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  1. Such a great idea Adrian. It's come up fantastic!!
  2. Given how good your pics normally are, I cant wait to see that lure hanging out of one of your trouts snouts.
  3. Loving the progress in your finishes mate. Looking great!
  4. I am not one for crowds and as much as I want to get out and about, I'll save it for a few weeks and do it when the initial rush is over.
  5. Cant comment on the reel, sorry mate - but drone fishing? That is going to open up some interesting experiences. I've seen some footage of unreal catches from drones. Best of luck with it!
  6. Dont forget the little people when Banga Baits goes global! Any plans on doing larger 90mm - 100mm stickbaits for YFW and the like?
  7. Got yourself a fair amount of stuff to keep you busy for a while there mate. Will be good to see what you do with these. Hope to see them hanging from a fish's mouth in the not to distant future
  8. Colour me giddy with excitement. I cant wait to see what you do - especially if you manage to get a hold of some larger 90mm blanks.
  9. My 1st thought were for Flatties. Super keen to see future interations. Keep up the good work mate - your patterns and finishes are looking the goods
  10. Well done mate. Awesome! Those jerk baits look solid. What length they come in at?
  11. Unlucky not to have something bigger swallow both....
  12. Interesting topic. This ^^^ People learn through consequence, plain and simple. You either educate people so they know the consequence ahead of time, by learning from others' mistakes, or you let them experience it 1st hand. The only way any of the above is possible is with appropriate resourcing, which costs money. Licences would provide money for greater education and more fisheries officers to enforce it. With time, greater resourcing would see a shift in mindsets.
  13. Sorry to hear about all your situations lads, truely a harsh time for a significant number of people. Hopefully, everyone can hang in there long enough for things to turn around again
  14. Im sure there are some dusty lures around people would happily donate for a refurbish.