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  1. Territory Lad

    The Pat

    Interesting AR. Whilst my fishing is landbased, I dont really ever have to lift a fish. I'm either beaching the fish on a flat or netting them. Maybe I have also just been lucky. I do have a few larger HBs rigged with Owner singles and whilst their profile lets them sit better (at least visually) I am yet to jag a fish on one so I cant compare them as yet from a performance aspect.
  2. Territory Lad

    The Pat

    As promised Mickey - handful if different lures with varying singles sizes and set ups (including DCs). Regarding T/world and their advice. Singles work for me and what I do/want, but they aren't for everyone. Experiment and find what works for you. Brabless trebles are a great option TL
  3. Territory Lad

    The Pat

    Both Tackleworld and Ray and Annes sell them - as do online stores. I would suggest start by changing over one or two lures to see if you like them before going all in. Not everyone is a fan of singles.
  4. Territory Lad

    The Pat

    ^^^ This. I can vouch for this method and the Decoy Plugging Singles - I use them on all my HBs (with exception to my YFW surface lures and a small handful of Jackal Chubbies) and am very happy. stronger - haven't had a single hook break / failure yet. Where as various other trebles have broken / bent out of shape. stay sharper for longer, yet to have to replace one better on the fish for C&R purposes safer for me as less points to get caught on when the fish is flapping about everywhere better catch rate on hooked fish Hook up rate is lower, but I put that down to tentative / inquisitive strikes (more so with Bream), where as if the fish wants it they will smash it (generally the case with Flathead / Salmon and YFW in my experience) and then its on like donkey kong! Ill put some pics up when Im home Micky, but basically: 75mm DCs (as I know you use these) - belly and tail #6 50-60mm minnow / shad style HBs - belly and tail #8 30-40mm minnow / cranks - no belly, tail only #8 90mm and above - depends on the target fish - anything from #4 - #2/0 If I was specifically chasing Salmon, I would only use a single tail hook, not second belly hook. So much easier to handle the fish once you have landed it and lets face it, Salmon aren't tentative, they want it, they smash it. Cheers TL
  5. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    For those that are interested. https://daiwafishing.com.au/products/pros-double-clutch-izm/ Upgraded Owner hooks standard on 75mm and 95mm versions now too.
  6. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    See Diawa are / have released a new batch of colours, apparently across the whole DC range. Some interesting ones in the new colour range.
  7. Territory Lad

    Abu Gacia reels

    Ahh fair enough Micky. Yeah the ALX is a different reel. Looks good though!
  8. Territory Lad

    Abu Gacia reels

    2000 Revo S has 8 ball bearings. Black and white reel, base model of the Revo series. Can pick them up for ~$130. http://www.abugarcia.com/abugarcia-reels-spinning-reels/abu-garcia-revo-s-spinning/1373561.html I grew up using ABU Ambassadors chasing Barra, so when I got back into fishing down here I naturally gravitated to the ABU Revo series. Ive been happy with mine - although it is in need of a service now. The one SurfcasterZ has in the classified section is one of their top end Revo models I think.
  9. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    No dramas LL. Must admit I thought of Salmon when I saw it too.
  10. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Thanks Kelvin!
  11. Territory Lad

    Bushy's night

    Great recap Kuerschie! Wasnt at the night but read an article of his in the past which seems to still hold true his current thoughts by the sounds of it. Mmmmm YFW
  12. Territory Lad

    Double Clutch lures in stock?

    T/World on Port Rd must have got a new shipment in just this week. Even got some patterns I havent seen in the 75mm model before (Blue Smelt and Rust Ayu).
  13. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    TD95s or 120s Kelvin? I bought 120s from Tacklebusters when they were at the Trade/Tools show the other month.
  14. Territory Lad

    One Door Closes. Another Door Opens.

    Congrats on the decision and the new job mate
  15. Territory Lad

    Daiwa TD Minnow 95SP

    Lures arrived yesterday. Stoked! Thanks again all. Ended up grabbing 6 x TD95s from Complete Angler and 10 x TD120s from Tackle Busters. Very happy chappy!