when I a heavier FC the knot catches and causes guide wraps and even line breaks, as I watch the lure sail off into the distance. Oddly I find 10lb mono leader goes through the guides without issue. I put this down to the mono being not as stiff, so it catches less. It could all be in my own head though as well..... In saying that, if budget is deciding factor, go grab 2 x Arrowz. They are great rods, especially for the price. You can even grab two different types, eg. A Bream surface (or even crank) and then one of the light estuary models. Cover more bases. I love mine and have even contemplated getting a 2nd. For their price, you can't go wrong.
  10. If you can hold off until boxing day you may get a good price during one of the sales. Maybe the new Daiwa Infeet, they have a few 7'3-7'6 options, but the "entry level" one would still be $180-$190, so similar cost to the samaki.
  11. Very nice! I imagine the Samaki and the Curado will go very well together.
  12. The TW lads are good people. Glad to hear you got it sorted out. Did they happen to have the same model in stock? Or did you pick something else up?
  13. That's no good Mike. I have only had to return two or three small things in the past (faulty pliers, tackle trays etc) and they have always been good. Best of luck.
  14. Tackle trays.......lots of tackle trays..... and cheap clear Tupperware boxes from the local supermarket for reels, spools, tools, unopened HBs and odd bits and pieces. I try to have a particular tray for particular species / types of fishing - so I can just grab that and go.
  15. In the same brand and model or braid - no, not a significant / tangible difference. Between brands - can be extraordinary! As an example, I have 8lb power pro on an older spin reel and use 6lb siglon on my current - poles apart in every way imaginable. It's not even apples and oranges, it's more apples and rocks......