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  1. @AquaticResearch1 old mate from the Sandflat Fishing Australia youtube channel has the same view as yourself mate. Its quite interesting to see everyone's point of view. I think like all things its a personal preference really. @Softy seems to be a common theme. Your either in one camp or the other. Thanks mate. Appreciate everyone's input on this by the way
  2. @Yorky I actually bought a pack of those a while back, in the 25lb size purely switching between Squid Jigs and baited rigs when out in the boat with my mates. Havent been out since, so havent had the chance to test them. Im heading over to Yorkes middle of next week, I might take them with me to see if I like them for flicking HBs or not. @piratepom I think at a minimum ill be removing the split rings from all my HBs moving forward. Might have a play over the remainder of Spring and then Summer to see what I prefer in terms of straight loop knot or snaps. You'll laugh PP, 5 minutes after I lost the new S/Rap I got a guide wrap and watched a brand new DC sail off into the distance. I took that as a signal it was time to go home Good times
  3. Thanks HBt and Yorky, greatly appreciated. Do you notice much of a decline in fish strikes with the clips in place? Especially wary fish like Breambos?
  4. Thanks mate. Im leaning towards simply removing them at this stage, unless there is an overwhelming consensus to do something else.
  5. Anyone else had issues with their loop knots passing through the split ring on the tow point of the lure? I have had this happen once or twice in the past, but always managed to notice it before it cost me my HB. Not today though. Brand new 70mm S/Rap.......R.I.P. This sort of thing common or more of an anomaly? If its common, I might either start removing the split rings all together, or maybe try some snaps. Cheers TL
  6. Agreed, they look fantastic.
  7. For rods & reels I stick to proven brands and am very much a quality over quantity person. For the most part I work to a price range of $150 - $200 p/item. If there is something im seriously keen on that is outside that range, ill wait till its on sale (Boxing day, Easter, Fin Year etc.). Reels I tend to gravitate towards Shimano, in particular the Stradic. Rod wise Im a mixed bag, Shimano, Samaki, Atomic etc. but my preference is currently Samaki. Terminal tackle I stick to proven brands, Owner, Gamakatsu, BKK, Decoy etc. TL
  8. Personally, im a quality over quantity person and for the most part I stick with proven products / recommendations. HBs are my personal vice, with preferences geared towards YFW, Flathead (I hear they exist ) and Bream, in that order. In terms of types, im landbased and mainly target the flats so Im genrally looking at surface or shallow --> medium diving. Stickbaits for YFW, Minnows for Flatties and both cranks and small minnows for Bream. Havent purchased any SPs in ages, but if I did I would probably start with Zman or Ecogear. TL
  9. Holy smokes! Well played squire, cracking fish!
  10. Your right, they are great bags for rock hoping. Sounds like you had considered most if not all options before settling on the Wading bag, so im sure it will tick all your boxes. Hopefully you will fill it with a few YFW soon enough.
  11. For what it is worth, those rapala sling bags are a great (there would be other brands / versions that do the same) alternative to a wading bag. Holds more than enough tackle and supplies. Slides around to the front for easy access and even doubles as a work table. You can clip on a fish / scale / keeper bag to the D ring on the bag as well. Whilst I have upgraded to a tub with an esky for my flats wading, I still use the sling bag for all my other land based fishing, especially where mobility is key. Another idea I know others use, is a fly vest. Its lite, everything is accessible and again, you can carry a keeper bag attached to your waste. For what it is worth, that Atomic Arrowz rod you got, if its the Bream Surface rod, its a great rod, especially for the price. I have one in my arsenal of wands epecially for wrangling YFW on surface lures. I havent been dissappointed.